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File 138784126811.png - (395.06KB , 601x517 , 1387823015835.png )
86050 No. 86050
(reposted from /a/)
>So I'm not sure if you guys were aware, but Weekly Shonen Jump has been having a global contest to see who could draw the best manga.

>It's been narrowed down to these 6 finalists to determine which will be serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. You can read the one shots in the link and vote for your favorite.
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>> No. 86060
Wow, Morning Star is just fantastic. It might not win, but it certainly deserves to.
>> No. 86062
Morning Star looks great indeed.
And El Viento del Norte looks cool as well.
This is gonna be quite a though competition.
>> No. 86063
Morning Star seems cool, the rest are kind of garbage.
>> No. 86547
File 13902545696.jpg - (424.49KB , 784x1145 , winners.jpg )
>> No. 86550

It could have been WORSE I guess. At least it wasn't Boom or Sweat Man!
>> No. 86551
>Viento del Norte
I need more manga and/or comics with spanish names on my non-spanish/latinamerican media.

Though I feel bad about the other ones.
>> No. 86701
SJ are going to need something to replace Naruto and Bleach soon.

I mean at the rate they are wrapping up their final arcs it'll only be another... ten years are so before they are over.
>> No. 86716

If we petition Japan to stop producing more Dragon Quest games, we might get Togashi to work steadily for enough time to get HunterxHunter in there. Dunno about the other slot. I don't think Naruto and Bleach will end at the exact same time, though. Ironically, Bleach has been "ending" for a much longer time period, but I feel as if Naruto is wrapping up things quicker.
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