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File 131432883846.jpg - (32.68KB , 465x465 , tumblr_lqf6xb6MVV1r27nygo1_1314168964_cover_png.jpg )
49595 No. 49595
alpha /co/ started a project to bide their time with during the hiatus.

It is the story of the personifications of the 4 biggest Homestuck fanbases (HSG threads on /co/, Tumblr, MSPAF, and DA) playing a game of Sburb together.
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>> No. 49597
File 131432910126.png - (62.51KB , 411x601 , tumblr_lqgow575NN1qlbby2o1_500[1].png )
On a fundamental level, MSPAF is an incredibly polite, friendly young man who just wants everyone around him to get along. The fact that the fanbase is so split up and antagonistic is incredibly distressing to him. To this end, he thinks the best way to keep everyone happy is to move lockstep with the (perceived) wishes of The Storyteller and His Enforcers. He is always sure to read exactly what is written, and never assume anything more. He will only read fanfiction if it is a canon pairing, and is always sure to make note of even the slightest differences between the fanfiction author’s portrayal and the “true” portrayal. He only buys commissions from artists who have officially contacted The Storyteller, and is mortified by the idea of others not doing the same. While he genuinely believes following all the rules is the only way to friendship, he doesn’t enforce them on anyone. He believes that everyone will come round on their own, and everyone will be happy then. However, he isn’t an absolute boyscout. When nobody else is watching, MSPAF loves Kanaya<3Jade, a non-canon ship involving an unconfirmed sexuality. He believes they’re absolutely adorable, and would make each other very happy. However, he feels incredibly guilty about this, like he’s betraying his beloved Storyteller.

When in the Medium, he is the only one who knows all about the particular canon sburb mechanics. This knowledge, combined with his desire for everyone to get along, would make him an ideal leader, if not for his passiveness and the crew’s lack of respect for his authority. Just as it was outside the medium, sometimes everyone forgets he exists, and even when they do remember him they don’t acknowledge him as the hero he is, or is supposed to be. He wants to follow the rules and play the game “right,” to claim the ultimate reward, but he’s mostly alone in that regard.

He sticks to “safe” jokes like tired Homestuck memes in an effort to be acknowledged, but all it does is annoy HSG and Tumblr. DA will laugh, but she’ll laugh at pretty much anything, so it’s not much consolation.

MSPAF and Tumblr are on respectable terms. He admires her passion and creativity, and she appreciates how he isn’t a sexist!pig. However, the two clash on a fundamental philosophical level, where MSPAF loves rules and tradition and that is opposite to who Tumblr believes herself to be. Innocent comments from MSPAF sometimes turn into huge storms, usually involving the word “privilege,” and he feels terrible for working her up so much.

HSG and MSPAF are sort of friends. While HSG finds the other kind of hokey and boring, the two have fun when they’ve loosened up. However, some of HSG’s shadier practices disturb MSPAF, and there are aspects of him that MSPAF finds outright disturbing. Knowing this, HSG likes teasing him in an affectionate, younger brotherly sort of way, though the relationship doesn’t extend further than that. HSG’s blatant and almost antagonistic disregard for rules will often put them on the opposite of issues, but discussions rarely become heated. They’re mostly cordial, except when HSG forgets MSPAF is around.

Out of everyone, MSPAF is the closest to DA. He listens to her fanfic ideas, though he doesn’t read them, and will often leave a friendly comment on her art, legitimately thinking it worthy of praise. She is the only one who will laugh at his lame jokes, and is the only one who acknowledges him as leader and The Hero.

He has an issue with how all three warp or destroy canon in their own ways, bringing it up occasionally, but his own Jade/Kayana guilt keeps it in check.

All in all, MSPAF is “safe.” He’s decked out in grey, uses non-offensive humour, loves rules and wants everyone to be friends. But there’s more to him than that, and we don’t know if he can break through that comfort zone, and become more than who he is.
>> No. 49599
File 131432928638.png - (6.22KB , 329x458 , tumblr_lqgz9c4TVS1qj0iyio1_400[1].png )
Tumblr is your standard issue whitebread girl, and she cannot fucking stand it. She desperately wants to be some sort of oppressed minority, Were that the case, she would have an “excuse” for her insecurities and so on, something she could “blame.” To that end, she dressed androgynously and occasionally comes up with new and exciting ways of defining her sexuality. She is incredibly politically correct and an activist for pretty much everything, setting herself up as a an accepting type, despite her inherent judgementalness. She is always sure to include trigger warnings for even the most minute elements, and will berate and crusade against even the slightest faux-pas (dropping a “cripple,” for example) from anyone else. Tumblr thinks of herself as the most mature of the group, justifying her own indulgences like shipping and non-canon writings.

On principle, she likes and values DA more than HSG or MSPAF, as DA is female. However, she finds her personally annoying, as the younger girl reminds her uncomfortably of her own childhood attitudes. While she will defend DA from HSG, leading to the aforementioned “big sister complex” from DA, she sees it more as defending an ideal against a cultural attack than trying to help a person.

Most of the time, Tumblr will ignore HSG. Or, at least she will try. She hates his rudeness, insensitivity, lack of respect, and a billion other things. However, she secretly enjoys some of his antics. On some level, she wants HSG to “come over” to her way of thinking, but on a deeper level, she enjoys having a counterpoint. Still, with these two, it;s almost always antagonism.

MSPAF is okay, for a guy. Like everyone else, she sometimes forgets his existence, and is somewhat annoyed by his Homestuck meme dropping. However, he isn’t actively offensive, and as such they are on cordial terms. However, she cannot stand his incessant love for rules, regulation, and tradition, as that is completely opposite to how she defines herself.

Being a talented artist, she’s actually full of creativity and brilliance. If you catch her on a good day, she’s actually quite kind. If.
>> No. 49600
File 131432948263.gif - (21.61KB , 200x300 , tumblr_lqgmmieGen1qha38zo2_250[1].gif )
HSG is ridiculously moody, and the success of any sort of interaction with him is up to chance. Talk to him in the morning, he might be terse and non-communicative. Later, he might be playful and sociable. Later still, he may be venomous and hurtful. And, once in a while, well, he just might be the chilliest motherfucker you ever did meet. All of these different moods and habits combine to form a sort of collective person, with the general core qualities of wicked playfulness, subversiveness, a love of the non-conventional and a curious mind. Unfortunately, HSG’s reputation precedes him. Due to the nature of his mood, he’s mostly known for being kind of a ridiculous jerk. He would be the first to agree with this assessment, and also the first to disagree, laying a significant portion of the blame onto those who are too sensitive or those who he feels deserve his ire. He hates hypocrisy, loving to point it out in others, yet being strangely silent about his own faults. The irony is not lost on him, and he frequently, but internally, berates himself for it. A strange mix of self-loathing and self-superiority emerge, leading to conflicting feelings about both his own qualities and those around him. HSG’s policy on what he deems acceptable and unacceptable on a given day puts him at a weird position relative to the others. Something as innocuous as loving the trolls over the kids may set him off, but the craziest porn and most disturbing scenarios don’t at all faze him.

On some level, he’s aware of the consequences of his behaviour. He alienates potential friends, infuriates those who do tolerate him, and generates no end of trouble for himself. Every day, he grows a bit lonelier and a bit more isolated from the rest of the world. But, in the end, this collection of moods and behaviours is “who he is.” What else can he do? So he drives himself, almost gleefully, down this isolationist and self-destructive path. How low can he get? Nobody knows, but he’s sure as hell going to enjoy the ride.

HSG and Tumblr are alike in many ways. Both have a serious distain for the rules, both consider themselves somehow more mature than their counterparts, and both are filled to the brim with ridiculous bullshit. She is the one person who will not tolerate any of his bullshit, calling him out whenever he starts acting out of turn. At once, he loves and hates this, leading to ridiculous emotional confusion and difficulty sorting out his feelings. All he can do is respond in kind, calling her out on all her bullshit and pretence and setting up a wonderfully adversarial relationship. Tumblr’s affectations of acceptance, over-sensitivity, inflated identity and penchant for drama make her an easy target for HSG’s playful antagonism, taking every opportunity to offend her sensibilities or piss her off. Her’s obsession with shipping infuriates HSG; he expects it from DA but wishes Tumblr was “above” it all. Still, he sees her creativity/talent she pours into her works and genuinely admires it, though such admiration may be tainted with a twinge of jealousy.

Out of the three, HSG is probably on the best terms with MSPAF, at least when he makes himself visible. While MSPAF is a stickler for rules and HSG spends his days subverting them, HSG considers the other male a “good kid” and is oddly affectionate towards him. Here and there, he may do something to shock his young friend, but it’s never too serious and always well-intentioned. On some level, however, HSG resents MSPAF’s vocal and implied disapproval and disgust towards his seedier qualities, but tries not to let such resentment be known. He worries about MSPAF’s seeming lack of spine, genuinely concerned about the boy’s future in an environment that isn’t so sheltered.

DA has a crush on HSG. It is completely and totally non-requited. Almost everything she does and says pisses him off on a fundamental, instinctual level, and he has absolutely no reservations about making this known. She is oblivious all the while, and continues her assault. On some level, HSG realizes that DA doesn’t actually like him. She just likes her idea idea of him, of an angry yet lonely hero easily paired with the bubbly, happy-go-lucky-heroine. She doesn’t love him, she just ships herself with him. Just like her Japanese Animes.
>> No. 49602
File 131432959439.png - (43.55KB , 691x1261 , zwDdm[1].png )
Like all the characters, DA has significant identity issues. In her case, she’s an obsessive weeaboo fangirl. In reality, she’s very talented for her age, and could one day surpass Tumblr and become a real artist. Unfortunately, she spends all her time drawing terrible anime art, because her identiy as a weeaboo is all she really has. At her core, she’s a kindhearted romantic, and wants to express herself as such. This manifests as her obsessive crush on HSG, which is rebuffed at every opportunity. The long term effect of such is unknown, but the fact she keeps on seeking affection from such a source is troubling and indicative of some deeper issues.

She looks up to Tumblr like a big sister. She’s so cool and confident, knows exactly who she is, is internet popular, and all that. She wants to BE tumblr, or, at least, the person she believes tumblr to be. But since tumblr will often hammer home how much better she is, this is also emotionally unhealthy.
>> No. 49603
File 131432980253.png - (178.18KB , 500x500 , tumblr_lqh01vZWi61r27nygo1_500[1].png )
read up on all this shiznit over at /co/ and here: http://metastuck.tumblr.com/
>> No. 49606
I can't tell if the terrible artwork is out of irony or what. They should stick to sprite edits.
>> No. 49608
File 131433683824.gif - (607.65KB , 250x273 , 1310058515131.gif )
So... John, Rose, Dave and Jade?

creativity at its finest
>> No. 49612
Not... really?
>> No. 49613
I won't mind their 'creativity' as long as /mspa/ has no part in it.

were like sooooooo above that dont you think
>> No. 49618
File 131436818092.png - (83.37KB , 495x889 , metastuck rocketthighhighs.png )
u jelly /mspa/?
>> No. 49619
I believe the Fora is pretty close to John, personalitywise.
There are no other matches. If anything you should try and compare Karkat with HSG, not dave. But still it's not even close.
Also stop with the goddamn thighs they confuse me.
>> No. 49625
File 131437519187.jpg - (266.74KB , 1280x640 , planethopping.jpg )
heres some better art
>> No. 49627
File 13143753621.png - (663.51KB , 1280x796 , metastucplayers.png )
I love that Tumblr has a Head Canon
>> No. 49628
File 131437584326.png - (223.60KB , 500x455 , 1314315077638.png )
>> No. 49629
File 131437589149.png - (28.74KB , 1021x531 , 1314304946568.png )
>> No. 49630
File 131437596218.png - (1.17MB , 670x972 , tumblr_lqgexat7K11ql6vs0o1_1280.png )
>> No. 49632
File 131437616110.png - (665.11KB , 800x1115 , tumblr_lqheb7QmXM1r27nygo1_1280.png )
>> No. 49633
File 131437636235.png - (32.03KB , 1160x1292 , MSPAFSTRIFE.png )
>> No. 49634
File 131437673186.png - (179.16KB , 883x468 , tumblr_lqhtgyBnDA1qdgstno1_1280.png )
>> No. 49635
File 131437679193.png - (265.43KB , 612x796 , 1314286597231.png )
>> No. 49640
>> No. 49641
File 131438075499.png - (4.44KB , 231x214 , John_Hood.png )
>On a fundamental level, MSPAF is an incredibly polite, friendly young man who just wants everyone around him to get along.
>He is always sure to read exactly what is written, and never assume anything more.
>He believes that everyone will come round on their own, and everyone will be happy then.
>> No. 49645
>> No. 49646
That is because the mspaf behave like john. They are the fandom's straightman and john's the story's straightman. It's a coincidence but also not really.
>> No. 49647
I don't think you know what a straightman is. Rose is the biggest straight man in the kid's group, John barely qualifies.
>> No. 49648
whats so special about this poop that it gets its own thread while the other aus have to go share a thread
>> No. 49649
Metastuck actually went somewhere.
>> No. 49654
if by "somewhere" you mean "into the trash"

>> No. 49656
I had fun once.

It was awful.
>> No. 49657
File 131439304124.jpg - (130.74KB , 500x500 , 1314035822235.jpg )
why the fuck is all of africa ISP banned what the fuck moot

testing to see if I can even post here
>> No. 49735
to elaborate


not that this is the place for this but whatever.
>> No. 49745
File 13143967965.png - (106.15KB , 574x393 , 1314154065993.png )
>> No. 49752

I saw a bad AU when I went to /mspa/ once

it was awful
>> No. 49754
File 131439793398.gif - (4.21KB , 211x183 , 02295.gif )
>> No. 49756
File 131439853332.png - (112.30KB , 536x379 , 1314143270360.png )
>> No. 49758
File 131439869736.png - (91.50KB , 405x529 , 1314154087889.png )
>> No. 49759
>Homestuck invented character tropes and archetypes
>> No. 49760
File 131439872898.gif - (49.97KB , 734x938 , 1314138166615.gif )
>> No. 49810
metastuck almost redeems itself.
>> No. 49815
File 131445234868.png - (6.02KB , 281x474 , tumblr_lqky71jg3m1qhsgd1o1_400[1].png )
its beautiful
>> No. 49816
hes kawaii ^_______^
>> No. 49817
A picture of the Fora, saved off Tumblr, posted on - well, we're not HSG, but it's related - and replied to by dA. The togetherness is simply cloying.
>> No. 49821
what is fora?
>> No. 49822
alternative pluralization of "forum"
>> No. 49824

They're like personality hybrids of John/Kanaya, Dave/Karkat, Rose/Sollux, and Jade/Nepeta/all of my hate
>> No. 49828
Except not really.
>> No. 49829
File 131447974078.gif - (148.70KB , 500x423 , fight1.gif )
>> No. 49830
File 131447978087.gif - (147.82KB , 500x423 , fight2.gif )
>> No. 49831
File 13144797924.gif - (348.93KB , 500x423 , fight3.gif )
>> No. 49832
File 131447980270.gif - (175.06KB , 500x423 , fight4.gif )
>> No. 49833
File 131447981378.gif - (163.39KB , 500x423 , fight5.gif )
>> No. 49835
File 131447988953.gif - (154.91KB , 1183x1002 , fight6.gif )
I should have named these strife
>> No. 49836
File 131447990135.gif - (208.83KB , 500x423 , fight7.gif )
>> No. 49837
File 131447991672.gif - (119.66KB , 500x423 , fight8.gif )
>> No. 49838
File 131447993157.gif - (143.34KB , 500x423 , fight9.gif )
>> No. 49841
File 131448091642.png - (148.39KB , 402x350 , 1308840521996.png )

Except thats exactly what they are

go have fun with your carbon copy AU; just don't try to pass off the se guys as thought-out and inventive characters when they are 99% clones of the kids and the trolls

doesn't really matter because you idiots will keep pumping out fanart no matter what but still, what can you do about tumblr
>> No. 49843
File 131448119830.png - (143.51KB , 395x470 , metagrimfdark.png )
just look at all those buzzwords
>> No. 49845
nah, you're legitimately a dumbass
mspaf does have the most similarities to an existing character (john), but he's not really like kanaya at all. hsg isn't anything like dave and the only thing he has in common with karkat is anger, all of the self persecuting/blaming and caring for his pals shit is nowhere to be found

tumblr isn't anything like rose or sollux and i don't know where you came up with that, and... okay, I'll admit to similarities between nepeta and da, but where the fuck does jade factor in there????
>> No. 49846
File 131448247132.png - (3.85KB , 300x163 , 1281290754540.png )

well for starters im a different dude than that one, dont jump to conclusions

>he's not really like kanaya at all
A polite, well mannered person who wants to mediate the groups relationships and is a techinal expert in the game doesn't sound just a teensy bit familar? Even has a "no one must no my secret" love for some shipping (as opposed to trash vampire novels)

>hsg isn't anything like dave
Moody, sometimes mad chill, hates himself, thinks he's hot shit. Great friends with the goody goody. Most like the smarmy smart girl. No self persecuting you say? dumbass

>isn't anything like karkat besides anger
as I've said, the self hating bit comes into play here. not to mention the "autist" artsy girl unrequited crush? seriously?

>tumblr isn't anything like rose or sollux
Really? The whitest girl you know thats chock full of fucking insecurities, snarkiness and thinks that she's the oldest one of the bunch doesn't ring a bell? I'll give you that she's the most original of the bunch but that doesn't mean much. no idea how he got sollux out of that

>t where the fuck does jade factor in there????
Artsy semi-crazy girl that has a thing for "cool kids". Ten dollar bet on her having a sudden personality flip into a more mature and sensible being halfway through. She's also a humanswapped Nepeta in every single way possible.

i count one good fella
>> No. 49847
Why does Tumblr not wear any pants? :\
>> No. 49848

lots of well dignified ladies posed in thigh highs on tumblr
>> No. 49849
File 13144832192.jpg - (153.38KB , 468x2714 , jobInterview.jpg )
>> No. 49850

>this mspaint comic will stop those dastardly baddies
>> No. 49851
File 131448338893.png - (11.30KB , 156x151 , 1308173166574.png )
So you're basically saying that Homestuck invented these character archetypes.

Your comparisons with Tumblr and MSPAF fall pretty flat, but I'll give you that HSG and DA act far too much like Karkat and Nepeta.
>> No. 49852
>> No. 49853
Of course Nepeta and DA are similar, they are based on the same type of person.
>> No. 49854

thats a stupid excuse. no matter if homestuck made the archetype or not, allowing a character to follow the same archetype as another (especially when one of them is a fancharacter) is still just as unoriginal and bland. instead of allowing characters to fall into basic and boring molds, how about expanding them or changing them? HSG is not Karkat, MSPAF is not John. Since when has Tumblr ever liked HSG at all (the two can't stand each other, both think the other is the worst part of the fanbase)? If the people making this AU analyzed the relationships between the websites and threw a little creativity into the mix then there wouldn't be so many glaring similarities to the comic
>> No. 49855

similar influences shouldn't be an excuse for being the same person
>> No. 49856
File 131448426027.png - (4.73KB , 132x132 , got some frogs yo.png )
well considering this is conceptual and driven by a large number of people a few of those things aren't universally held characterizations, some others are pretty generalized, and others are accurate.

mspaf mediating the group's relationships... doesn't really happen? I mean i guess he'd like it if they got along but that doesn't really go anywhere. I have seen the secret shipping thing and personally think that's dumb because the forums don't exactly make a secret of their shipping. Kanaya wasn't really demonstrated to be a technical ace, she just read Rose's walkthrough which covered the basic aspects, some more recent stuff /is/ painting mspaf as an ace player but that's never really been a kanaya thing. he also doesn't have any of kanaya's romance issues, and his similarities to john go about as far as being friendly and a little naive, the latter of which i'd say isn't as extreme in his case.

what you're left with there is a polite friendly guy who's good at the game. if you really look at that and only see a john kanaya hybrid character and that's it i don't really know what to say

as for hsg, i am going to keep saying i have not seen much of anything indicating a self hating character. maybe it's the case? but it definitely doesn't play much of a part compared to with dave and karkat. he's sleezy and perverse, thinks he's awesome but isn't really that great at anything except being sleezy and perverse. I've also seen some people suggest him as being bros with mspaf, but not very much, and frankly that's pretty dumb and he's probably friends with mspaf as much as anyone else is.

i HAVE seen a LOT of da having a crush on hsg stuff and agree with you and think that's really stupid and shouldn't be the case at all

the tumblr stuff you mentioned is an extremely common archetype, honestly. it's true fo sho but i've never seen her written much like rose at all

aside from the having a thing for "cool kids" (which also sort of relies on hsg being that much like dave which i still disagree about), everything you said is nepeta-esque rather than jade-esque, and, as i mentioned above i agree that that crush is stupid. I don't think anyone is thinking she should become the more mature one. at all. But all in all, yeah, she's the same archetype as nepeta but portrayed in an even more negative sense. they are kind of both parodying the same kind of people after all
>> No. 49857
An idea; if a DA inspired character is too much like Nepeta, why not make a character that represents the outer boards instead? Like /mspa/, sburbchan and qchan.
>> No. 49858
people draw tumblr liking hsg????

all i've seen is a lot of hate both ways and hsg wanting to fuck tumblr because.... in this case tumblr is a female and not a website

some people have also taken it to kismessitude which is pretty silly though
>> No. 49859

> However, she secretly enjoys some of his antics. On some level, she wants HSG to “come over” to her way of thinking

I was talking about this part
>> No. 49860
well that's dumb. i could see tumblr wanting hsg to be more politically correct and tolerant and etc but that's really it
>> No. 49861
that is NOT the fucking point, they are supposed to act how a majority of the fan base on those sites act obviously, if someone was going to make a completely different story with different characters then maybe what you said would matter at all.
>> No. 49862
Oh gosh...as much as I understand why people would have beef with this AU, I'm kind of surprised that people are really this upset about the characterization of websites as interpreted by a large group. Especially when that interpretation changes to be whatever is funniest at the time.
People are just trying to have fun.
It's going to be ok.
>> No. 49863
File 131448527050.jpg - (18.35KB , 590x503 , 1308785290845.jpg )

except the websites in question don't act exactly like John, Karkat or Rose. these characterizations do. DA's personality is even based only on a joking exaggeration just like Nepeta; if you and the AU gang were aiming for accuracy on representation you def. fucked up there

hurr durr all deviantarters are huge shipping weeaboos that can't draw
>> No. 49864
File 131448541718.jpg - (32.16KB , 164x235 , sneaking suspicion.jpg )
because the whole metastuck concept is a fucking joke that largely intends to make fun of the websites it incorporates you twat
>> No. 49865
I'm not really seeing this "exactly". I mean, I suppose they do share some traits common in fiction, but that's about it.
>> No. 49866
File 131448582115.png - (246.19KB , 415x295 , 1313180078165.png )

because portraying MSPAF as a sweet and loving person who will do no wrong totally pokes fun at em eh? also, why poke fun at a fanbase when its already been done to death in the goddamn comic the adventure is based on? the laugh pile doesnt stop from getting taller.

you are right, this au IS a joke
>> No. 49867
Is this whole hiatus one big opposite day?

HSG has actually been decent, and you guys are flipping your shit over nothing in like three different threads.
>> No. 49868

stop classifying me as the entire board, thats stupid
>> No. 49869
No /we/ aren't. It's just one or two guys.
>hurr durr all deviantarters are huge shipping weeaboos that can't draw
What's your dA ;)
>> No. 49870
>DA's personality is even based only on a joking exaggeration
so are all the characters
except maybe mspaf because i don't think anyone from /co/ goes there
>> No. 49878
mspaf is also completely spineless and ineffectual.

do you even READ
>> No. 49879
File 131449404151.jpg - (29.34KB , 302x480 , thighhighs.jpg )
I was thinking about writing a log demonstrating how da COULD type like a sensible person if she really wanted to. Ironically this could still be considered Nepeta-esque
cause it was a tumblr fad to take pictures of yourself in thighhighs and panties for a while. And she alchemized rocket thighhighs
>> No. 49880
For the record, MSPAF's flaw is supposed to be that he's a huge stick in the mud and so bland that nobody pays attention to him.
>> No. 49887
File 131450309359.png - (198.64KB , 768x635 , mspa.png )
i'd have gone for scene kid DA over generic fat weeaboo personally. this character and nepeta were both based on the same stereotype, which tends to be what outsiders think of when they think of bad shit on deviantart, but i've been on the inside and the most obnoxious part is definitely the hardxcore camwhoring scene kids instead.
>> No. 49889
well yeah that's obviously the downfall of the whole thing. the stereotypes are lazy and formulaic, and too filtered through a lense of wish fulfillment to strike real self-depreciating humor.
also tumblr is straight up 'the shy nerdy gf i wish i had *SIGHHHH*'.
fuck that noise

the whole thing is horsehit for idtiots, like that board-tans thing from a couple years back
it was fucing stupid back then too
>> No. 49890
>also tumblr is straight up 'the shy nerdy gf i wish i had *SIGHHHH*'.
If you consider Tumblr to be a fantasy girlfriend that really says more about you than anyone else.
>> No. 49891
i've always wanted a catty man-hating slacktivist for a girlfriend
>> No. 49892
YMMV. Your experience is obviously different from my experience, because I see way more weaboos than scenekids. Even DA's front page of recent uploads is consistently half anime/manga related.
>> No. 49893
yeah they're definitely the majority. but also there is a huge overlap where most of the scene kids are also weeaboos, just not the sweaty overexcitable hambeast sort of weeaboos like the kind DA is based on (and nepeta, who subverted it by only being a hambeast in spirit). it feels like the people who thought her up have gone mostly off the most well-known negative stereotype because they don't really go to deviantart, which means they are making fun of something they don't really understand and as a result the character feels cardboard cutout-y. >>49602 doesn't have much to say about her and as far as i can tell she is mostly used as a joke character because no one knows what the fuck to do with her.
>> No. 49894
File 131451422315.gif - (57.93KB , 1542x2131 , whine with me.gif )
>> No. 49897

>> No. 49900
This would be such a cute idea if these personifications were generally terrible, socially-awkward, but well-meaning people. You can definitely tell when an artist is picturing their "patron" site through a tinted lens.

I'm kinda looking at HSG and Tumblr specifically here. Wait. No. Mostly Tumblr since outside of it's social justice obsession, it's usually cattier and just as bad as DA with its memes (all the gogs). Wouldn't they get along with DA anyways considering they give them shoutouts by reblogging content?
>> No. 49902
why does this dumb au get stuff made for it when the best au "wrestlestuck" where all the homestucks are professional wrestlers receives no fanart at all :[
>> No. 49903
Because metastuck doesn't require any imagination.
>> No. 49904
why hasn't anyone noticed that it's essentially the 4chan board-tans?
I mean, you've got /v/, /a/, /tg/ and /cgl/'s personalities with slightly altered physical features (and I mean slightly, /a/ is pretty much the exact same as tumblr)
the only thing missing is their respective board hobbies and you've replaced that with dildos and my little pony
>> No. 49906
this is actually a good idea. Everyone else in this thread just pissing and moaning is being retarded though.
>> No. 49908
maaaaaaan, of all the things for people to freak out about, why this? it's really relatively innocuous.
>> No. 49909
File 13145436712.png - (32.38KB , 687x612 , HSG vanquishes a fearsome dildo-imp.png )
Stop stealing our Kanaya body-pillow, you hideous cock
>> No. 49910
body pillows cant hug back
>> No. 49911
File 131454459538.jpg - (44.47KB , 337x450 , 1310224360483.jpg )
>people defending this wreck
>> No. 49912
File 131454598848.png - (19.97KB , 497x481 , hearts.png )
>being this jelly
>> No. 49913
if you don't like the idea then don't post itt
this is not 4chan's HSG, you can actually ignore the thread and read/post in the ones you care about.
>> No. 49914
what does stating that body pillows cant hug back have to do with being jelly

i guess if you built some kind of hugging machine to mount the body pillow on you could prove me wrong
>> No. 49916
you're jealous because you just don't have the imagination necessary to make believe kanaya-san is cradling you in her arms calling you vriska-sama as you fall asleep with your arms and legs wrapped around a long pillow with her face on it
>> No. 49920
why would i want to be called vriska sama

rose chan is much more kawaii >B)
>> No. 49922
I let you crash at my house, and it never crossed my mind you'd betray my trust like this. No one was supposed to know about my Kanaya body pillow. Get off my couch, Alex.


i like that /mspa/ too.
>> No. 49923
you should mail andrew to get his approval and start making bodypillows out of every troll
>> No. 49924
HSG is a gangly ginger foreveralone nerd with anger issues.
tumblr is moderately attractive but has an an intolerably annoying personality.
mspaf is generally a boring stick in the mud to the point where no one pays any fucking attention to him
>> No. 49925
i wonder... can the machinery used to print designs onto hoodies be used to print characters onto pillowcases???
>> No. 49926
File 131455875843.gif - (1.40MB , 298x230 , 13103892384.gif )
Today I heard my aunt complain that my little niece wasn't doing too well in class. It all started when some kids were playing house and she wanted to play along. They said there was no more room so she couldn't join them. She then threw sand in their faces and called them all kinds of dirty names, yelling that playing house was stupid and she hates them.
Now the rest of her class hates her and she cries whenever she has to leave for school.
>> No. 49927
/co/ here.

Stay mad, /mspa/.
>> No. 49928
well, shes right about one thing

playing house -is- stupid
>> No. 49929
File 131455966626.png - (111.54KB , 750x2550 , friends.png )
d'awww they're buddiez
>> No. 49931
why is da the only fat one

dont lie, you know they should all be fat
>> No. 49933
He's a prude and a shut in.
>> No. 49934
being a prude isnt enough, give him filthy secret fetishes so he can be a dirty hypocrite by hating people who are more open with theirs
>> No. 49935
File 131456472187.png - (37.54KB , 302x301 , shrug.png )
Why are people hating on a harmless bit of fun?
>> No. 49937
>when the best au "wrestlestuck" where all the homestucks are professional wrestlers receives no fanart at all :[

jesus kid
>> No. 49938

because it harms my eyes every time I see it on /mspa/
>> No. 49939
Well Nepeta, not everyone is going to appreciate your ambitious little fanfiction.
>> No. 49940
File 131456743142.jpg - (48.02KB , 227x275 , ___ shades nepeta.jpg )
Is that the best you've got?
>> No. 49941
File 131456816268.png - (81.55KB , 355x379 , and not a single fuck wwas givven.png )
There's this cool feature called the "hide thread" button and I suggest that you use it.
>> No. 49943
File 13145690827.gif - (38.50KB , 200x300 , tumblr_lqm8q0xpcX1qgsskgo3_250.gif )
MSPAF’s Theme by sinisterdepicter
DL: http://tindeck.com/listen/vlfr

Tumblr's Theme

DA's Theme
DL: http://tindeck.com/listen/desi


DL: http://tindeck.com/listen/ephd

Official Metastuck Theme by Musicfag
DL: http://soundcloud.com/jrmn117/anthem-of-the-mad-and

Land of Glass and Rubber by Musicfag
DL: http://tindeck.com/listen/klbd

HSG’s Theme by sinisterdepicter
DL Link: http://tindeck.com/listen/cyec
>> No. 49944
why does /mspa/ hate fun

oh wait that's because /mspa/ is a slow board that never has fun

>> No. 49945
Let me sum it up. /mspa/ is butthurt that they weren't made into a character.
>> No. 49946
but we are! >>49887

it is just not official because i drew it
>> No. 49947
fun is for casuals

fun is what's ruining homestuck
>> No. 49949
Unfortunately /mspa/ got hit by a meteor before he was ever able to enter the game.

And thus end the sad life that is /mspa/
>> No. 49950
File 131457663281.gif - (21.00KB , 798x570 , You people are a knockoff of a knockoff and that m.gif )
/mspa/ is in canonically. We got one of our best drawfags on this bit of sweet business. Behold the triumph of plus4chan!

[spoiler]You suck.[/youdontevenhavespoilershahaha]
>> No. 49951
actually we do
>> No. 49952
It is really telling when people from the board this place is a knockoff of come here to bitch and tease. Show some more self respect.
>> No. 49953
File 131457791522.jpg - (13.64KB , 300x300 , 1311796593112.jpg )
this defense force
>> No. 49954
File 13145779337.jpg - (89.55KB , 383x362 , o hai this is a real conversation.jpg )
Why "show self-respect" to garbage? When you have it for yourself you don't have to waste time flaunting it.

P.S. Your ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL is hilarious. You just made fan art of fan art. Considering you're a knockoff of a knockoff, I guess that's fitting. But it doesn't make it any less sad.
>> No. 49955
lmfao i made that character because /mspa/ is babies and i hate this board
>> No. 49956
Self respect isn't something shown by proaction, it's implied through knowing when to stop or when something doesn't need to be said. I'm not surprised that a concept not involving fighting wouldn't register with /co/kind because that seems to be everything the place is about. Expecting a "defense force" seems to further prove your image.

>ORIGINAL CHARACTER danart of fanart
Wait, are we talking about the same thing?
>> No. 49958
wait are you roleplaying HSG
>> No. 49959
File 131457870040.png - (62.79KB , 855x308 , 7eb0bf291bd30fff1baedcc518e74b93.png )
i know anon but yall get hella mad when i do things

that said i think metastuck is hella dumb too sorry its like the board-tans

haha i totally misfired this the first time
>> No. 49960
While we're on this stupid /co/ vs plus4chan rant, I think both of them have failled to be what /co/ used to be.
New /co/ is /v/ with comics, and this place is a totalitarian slowfest WHERE WE BROOK NO QUARTER FOR POSTS WE NO LIKE.
>> No. 49961
File 131457917333.jpg - (40.61KB , 568x726 , 1314051623497.jpg )
point out a few ~tidbits~ i found concerning about your lil project and the "u mad no fun u jelly" spouting kids come to have a shit flingin rodeo

keep on rolling you babies
>> No. 49962
Hey Bea curious what coast you're from. Is Best Coast also Bea Coast?
>> No. 49963

you caught me O: west coast dweller here. northern nevada
>> No. 49964
this thread has been almost more whining and defending than whatever the fuck it's supposed to be about

if you're gonna shit up a thread at least don't do it this way
>> No. 49965
Westcoaststuck needs to be a thing that is hapening.
>> No. 49966

wrong coast
>> No. 49967
>living in america
>implying there's a "best" anything
>> No. 49968
You guys have Hussie himself and all the cons he frequents. Let us have this ;_;
>> No. 49969
File 131458118090.jpg - (30.71KB , 188x162 , 1293126431228.jpg )
what the fuck is going on in this thread
god damn
>> No. 49974
hi pleg whats up :]
>> No. 49977
I enjoy this idea and have no doubt all of them would reach god tier after a hearty round of player killing.

...They lose their game though, right? Right?
>> No. 49980
Goddamn why did I make this thread
>> No. 49981
>> No. 49985
File 131458805431.png - (160.69KB , 493x270 , 1313721720287.png )
hi misto
>> No. 49988
Most AU's are just like:

Homestuck in the 50's
Homestuck but they are cops now
homestuck: dog edition

I don't see why you are all getting your collective panties in a knot for.
Are you people to autistic to ignore one thread or something?
>> No. 49989
yeah that's fucking exactly it

ok so fine tell me about this thing who decides where the story goes like is there an actual author or is it a group effort or
>> No. 49990
hi pleg. were talking about this weird thing where internets are homestucks.

>When nobody else is watching, MSPAF loves Kanaya<3Jade, a non-canon ship involving an unconfirmed sexuality. He believes they’re absolutely adorable, and would make each other very happy. However, he feels incredibly guilty about this, like he’s betraying his beloved Storyteller.

kanaya x jade is inferior to feferi x jade in every way
>> No. 49991
it's a group effort and the "story" element is a bit scattered at the moment, people keep chipping in plot points and stuff.
>> No. 49992
File 131459118153.jpg - (39.36KB , 141x141 , 1309361420630.jpg )
>> No. 49993
i guess its a little interesting but it seems like its another of those flavor of the month type things, the concept seems a little masturbatory and self aggrandizing despite its attempts to be self deprecating for comedy.

da says anime buzzwords and tumblr says social justice buzzwords and the other two stand around i guess and that seems to be the depth of characterization regularly on display
>> No. 49994
I still would've liked this if it was meatstuck.
>> No. 49995
File 131459294944.png - (231.57KB , 598x900 , seeing_hextuple_meaty_hands_by_soap_scum-d30lma0.png )
me too
>> No. 49997
File 131459494110.png - (76.74KB , 600x600 , Tumblr.png )
>> No. 49998
File 131459497634.png - (71.52KB , 600x600 , DeviantArt.png )
>> No. 50000
you're ok with me now metastuck

you're ok with me now
>> No. 50001
>On a fundamental level, MSPAF is an incredibly polite

>> No. 50004
sounds like you have a story to share~
>> No. 50005

>> No. 50007

Psh, how could you forgot that time HSG got angry and said something rude? lol !
>> No. 50075
File 131476713922.png - (71.23KB , 640x599 , 1314727377893.png )
>> No. 50143
File 131490531655.gif - (11.16KB , 650x650 , 1314763022140.gif )
>> No. 50147
no bueno
no no no bueno
>> No. 50157
File 13149183865.png - (152.16KB , 348x586 , Picture 52.png )

That could be fun but it looks like only the big four matter.
Most outer boards are barely significant, like MSPAchan which died a while ago. Plus there hasn't been any great interpretations of the outer boards anyways. (Like this, I get the 'whiney little girl' thing but eh).
>> No. 50163
>bea plush

her sprite power is that she shoots out honey and stuff except when she gets mad then she just bans the imps or something
>> No. 50164

guys im sorry i can honestly say i would be the worst spirit guide and i would probably be intoxicated a lot
>> No. 50171
nobody invited /mspa/ to metastuck because of you. haven't you noticed that you throw a comment in ANY SINGLE TIME your name is mentioned? i bet if i said something about you on page 6 and saged it, you'd still worm your way into it and make everything about you
>> No. 50172
actually no one invited /mspa/ to metastuck because it was only going to have 4 characters (to parallel the kids' session) and the 4 largest groups were chosen. we are actually quite small, and unlike tumblr, 4chan, mspaforums and deviantart, we produce next to no original content, having scared off most of our artists and creative people by being frothing morons almost 100% of the time. it is not the mod's fault you are horrible and have helped to create a community that nobody likes, that is actually on your head. your behaviour at the moment exemplifies exactly why we aren't thriving.

i hope this clears some things up for you. :)
>> No. 50173
stop syaing mean things :[
>> No. 50187
>> No. 50215
This is probably the angriest thread I've EVER seen on /mspa/.
>> No. 50222
i guess its up there, but angriest ever? i dunno...
>> No. 50389
i second this.
while making a sad face.
>> No. 50467
oh shut up capsep at least i didn't animate it like the others

it is no different than any of the other art of tumblr
>> No. 51235
This is why we can't have nice things.
>> No. 53267
we were so innocent
>> No. 53580
File 13204934575.jpg - (24.50KB , 500x230 , scotty-simon-pegg.jpg )
it's exciting.
>> No. 55146
File 132149049635.png - (26.06KB , 550x400 , 377.png )
I didnt think the day would come wherein I'd try and suggest redesigns for fan characters that dont really need to be different, as the kids were pretty much already based off of some internet subgroup or another.

how about if mspa tries to act nice, and be the mediator, but deep down he has a nihilistic world view and just wants everyone to shut the fuck up (autism) and a bunch of hate jokes, hell, some trolling here and there.

tumblr seems fine, what if more hipster. Rose is more of a goth archetype, so make tumblr a parody of pixie girl waifus or something, complete with plaid shirt and blue hair.

Hsg needs to be a tad bit more insecure and not as angry, more rustled than anything, most anons arent raging bags of penises like they are on the internet, but rather, antisocial and secluded. so just make the fucker shy.

deviantart IS nepeta, but maybe make her a bit more grotesque. actually, all the characters could use that, make them a bit uglier, its that human touch that makes them endearing, fuck realism, it just sort of makes the reader connect with the character, at least subconciously, as they're not the pinnacle of perfection.

Just make them human rather than caricatures, because that's what the kids are, carucatures of people, and maybe toning things down a bit could put some distance between the two.
>> No. 55149
How do I into spelling
>> No. 66858
Hey guys remember this thread
>> No. 66860
ugh please not again
>> No. 67067
I do
>> No. 67130
File 134201314830.jpg - (762.53KB , 1024x768 , Koala.jpg )
>people argufyin' over fan-canon

I dunno what y'all are on about, I'm just here to ogle DA's flabby weaboo asscheeks
>> No. 67137
More like
>> No. 67139
>> No. 67172
File 134219678448.gif - (14.53KB , 276x200 , pixel_land_of_stumps_and_dismay.gif )
>> No. 67173
File 134219694433.gif - (17.33KB , 276x200 , pixel_land_of_glass_and_rubber.gif )
>> No. 67174
File 134219698121.gif - (16.90KB , 276x200 , pixel_land_of_tears_and_frogs.gif )
>> No. 67175
File 134219701621.gif - (23.78KB , 276x200 , pixel_land_of_dodge_and_burn.gif )
>> No. 67183
Honestly, i don't give half a shit if it's an accurate portrayal of the sites. It's supposed to be funny, right? That said, i don't get how I'm seeing so much of hsg wielding dildos
>> No. 67200
this thread is r. bad too
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