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File 139126911080.gif - (0.97MB , 500x281 , klk-family time.gif )
86829 No. 86829
Last one had a gif, so this gets a gif!

Taste the thematic, groundbreaking undertones!

They're penny flavored!

Also, PLOT! EXPOSITION! AND...pacifism?
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>> No. 86830
File 139126992436.jpg - (630.16KB , 680x990 , 1391251021921.jpg )
Did someone say sour milk and pennies?
>> No. 86831
Okay I can see how people would reach the (wrong) conclusion that it's meant to creep the viewer out instead of being fanservice, but how the fuck do people seriously believe it's not rape/that Satsuki isn't massively uncomfortable?

Also age of consent doesn't apply to incest.
>> No. 86832
File 139127200598.gif - (2.95MB , 320x180 , klk_1388039911884.gif )
Some people have very clingy, touchy-feely, and obnoxious parents.

It's annoying and uncomfortable sure, but despite what popular media might tell you, such gestures don't always have any "bad touch"/molestation intent behind them.

And with how little we've actually seen of Satsuki's vulnerabilities, preferences, and general personality behind her strong front, one could make the valid assumption that this is commonplace for her and she might accept it on some level.

After all, she was fine with showing her Junketsu-clad body off to a whole crowd of strangers and those she deemed lesser; Why should she be uncomfortable in letting her own mother take a gander at her gams?
>> No. 86833
File 139127248010.gif - (325.76KB , 500x545 , 1391235767517.gif )
Her mother is more than than just 'clingy', she clearly has no care for her daughter's consent in anything and considers her more of a tool.

That is why Satsuki is going to turn on her and is clearly working towards the opportune moment.

Also jesus christ buddy you are a horrible person, just because someone is unable to resist the one doing it to them so just "lies back and takes it" doesn't make it okay.
>> No. 86834
>Okay I can see how people would reach the (wrong) conclusion that it's meant to creep the viewer out instead of being fanservice

The scene occurs over the mom monologuing her creepy philosophy, how is the scene supposed to be interpreted as anything BUT creepy?

> but how the fuck do people seriously believe it's not rape/that Satsuki isn't massively uncomfortable?

Rape is non-consensual, forced or coerced sex. I didn't see any sex, only an extremely uncomfortable massage. It's sexual harassment or molestation at worst.
>> No. 86835
File 139127277668.jpg?spoiler - (10.93KB , 500x336 , ewfa.jpg?spoiler )
>>After all, she was fine with showing her Junketsu-clad body off to a whole crowd of strangers and those she deemed lesser;
So basically what you are saying is...
>> No. 86837
File 139127316146.png - (426.09KB , 585x644 , 1391249461732.png )
>> No. 86838
File 139127461975.gif - (2.99MB , 278x156 , klk_1388041031896.gif )
I'm not saying that it's my personal opinion, I'm just suggesting to you why those people you're frustrated with might have come to those conclusions.

Some may also get confused by those interactions due to how headstrong Satsuki usually is. You'd figure that she would resist if she strongly objected to it, resolve and all that (hypocrisy?). So what comes to mind is that it's all part of her plan, she's choosing to let it happen because the keikaku will make it all better. From what's been shown of her (again, the lack of information makes things incredibly murky), if she wants to fight, even against something incredibly immense and foreboding, she'll fight it. The fact that she isn't makes it look like she's permitting it to happen, by choice. With that it mind, it looks like consent, rather than coercion, so the scene doesn't ring as many alarm bells in people's heads unless they entertain the idea that Satsuki doesn't resist because it would be pointless against someone as powerful as her mother.

But that sentiment doesn't have that much clout as we haven't really seen Ragyo show any strength that doesn't involve lens flares or dosh.

That said, if Ragyo does end up beating Satsuki and her little friends nearly half to death, rewatching that bathing/groping scene will be less about titillation and more about "holy shit, Ragyo could've snapped her in half right there," once they have that image of the Kiryuin senior ripping things to shreds during her debut battle in their heads.
>> No. 86839
>>Rape is non-consensual, forced or coerced sex. I didn't see any sex, only an extremely uncomfortable massage. It's sexual harassment or molestation at worst.
>>It's sexual harassment or molestation at worst.
Isn't this just splitting hairs?
Its still your parent doing sexually inappropriate things to your body against your will, its like the difference between killing ten thousand people and killing a hundred thousand.
>> No. 86840
Words have meaning. There's no point in conflating sexual harassment and rape, unless you're just trying rile people up.
>> No. 86842
It seems more like you are trying to downplay things, as if sexual abuse and molestation between a parent and their offspring isn't a big deal as it is.
>> No. 86843
File 139127819531.gif - (2.72MB , 482x252 , take it.gif )
Kill La Kill - Motherly Loveyoutube thumb
>> No. 86844
More like, conflating molestation and rape trivializes rape.

Which isn't to say molestation isn't monstrous and evil, just that rape is several types and degrees worse. But yea, keep assuming the worst of what I mean.
>> No. 86845
Sage doesn't really... do anything when the thread is already at the top of the board. And when the board is as slow as /jam/ too.
>> No. 86848
You know, I'm almost certain this is a Poe pretending to be a feminist, like that one person on /mtv/ who claims misogyny is the only reason peoplea aren't full Taurielfag for the new Hobbit movie.
>> No. 86849
Quit being an asshole and twisting people's words to make them look bad. I've seen people trying to pass off things like forced kisses as rape in order to bash a ship, and needless to say victims of actual rape were not happy at all.
>> No. 86851
>With that it mind, it looks like consent, rather than coercion, so the scene doesn't ring as many alarm bells in people's heads unless they entertain the idea that Satsuki doesn't resist because it would be pointless against someone as powerful as her mother.

Because that's what it is. Satsuki is totally subservient to her mother, the woman who manipulates Kamuis like toys and controls the world, and is also her mother. Satsuki's clearly not entirely comfortable with her mother or her plans, but she doesn't ever speak out against her.
It's a creepy scene. Even the writers are trying to tell you it's a creepy scene. Just let it be creepy.
>> No. 86853
File 139130486812.png - (184.94KB , 328x378 , klk aliens.png )
Kill La Kill Episode 16 in a nutshell:

>> No. 86854
I for one think the scene was intended to be both creepy AND arousing.
>> No. 86860
File 139133036974.gif - (20.01KB , 320x240 , Watching KLK 16.gif )
>> No. 86861
really missleading thread opener and name.
just sayan
>> No. 86863
File 139134853665.jpg - (259.63KB , 1277x1067 , 1391281367350.jpg )
>> No. 86864
File 139134877248.png - (919.21KB , 1280x720 , 1391274210696.png )
>> No. 86865
What is a -poe- supposed to be when its at home
>> No. 86875
Is it weird that Ryuko looks more naked to me in her underwear than she does in her battle outfit?
>> No. 86879
File 139139372034.gif - (726.96KB , 500x273 , mako.gif )
It's a cuter look than her Senketsu uniform for me. Fanservicey yet somehow adorable at the same time.
>> No. 86880
File 139139729810.png - (126.02KB , 356x438 , GoofLaGoof.png )
>> No. 86881
More arousing than creepy of course.
I mean, its Japan. They have such a rape fetish because in a general sense they are too messed up to have healthy relationships which is part of the reason they are facing a declining population, unfortunate place to be sure.
>> No. 86885
Whose ass will Ragyo kick in the next episode to show how REAL things are about to get?

The Devas?
Satsuki's butler?
>> No. 86886
I'm hoping there's a point to Tsumugu. Mikisugu continues to be the silly mentor/comic relief but so far Tsumugu hasn't really done anything interesting since the episode where he first appeared.
>> No. 86888
Ragyo will not do anything helsef. Except maybe for the "last battle" where she could sacrifice herself to the life fiber to change it into a convenient faceless monster.
>> No. 86890
Okay now this is getting a little too "drawing social commentary from weird nerd shows" and even a little bit racial.
>> No. 86891
File 13914440248.jpg - (84.75KB , 341x500 , what did I even just watch.jpg )

Can't wait for Satsuki to join Ryuuko.
>> No. 86894
what would be the most awkward, Satsuki trying to befriend ryuko with some relaxing bath massage, or Satsuki yelling "han! stop it, mom!" during their first night of love?
>> No. 86895
Aside from the weird gratuitous fucked-up moment, I really did like the episode. We got the full reveal of what's going on, just as promised, and it was a doozy. Mako remains an awesome friend. And the final moment at the end was great- we're getting back to the cool Ryouko of the early episodes (without losing her character development).

Dunno if the moral objection will last, but I appreciate that she's objecting purely on her own initiative.
>> No. 86898
>full reveal

>it was a doozy
It was, but they could have done the entirely same setup without "ALIENS". Right now that just feels shoehorned.
>> No. 86904
File 139153276367.png - (113.03KB , 500x333 , jump la rope.png )
>implying Ryuko isn't too busy getting it on with Senketsu
>> No. 86930
Yikes. If you're bringing in casual racism and jumping to gross overgeneralizing conclusions about a whole group to make your point it's probably not a good one.
>> No. 86945
File 139167130245.gif - (0.99MB , 500x281 , tumblr_n08tdpgHVi1r3rdh2o1_500.gif )
Seriously, sad as I am that Kill la Kill doesn't have animation budget for fight scenes, I'm really glad to see their tiny moments of A-game animation are being used on pivotal moments for Ryouko's character. (see also: finding out who killed her dad)
>> No. 86948
File 139167455123.jpg - (94.18KB , 960x454 , klk aikuro.jpg )

There was a time; when the five of them were just a club,
But thaaaaat was yesssssterdaaaaaay!
So innocent of that corp and its conspiracies,
But the crone has come to plaaaaaay!
The times have changed
The air's begun to taste of satin
The threads they chant
A constant warning
They keep singing
And repeating

One of Them Will Die!
One of Them Must DIE!


Bow before the Life Thread, spinning wheel is turning!


This yarn is on its final weave,
Revealing what was once concealed!

One of them will die!
One of them must die!

METALOCALYPSE Doomstar Requiem OPENING TRACK!youtube thumb
>> No. 86964
in before "nobody dies in KLK, except that one guy lol"
>> No. 86970
Well shit! That happened.
>> No. 86972
>> No. 86976
File 139173346771.jpg?spoiler - (71.50KB , 500x374 , tumblr_n0lmfyiH641ragtd4o1_500.jpg?spoiler )
The best.
>> No. 86977
Fuck yeah!
>> No. 86978
File 139173679664.jpg - (124.94KB , 1920x1080 , klk stab.jpg )
This would've been more impressive if we had actually seen Ragyo do something sublime besides glow a bit and molest her daughter.
>> No. 86979
Who says that's her? Those thread spools seemed fairly obvious in use. Also spoilers.
>> No. 86980
File 139173746581.gif - (0.96MB , 500x250 , tumblr_n0liaoX5qu1qi0d6uo1_500.gif )
Best scene btw
>> No. 86983
Ragyo went full Kefka. You never go full Kefka.
>> No. 86984
File 139173991482.gif - (948.83KB , 436x713 , tumblr_n0k2h9WX8b1rspvx9o1_500.gif )
Satsuki is the best fucking character and yet just keeps getting better.
>> No. 86987
So wait...isn't the field there the dumbest place for anyone to fight Ryuko? She has a kamui that seems to be unique in that it can eat other life fibers and use them to power up. The entire place is swimming in life fibers...
>> No. 86989
my sword is a tool of justiceyoutube thumb
>> No. 86990
You know, I was going to conclude my post with "I'm not saying it's rules of nature...but it's RULES OF NATURE!"
>> No. 86991
The Mary Sue Train has no stops apparently.
>> No. 86992
File 139174642739.png - (2.15MB , 1200x3900 , kill la beauty.png )
Meanwhile, on /co/...

Oh boy, here we go again.
>> No. 86993
What's this supposed to be based off of? And good god Ragyo's outfit. Now I'm sure they're making the outfits stupid looking on purpose.
>> No. 86994
File 139175620382.jpg - (85.55KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 17 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
This had to be intentional.
>> No. 86995
Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Specifically Maleficent.
>> No. 86996
Well shiiiiiiiiit.

I mean, we knew it was coming, but shiiiiiiiiit.
>> No. 86997
how is her outfit stupid? It's the fashion of a final boss. It sure looks better than Senketsu or junketsu ever will.
>> No. 86998
She evolved from Rainbow Bitches to Rainbow Joker.
>> No. 87003
Well, yes.
>> No. 87008
Someone went further still. Kill la Kill - Metal Gear RAGY…youtube thumb
>> No. 87011
File 139179250122.png - (27.20KB , 669x419 , 1390968240746.png )
This was in response to the Loadsamoney Takarada video. I will never be able to unassociate him with London accents again.
>> No. 87012
It matches him well to be honest.
>> No. 87013
Is it me or did her boobs jump several sizes? Even with padding they didn't look as big in her previous outfit.
>> No. 87015
File 139179578243.jpg - (339.61KB , 650x1020 , god of war carrie.jpg )

Poor Satsuki

We all know what's coming next
>> No. 87016
No, I think so, too. They seem to have gone from appreciably large to comically enormous.
>> No. 87020
After 10'000 years I'm free!youtube thumb

This show sure likes to take cool designs and then replace them with shitty ones.

Satsuki's plan was no surprise but the amount of blood it involved was rather impressive.
>> No. 87022
I'm certain it's supposed to be intentionally ridiculous, especially when you take the comical faces Ragyo was making onstage. It's probably supposed to be a parody of fashionistas, hell the outfit even reminds me of Zoolander a little with how wacky it is.
>> No. 87027
Yes, that surprised me, as well. The show hasn't been light on it, but I don't recall it showing such a huge amount at once (though the new OP does...)
>> No. 87029
>Now I'm sure they're making the outfits stupid looking on purpose.

Well, Raygo is a fashion designer. High Fashion has two modes: Rummage sale hipster, and Final Fantasy final boss.

And this isn't even her final form.
>> No. 87030
People in KlK are filled with gallons upon gallons of the stuff. Think of how much Ryuuko gave out when she went berserk.
>> No. 87051
Did they ever mention what happened to Satsuki's dad? I wonder if he was maybe a good guy, or if he was like Ragyo and whatever Satsuki took for kindness actually ended up setting her up for what she is now.
>> No. 87052
File 139192382852.png - (2.23MB , 2133x1200 , ea2e0e2523edeb68ddad89ec634a3cdf.png )
>> No. 87054
Took off all his clothes and started hanging out with bikers and mad scientists.
>> No. 87055
I would imagine that, since we've yet to see his face, that his identity is still a signifies plot point. Especially since it seemed Satsuki took special recognition of the suit Ragyo made from the life fiber ball that matched the suit her father wore.
>> No. 87060
File 139196845796.jpg - (163.81KB , 1280x720 , my face when.jpg )
God, this was SUCH A GOOD EPISODE. Best one yet, IMO.

I'm not even talking about what happened in the last 5 minutes. There were just alot of really good character moments- Satsuki's tea moment in particular (used to find it bitter when she was a kindhearted 5-year-old, now finds it genuinely delicious) was a REALLY interesting piece of symbolism. Though yes >>86980 was undeniably best bit.

Also, I have to admit, this makes the gratuitous fucked-up bath scene into a non-gratuitous fucked-up bath scene. Doesn't make it the best way to establish their dynamic, but at least it did so.
>> No. 87071
Could be a thing like Fate/Stay Night with Rin and Tokiomi where his impact vastly outweighed the actual character until Fate/Zero. Although if he's Dr. Matoi it would explain why Satsuki is also able to survive using Junketsu.
>> No. 87081
File 139199064430.png - (547.32KB , 585x644 , 1391907248251.png )
I think someone wanted to make a "Molester not so tough after being stabbed by bully" thing.
>> No. 87084
Ragyo IS Satsuki's dad. Her mom died in a life fiber experiment and he started cross-dressing to fill in. Girls need a mother more than a father.
>> No. 87086
Going by the OP gif that would mean Satsuki was sensually fingered to orgasm by her (cross-dressing? transsexual?) father...
>> No. 87087
Junketsu, turn off my embarrassment inhibitors!
Shame...this is why I fight. This is my normal...my lewdness!
>> No. 87089
The implications are staggering. Especially if you consider Satsuki's mother...is Dr. Matoi.
>> No. 87090
File 139199994717.jpg - (15.22KB , 400x300 , 6a00d83451afa369e2017d40a57cab970c-400wi.jpg )
I saw a Ragyo version of this floating around, forgot to save it though.
>> No. 87091
It's in this very thread. Under a spoiler.
>> No. 87094

Translation of character material stuff included in the BDs. Gamagori is half American and sends a lot of money to his mom, among other things.
>> No. 87096
>among other things

Not the best phrase to use concerning a character who's into S&M in a thread that starts with a wincest gif.
>> No. 87098
So is his dad a black American or Cotton Hill American?
>> No. 87101
I doubt he got his blonde hair from his mother.
>> No. 87104
I doubt anime gives a sinlge shit about hair colour genetics. also brown skin + blond hair can both be achieved artificially. Gama might just be a Gal-o.
>> No. 87105
If it's the former that makes the whole "Gorilla" thing even more awkward.
>> No. 87106
Oh. Well that's not what I mean. Other things include "Nonon only got interested in Satsuki when she changed from eternal smiles to frowns" and "Holy fuck Inumuta what is wrong with you."
It doesn't say beyond his dad being a missing soldier and his mom being a local nurse as I recall.
>> No. 87107
>"Nonon only got interested in Satsuki when she changed from eternal smiles to frowns"

Wonder if its because that's when her dad died/went missing, or that's when bath time with mommy started... or both.
>> No. 87109
Missing as in because he's a deadbeat, or because he's legit MIA and couldn't have been there even if he wanted to?
>> No. 87112
Obviously it's because he's Sexy Teacher. I mean come on.
Sad thing is this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to KlK specula.
>> No. 87120
File 139210468134.jpg - (775.33KB , 1800x1800 , Mitsuhide_Akechi.jpg )
>Honnouji is the place where Oda Nobunaga was betrayed by his general Mitsuhide
>> No. 87137
File 139231781227.gif?spoiler - (2.63MB , 640x360 , 1392317434819.gif?spoiler )
School bully not so tough after getting molested again
>> No. 87138
This whole episode was what. Poor Satsuki.
>> No. 87139
It's not fair, her mom stole everything from her, even her girlfriend's heart.
>> No. 87140
File 139232186844.png?spoiler - (2.40MB , 1395x774 , 1392313248945.png?spoiler )
Oh you. Maaaaan Ragyo's such a bitch, say what you will about Gurren Lagann being better but I think she makes a more interesting villain than the Anti Spirals.
>> No. 87144

And now, for some musical accompaniment:

The Divine Comedy - Mother Dearyoutube thumb
>> No. 87145
File 13923431535.gif - (257.98KB , 400x225 , 1387686071766.gif )
Oh man I suddenly realized that the entire first half of the show was secretly the most entertaining training arc ever. Love this show.
>> No. 87146
File 139234391721.gif - (898.15KB , 245x260 , tumblr_mybbwdfoYe1sii44zo2_250.gif )
>This mean Matoi was the daughter she was always trying to create.

oh, oh shit.
>> No. 87147
Holy shit Ryuuko ripping the mind control fiber out of her head was so fucking badass.
>> No. 87148

When she first go mind controlled, i was like "really?" Then she ripped the thread from her brain and i was all like "hell yeah!"

>> No. 87150
File 139235117288.gif?spoiler - (2.92MB , 310x174 , 1392343575250.gif?spoiler )
>yfw this scene
>> No. 87151
File 139235283379.jpg - (139.64KB , 1280x720 , rekt satsuki.jpg )
It could've been a lot longer, but it was still oh so satisfying.

Also, it was made all the more ironic as the first beatdown Ryuuko received on the show was at the literal hands of someone who primarily used punches to fight.
>> No. 87152
>this whole fucking episode
>> No. 87153
So much for "Satsuki Sue", huh?

>> No. 87154
File 13923548166.png - (14.16KB , 203x209 , 1382760608731.png )

>> No. 87155
Where have you been? Anon has a massive hateboner for Satsuki.
>> No. 87156
File 139235614246.png - (148.85KB , 280x361 , thisdispleasesme.png )
I feel like, despite the high quantity of awesome in this episode, the number of bad anime cliches I was able to predict was way too high for me to really enjoy it.

>Sanageyama taking on Nui by himself
Awesome! I guess their upgrades weren't just a bunch of hot air!

>The other Elite Four join in
Well great. Now they'll be as ineffective as a bunch of hamsters and will only serve to enable the "This bad guy is way stronger than we thought!" reaction.

>Kiryuin had another child, but she didn't survive the fusing process and was discarded
That's really brutal, but at least that means that annoying fan theory was wrong...

>Kiryuin says something feels familiar
Oh no, don't tell me...

>Satsuki apparently kills her mother in one stroke with no serious effort
... Okay, do you really expect me to buy this? This is beginner-tier anime writing. "Look we can win! Look we're winning! Look we won! Look out we didn't win! Look out we lost! Tune in next time to see how we get ready to do it all over again!"

>The "twist"
... Just...

>> No. 87158
>not Satsueki
The question is, if babby Ryuko supposedly died during the Life Fiber imbuement then did the fibers bring her back to life as a zombie or what? Or maybe Ragyo jumped the gun and just didn't like what she saw so far.
>> No. 87159
File 139235953760.jpg - (18.40KB , 291x350 , daffy.jpg )
>Pop my head into the /a/ thread to see what's up--
>Nonstop arguing about translations between total autists who don't understand anything at all about Japanese, linguistics, translation, or English for that matter


Anyway, 10/10 episode, super hyped for next week.
>> No. 87162
So have there been any other cases of a prominent female villain pulling the LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER card on a female hero in recent history? Most of the time I've seen such reveals the mother is the good parent and the father is the big bad.
>> No. 87163
File 139236700448.png - (2.53MB , 1272x1436 , satsuki circle.png )
So if Ragyo was one of the people that Satsuki considered to be a pig in human clothing, does that make Satsuki...slop?
>> No. 87164
I love how they even fucked up her hair to show just how brutal of a beatdown she received. It was really disturbing to see her go from little miss perfect to a goddamn wreck in a matter of seconds.
>> No. 87165
I'm still a little angry the heroin gets to wear underwear when losing while none of the other fiber user did, even nonon and the tennis girl.
>> No. 87166
I just assumed she was a third daughter born from Dr. Matoi.
>> No. 87172
File 139239312824.png - (1.49MB , 1280x720 , 1392383253273.png )
This is JUST like my Japanese Hentai!
>> No. 87173
First she kills one baby, then she goes and kills a hundred more.
>> No. 87174
I know EXACTLY what hentai you're refering to and I'm not the slightest bit ashamed.
>> No. 87176

You seem to be stuck in that awkward phase where you look at plots and see "cliche" and yet at the same time are completely unable to make even basic inferences about them. Like a tvtroper.

I don't think anybody who was paying even the slightest bit of attention didn't immediately realize that Ragyo's dumpster baby was Ryuko. Like, man, I wonder if the baby daughter of a lady whose hair glows rainbow, who was subjected to secret dangerous experiments at the optimal time for secret dangerous experiments, and is a year younger than Satsuki has any connection to the girl with a mysterious past and unmentioned mother who is a year younger than Satsuki that looks like Satsuki whose hair glows red and fights using a secret dangerous piece of equipment that only she can use. Hmm...


Sorry for getting so worked up about this but seriously I watched this episode WITH NO SUBS and without speaking any japanese whatsoever and when I saw that baby get thrown away I immediately went RYUKO!

Also Soichiro is either Mikisugi or his brother. SPOILERS
Proof: he looks exactly like Mikisugi in a wig.
>> No. 87177
I'll laugh if Tsumugu is still Ryuuko's uncle via Souichirou being his and Kinue's brother and Mikisugi turns out to be a complete red herring.
>> No. 87180
i hope mikisugi isn't soichiro because it makes the early episodes where he's stripping in front of her and she's blushing really really uncomfortable and creepy
>> No. 87182
I would argue that those scenes already ARE really creepy.
>> No. 87184
Because they're supposed to be creepy, that's the joke. He already made it clear to her it's his idea of humor and doesn't mean anything serious by it.
>> No. 87185

Kill la Kill Thread #3: Uncomfortable creepy incest edition.
>> No. 87187
File 139241935183.jpg - (566.69KB , 1280x1440 , 1392418252439.jpg )
This episode had a lot cool small touches.
>> No. 87190
File 139242425836.gif - (355.19KB , 640x360 , 1392317762532.gif )
If that turns out to be the case Ryuuko's probably going to need serious therapy to scrub out the memory of seeing [spoilerher dad's[/spoiler] junk wiggling like this.
>> No. 87191
What? Why wouldn't Soichiro be Ishiin?
>> No. 87193
Isshin is fucking old and looks nothing like Soichiro. His age alone should have been a dead giveaway from the start that he was likely Ryuko's adoptive parent, not her biological father.

My guess is he was a scientist working with COVERS (if not the designer of the infusion experiment) who saved baby Ryuko and defected, having realised just how fucked up Ragyo is.
>> No. 87194
Getting upset at KlK for abusing cliches is like getting upset at the Naked Gun movies for abusing puns.
>> No. 87195
Face, body, everything looks completely different and given how everything else about the story he told her turned out to be false it's likely the whole thing is a cover. It is possible for him to still be related to her by being the father of Soichiro, though it's more likely he just pulled a Papa Kent and figured out what was going on.
>> No. 87196

This is pretty much it. Isshin was never her actual father. He saved her from the reject pile and raised her as his own. But given that his organization was absolutely opposed to life fibers in general, he sent her away to border schools at a young age to keep her from the attention of Nudist Beach. In short, I don't see that there's any connection between Isshin and Soichiro beyond their contempt for what Ragyo's end goal was with life fibers.

Ok. Ok. I Wanna back up a bit from the current discussion and give, full force, what my actual response to the actual episode is...




Don't get me wrong, there are so many goddamn things that I had assumed were going to happen. Satsuki actually being a good guy and betraying her mother! I totally expected that. But it was HOW that happened that came as a surprise.


Then the Ryuuko is Satsuki's sister expectations. Again, speculated to fuck, but it was the WAY in which it was exposed that lent to the story.

GOD DAMN! This is an anime which lays bare every single cliche that most anime works with to create a story, but does it in such a way that is completely compelling BECAUSE it absolutely understands and respects the cliches that it's working within.

I would argue that Kill la Kill is the anime version or Robocop (the original, not the whateverthefuck their showing in theaters right now), in the fact that it presents a perfect representation of what audiences want from an action anime while simultaneously parodying the expectations of such.

I.e. I really like this show.
>> No. 87199
Can we just take a second to appreciate how incredible the soundtrack to this show is? That entire episode was "dueling leitmotifs, the show".
>> No. 87200
I played footballyoutube thumb
The MGR comparisons just keep pouring in.
>> No. 87201
Yeah, good thing Sawano is so based that the songs are good enough to make up for the incredibly lazy music direction.
>> No. 87202
File 13924533337.jpg - (72.00KB , 618x779 , gamako.jpg )
oh god
>> No. 87208
File 139249238325.jpg - (323.76KB , 600x650 , mako-husbando.jpg )
No, anon, no.

Don't feed your pets raw bananas. They're really messy.
>> No. 87209
I think this is the most sfw sex joke I've seen in a while.
>> No. 87211

This show is wasted on you people.


Well that isn't very hard given that most people in +/a/ was acting like idiots when it came to this series and their assumptions. I mean we had people actually throwing around the term "Mary Sue" and "Villain Sue" without any hint of irony. All we need to top off this shit sandwich is have Roydle make another post about how he thinks all the kamuis look terrible.
>> No. 87212
Hey now!
I'm not with the whole Satsuki Mary Sue, that's bullshit.
I've been mocking that for a while.
>> No. 87213
Awesome. Love everything about this episode; I expected pretty much everything except Ryuuko is abandoned life fiber baby experiment, though how it was all revealed was great. That Darth Bitches reveal was most excellent, though it looks like she'll be taking Ryuuko's heart instead of her hand...

>> No. 87214
The thing I didn't expect was dad's radical hairdo.
>> No. 87215
Actually I thought Ragyo looked pretty cool in Jun but okay.
>> No. 87219
File 139252902992.png - (785.68KB , 954x715 , satsubabby.png )
Because he's Gary Motherfuckin' Oak. Adorable Satsuki and sexy 80's hair Ragyo were pretty cool too.
>> No. 87220
The whole episode felt like a bit of a mess. Lazy music direction, feast-or-famine animation budget... it felt like a calvacade of really compelling moments but they only had the time+resources to make a few of them really come together (primarily Ryuko breaking mind control and the plot threads with her history.)
>> No. 87221
File 13925358901.png - (547.29KB , 830x578 , ITS A PIE.png )
People have been talking shit about the sound direction since the beginning but I've never understood. I'm not even trying to be combative or anything, I just really legitimately have no idea. Like, character themes happen when characters do stuff, sad songs when sad things happen, that's not ok?

Maybe I'm just 2pleb
>> No. 87223
File 139254069940.gif - (702.83KB , 400x225 , klk-punched.gif )
Karma, babe.
>> No. 87225
hey, I had that intuition that ryuko's red streak and red underhair could be linked to life fiber, at least now it's official. But they sure put a lot of effort to hide ryuko and satsuki link until its final reveal. different dads, name, misleading motivation, and so on. It's one of those things that was obvious but denied in show so hard you actually started to doubt it.
>> No. 87230
File 139257288049.jpg - (1.31MB , 827x2371 , f994de8692f10cbf38d20649f9b7b9f9.jpg )
I'm pleb myself and haven't noticed anything before now, but this last episode...

Like, the music direction (when/where/how it uses different parts of the soundtrack) is one of those things where a key sign it's being done right is that the viewer doesn't even notice it, except when you realize how fucking awesome the currently-playing piece of music is.

I feel like the problem with the weaker 50% of the last episode was that it was just... you have 60 seconds to depict [moment]! Throw in the relevant song, have people stand around saying crap, we don't have time to worry about dramatic pacing!

And then the real problem is when you do this 5 times in a row and the moments are all tonally different? And not in a "roller coaster" way, just mismatched.

It's clear Trigger was hoping to save up and have this be a really mind-blowing episode, with tons of cool fight scenes and animation, but then they had to scale it back HARD after they'd done a bunch of generously-animated little moments. wow I'm rambling shutting up now.
>> No. 87234
Basically X character shows up and their theme automatically plays whether it fits the mood or not, yet in scenes where it would they avoid using it just because because it doesn't have X character in them. The uses of Inumuta and Nonon's themes in the earlier versus the later episodes are good examples.
>> No. 87236
File 139259725648.jpg - (88.08KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 02 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
I guess that also explains the red underhair.
>> No. 87238
File 139261011858.jpg - (765.47KB , 1280x720 , 1392607659339[1].jpg )
>> No. 87239
File 139261816130.gif - (2.94MB , 448x252 , 1392592469539.gif )
>> No. 87246
Reminds me of dragon vs Capricorn.
Will ryuko use the forbidden dragon technique?
>> No. 87248
This show is often the cause of using forbidden techniques on my dragon.
>> No. 87250
File 139273463049.jpg - (43.45KB , 640x360 , 1392712594687[1].jpg )
>> No. 87252
File 13927406359.gif - (612.68KB , 250x114 , Whamagoori.gif )
I'm honestly surprised this kind of crossover didn't show up earlier seeing as they were pretty outspoken about the "fashion = fascism" pun from the beginning.
>> No. 87255
She didn't have a...Mugato enough outfit until now.

>Rainbow goatee
>> No. 87257
File 139275422273.jpg - (687.54KB , 760x3280 , Sister1.jpg )
>> No. 87258
File 139275431732.jpg - (643.33KB , 801x3233 , Sister2.jpg )
>> No. 87259
File 139275441564.jpg - (439.54KB , 809x3242 , Sister3.jpg )
>> No. 87260
File 139275447665.jpg - (630.84KB , 753x3983 , Sister4.jpg )
>> No. 87261

>> No. 87262
File 13927628631.jpg - (297.59KB , 500x1312 , 41719867.jpg )
I for one am loving all the adorable shit coming out after episode 18, even if some of it's way OOC.
>> No. 87265
File 139278147472.gif - (642.92KB , 350x225 , 1392780906891.gif )
>> No. 87267
In b4 Satsuki is adopted?
Nah, too predictable.
>> No. 87289
Pretty good episode. Dat fanservice. Dat canon shipping.
>> No. 87290
File 139292795870.jpg - (188.39KB , 1280x960 , kuyashii.jpg )
I'm never going to wear you again!

Why, Ryuko? Why?
Hopefully this only lasts less than an episode like those other 2 times she was never going to wear him ever again.

>> No. 87291
I think the biggest fanservice in this episode wasn't all the naked people running around but all this delicious Gama x Mako.
>> No. 87293
File 139293287784.jpg - (232.22KB , 500x631 , 1392748775735.jpg )
I know. Big tuffguy turning into a huge softie for the adorable girl he likes is such a cliche but I'll be damned if it isn't especially cute here.
>> No. 87294
I'd actually prefer it if she gave him to someone else, since she can clearly kick plenty of ass without him. He needs Ryuko's blood for fuel, but he can still be worn by other people, shown by that girl from the fourth (?) episode. It would be cool if he was given to Mako or someone to even out the powerlevels a little bit.

'Course, it's pretty obvious they'll make up, so I'm basically just writing fanfiction here.
>> No. 87295
She looks better in battle without him on anyway. At least transformed Ragyo was pretty cool, probably because she would've been hard to take seriously as a villain otherwise.
>> No. 87296
Isn't Mako right there with them? She'll give Ryuko a good talking to and straighten her out before the episode is over.

Although it would be interesting to see Ryuko snap on Mako too.
>> No. 87297
>Although it would be interesting to see Ryuko snap on Mako too.
I would agree but i think everyone would hate that.

I think the bigger problem i had with this episode was the Isshin was Suichiro or however it's spelled all along. The timing doesn't make sense.
>> No. 87300
File 139295116131.jpg - (453.28KB , 820x2320 , 1392949884312.jpg )
>> No. 87301
I'm just wanna know how the hell Ragyo even knew any of that? Because that sort of implies she knew all about what he was doing including Ryuuko still being alive. Which, in the last episode, she very obviously didn't.

Seems kinda like Ragyo's just making assumptions at this point.
>> No. 87302
I still wanna know what's the deal with this guy, preview comments before episode 16 about his "true identity" indicated there was more to it beyond what was already revealed about Nudist Beach.
>> No. 87303
File 13929613872.jpg - (50.95KB , 1280x720 , 1392934419383.jpg )
Senketsu confirmed for this show's Nia.
>> No. 87304
File 139296257527.jpg - (57.62KB , 1280x720 , 1392935231927.jpg )
More of Senketsu being adorable.
>> No. 87305

Pfft. That really cracked me up that episode.

>Senketsu confirmed for this show's Nia.

But Senketsu isn't super fucking annoying though!
>> No. 87306
File 139296856055.jpg - (41.21KB , 500x305 , tumblr_n1bnoa8Dpp1r72dcoo1_500.jpg )
Now that I watched it again, I don't think there's as much of a discrepancy as it seemed. When it shows Souichiro donning his Isshin disguise, the scene pans over and shows little Ryuuko who looks to be at least a few years old (3 or so), which fits the timeline. Ragyo wasn't noticeably pregnant when they were experimenting on Satsuki. So Satsuki was a little over a year and a half when Ryuuko was born. If we then assume that Ryuuko is around Three and a half in the pic posted, then the timeline works out fine.

It just means that Souichiro smuggled Ryuuko out and had someone else watching her for a few years before Ragyo tried to have him killed and he went into hiding.
>> No. 87309
Why is Ryuuko such a bad MC?
>> No. 87310
File 139299847392.jpg - (57.56KB , 692x659 , Naruto_1376401441996.jpg )
Because she's a brunette Naruto
>> No. 87311
Eh, while still the least interesting character of the show (as shounen MCs are wont to be) she still managed to be likeable rather than obnoxious (as shounen MCs are also wont to be) until this episode.
>> No. 87312
File 139300005214.jpg?nsfw - (425.71KB , 1000x1500 , 1392983863630.jpg?nsfw )
>> No. 87313
Eh, she's had a LOT of shit to deal with. Really, really bad shit. It would be worse if those things didn't affect her at all. She's a way better character than Satsuki, that's for sure. I'm also not quite sure that weird music didn't have anything to do with her outburst. What would otherwise have been the point of it? Remember, Ragyu said she had already taken steps to deal with Ryuko. This might very well be it.
>> No. 87314
She had a really shitty month and her evil mom she didn't know she had is still planing to fuck with her some more. Remember the weird music before she woke up?
>> No. 87315
While she has good reasons for it, it's still annoying that they're even going to bother putting us through this cliche yet again, even if it's going to be resolved quickly. It's like Hope's whining in FFXIII. Yes, it's justifiable and he does grow out of it successfully, but does anybody want to be put through it in the first place?
>> No. 87316

She isn't.
>> No. 87317
>You've been a naughty girl, now I must spank you
>School bully gets molested a third time, wonders if life is even worth it now

I loved that, especially the slow lean. Good fanservice episode was good fanservice.
>> No. 87318
File 139300825270.png - (1.04MB , 1280x720 , 1392929083902.png )
It really had something for everyone.
>> No. 87319
I liked that the fanservice for Nonon wasn't overly sexualized or shoved in your face like the kamui (which are too lame looking to be hot anyway). It's there if you're looking for it, but not done in a way that would annoy you if you're not. Same with the dudes aside from Mikisugi who was done for laughs anyway.
>> No. 87320
On the topic of the kamuis, Junketsu works way better on Ragyo than it did Satsuki. On Satsuki it was sort of boring, but mixed with Ragyo's colors and regal look it's perfect.
>> No. 87321
The buttcape bits are a nice touch and the shoulders look a lot better. Plus it holds her boobs in place and covers enough skin that she comes off as a badass instead of just silly like Satsuki did.
>> No. 87322
File 13930282519.png - (1.49MB , 1150x1500 , 1392500691674.png )
>> No. 87323
I have to say, Souichirou being Isshin makes him look like more of a dick since it turns out he lied to Satsuki all this time about her sister and didn't do anything to help her while her mom treated her like shit over the next thirteen years.
>> No. 87324
I'd rather see Mako put on Senketsu. Considering how much power she had with only a 2-star uniform, she could probably kick some serious ass alongside Ryuuko.

"Fine, don't put him on! I'll put him on for you!"

What's funny is that it covers more on Ragyo than it did on Satsuki, even if skin tight.

Speaking of Junketsu, (s?)he's likely the Deus Ex for the series. We've seen Senkestu do a number of things both transformed and not, but Junketsu so far has one form and is pinned to the wall growling otherwise. Also, Ragyo had to use Override instead of Synchronize on Junketsu, just like Satsuki. Is it that Ryuuko can Synchronize because she's a silky life fiber or could others do it? Maiko used Synchronize in Ep 4 when she wore it, so probably not. Is it just the nature of Junketsu, or will the turning point be when Satsuki Synchronizes with it?

Considering that he apparently had no problem with testing life fibers on Satsuki or Ryuuko and only really got mad when Ragyo tossed Ryuuko like yesterday's garbage, he's a dick to begin with.
>> No. 87326
>will the turning point be when Satsuki Synchronizes with it?

Probably. That line Ragyou gave about Satsuki forcing her arms through Junketsu's sleeves instead of actually wearing him reminds me a lot of something that was said to Ryuuko about Senketsu in the first few episodes.
>> No. 87328
But wasn't Ryuuko's death faked from the getgo? I'm curious who raised her in the meantime before lolIsshin.
>> No. 87329
I understand that this seems exceptionally shitty. But when you consider that the entirety of the human race is at stake, sacrifices of that caliber have to be made. It's in the same vein that, in the beginning of episode 19, Satsuki was willing to kill a stadium full of people, which seems rather heartless, but if you have to sacrifice a few thousand to save billions... well then that's what you fucking do!

It seems harsh, but shit, sometimes that cold cruel logical resolve is what is needed to serve the greater good.

So yes, it was shitty of Souichiro to leave his 5 year old kid with that on her shoulders. However, at the same time, it was also probably in the world's best interest that he come up with a plan B. That plan B being Ryuuko. The Super powered life fiber baby that he happened to have lying around.

All that aside. The reason I absolutely adore Satsuki as a character is because she is absolutely everything Naruto was supposed to represent as a character before Kishimoto completely fucked it up by making him a a destined child destined by destiny to be born specialer than anyone to fulfill his destiny of being preordained to be the most specialist.

Satsuki on the other hand is absolutely everything Naruto was originally intended to be. She is 100% human, has no special powers other than her own fucking force of will, and has used that to stand toe to toe against life fiber infused superhumans. Even when seemingly conquered, she still refuses to give up while she can still draw breath.

Satsuki is essentially the female version of Guts.

Now with all that said, people need to lay the fuck off Ryuuko as well insofar as the way episode 19 ended. She has not had nearly the time to adjust to the circumstances as Satsuki's had. Therefore her her freak out in regards to finding out that she's made in part of parasitic alien life forms (that she, coma considered, only found out about a few hours ago) who are trying to take over the planet and for which she's been fighting against for the past several weeks...

Well, it's a bit to take in in short order.

Not to mention that I would point out that the harp playing COVERS seem to be part of Ragyo's plan of fucking with Ryuuko. Especially since she specifically told Satsuki that being in a rage was the state she wanted for merging her with the Giga-Kamui. So... If you can't get that reaction from one daughter, from whom doesn't have imbued life fibers of which you can manipulate... Go for the one who does.
>> No. 87333
>sacrifices of that caliber have to be made
Are we gonna have the Watchmen debate? Again!?
>> No. 87334
File 139305970611.jpg - (50.85KB , 260x400 , image.jpg )

Probably, because what you call the Watchmen Debate is really the Utilitarian Morality debate, and that's been going on for a very, very long time.

>"One picture, only one more, because it's so curious, so characteristic, and I have only just read it in some collection of Russian antiquities. I've forgotten the name. I must look it up. It was in the darkest days of serfdom at the beginning of the century, and long live the Liberator of the People! There was in those days a general of aristocratic connections, the owner of great estates, one of those men- somewhat exceptional, I believe, even then- who, retiring from the service into a life of leisure, are convinced that they've earned absolute power over the lives of their subjects. There were such men then. So our general, settled on his property of two thousand souls, lives in pomp, and domineers over his poor neighbours as though they were dependents and buffoons. He has kennels of hundreds of hounds and nearly a hundred dog-boys- all mounted, and in uniform. One day a serf-boy, a little child of eight, threw a stone in play and hurt the paw of the general's favourite hound. 'Why is my favourite dog lame?' He is told that the boy threw a stone that hurt the dog's paw. 'So you did it.' The general looked the child up and down. 'Take him.' He was taken- taken from his mother and kept shut up all night. Early that morning the general comes out on horseback, with the hounds, his dependents, dog-boys, and huntsmen, all mounted around him in full hunting parade. The servants are summoned for their edification, and in front of them all stands the mother of the child. The child is brought from the lock-up. It's a gloomy, cold, foggy, autumn day, a capital day for hunting. The general orders the child to be undressed; the child is stripped naked. He shivers, numb with terror, not daring to cry.... 'Make him run,' commands the general. 'Run! run!' shout the dog-boys. The boy runs.... 'At him!' yells the general, and he sets the whole pack of hounds on the child. The hounds catch him, and tear him to pieces before his mother's eyes!... I believe the general was afterwards declared incapable of administering his estates.
>Oh, Alyosha, I am not blaspheming! I understand, of course, what an upheaval of the universe it will be when everything in heaven and earth blends in one hymn of praise and everything that lives and has lived cries aloud: 'Thou art just, O Lord, for Thy ways are revealed.' When the mother embraces the fiend who threw her child to the dogs, and all three cry aloud with tears, 'Thou art just, O Lord!' then, of course, the crown of knowledge will be reached and all will be made clear. But what pulls me up here is that I can't accept that harmony. And while I am on earth, I make haste to take my own measures. You see, Alyosha, perhaps it really may happen that if I live to that moment, or rise again to see it, I, too, perhaps, may cry aloud with the rest, looking at the mother embracing the child's torturer, 'Thou art just, O Lord!' but I don't want to cry aloud then. While there is still time, I hasten to protect myself, and so I renounce the higher harmony altogether. It's not worth the tears of that one tortured child who beat itself on the breast with its little fist and prayed in its stinking outhouse, with its unexpiated tears to 'dear, kind God'! It's not worth it, because those tears are unatoned for. They must be atoned for, or there can be no harmony. But how? How are you going to atone for them? Is it possible? By their being avenged? But what do I care for avenging them? What do I care for a hell for oppressors? What good can hell do, since those children have already been tortured? And what becomes of harmony, if there is hell? I want to forgive. I want to embrace. I don't want more suffering. And if the sufferings of children go to swell the sum of sufferings which was necessary to pay for truth, then I protest that the truth is not worth such a price. I don't want the mother to embrace the oppressor who threw her son to the dogs! She dare not forgive him! Let her forgive him for herself, if she will, let her forgive the torturer for the immeasurable suffering of her mother's heart. But the sufferings of her tortured child she has no right to forgive; she dare not forgive the torturer, even if the child were to forgive him! And if that is so, if they dare not forgive, what becomes of harmony? Is there in the whole world a being who would have the right to forgive and could forgive? I don't want harmony. From love for humanity I don't want it. I would rather be left with the unavenged suffering. I would rather remain with my unavenged suffering and unsatisfied indignation, even if I were wrong.
>> No. 87335
File 139308251342.jpg - (54.53KB , 680x734 , 1393082342425.jpg )
>> No. 87336
File 139308472492.png?spoiler - (1.79MB , 1500x1092 , 1393060459254.png?spoiler )
Because she isn't the true MC
>> No. 87337
What a dumb picture.
>> No. 87339
Gotta say, even free of context I'm surprised by how unsexy it looked to me even though I can see boobs right there.
>> No. 87340
Gotta say, even free of context I'm surprised by how unsexy it looked to me even though I can see boobs right there.
>> No. 87341
File 139309840548.gif - (2.50MB , 256x144 , I'm gunna fingerbang bang you into my life_ G.gif )
>> No. 87355
>I invented the piano key necktie! I invented it! What have you done, Derek?! Nothing! You've got nothing! NOTHING!
>> No. 87357
More like "kill your hitherto unknown sister".
>> No. 87358
File 139320879743.jpg - (185.14KB , 1280x831 , K1Bez3Y[1].jpg )
Gamagori is the true heroine of KLK.
>> No. 87359
Why is money taped to the wall? I mean, it's probably some fund for babby, but why is it taped to the wall?
>> No. 87361
Think they're supposed to be Takaradabux.
>> No. 87366
File 139322089298.jpg - (19.64KB , 504x360 , 1622022_10152245957244100_361556798_n[1].jpg )
>> No. 87369
Have we ever actually seen the Doutonbori Robo do anything but jump around?
>> No. 87370
It's supposed to have guns mounted on the front or some shit but yeah Mikisugi comes off as pretty useless as anything more than comic relief aside from occasional exposition.
>> No. 87372

He's probably the most disappointing part of the series for me. Back in episode 3(?) he looked like he was about to jump into the fight between Satsuki and Ryuko and stop it. Nowadays when I think back to that scene it's like, what was he going to do? Distract them with his shiny purple dick? What could he possibly have done to either of them?
>> No. 87399
>> No. 87402
Episode 18 tier or what?
Pls don't spoil
>> No. 87403
In terms of animation no, stuff happening, very possibly.
>> No. 87406
>> No. 87407
File 139355339245.jpg - (9.85KB , 403x174 , IT BEGINS.jpg )

>> No. 87408
File 139355580353.png?spoiler - (798.71KB , 1280x723 , yoooo.png?spoiler )
Yo status: Yooooooo


>> No. 87409
I'm maybe late for the party, but what's with all the EDGY jokes?
Is that just some kind of bait?
>> No. 87410
>[fanservice intensifies]
>[Kamui intensifies]
You've made me the happiest girl in the world.

Is it next Thursday yet?

>> No. 87411
File 139356191515.png - (193.90KB , 500x274 , killer is dead-moon king.png )
We Killer Is Dead nao.
>> No. 87412
>> No. 87413
News so old Kotaku shakes its head.
Blumenkranz -Dual Mix-youtube thumb
Dual Mix is superior because you get the german but keep the chorus.
>> No. 87414
Ryuuko in Junketsu looks pretty badass actually, I guess it's only Satsuki who's got shitty luck in the costuming department when it comes to that.
>> No. 87415
File 139357116694.gif - (1.00MB , 295x221 , 1393527866457.gif )
I'm guessing with what Nui said does that make her Ryuuko and Satsuki's genetically engineered half-sister? Or just she just generated de novo?
>> No. 87416
It occurs to me that, knowing what we know now, it's probably been Ryuuko absorbing those life fibers from the defeated uniforms and not Senketsu.
>> No. 87418
Half sister. from 2 mothers I guess.
>> No. 87419
She looks like a goddamn Bleach character. Not going to disagree with it being an upgrade from Satsuki's though.
>> No. 87420
I for one welcome our new life fiber overlord Ryuuko

Unless Soichirio or however it's spelled shoved his dick in that thing, i'm going with the latter.
>> No. 87421
File 139357604973.jpg - (119.09KB , 532x503 , 1392940010840.jpg )
Man, the way they used "I Want to Know" this episode was terrible and out-of-place.
>> No. 87422
Not sure I really liked the episode. The Dosh King callback was great, though.
>> No. 87425
Some /a/non pointed out that it's actually kinda funny Ryuko is losing her way every two episodes. I wonder if the song is an intentional joke.
>> No. 87427
>Ira's defense of Mako's supreme stubbornness

The illiest
>> No. 87428
It's a /v/ thing.
Not worth of our time.
>> No. 87429
I think it's mostly because of Ryuko looking kinda like a female human version of Shadow the Hedgehog, and I'm sure we all remember how much of a tryhard that game was.
>> No. 87430
Senketsu's way too adorable. I love how he flopped down when Mako said she can't hear his voice.
>> No. 87431
File 139359843980.png - (524.15KB , 900x506 , 1393577756005.png )
>> No. 87432
File 139359901398.jpg?spoiler - (75.04KB , 1024x1152 , 1393571605268.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 87433
File 139360177571.jpg?spoiler - (75.33KB , 1280x720 , 1393596341816.jpg?spoiler )
I'm really digging Evil Ryuuko, I can't wait to see Hero Mode Satsuki.
>> No. 87434
Ryuuko does indeed lose her way every couple of episodes.

>> No. 87436
File 139360582244.jpg - (67.56KB , 526x394 , 1393576985888.jpg )
>> No. 87437
That and the whole blood and spikes thing.
>> No. 87438
File 139360620512.jpg - (147.52KB , 900x506 , 1393581229807.jpg )
>> No. 87440
I wonder if Nui also have some special time with mom. She'd probably enjoy it and make the whole scene extra creepy.
>> No. 87441
When will Nui die already?
>> No. 87442

Probably not and for that exact reason. Special time With Mom isn't about sexual gratification for either party. It's about power and control. Ragyou doesn't keep Nui on a tight leash for whatever reason.
>> No. 87443
Somewhere around the final episode, but knowing Trigger she might survive the series.
>> No. 87446
Ragyo doesn't need a leash for Nui since Nui already does whatever she wants.
>> No. 87448
Kinda mixed on this episode, there was a lot of stuff that was awesome in concept but was really held down by the execution (lack of animation, bad use of music, too much "fanservice" to the point of looking dumb, bland storyboarding).
>> No. 87452
So at this point it's going to take a cooldown dogpile/beating to get Ryuuko's head straight right?
>> No. 87453
>Nui survives
>Loses her memories and life fiber abilities
>Satsuki and Ryuuko take her in as their sister and go on to open a small photography studio
>> No. 87454
Or Senketsu breaks apart like Junketsu did, then merges with Junketsu binding Ryuuko and Satsuki together. Satsuki then uses the connection to go into Ryuuko's mind and destroy the implanted memories in Ryuuko and return her to normal. All in the sexiest way possible.
>> No. 87462
the "losing her lif fiber" part would be interesting, but she'd still need hell of a work to lose that whole killing intent of hers after that. Unless we get a cop out about "the life fiber was in control all along" but I doubt it. She's a monster and she likes it.
>> No. 87464
File 139368604598.png - (576.13KB , 599x765 , BhmdamDCIAAyslZ.png )
>> No. 87466
File 139371307355.png - (251.91KB , 928x978 , 1393712692785.png )
>> No. 87471
The absolute last thing I would expect to have cause to say in the year of our lord 2014 is "carrier has arrived" and yet here we are.
>> No. 87472
File 139374513776.png - (1.30MB , 900x600 , 1393719227848.png )
Anything is possible with the power of DOSH
>> No. 87480
File 139384884431.png - (123.46KB , 932x694 , 1393848169703.png )
>> No. 87481
This show likes to reuse plot points.
Still fun though.
>> No. 87487
File 139393630290.png - (1.20MB , 1280x720 , 1393812973149.png )
>> No. 87488
File 139393641156.png - (1.09MB , 1366x768 , 1393814513460.png )
>> No. 87505
Oh if shit goes down like people predict, big ol' tears.
>> No. 87506
People have been predicting Mako dying in every episode since 11, if that's what you're talking about. I wouldn't mind it too much.
>> No. 87512
good episode action wise
poor episode plot wise
set up for the last battle I guess. Takarada's boat better transform into a giant robot against the giant fiberball
>> No. 87518
Fire that sword bow at whatever giant thing they are making with all that life fiber.
>> No. 87519
File 139414599446.gif?spoiler - (2.83MB , 460x258 , 1394132288357.gif?spoiler )
Keeping it in the family
>> No. 87520
That's a really good explanation of why Matoi has been so fucked up since she got her heart pulled out.
>> No. 87522
So she was in her mind that entire fight?
>> No. 87523
Well the idea of Satsuki being best main character was fun while it lasted.

Those first few minutes kind of make up for it, though.
>> No. 87525
Dreading that extermination of Primordial Life Fiber will extinguish all Fibers. Though it would be like her to go out like a boss.
>> No. 87527
Poor Junketsu. Nobody ever thinks about what he wanted.
>> No. 87531
Pretty sure like the rest of the family it was incest hence it maybe influencing some of that tongue action.
>> No. 87533
What is? Junketsu's fibers?
>> No. 87534
If anything could have improved that episode it'd be Mako Life Fiber synchronizing.
>> No. 87535
That plus actual decent animation and music that doesn't cut so awkwardly.
>> No. 87538
Turning into something liker her Two Star Uniform?
>> No. 87539
Senketsu seems to look the same on everyone.
>> No. 87541
The sexiest of openings. After that I expect good things from you, Internet. Don't disappoint me.

Yes. I was highly disappointed by that.

The music cuts were weird, but we're watching the TV run so the animation is going to be a bit shit. I might actually pick up the DVDs when they come out so I can see just how much improvement there will be. (At least, I hope there's improvement...) Some things, like Nui's movements and Mako's speeches, benefit from the lack of animation, but certainly other things need improvement.

I don't think so. It's explained that Senketsu and Satsuki were just wearing each other, they didn't actually synchronize, so it makes sense that his appearance didn't change. I was still disappointed, though. I think it would have been different if Mako had used Synchronize.
>> No. 87542
File 139422271541.gif - (1.60MB , 480x270 , 1362160358438.gif )
I heard the second BD didn't change anything animation wise, and that others didn't do much to change them. The problems here are more with the lack of inbetweens than outright QUALITY, which is what they usually fix. Similar happened with the Jojo anime, which at this point if you compare them to the latest few episodes probably has more fluid average animation.
>> No. 87543
Still, buying the BDs/DVDs might not be a bad idea. Trigger is likely working with a much smaller budget than they would've gotten when they were part of Gainax, thus the unreliable quality of necessary inbetweening despite the great visuals. They're making do with what they have. If Kill la Kill makes a ton of money, their producers will be more willing to give them a bigger budget for future endeavors, even if Kill la Kill won't benefit from it directly.
>> No. 87544
If Kill la Kill makes enough sales, I'd love to see Little Witch Academia made into a series, but only if the animation remained consistent with the OAV. Maybe keep it to just 12 episodes or something. There's obviously interest given how well the Kickstarter went.
>> No. 87549
File 139428551554.png - (2.87MB , 1920x2697 , 1394276189721.png )
Yay naked ladies
>> No. 87550
File 139428566227.jpg - (64.26KB , 1280x720 , 1394279413911.jpg )
Girls fondling girls, not fondling you
>> No. 87551
Gonna be some Double Sister Tag Team Killing since they both now been pawed by mum.
>> No. 87552
File 139430280264.png - (445.17KB , 500x457 , bfct13F.png )
>> No. 87553
doujins when? goddamn that episode start was disturbingly hot.
>> No. 87554
File 139430439867.jpg - (54.21KB , 1280x720 , they see your clit.jpg )
By "tag team" you mean as in sexually, right?

And by "killing" you mean La petite mort?
>> No. 87555
Y'know, up until now I was one of those people who was kinda iffy about all the fan service. It was usually too gratuitous for me to think it was hot, and I thought the emphasis on sex appeal just took away from other good parts of the show.

But that episode opening. Hot damn, consider me converted to anime titties.
>> No. 87556

Well when its actually integrated into part of the show it works.

So use the reformed Scissors to snip out a couple of hearts?
>> No. 87557
This is what I'm saying.

But, no, all I've seen so far are your standard "This female is so powerful let's have a group of fat guys rape her" doujin. Poor form, Japan. Sure, it's too soon for something based off this opening, but there's plenty of fodder for non-rape material.
>> No. 87558
The show is perfect for rape, its just instead of fat guys doing the raping it should be lesbian rape or involve smaller amounts of muscular guys doing it.
>> No. 87560
I want happy cartoony nui porn
>> No. 87561
Yes. It wasn't the rape part that I was really focusing on, it was the band of fat guys doing it. (Though rape does nothing for me; I'm not against some suggestive manipulation, though, and this show does it in spades already.)

Also yes. I imagine it would be easy to put together a good Ragyo/Nui doujin. Maybe Ragyo giving Nui the "massage"... ...and then Nui's life fibers pull together to form a dick that she fucks Ragyo with.
>> No. 87564
I've seen a few Mikisugi x Ryuko where its something like the blood from breaking her virginity will be a power-up, or just having sex will help her be less embarrassed
>> No. 87568
I find the evolution of this board's reaction to Ragyou's frequent intimate moments with her daughters to be quite interesting.

First, Ragyou gives Satsuki a super-touchy massage to restore her energy. Strong sexual overtones, no actual sex. "Rape! Incest! Sexual abuse! So wrong I can't even describe it!"

Then, Ragyou straight up fingers a nude, tied-up Satsuki and starts spanking her to try and make her angry. "... Yeah that happened."

Finally, Ragyou has a mental threesome with Ryuko and Nui, both underage girls and both (I think) her genetic daughter. "Man, I can't wait for the porn that'll come out of this!"

Granted, you had people at both extremes at each point, but the dramatic swing from the majority crying foul to the majority begging for more is fascinating.
>> No. 87570
Personally I don't like it, but previous portrayals were negative enough about it that I was willing to give it a pass for not glorifying abuse. The lopsidedness of the male-oriented fanservice is getting kind of unbearable though. Not that much of a fujoshi, hell in most other shows the homolust comes off as shallow and a blatant sales ploy, but this is one series I wish had lots of man-on-man action to counterbalance it all.
>> No. 87571
One thing in your list is that the last one isn't about satsuki. Satsuki is rather unsexy to me, but I won't mind Ragyo*Nui because they are both in the same side. Also ryuko is mostly mind rape, which is slightly less brutal than physical prison rape imo.
>> No. 87572
File 139436888074.jpg - (208.71KB , 1109x1058 , kill la killhouse.jpg )
>that fucked up Hallelujah start after Mako crashlands
Baked Mako.
>> No. 87574
I just hope all the most major characters die
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