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File 139196293171.png - (221.66KB , 500x433 , tumblr_n08yuastXt1qf6niwo1_500.png )
87056 No. 87056
Huh, this got me thinking, what is drug culture in Japan like?
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>> No. 87057
I know cannabis is thought of far more negatively than in the US. I'm sure someone will post that one Death Note panel inevitably.
>> No. 87058
Or that whole last Kara no Kyoukai film, whose penultimate seedy underbelly (after dealing with such subject matter as rape, suicide, a loving family becoming domestically abusive, and a teacher sexually exploiting students) was the marijuana drug trade, with a penultimate stakes-raising occurring when the villain gives a main character a dose of something "20 times stronger than marijuana".
>> No. 87059
File 139196701540.png - (228.13KB , 702x330 , Picture 1.png )
Yeah, they have some crazy ideas about how dangerous marijuana is. For example, in Toriko making hash brownies is apparently an executable offense.
>> No. 87061
Look how fucked up Japan is already, get them fucked up on drugs and they'd fucking implode.

Though maybe if they just smoked some weed and loosened up enough to talk about their feelings instead of keeping it all bottled up to 'save face' there would be less suicides.
>> No. 87062
These kind of threads tend to inspire comments based on racial stereotypes like >87061. Kind of what someone commenting in the Kill La Kill thread about people really wanting to believe in freaky foreign sex hangups.
>> No. 87063
>>Boohoo someone mentioned that Japan's culture is fucked up

Too bad its the truth.
>> No. 87064
You're using 'racial' wrong, it doesn't apply in this context just because Japan is not a nation made up mostly of white people.
>> No. 87065
Would "stereotypes of asian people" be better, if longer?
>> No. 87066
Since when is suicide supposed to be a stereotype of Asian people and not something about Japan the nation? If anything it would be more correct to accuse one of going by 'national' stereotypes.
Like if you said Americans were fat, loud and lazy or that the French were a nation of cowardly assholes.
Would you still use race as your choice of accusation in these circumstances?
>> No. 87073
That person was doing it more so they could go on a fauxminist crusade about falsely equating molestation undertones with explicit rape and calling anyone who disagreed with their blatant hyperbole a victim-blaming rape apologist. It's not ignorance, it's just plain old shitposting.
>> No. 87074
You sound like you've got a chip on your shoulder over it.
>> No. 87075
Sadly there actually are a lot of people who are really this dumb on Tumblr, it's possible they're legit.
>> No. 87076
Nice try, but I wasn't even involved in any of it until long after it passed. Regardless, considering everything that went down in the latest episode the scene indeed was intended to depict Ragyo in a negative light, making their argument about it being just catering to Japan's supposedly nationwide rape fetish moot.
>> No. 87077
You're the one bringing it up with little provocation.
>> No. 87078
Actually, they did have provocation in this instance, because it was another person that brought the thread up.
>> No. 87079
Stop trying to move the goalposts. I mentioned it because of the guy in >>87062
>> No. 87082
File 139199380474.png - (196.39KB , 432x380 , scaryjuana.png )

So where exactly did they get the impression that marijuana was the worst ever, anyway? Did we send them a bunch of reefer madness propaganda in the 20's or what?
>> No. 87083

Probably came about during western integration.

Maybe they told them a bunch of common misconceptions like if their women smoked it they'd wanna sleep with black men.
>> No. 87085
Cannabis originated in Asia and people have used it as a medicine and in religious rituals for thousands of years, including in Japan. If you've read or watched fiction set in a pre-Meiji era where they did some Shinto rituals involving "incense," there's a good chance that it's actually weed. Today, though, Japan has very strict drug laws and since marijuana is classified as an illegal drug, it's taboo to even talk about it. As far as I can tell recreational drug use in Japan is mostly prescription drugs. If you want to try weed or cocaine or something, you have to go abroad.

I feel like the harsh laws might have their roots in the opium wars--Japan was just starting to open itself up to the outside world in the aftermath of the second war. After seeing what the opium trade had done to China they may have taken steps to prevent such a disaster happening in Japan, and it just kind of stuck there in the laws and culture of the place. (They did however use opium more or less as a weapon in their own fights against China up until WWII.) This is pure speculation though, take it with a grain of salt.
>> No. 87088
IIRC the (excuse) plot for Part 5 was that Diavolo's gang was selling drugs to children, which made Diavolo truly the worst person in the world and deserving of his incredibly awful fate because it's somehow worse than any of the other terrible stuff the mafia does on a regular basis. Even in the tie-in novel Giorno spent a page or two soapboxing about how taking drugs destroys your soul. But it seemed kind of uncharacteristically preachy for Araki so maybe it was editorially mandated?
>> No. 87108
Well, I mean, depends on the drugs. If Diavolo was handing off heroin or some shit to children, that is irredeemable because that shit will fuck you up and likely kill you sooner rather than later. But marijuana? Nah man.
>> No. 87110
File 139205541434.jpg - (43.53KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
Well, it led to one of the best episodes of anything ever.
>> No. 87114
Ficticious stand-created drugs, apparently.
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