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File 138327535779.jpg - (121.36KB , 600x375 , 541958_zpsde7e7147[1].jpg )
85458 No. 85458
So I just finished binging the aired episodes of this after not watching anything since the original ONA premiered. First episode is a redone version of the original ONA and from what I gather the short ones they put out were folded into and expanded on in the following episodes, though that's apparently done now, which means you can just watch the TV series and not worry about the old stuff.

Honestly? This is easily the show of the season by a wide margin. In fact it's so good that if it keeps up this level of quality it will not only be AOTS, it will be a modern masterpiece. I CANNOT believe how good this series is coming from someone who previously only directed stuff for the endless Precure money machine.

Long PV: Kyousogiga PV (long version)youtube thumb
OP: Kyousogiga OPyoutube thumb
Fansubs from Commie, Crunchyroll just picked it up if you want to watch it on your consoles/are a stickler about going for official releases.
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>> No. 85459
>it will be a modern masterpiece
It's really good, but try to tame your inner Tiki.
>> No. 85460
Huh? I'll admit I'm passionate and use hyperbole a LOT, but I don't think I call things masterpieces very often.
>> No. 85461
So, er, what's it actually about?
>> No. 85462
A supernatural patchwork family.
>> No. 85472
And its all very fairy tale or mythology like
>> No. 85475
A sorceror's painting of a rabbit falls in love with him, so a goddess loans her her body to confess. The sorceror and rabbit make a family and retreat into a magical world of the sorceror's making, but then the body must eventually be returned. The rabbit and the sorceror leave their children behind, and then a girl with her dimensional hammer and ghost-cat companions appear.

It's all very creative and very strange and FANTASTIC I LOVE IT IT REALLY IS GREAT
It reminds me a bit of Katanatagari, but less pretension and a lot faster and more optimistic. The whole thing is super surreal and the characters are really lovable and pull you in while being entirely eccentric weirdos at the same time. You really have to watch it to know what it's doing but it's SO GOOD
>> No. 85530
This is the best show. Koto is a great protag, and they manage to make pretty much the whole cast very human, even Kurama's manipulative old man shtick doesn't make him unlikable or unsympathetic.
>> No. 85534
I remember the original preview episode from way back having some awesome music and really trippy animation, does this keep that? And does it still have the Through The Looking Glass references?
>> No. 85535
File 138402813059.jpg - (97.51KB , 1280x720 , Kyousogiga - 02 -1.jpg )
It still has all of that, and now it's presented in a way that's still trippy and crazy, but not incomprehensible. A lot of the stuff that didn't make ANY goddamn sense in the OVA is in here, and it's a lot easier to follow without sacrificing any of the weird shit.
>> No. 85954
File 138704683223.jpg - (68.10KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_mxctp4yIUh1sihjduo1_1280[1].jpg )
>Episode 9
Wow Inari.

Presentation is a bit confusing (I got the overall gist but didn't quite understand what the goal was), but a guy on SA put it nicely:
>> No. 86021
God this show was amazing.

AOTS without a doubt.
>> No. 86022
Fuck AOTS, this was AOTY.

Koto's the coolest.
>> No. 86036
File 138776306117.gif - (1.65MB , 793x350 , wpid-Commie-Kyousougiga-06-CA21498B_mkv.gif )
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