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File 13730337224.jpg - (130.78KB , 358x500 , 749be000[1].jpg )
83766 No. 83766
The director of Baccano and Kuragehime (and unfortunately Durarara) is doing some crazy original thing for NoitaminA.

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>> No. 84614
Can't even do it in an original way. "I am... uh... I dunno and what is this"
>> No. 84616
To me this is the happiest chapter of Vinland Saga... pretty much ever. HE'S LIVING BY HIS FATHER'S WORDS. AND IT IS WORKING.
>> No. 84618
『山田くんと7人の魔…youtube thumb
>> No. 84621
So I know there's several anime characters with red or purple eyes and white hair, but are there any who are legitimately defined as albino within the story? Or is it always just because-anime-colors-are-like-that?
>> No. 84632
There's numerous cases where it's acknowledged as unusual but isn't due to albinism, Mushishi being one. Dunno what category you'd give that.
>> No. 84657
Isn't white hair also often used as an indication in anime that someone has lost their power/energy/life force?
>> No. 84658
So, what are some decent animes from as far back as 2010 to now. Not that I'll watch them immediately, but it would be nice to be up-to-date on my weeaboo when I get the chance to torrent and binge.
>> No. 84664
File 13779764661.jpg?spoiler - (295.88KB , 1590x1151 , 27.jpg?spoiler )
Claymore spoilers
>> No. 84673
Someone I know was going around claiming that they were Japanese, and I know they're not Asian in any respect, so I was annoyed and sort of wrote them off as a weeb, but they recently mentioned that they "barely" watched any anime, and didn't think a lot of it was good, so now I'm confused.
>> No. 84676
Japanophilia predates anime by a long shot. And pretending to be more interesting than you are predates THAT by a long shot.
>> No. 84680
Most of the people I knew who were interested in Japan only liked it because they thought it was anime, J-pop, samurai, and nothing else (at least it's better than those people who wanted to move to Germany because they had a Nazi fetish and/or wanted to drink beer 24/7). I don't know. It's frustrating because I thought she was a good person most of the time, and then making up blatant lies about herself actually drove me away.
>> No. 84685
So Arakawa (FMA, Silver Spoon), has a new series.

It's basically about a Persian prince and his companions dealing with a Western European invasion of Persia and Byzantium. It's also apparently an adaptation of a novel series by the creator of Legend of Galactic Heroes.
>> No. 84693
File 137826428422.jpg - (488.25KB , 1200x1602 , Arslan_full_74360.jpg )
Huh, thought it was adapted already. Apparently it was, in the form of an old OVA which seems pretty interesting. Odd choice for a barafag like her considering the source material's style seems to have a lot of pretty Amano-esque bishounen.
>> No. 84700
Okay this label is a new one. What's the meaning?

Bishonen is just a look; Arakawa's pretty damn good at letting all ages/genders/builds rock. If there's something she wanted to draw, it was probably this era of history- she always does her period research, and she hasn't had a decent chance to draw swordfights for 3 years now.
>> No. 84702
>Men should be buff! Women should be vavoom!
FMA was loaded with hairy sexy beefy dudes with square jaws.
>> No. 84704
And its main character was a shrimpy blonde pretty boy. It's not like beefy men is all she's capable of.
>> No. 84706
I don't know if I'd count Ed as a pretty boy. His eyes are too weird.

And my memory is hazy, but I'm pretty sure he was fairly ripped for a fifteen year old. It's actually pretty tough for kids to get huge, beefy physiques even if they're in peak physical shape.
>> No. 84707
File 137833369648.jpg - (459.17KB , 985x1536 , got any cheese to grate.jpg )
Buddy, have you even READ Full Metal Alchemist? Ed is one RIPPED 15 year old.
>> No. 84708
File 137833422396.jpg - (336.18KB , 556x800 , Mentaiko_full_414112.jpg )
With a thick waist, musculature, and wide face and jaw. The only feminine thing about him is his hair.
>> No. 84714
File 137835210750.png - (273.69KB , 882x1300 , 08.png )
He's ripped for a pretty boy, but he's definitely no bara. The main character in Arslan isn't hugely masculine, but it's nowhere out of the ordinary for Arakawa. She does all types, nobody's left out.
>> No. 84719

Oh hey, another one of those cute-girls-doing-cute-things series.

or is it?
>> No. 84727
>Kill La Kill main casting
This is gonna be good.
>> No. 84729
File 137860278568.jpg?spoiler - (192.69KB , 850x1200 , Suna06_196.jpg?spoiler )
So I've finally gotten around to reading the Desert Punk manga, mostly because I found a couple more volumes were scanlated since I last checked.

I'd heard it was darker than the anime. Didn't seem to be a huge difference, but then I got right past where the anime diverged (sixth volume), and this happened.
>> No. 84735
The best type of tumblr.
>> No. 84738
I finished watching Kino's Journey a while ago. It was quite good, and I heartily recommend.

I thought it was an incredibly soothing, relaxing show, but I've seen someone else who thought it was overwhelmingly brutal and had a very oppressive, tragic mood, and someone else who liked it because they thought it had a very exciting 'spirit of adventure' vibe. And y'know, even though those opinions weren't what I took away from it, I totally see where they're coming from and can't disagree at all. It's one of those things where I feel like the interpretation really does rely more on you than on the piece itself, and I don't know of too many anime that are able to achieve that.

So yeah, pretty good show if you can get over how goofy it is for a talking motorcycle to be one of the main characters.

Oh, and the scanlines are part of the show, so if you download and see those, it's not because of a low quality file or something.
>> No. 84741
File 137875474720.gif - (2.14MB , 400x225 , 1377003164173.gif )
I enjoy Symphogear G. There I said it. The plot is utterly retarded, but the PLOT is great and the action is pretty amazing. They're really using that massive budget, that they manage to milk out of the character singles.
>> No. 84744
File 137878447426.jpg - (337.78KB , 869x1236 , b022.jpg )
>> No. 84747
File 137879454889.jpg - (753.77KB , 1500x750 , 1377838531820.jpg )

Why K-ON worked and the clones that followed.
>> No. 84756
File 137882118844.jpg - (183.78KB , 800x1139 , i-am-a-hero-4423361.jpg )
This guy seems 100% trustworthy.
>> No. 84757
File 137882144134.jpg - (233.46KB , 1200x862 , i-am-a-hero-4423443.jpg )
I have come to realize the world needs more underwear fights.
>> No. 84801

So here's a thing. Biglobe polled male gay otaku on who they thought were the hottest anime characters. It's pretty interesting to see how their tastes differ per series from the typical darlings of the fujoshi.

Also congrats Kagami Taiga on being #1 gay boyfriend.
>> No. 84802
File 137910984997.png - (292.76KB , 874x1300 , 13.png )

Simply beautiful.
>> No. 84803
>Rider only 28
>> No. 84807

>Doesn't read japanese

Yes, a very interesting arrangement moon runes.
>> No. 84811
>weh i am inept how do google translate
>> No. 84814
File 137921501513.jpg - (13.11KB , 480x360 , hiro.jpg )
Google translate has a tendency to fuck up Japanese names, translating the component characters into word salad. Most of them are comprehensible, but I don't think Kuroko no Basketball has a character called "fire God Paramatman".

>5. Germany
>8. Zoro
>9. Ichiro Komaba
>13. Archer
>16. Smoker
>19. Yuji Sakamoto
>22. Scar
>27. Maes Hughes
Pretty in line with what I would guess, though I'm surprised how high Komaba ranked.

>12. Hiroshi Nohara (e.g. the dad from Shin-chan)
That... I was not expecting at all.

>40. Mason (an incredibly minor Fullmetal Alchemist character)
Nor that.
>> No. 84816
File 137924665179.jpg - (183.23KB , 728x1135 , s021.jpg )
>> No. 84835
Yuusen-Shoujo-Plug-in-Girl is so much fun.
>> No. 84857
File 137958639515.jpg - (360.10KB , 860x1236 , img000019.jpg )
License-less Rider is the best hero. You just can't deny it.
>> No. 84858
Oh lord, without the getup he looks like Shirou and Shiki did the fusion dance.
>> No. 84859
File 137959608171.png - (93.82KB , 735x475 , 1379587128519.png )
>> No. 84863

Seriously guys?
>> No. 84875
n-nani kore

>> No. 84877
Stella C3: The Lineyoutube thumb

>> No. 84888
File 137990194744.jpg - (41.17KB , 399x444 , 1372789203008.jpg )

>> No. 84889
I like the infinite canvas thing the reader site has. It probably doesn't work for everything, but since Qualia's paneling succession seems more vertical than usual I think it's pretty good at keeping the flow from page to page.
>> No. 84891
Man, I forgot what an amazing song The Real Folk Blues is. I'm melting away.
>> No. 84902
Most lyrical Cowboy Bebop music is that awesome, just on different emotional levels.
>> No. 84903
Cowboy Bebop - Call me Call meyoutube thumb

did someone say lyrical cowboy bebop music
>> No. 84905
Speaking of Bebop, Space Dandy got a Long PV.
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