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File 13809068451.jpg - (219.76KB , 620x349 , 28624-KILLAAAA[1].jpg )
84977 No. 84977
>Kill la Kill is a television anime series in production by Trigger. The series, which is Trigger's first original television anime project, is directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima, both of whom had previously worked together on Gurren Lagann
Kill La Kill Anime PV Traileryoutube thumb

Episode 1 is loose!
Simulcast ( English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German): https://www.daisuki.net/movies/seriesdetail/t
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>> No. 85750
>Mako decides she doesn't want to be the only one who isn't naked, strips down.
>> No. 85755
File 138571801835.jpg - (249.44KB , 1280x720 , comp.jpg )
Size in KLK is like size in Fist of the North Star, it's all about style and strong image composition.

Her final attack reminded me of one part of GaoGaiGar's Hell and Heaven attack
>> No. 85763
File 138588141373.jpg - (45.28KB , 220x296 , 00118d7a_medium[1].jpg )
A friend pointed this out to me:
>A revolutionary takes over a remote school, makes it into a prison, and attempts to convert its students into terrorists. A young yoyo-wielding "delinquent" student named Saki seeks to stop this with the help of her friends. However they must first lead all the students to safety.
>Made in 1987

>Revolutionary takes over school
>"Delinquent" goes in to fight her
>With a really odd weapon
Even the hair-style is similar. Not saying that KLK copied this, but it's a weird parallel.
>> No. 85764
uh.... boss, check out:

>> No. 85767
Well, derp.
>> No. 85769
Am I the only one who really hates Jakuzure's voice? Then again it's possible she was meant to sound mega-irritating on purpose since her character design is pretty saccharine.
>> No. 85770
I"m the complete opposite: I think it's an incredibly fitting voice for her character (and stature), almost cat-like (minus the whole "nya~nya master" shit). I find it kind of cute, not irritating.
>> No. 85771
I love her voice personally, and the stuck up condescending tone is a big part of what makes it for me. I can't wait for her fight when I'll get to hear more of her and watch her transform and get stripped by Ryuuko
>> No. 85772
I love her voice personally, and the stuck up condescending tone is a big part of what makes it for me. I can't wait for her fight when I'll get to hear more of her and watch her transform and get stripped by Ryuuko
>> No. 85773
It fits her character perfectly. She's really interesting as the only one who seems to act as an equal to Satsuki, instead of an ideal or boss.
>> No. 85774

I'm not a fan myself. It's that voice trope in general, feels extremely forced to me. Like an hold smoking middled aged lady trying to sound like a kid. It also has few range imo, she can't vary too much and certainly not yell with it in a convincing way.
>> No. 85775
> trying to sound like a kid.
But she's not. She's likely about the same age as Satsuki (who is 18, IIRC) if not a tad younger; she's just moe~.

Of course, there's always the possibility that she's older than Satsuki, like Gamagoori...
>> No. 85776
File 138601503993.jpg - (17.30KB , 406x376 , Gilbert_Gottfried.jpg )
There simply are people with "annoying" voices, regardless of age. That's just how it is. You can like it or not, but it certainly adds a lot of character.
>> No. 85777
Japanese women, even ones who aren't trying to play teenagers, tend to speak in an unnaturally high register(as in, above what is natural for the person speaking) as their normal speaking voice. It's part of their youth-and-cuteness obsessed culture.
>> No. 85778
The best scene with her is one where she doesn't speak, there you go.
>> No. 85779

It's not just that. People often forget this, but in Japanese the higher the register the more polite you're attempting to sound. Women more than men stick to formal language conventions instead of the casual, and as a result generally up their voices to appear self-effacing and 'soften' their words. Kind of like how some English-speaking women similarly efface themselves in speech, apologizing constantly throughout and/or ending? their sentences? with a high rising terminal? like they're asking a question? etc.

Though some of it is just attempting to sound cutesy.

Language! It's anthropologically fascinating!
>> No. 85780
File 13860784923.jpg - (70.32KB , 650x366 , KILL-la-KILL-03-01.jpg )
So what do you think the final boss and his/her cohorts will be like after Red Herring-Chan & co. get deposed?
>> No. 85781
I thought Nonon was supposed to be, well, I don't know how to describe it too well.

Basically, like a huge bitch trying way too hard to act cutesy? It's not a ~MOE~ thing at all. Like, if it were a normal american high school she'd be the obnoxious cheerleader that carries around a beanie baby in her purse and talks "like GOSH you sillies!!"
>> No. 85783
All signs points to mother dearest and all the shady shit she's working on.
>> No. 85786
Satsuki and Ryuko team up as the Venture Sisters and take on their evil mother who was the one behind their father's death.

The "wedding dress" was intended to be part of the transfer of power from mother to daughter, which is why her mom is unhappy with her putting it on early. Satsuki initially put it on to end Ryuko so that Ryuko wouldn't bring down her plans, but let Ryuko live in Ep 3 because she saw promise in her lost sister and pitted the school against her to toughen her up.

The entire school org restructuring was to see if Ryuko was strong enough to finally team up with Satsuki. Satsuki can't take on their mother alone (cause she also has a Kamui, donchaknow) and had to move the timetable up after being called by her mother. Satsuki had spent these years building up power under the auspices of being her mother's heir when, in fact, she was building up for revenge.

>> No. 85787
File 138612256870.jpg?spoiler - (216.76KB , 1920x1080 , 1040833.jpg?spoiler )
[HD]KILL la KILL OP [Sirius] Band coveryoutube thumb

Also, Nonon voice reminds me to a calm version of certain kind of wacky legendary warrior.
>> No. 85788
First half bad guys were Imperial Japan, next half will be corporate; All students get one star uniforms in order to ensure that they can do whatever jobs the new boss wants them to 24/7 after they enter the work force.

They're stopped from resisting or utilizing their power by having information being directly channeled into their brains via the uniforms, this includes an endless bombardment of enticing, hollow media to distract and placate them.
>> No. 85822
Well, the fight with Inamuta was extremely underwhelming. Even his flashback lacked the grandeur of the others. Why make him an Elite Four if he's just going to be fodder? To have a geek on the team? I hope there's something far more in store for him. Jakuzure is far more interesting, including her "uniform"; and I agree with Mako, that does seem rather unfair, though if the instruments were just a way to "feed" the (seeing as the hull grew around it). And that pajama suit! I like that pajama suit. Great to see Ryuko and Senketsu taking on so many new forms, especially since the series is addressing that it's happening so quickly. Ending was gearing up pretty good, I hope the next episode doesn't open the same way as this.

Mako in the stands was hilarious. I wonder what Gamagoori was trying to say over the noise. (Probably just ribbing on Inamuta more.)
>> No. 85823
So the true villains are either going to be Satsuki's mom or Nude Beach or possibly both at the same time.

Also eyepatch loli works for the mom and possibly killed Ryuko's dad.
>> No. 85824
I still think ryuko's dad isn't dead, he's just senketsu.
As far as the parents being the final boss, dunno, it doesn't sound right to me. Temporary opponents for sure, but since it's trigger they will end it with something bigger. That probably involves a whole episode of naked awakened martial art and fiber tentacle monsters.
>> No. 85825
Really digging Nonon's ability and especially her outfit. I was expecting her to be way less... martial.

Life fiber is the real villain? Sounds about right.
>> No. 85826
File 138634283177.jpg - (85.92KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 10 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
>> No. 85827
How horrifying.
>> No. 85832
File 138638159775.gif - (2.34MB , 530x397 , 1386377290696.gif )
>> No. 85834
Haven't seen the episode yet, but please tell me Ryuuko erases that fucking smug smile out of her face.
>> No. 85835
Sort of. Ryuuko definitely pisses her off.
>> No. 85836
Am I the only one to think nonon may not get out of this alive? Just like Mako is special to Ryuko, she's Satsuki's opposite. If Ryuko doesn't lose her way, maybe Satsuki will.
>> No. 85844
Nonon thinks she's Satsuki's Mako, but we haven't actually gotten much from Satsuki on that front.
>> No. 85845
Yeah I was getting the feeling from the flashback that Nonon is actually kinda jealous and a bit more of a rival to her subconsciously while Satsuki seems more neutral regarding her than any of her other big 4.
>> No. 85846
I'm putting my money on literal fashion gods from heaven/hell.
But maybe I am looking to hard at its farther Gurren.
>> No. 85850
Yeah, Nonon is Satsuki's Starscream, not her Mako. I don't believe we saw Satsuki give her an invitation to be a follower like she did the other three, she just let Nonon tag along. Likely, she got to be as powerful as she is because of her interest in Satsuki, not Satsuki's interest in her.

And there might be some hatesex in there.
>> No. 85851
File 13865160357.jpg - (92.01KB , 1023x682 , 1386490972783.jpg )
>> No. 85853

>> No. 85854
And some guys just have small dicks.
>> No. 85855
This makes me think Houka quit just to avoid having his genitalia judged.
>> No. 85857
File 138657142373.jpg - (32.26KB , 676x591 , BacnHiGCMAAZJDp.jpg )
Good ol' Shirow Miwa.
>> No. 85858
File 138659120644.jpg - (281.42KB , 900x650 , 1386590972820.jpg )
Well, this just gave me cardiac arrest.
>> No. 85862
File 138660524738.png - (101.68KB , 400x370 , tumblr_mx9h2aYbrB1r78cyqo1_400.png )
Meanwhile, at /co/...
>> No. 85863
File 138660528065.jpg - (35.81KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mx1rbcYetp1si1vbdo1_500.jpg )
I am enjoying the Reveangence crossover art and stuff.

[MGR x KLK] Before My 「CYBOR…youtube thumb
>> No. 85864
Firstly, thats AMAZING!
But lets not forget its ability to change shape.
And that Gamagoori really injoyed whiping the fuck out of himself.
So yeah, he is probably rocking the hardest boner they have ever seen right then.
>> No. 85865
File 138662550759.png - (1.79MB , 2879x2662 , 1385915535811.png )
>tumbler tumbnail
You blew it.
>> No. 85874
File 138666301865.gif - (694.32KB , 211x120 , KingKittanGigaDrillBreaker.gif )
>Severe-faced loudmouth
>love of leather and perverted poses
>might get it on with a totally stacked babe

Yeeeeeesssssss, ever closer to the glorious abyss; The moment that will overshadow almost everything before and after.
>> No. 85875
File 138667943727.png - (1.90MB , 1280x2302 , waifu_merge_by_emlan-d6wt55z.png )
In the same vein...
>> No. 85901
I liked the sluttier costume one better. I'm sorry.
>> No. 85902
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