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File 138688095642.gif - (1.73MB , 400x221 , 1386880634184[1].gif )
85909 No. 85909
Episode 11 is out, and those of you who were waiting for the fan, I think we just hit it.
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>> No. 85910
File 138688157534.gif - (2.70MB , 480x270 , 1386881474071[1].gif )
I'm not sure what the best part of this episode ways, the .gifs or the nightmarish in-betweens
>> No. 85911
File 13868846011.png - (281.96KB , 1024x576 , vlcsnap-2012-03-14-00h01m42s189.png )
>Dat scene
>> No. 85912

I love that assistant to Rainbow bitches design.
>> No. 85914
File 138689010959.jpg - (136.50KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 11 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
The best part was obviously Nonon's cute little butt.
>> No. 85915
Does anyone know if there's an up-to-date version of that glorious, glorious gaijin 4koma series? The latest I've seen only goes up to episode 5.

Also, oh my god, Mako/Gamagoori, amirite?
>> No. 85917
File 138689452268.png - (796.03KB , 612x889 , killsona_by_calanii-d6wob5a_p4_klk.png )
So do you think we'll get some actual killing (no pun) done in this show now that she doesn't need Satsuki to tell her jack about who murdered her father?
>> No. 85919
Didn't Gamagoori kill the one guy who stole a one-star uniform? His corpse was hanging in front of the school when Ryuuko go there.

And I doubt Ryuuko will manage to kill this new girl. The gripe with her is so personal that she'll probably end up being a recurring antagonist in the second half of the show.
>> No. 85920
Since she's (ostensibly) the revenge target and wields the same weapon, she'll probably either be the 2nd to last to go down (so Ryuko gets the full scissor set before taking out Satsuki's mom) or the very last (Ryuko vs her in the crumbling Revoks HQ).
>> No. 85921
Man, it should be OBVIOUS that to accomplish the true Scissors work you need two ladies working together.
>> No. 85922
I'd rather Satsuki keep using her sword.
>> No. 85923

>> No. 85924
Either you have misunderstood my double entendre, or you have just made an even kinkier one of your own.
>> No. 85925
>all those names
>dat curtling
>delicious brown girl
>dat Rainbow Bitches
And that's good, I like that. Ragyo Kiryuin is henceforth Rainbow Bitches.
>dose pajamas
There is nothing about this episode I don't like.

I expect Nui'll replace Nonon for most of the yuri doujins. :I Fah! As for the other scissor, the color and design is different from Ryuko's. While having a mis-matched pair would be nothing new to anime, I think the scissor is a different one and Nui pulled it out and claimed she was the killer to get Ryuko to berserk and hold nothing back. Ryuko will win, and with the final blow will find out that Nui is not her father's killer, nor is that the proper half. As Grand Couturier (which is a term for a private tailor-slash-designer, apparently), I would expect her to have scissors on her at all times, like Inamuta has his laptop.

So the shit has certainly hit the fan, but I think there's more shit and a larger fan ahead. I am kind of disappointed that we didn't get a Round 3 with Sanageyama, though.
>> No. 85926
Damn I can't wait for the OST to come out. That track when Ragyo emerges from the bath is amazing, as is the Nui's theme, or whatever that is playing at the end when Matoi goes apeshit.

This show is every kind of awesome.
>> No. 85927
Just like the second half of Tiger & Bunny.
>> No. 85928
Speaking of dads, I wonder what Satsuki's dad is like. Or if he's still alive. Hopefully he's not Ryuuko's dad. That'd be lame.
>> No. 85930
I got you, the thing is that's also legit speculation in this show.
>> No. 85932
>I am kind of disappointed that we didn't get a Round 3 with Sanageyama, though.

Same. Then again, I absolutely adore Satsuki and the Elite 4, so I really don't want to see them go.
>> No. 85933
File 138694723864.jpg - (232.43KB , 700x494 , tumblr_mxe6koB60x1rbkktto1_1280.jpg )

I mean just look at these precious babbies
>> No. 85934
>Assuming they'll be done and not team up

tsk tsk
>> No. 85935
Yeah Satsuki's rebellion against her mom's kind of inevitable.
>> No. 85936
File 138695295975.jpg - (93.92KB , 1280x720 , klk destroyed school.jpg )
I wonder if Satsuki or her mother's money will even bother repairing the school after next episode's Gotterdamerung.
>> No. 85937
Especially since everything leading up to this point looks like it was just to make Ryuuko stronger.
>> No. 85938
I imagine the Elite 4 will all get newly-made half-star uniforms, and they combine with Satsuki to form Voltron.
>> No. 85939
Annnnd now I'm imagining them formed up, with Sanageyama as the body sitting on Gamagoori; Nonon clinging his right arm (head at his hand), Inamuta on the other (same), and Satsuki on his head. Call it Regalia Shiva.
>> No. 85940
File 138695792723.png - (52.58KB , 181x193 , Mecha_shiva_real.png )

>> No. 85941
Also also
>Mako gets worked up, stands on Gamagoori to shout at Ryoko
>Realizes where she is
>Freaks out
>Because she's worried about making Gamagoori mad, not because he could look up her skirt
>Even after seeing him fight
This definitely is not just like one of my Japanese animes.
>> No. 85942

That kind of makes me wish Gama was in a generic harem animu, just to see him go off on a loud and self-rightcious tirade when some girl inevitiablly calls him a baka pervert for seeing her pantsu.
>> No. 85943
File 138697958679.jpg - (232.23KB , 856x800 , 1386960402857.jpg )
Japan is shipping these two hard.
>> No. 85944
File 138698117620.jpg - (40.18KB , 450x349 , moonraker_jaws_girlfriend_18a0von-18a0vp2.jpg )
I am okay with this.
>> No. 85945
File 138698150789.jpg - (215.86KB , 600x600 , 1386960895404.jpg )
They do make an adorable odd couple, truth be told.
>> No. 85946
File 138698175084.jpg - (34.18KB , 1016x429 , MRJaws.jpg )
Most couples with extreme size difference do.
>> No. 85947
Surprised none of you noticed the similarities between Gama's perfect-student mold and Mako, to be honest.
>> No. 85948
File 138698744778.jpg - (32.83KB , 293x473 , dwightangela.jpg )
>> No. 85949
File 138698792246.jpg - (54.30KB , 410x500 , tumblr_mug4w5Djv81rf8rdmo3_500.jpg )
Also good.
>> No. 85950


I'm surprised that I didn't notice it either now that you've pointed it out.
>> No. 85951
Now I'm imagining an alternate-universe spin-off where Gamagoori lands the job as "Headmistress" of the girls' dormitory at Honnouji Boarding Academy, a prestigious school for those advancing in the business world. Satsuki is there because of her mother, Nonon is in under a musical scholarship, and Mako got in because of a computer error. Series opens with Ryuko wandering onto campus and being challenged by Mako, who is trying to distract people from the computer error (her monthly stipend, given to all students, is sent to her parents) and prove she is "Honnouji material" by taking care of the "street ruffian" who "broke in." She loses, of course, but since no one saw she offers to help Ryuko stay on campus in exchange for not telling anyone she lost.

Gamagoori spends the series trying to figure out why he's the Headmistress, chasing down Mako and trying to make her a lady, prove that Ryuko doesn't belong and kick her out for good, and deferring to Satsuki when she's involved. When he's not beating himself with whips. None of the girls have any affection for him, nor he they, it's just about the antics.

You could kill two birds with one stone by having them form an inverse sentai team (which is often seen with four males and a female) based around school uniforms (which, here, are fairly standard affairs, and not their personal clothing as seen in KLK.)
>> No. 85952
File 138701870272.jpg - (186.22KB , 550x850 , 1386961431316.jpg )
>> No. 85953
File 138702322640.jpg - (84.33KB , 848x480 , horriblesubs-psg-03-480p-mkv_snapshot_03-56_2010-1.jpg )
>Gamagoori spends the series trying to figure out why he's the Headmistress, chasing down Mako and trying to make her a lady, prove that Ryuko doesn't belong and kick her out for good, and deferring to Satsuki when she's involved. When he's not beating himself with whips. None of the girls have any affection for him, nor he they, it's just about the antics.

Reminds me of Garterbelt somewhat.
>> No. 85955
There are a lot of similarities between them, but Garterbelt isn't nearly as stalwart as Gamagoori.
>> No. 85956
File 138705769889.jpg - (309.58KB , 600x553 , 1386961711097.jpg )
>> No. 85957
File 138707321934.jpg - (112.95KB , 462x750 , tumblr_mxrnkqFqcl1s7rdxpo1_500.jpg )
I just realized the scars on her back resemble Goku uniform stars.
>> No. 85960
Here's hoping the fight with her life fibre form lasts more than 3 minutes:

Simon VS Lord Genome (Gurren Lagann)youtube thumb

Cause that was some bullshit.
>> No. 85970
the lord genome fight is great, what are you talking about

also it lasted for seven minutes and i think that's a good length, i don't like it when battles last for the entire episode
>> No. 85971
BY your logic, Naruto is the best anime ever made because the fight against Whoever-the-fuck Uchiha (I seriously can't even remember his name) has lasted roughly 110 episodes and will probably last that much more.


While I'm not a big fan of the "Kill la Kill is saving anime" meme, but you're exactly the kind of person Kill la Kill came to save anime from. Overlong horseshit shonen battles are the goddamn cancer eating anime from within. I don't give a shit about "Man of Steel" levels of destruction porn unless they serve to forward the story in a meaningful way. Because that's what's important; Story and characters. And the battles should be nothing more and nothing less than a way to advance those two things. If you start making your battles more important to the story than the actual story, you wind up with Naruto, Bleach and DBZ.

Is the really what you want with Kill la Kill?
>> No. 85972
Slow down there, dude. A guy says he likes longer fight scenes in action anime and you go straight into personal attacks and call him the problem with the whole anime industry? Don't you think there might be a more reasonable middle-ground here that can be reached without making enemies?
>> No. 85974
In my defense, I', farily drunk right now. and have been since around noonish or so.
So, there;s that.
>> No. 85976
These characters aren't meant to be deep, just broad with a defining quirk that implies depth. The story's not much to write home about either besides the clothing gimmick. Remember how much of a drag Gurren Lagann was when the second arc began? It took them fucking forever to get into space and get into the galactic skirmishes. That's one of the reasons that the badass movie version is superior. All that time spent on chatter could've been spent on refining the action, making it more elegant and robust, free from plot holes, filler and inconsistencies that could break audience immersion. Sloppily done action is why the spectacles in Man of Steel were so incompetent, it's idiotic ambitions to appear "real" despite how fantastic the concept of Superman is, mired the venture with confused tones and haughty conceits, killing the energy and heroism even when something was actually happening. I don't want episodes of stalling like those adaptations keep shoving down viewer's throats, I want things to get to the point. But a battle under ten minutes for a mid-series finale after all that build-up is bound to underwhelm.
>> No. 85977
I wonder if we'll ever see someone with a low rank uniform take out a high rank uniform without the aid of the alloys that Ryuuko, Satsuki, Nudist Beach and Nui use.
>> No. 85978

Wow that sure is a lot of wrong statements about Gurren Lagann.
>> No. 85979
Even the statement about Man of Steel is wrong--that movie was bad because they didn't understand the rules of plotting, not because of how the action scenes were handled--the action scenes were actually pretty well done.
>> No. 85980
The problem with them stems from length, like Obi-Wan versus Anakin or King Kong's running from everything scene or the Jungle scene in Idiana Jones 4.

Just constant action yet nothing is actually happening for WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to long. Fucking Man of Steel was terrible holy shit.
>> No. 85984
File 138726019841.png - (2.45MB , 1071x5000 , ryuuko vs_ satsuki.png )
Remember this?!

If you haven't, take a look while playing "Sorairo Days", "Yellow Line", or something from KLK itself.
>> No. 85988
Wow, I've really gotta stay off the Internet while drinking. Jesus Christ.
>> No. 85992
File 138737395460.png - (972.79KB , 1015x668 , 1387362848258.png )
>> No. 85993
HA HA YES, Kill La Kill: Something for everyone.
>> No. 85994
File 13873783103.jpg - (520.28KB , 1165x1080 , 1386342409042.jpg )
Well, I doubt people who are into girly bishi boys will get something out of it. The closest thing it's got is Inumuta and he's... well...
>> No. 85995
What're you trying to say about my Monsoon?
>> No. 85996
File 138738243732.gif - (2.06MB , 540x305 , Typical Jojo Fight.gif )
He's the closest we'll get to male Goku nudity, what with the skin tight uniform and all.
>> No. 85998
So place your bets.

What do you think is going to go down tomorrow?
>> No. 85999
File 138741532088.png - (470.54KB , 1200x576 , 1386961665261.png )
Ryuuko might lose Senketsu for an episode or so.

The most precious of babbies.
>> No. 86001
Life Fiber bullet is shot at Nui instead, it does nothing or makes her more powerful, Ryuuko gets her ass kicked, and either Satsuki or Rainbow Bitches steps in at the last moment to save her life and take Senketsu (>>85999).

(Complete speculation) However, since Ryuuko defeated the E4, she is now part of the E4 herself (Inamuta gets relegated to a 2-star) and finally learns some truths in addition to getting a 3-star uniform.
>> No. 86002
Thinking about it from Nudest Beaches' perspective they seem to think of Senketsu is the greater danger even in light Nui's appearance because as a Anti-Kiryūin organization they would already know about Nui yet Mikisugi still seems to prioritize Senketsu as a bigger threat than the threat his organization was created to stop.

My guess is Nui is actually the one in over her head and she'll kick Ryuko around for a while taunting her with her Dad's death which pushes to evolve Senketsu even further to the point that they go full "Venom" with no control, Nui gets scared and reveals the truth which stops them in their tracks just long enough to get shot, then some crazy shit I can't predict for about three minutes leading to a cliff hanger for the week.
>> No. 86009
Well, I was closer than I figured I'd be.
>> No. 86010
Yeah. Good call, mang.
>> No. 86011
File 13875038239.png - (1.50MB , 1280x720 , 1387502058428.png )
Favorite shot in the entire episode because of how goshdarn cute Nonon is in it. Just look at her!
>> No. 86012
File 138750416547.png - (1.45MB , 1250x1038 , the satsuki knows.png )
I honestly wasn't expecting Nui to actually be the legitimate killer of Ryuuko's Father. But I totally called the "EVA UNIT 01 HAS GONE BERSERK!" moment though.

A ton of new mysteries have been added on top of the original unanswered ones. What IS Nui and why is she so OP? What is REVOCS doing or gonna do? Who was that douchebag in the preview?
>> No. 86013
I think we can all agree the most important thing is....FEILD TRIP ARC!!!

I hope it's as retarded as Beelzebub's was.
>> No. 86014
I don't think anything will ever be as stupid as Beelzebub's field trip arc.
>> No. 86015
I hope some of those schools provide a legitimate challenge for Satsuki and her forces. Maybe even stand an outright fighting chance and knock her down a peg or two.
>> No. 86018
I know it's unlikely to happen, but I'd love to see the Devas working as a team. They've got such a great group dynamic, and just imagining them bickering and being bros in the heat of battle...
>> No. 86019
Whelp, that was pretty awesome, although I was completely wrong in what I thought would happen...
>> No. 86020
It's been hinted that Hokkaido is a legitimate problem for them for whatever reason.
>> No. 86030
Is she actually going to kill anyone? The series is halfway finished and Gangurogoori has a higher body count than her. Simon had all ready killed dozens, if not hundreds, of sentient beings at this point of his show.

I get the pun, yeah, but when's Ryuuko gonna do something lethal to her foes? Letting the Devas live is going to bite her in the ass now, as Satsuki's going to give them new uniforms with which to beat her up with again.
>> No. 86034
Nui is probably going to have to die at some point. Whether that's going to be by Ryuko's hand or not though, who knows.

Also, I don't want Satsuki or her cronies to die. Jazukure is the only one who doesn't seem to have a good bone in her body.
>> No. 86042
File 13878024206.jpg - (153.93KB , 1364x728 , image.jpg )
Nice disguise, Maiko-kun. But you can't fool people with too much time on their hands!
>> No. 86045
Well, most of her opponents were either not worth the effort to kill, or I like them too much to want them to die (except maybe pink hair musician girl, but if she had a less obnoxious voice I wouldn't mind her staying on).
>> No. 86047
Also, wow, people (mainly /a/) do no like prospect of romance happening in cour 2.
>> No. 86049
People on 4chan have a kneejerk to romantic plots regardless of the compatibility of the characters participating, the appropriateness to the story, the intended message of the pairing, or even the necessity to the plots. They probably complained about FE:A having romance in it, despite being absolutely necessary to the central conceit.

4chan is very prone to focusing on tangible details at the expense of any real understanding of storytelling, and basing their complaints on that. They see badly written stories that have romantic subplots, and so they tell themselves that the romantic subplots are the reason the stories were bad.

This comes from 4chan's collective belief that they actually have some level of expertise at critical theory, and in their ability to determine why a show does or doesn't work. They do not. They are only able to tell that something doesn't work, and even when they do that, they tend to circlejerk it into being much worse than it actually is because of how much positive feedback they get from complaining about things.

4chan can be great for finding new things that ARE good, because if even 4chan has trouble finding bad things to say about something, it's probably excellent. But for determining what's actually bad, it's a crapshoot.

tl;dr: Do not ever listen to 4chan about what should be changed to make a story work, which subplots to avoid, or why a story doesn't work.
>> No. 86052

>> No. 86053
File 138786011479.jpg - (1.06MB , 1200x1230 , 1386132391610.jpg )
awe sheit nigerian
>> No. 86054
Well to be frank I don't think Kill la Kill seems like the kind of series it would work well for, unless it's a minor thing that's mostly milked for humor. I'm lukewarm on Ryuuko/Mako since it still seems pretty one-sided to me but I definitely think her/Hot Teacher is a bad idea though since the age difference is pretty icky, unless he's really actually only like 18 or something.

It's possible 4Chan's acting way out of bounds over it, but distaste for romantic subplots is not an unusual sentiment, and I think it has less to do with elitism and more the fact that a lot of them are <i>really fucking bad</i>. See: most of the newer Gundams/Inuyasha/any harem anime/etc.
>> No. 86055
Again, you're focusing on tangible details rather than recognizing the actual source of the problem with those subplots. It is not about elitism. It is about the Dunning–Kruger effect as it applied to skill at criticism.

Essentially, they are BAD CRITICS who think they are COMPETENT CRITICS. Their opinions that the plots didn't work are valid, but their understanding of WHY they didn't work are laughable.
>> No. 86056
>that badly synced rap
What, goddamnit the full version of that song sounds awful. Not helping that David Whitaker (?) is a pretty terrible rapper and an even worse lyricist.
>> No. 86057
File 138786642719.gif - (0.98MB , 500x270 , gurren lagann solvernia.gif )
Nia was all right. Even if I did hate her voice.
>> No. 86059
I didn't mind the rap but "I WANNA KNOW WHO KILLED MY DAD" part is kind of weird (Ryuuko, you're not in a disney film) and rap spliced into the final refrain is awkward. Beside that, i thought it was a pretty cool song.
>> No. 86061
I'd like this OST more if the songs were split up. For a lot of these tracks it feels like they took two or three unrelated songs and played them back to back, but keep them as one track for whatever reason.
>> No. 86066
That's just how Sawano rolls man. It was the same with Shingeki's OST and I'm pretty sure several of his previous ones too.
>> No. 86068
I am a card carrying rap hater, to Tiki's frustration, but I love the full version of Before My Body Is Dry. It's so perfectly dumb.

Blumenkranz and light your heart up are the stars of the show here though.
>> No. 86069
Ro-Ro-Ro-Ra-Rodyle, Stop hatin' rap!

MC Shan - Jane, Stop This Crazy Thingyoutube thumb
>> No. 86070
I honestly dont mind the rap and the I GOTTA FIND OUT WHO KILLED MY DAD

But the last chorus where they smash the rap and other lines together just sound crappy.
>> No. 86071
File 138791430790.jpg - (135.69KB , 1280x720 , no.jpg )
>not liking rap in anime
So much shit taste.
>> No. 86072
Every time I hear "how bout my deep secret" or whatever she's saying my mind keeps filling the blank with "hop on my dick" instead.
>> No. 86074
I think my problem with the lyrics is that they're so out-and-about; I would expect something coy or more "in passing" than straight up "gonna get revenge for mah dad!"

Then again, KLK is not a show with subtlety, so in that frame the lyrics fit.
>> No. 86075
>06. 鬼龍G@キLL
I literally cannot stop cumming.
>> No. 86076
It's actually that I hate rap in general, but that aside:

So yeah the OST's alright. Songs I was looking for turned out well, the combo song thing sucks though. It's not as good as TTGL and P&S' were, but Suwano isn't as good a composer as Iwasaki and Takahashi so that's not shocking.
>> No. 86078
File 138800372594.jpg - (276.51KB , 1600x1067 , 1387981247762[1].jpg )
This cannot be

our destiny
>> No. 86079
Are... are they making a porn parody of KLK? If so, i find it more appropriate than SnK.

Since we're probably going to talk about the ost until the next episode happens or something, I think the ost is growing on me the more i listen to it. The instrumental stuff is definitely pretty cool. While i'm a little disappointed with the second half of Before my Body is Dry, i can't stop listening to it.
>> No. 86080
They should have casted with a skinnier and better toned man. He does not even compare...
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