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File 13307298736.png - (34.04KB , 1267x680 , 5f27c709079b9865795d761f1b29f13470bacd94.png )
62671 No. 62671

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>> No. 62672
not disrupting hsg, dgaf
>> No. 62673
> that ban was for like five minutes max
>> No. 62674
Good for her.

Don't piss off the mods, kids.
>> No. 62682
If all mods were Bea the world would be a better place.
>> No. 62684
File 13307483934.png - (20.45KB , 441x610 , getoutme.png )
back so soon?
>> No. 62687
File 133074926846.png - (990B , 137x39 , MS Paint Adventures_1330749237023.png )
he's just angry because he can't see your bears properly
here, angry anon
>> No. 62690
Seriously thought that was Roxy at first.
>> No. 62691
roxy is an homage to bea
that's how tumblrfamous she is
>> No. 67701
I've never been here before. I'll probably never find this site again for six months. I don't know who Bea is. I don't know what the first guy did to piss them off. But assuming that screen cap isn't modified, I'm going to guess this site must be

1) kind of shit to post on because it's
2) run by mods who are full of themselves, and is therefore
3) going to die just like every other MSPA-related board that's ever existed.

Feels great to be a part of a fandom that would rather act retarded than keep their fansites from being uninhabitable by non-fanboys(fangirls).
>> No. 67702
l m a o

why did you resurrect a shitpost from almost 6 months ago to complain about a person you don't even know

better yet, why is this thread not locked
>> No. 67704
Because their urge to voice how smug they are outweighed their realization of the grand irony behind their actions.
>> No. 67712
>going to die just like every other MSPA-related board that's ever existed.

This place isnt new dude, it's been around for a couple of years...
>> No. 67713
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