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File 13121770651.jpg - (72.11KB , 500x698 , tumblr_lp8hesgZbg1qeljgoo1_500_png.jpg )
47522 No. 47522
thats the last of my pictures from ota and heralds the birth of a new thread
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>> No. 61993
File 132980638020.jpg - (2.11MB , 2736x3648 , DSCN1118.jpg )
>> No. 62043
these two Highboobs the same person?

I can't decided in my head if they look so similar or not, I'm bad when it comes to people all done up in cosplay.
>> No. 62124
File 132989307815.jpg - (641.88KB , 900x600 , 39295.jpg )
Aaah, fuck this is sweeeeeeet!
>> No. 62126
Man, lay off the cheetos already. Don't even think about touching the remote you fiend!
>> No. 62138
yup! They're both deckitout on tumblr
>> No. 62170
they're not cheetos, they're doritos. are you for reals telling a bro to cease satiating his way rude hunger with the MAD SNACKS YO????

but seriously this fuckin cosplay is the bomb dot com
>> No. 62180
the bomb dot come
wow, really
>> No. 62193
hey uhhh i'm going to otakon and have never been to any anime convention before anywhere

what am i getting myself into?
>> No. 62194
Seems like there are better places you could ask for advice. But uh . . . Lot of silly activities. Lot of crazy-ass costumes, obviously. Lot of overpriced food. Maybe get a schedule and see what events they're running. They usually have cosplay gatherings for particular fandoms scheduled for a one- or two-hour block, so you could catch the MSPA one. Bring a camera if available.

in other news I like this expression and am going to start using it
>> No. 62199
i'm considering cosplaying feferi to otakon this summer, and I wanted to know if I would need to put makeup in my armpits, or if that would be a bad idea? I feel like it would melt off from me sweating (anyone who's been to otakon knows how hot it gets there)...does anyone have any advice for me/an alternative to this??
>> No. 62206
by all means
it won't be the first time someone in the homestuck fandom recklessly pursued looking like a enormous tool
and i'm sure there are many others like you who think the same.

strength in numbers, right?
>> No. 62209
File 132998724077.png - (573.64KB , 800x533 , moreaniinna.png )
whoa what
if you're talking about the advice to mill around and take pictures of people, please correct it cuz I actually would not like to lead this anon wrong or into an embarrassment or anything!

(but if you're talking about about my completely non-MSPA-related appreciation of a sillygoof phrase then that's OK)
>> No. 62210
pax paint doesnt sweat off, i hear, look into that
>> No. 62213

thank you! that seems like a really good option, and it's not as expensive as I was worried it would be.
>> No. 62231
How much would you need for a guy on the bigger side?

Also, would a Rule 63 Fat Feferi cosplay be too creepy to be funny?
>> No. 62233
are you actually going to try to put effort into your costume because you like the character or are you going to try to ride entirely on the novelty of a large hairy man wearing a shoddy neon skirt

it's important
>> No. 62267
File 133004383677.png - (117.46KB , 500x569 , tumblr_lsjmh2Jf7O1r2exvdo1_500.png )

I wouldn't be trying to creep anyone out. I'm a large, happy guy who is a Pisces. I'd be embracing the fact that I'm large and give great hugs. I'd be pretty in character for Feferi (though I wouldn't be role playing or anything) just being myself.
>> No. 62289
File 133005158167.png - (391.28KB , 520x512 , oh Kan.png )
>> No. 62821
I look away for two seconds and now everyone that identified as a girl and cosplayed South Park had become a genderqueer Homestuck.

>> No. 62822
I blame tumblr.
>> No. 62823
Just get back from a con?
>> No. 62842
I want to cosplay a rule 63 Roxy

So I have an excuse to be drunk all the time at a con
>> No. 63053
File 133153224844.jpg - (93.24KB , 363x613 , 40892.jpg )
>> No. 63090
File 133158347899.jpg - (67.72KB , 642x480 , 3am Jade Cosplay.jpg )
>> No. 63322
File 13321341192.jpg - (296.49KB , 500x667 , snowmancosplay.jpg )
>> No. 63340

>> No. 63344
File 133217351835.jpg - (377.55KB , 683x1024 , eggsfeltcosplay.jpg )
>> No. 63345
Oh my.
>> No. 63353
File 133218372587.jpg - (446.34KB , 1280x1707 , tumblr_m13mpolFbh1qgu8o8.jpg )
Guess who now exists in our world
>> No. 63354
File 133218391780.gif - (0.98MB , 203x272 , tumblr_m13mesje8l1qgu8o8o1_250.gif )
>> No. 63358
>> No. 63370
is that a fucking chocolate coin around his neck?
>> No. 63386
Its because he's such a sweetie 8]
>> No. 63387
Cal is secretly Jewish, everyone knows that.

. . . no, wait
>> No. 63425
Jews wear thier gold in little bags around thier neck hidden under thier clothing, totally different.
They also have a decoy bag less hidden in order to trick potential thieves.
>> No. 63434
File 133228182869.jpg - (122.80KB , 500x375 , Stylin English.jpg )
>> No. 63460
File 133232524652.png - (772.98KB , 600x896 , cosplay real_life Snowman solo.png )
>> No. 64041
Do you know anyone who knits? It'd be easy to make.
>> No. 64042
Google is sometimes helpful
>> No. 64099
File 133416500242.jpg - (634.98KB , 1000x665 , tumblr_m2aqzwy1dt1qzmpk6.jpg )
>> No. 64100
Impressive reenactment of >>63259.
>> No. 64246
File 133459821131.jpg - (43.49KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20120415.jpg )
got a better wig and fixed my makeup for this years ota
now to fix the shirt+remake my wands
i also have a handmaid cosplay in the works and i have the wig w/ horns done
>> No. 64247
File 133460346086.jpg - (57.89KB , 375x479 , ecto1.jpg )
i don't like wigs
should i dye my hair?
>> No. 64248

Why are you so loserlike in appearance.
This isn't like my fanfics at all.
>> No. 64250

this doesn't even make sense
i think it looks good
>> No. 64254
>not dumpylike with a horse nose and fuckhuge eye bags
>> No. 64268
q t
>> No. 64302
If we can't see the top of your head asking us to judge your hair for its John-ness is a little pointless?
>> No. 64358

i couldn't get a good picture with my phone
i'll try again later
>> No. 64368
The purple lipstick looks considerably better than the black did.
That's almost universally true as far as lipstick goes, dunno why more people don't use purple. v0v
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