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File 136819221990.jpg - (177.34KB , 1231x633 , 1368183008151.jpg )
82728 No. 82728
I don't think anyone cares anymore but the last thread is in autosage.

So... how about that new movie?
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>> No. 82729
That Mafia one shot came out. It was neat.
>> No. 82730
File 136819779658.gif - (7.18KB , 202x222 , slowpokeandmath.gif )
>Kakashi Kamui'd Deidara's arm
>Tobi got sent to help him retrieve it
>> No. 82731
Are you elongating "good" or "god".
It's hard to tell in text form.
>> No. 82738
I just realized why that was relevant.
>> No. 82743
That girl on the far right is uncomfortably similar to Gary Oak.
>> No. 82748
Good because it's better than Naruto or would it make for a good series on its own?
>> No. 82750
I dunno. It went pretty fast, but it was interesting. If he were to write a full series of it, I'd check it out I suppose.
>> No. 82785
Wait, Naruto saw the ending coming, what?
>> No. 82786
Yeah, tha seems like kind of an odd reaction for someone who couldn't have possibly known that that was about to happen...

Wait... what's that on the ground over there next to Naruto? Is that the script?
>> No. 82793
Probably picked them up on his SAGE-DAR before he had to power down
>> No. 82794
He could sense someone else having Kurama's chakra even through a powerful barrier meant to keep him from doing that.
Given that his dad has the other half of Kurama sealed inside him(?), he'd probably know right away.
>> No. 82796
And once again, the day is saved due to the efforts of the secondary cast, including Shikamaru and Ino taking up the mantles of their late fathers, rallying together all the allied shinobi to perform an amazing combination jutsu that...

Oh wait, no, they just stalled the bad guys for five seconds, just long enough for the REAL heroes to come to the battlefield. Silly me! I forgot for a moment that nobody except the Sage of Six Paths and those directly related to him are worth a damn in this series.
>> No. 82802
Except EVERYONE WOULD BE DEAD if they hadn't pulled that little stunt.
Just because they're not the ones fighting toe-to-toe with the Big Bad doesn't mean that they're useless.
>> No. 82820
yes. thank you. this wasn't just them being cannon fodder.
>> No. 82885
File 136921681412.jpg - (57.39KB , 263x453 , Ignore the fact she's the weakest Hokage and .jpg )
The latest chapter sounds hella retarded.
>> No. 82886
File 136921693712.jpg - (250.04KB , 786x527 , Sasuke wants to be Hokage for sum raisin.jpg )
Believe it.
>> No. 82887
File 136921938312.jpg?spoiler - (199.88KB , 793x851 , 1369218338758.jpg?spoiler )
>>This chapter make Eva 3.33 looks like a fucking masterpiece
>> No. 82888
I love that even Akamaru goes O-O at is.
>> No. 82891
I have to admit, I liked the part where Madara was just stunned speechless by Hashirama.
>> No. 82893
File 13692381227.jpg - (51.23KB , 638x453 , image.jpg )
>> No. 82895
>So is that your girlfriend?
>Yeah, I guess so...

>Hinata who? What's that bitch ever done for me?

Sorry Hinata, but since Naruto can't seem to remember you even exist once you leave his line of site, you're going to die unloved and alone.

Maybe you could hop over to the Korra universe, you and Bolin would have a lot to talk about.
>> No. 82897
This made me laugh especially the Manga Stream translation. Sakura said "damsel in distress" instead of "weak woman." Even as a damsel Sakura fails. For as much as people rag on Princess Peach she's a cute sweet demure woman, so Mario's infatuation with her is understandable, but Sakura? She's a bitch. She's the kind of woman you tell the bad guy "Yo you can have her and do what you want with her." Speaking of which, its an oldie, but a classic:

mario rescues princess peach b…youtube thumb

I feel sorry for Hinata and I'm not even a shipper, objectively speaking Naruto does not deserve her. Its obvious Naruto much like Minato is a canon masochist who likes his woman to beat him hard and severely. A sweet like Hinata would be wasted on such a pile of shit. If anyone else gets Hinata then it will be a better match than she being with Naruto who wouldn't appreciate her since she wouldn't beat his ass for inane nonsensical reasons.
>> No. 82898
File 136923968591.png - (429.50KB , 778x514 , 1369216455992.png )
>> No. 82900
I am somewhat confused.

Sakura is stated to still be in love with Sasuke, now Sasuke is continuing his tradition of side-hopping and has jumped back to team good, okay...

Hinata has had further interaction/moments with Naruto during the War of saving him and convincing him to fight on instead of folding and giving up as soon as an ally dies in-front of him with her words and actions. alright I'm following this,

And now Naruto is still aiming for Sakura?
The series is sending some strange mixed messages here, or a translation issue that I'm not grasping.

There's many issues with Kishi's writing in this chapter but I can understand the more blatant ones, this has just got be completely befuddled.
>> No. 82901
The Naruto and Sakura thing is more because Minato likes Sakura and feels she's a good potential mate for Naruto since she reminds him of his wife........by being a violent abusive bitch. I guess Minato likes to think "Like Father, Like Son" and thinks positively that his son is a masochist like himself.

Naruto didn't confirm he and Sakura were hooked up, just that she happened to be a female friend (though let's face it Sakura is terrible friend as well). If anything I think he was trying to say he's not seeing anyone at the current time, so he's single.
>> No. 82902
File 136924107935.jpg - (91.56KB , 599x434 , 1369238738423.jpg )
>>ITT shippers overreacting

>>Let me tell you guys something,
>>would like to point out that in Japanese, the word “kanojo” is used for both meanings, girl friend and girlfriend. If you look in any dictionary English-Japanese the word “girl friend” (as in friends), you’ll find the word kanojo, and if you look for the word “girlfriend”, you’ll find kanojo. However, even if the word used is koibito, which is lover, there is absolutely no reason to overreact. Kishimoto’s intention is clear.

>>Naruto’s reply to his father’s teasing question (any father when he sees his son with a girl asks if she’s his girlfriend) was: “ummmmm… the thing is… yeah, you could say that! I mean if you are splitting hairs, I guess-” As you know, “splitting hairs” is an expression that means “differentiation”, the details that differentiate one thing from another thing, like the difference between “girlfriend” and “girl friend”. However, Sakura doesn’t allow Naruto to finish his explanation. Kishimoto wanted the misunderstanding or the double meaning in this sentences to cause humor. He wanted Sakura and Naruto act with each other as in the good old days, because this is the chapter of team seven.

>>TL-DR: Minato tried to tease Naruto by asking an intentionally vague question, and Naruto flat out denied everything.

>>There I took the time to explain all that to you.

not my post and dont speak moon so cannot vouch for it
>> No. 82903
File 13692413255.png - (190.13KB , 776x336 , 1369226398010.png )
Does anyone actually care about Team 7?
Not counting Sasuke's sudden alignment flip or Sakura's unlikely claims of being as competent as the two guys, these three are some of my least favourite characters of the series. I'd be more excited seeing any of the other teams take the stage.
>> No. 82904
This. If they all died I wouldn't care. I want to see how the under-utilized rookies from the other teams adapt to these events that shape everything in the world.
>> No. 82905
See, I told you he had the other half of Kurama inside him.
>> No. 82906
I have to think that Kishimoto just so badly wanted "Team 7" to become the true successors of the Sannin, that he had to bring a brainwashed Sasuke back to make it happen.

Because, in this manga, generational parallels mean more than ANYTHING! Even more than logic. You can see it in how Minato got retconned into being able to use Super Saiyan Kyuubi just like Naruto, despite having been dead for all but five seconds after getting half the Kyuubi sealed inside him. Everyone must match their older/younger counterparts.

So, that means that Sasuke will have gotten his snakey powers back from Orochimaru. Naruto will summon Gamabunta to ride into battle. Sakura will have that diamond-forehead-seal (I forget the real name) that Tsunade had. And when it's all over and the war has ended, Sasuke will leave the village again. Naruto will become a drifter who writes inspirational novels.

And SAKURA will become the Hokage.

Just you guys watch.
>> No. 82907
I kind of want Konoha to collapse. That village's creation was riddled with disaster and the ruling body for it has been composed of retards who never should have been allowed to become Hokages outside of Tobirama who is the only one with common sense.

To leave the village in the hands of another Hashirama/Minato retard like Naruto or someone who takes after a drunken gambler like Tsunade is a horrible idea. Better for the village to collapse and become balkanized with the high ranking clans leaving the place and taking their wealth with them.
>> No. 82908
Tobimara is actually in the right alot of the time, but because he's gruff and logical instead of being an invincible idealist he gets shit on instead.
>> No. 82909
File 136924502026.png - (260.05KB , 407x593 , MANSUKE.png )
>> No. 82910

I see you've learned how to be more subtle, ryona anon. But sadly not subtle enough! You're immediately identifiable by your "sexual value" PUA bullshit.
>> No. 82911
This is a problem with all Shounen. The rational and logical characters are ridiculed. Usually they're villains or cynics who must be converted to the heroes POV by showing how much the hero is right ONLY because he's the hero of the story so whatever the hero claims works out ONLY FOR HIM because he's the protagonist.

Any other person who adopts the hero's naive childish idealistic views suffers for it. On the spot the example that comes to mind was Wolfwood from Trigun. He adopted Vash's stupid pacifism......and ended up killed by the guy he had a vendetta against. Regardless of circumstances and how it happened, Vash's influence opened the door that led to Wolfwood's death. The hero of course is shielded from all consequences and in the case of Vash he is immortal and can't die so he can afford to spew retarded messages about pacifism.

But essentially that is how Shounen rolls. Even Seinen falls prey to this kind of writing. Its like being rational is a crime in fiction. I particularly hate it when the rational logical type characters are forced by the writer to die for the naive dumbass type protagonists.
>> No. 82912
Just read the Mangastream translation. This was a good chapter. The ". . ." moment made me laugh out loud.

But also, I like this new setup. No contrived angsty battle between them, no Sakura watching from the sidelines. It's not perfect, but it's genuinely alot better than I expected.
>> No. 82913
File 136924729085.jpg - (324.12KB , 1084x1033 , 1369247049221.jpg )
Hmm... the only reason Sasuke wants to be Hokage now is so there's a reason in the plot for him to have a 'final battle' with Naruto despite thme being on the same side, right?
>> No. 82914
Man I kinda hated this. Like, worse than Bleach.
I think I'm becoming jaded towards Naruto, the only part of this entire chapter I liked was Madara's face when Hashirama was like "yeah, whatever, in a little while."
>> No. 82915
To be fair, "Protagonist approaches and solves situation in rational, thought-out manner, sidestepping all drama" is 9 times out of 10 an incredibly boring story.
>> No. 82916
I disagree, but to each their own.
>> No. 82917
There's nothing preventing a hero from acting rationally but still having to overcome great odds.
If the only way a story can work is if people act like retards all the time...
>> No. 82918
okay fine i liked this chapter BECAUSE of how trashy it is
you got me again, stupid kishimoto

>> No. 82919
File 136925615493.png - (343.81KB , 775x616 , this guy though.png )
>> No. 82920
Harashima is fucking hilarious.
>> No. 82921
This is the man that beat all the modern Hokage's at the same time, by himself, with little effort. Jesus Christ.
>> No. 82929
Whats stopping the four hokages from winning?
I mean they are the most "lolultimate badasses" of all ninja that have ever existed but now they are completely immortal and have infinite chakra.
The only thing that could really stop them is if Orochimaru decides to screws them over
>> No. 82935

Normally I would disagree with you but in this case I really can't.
>> No. 82936
Well if Madara knows enough about it to negate the negation, perhaps he can also negate it.
>> No. 82938
Harashima would just use his all-powerful WOOD genes to counter-negate his negation of the negations.
>> No. 82946
this is all a dream created by tsukiyomi and we're still at that point in the story where sasuke is fighting itachi inside the giant mountain frog stomach summoning technique
>> No. 82952
I wouldn't mind. The story is shit so I would be fine with Kishimoto "trolling" an audience that doesn't even take his mediocre story seriously.
>> No. 82955
Aw man I cant wait for the Weekly Manga Recap podcast to talking about this.
I think it will go down something like this: Game grumps: What I'm willing …youtube thumb
With YroT as Arin.
Its gonna be so great~
>> No. 82961
Has anyone gotten to the point where they won't drop it but at the same time they'll read like three pages just tinge a gist of it?
>> No. 82963
Sorry I dropped it yonks ago.

I only take note on these threads as I browse +4chan (or sometimes 4chan /a/) to hear just how bad it continues to be.
Only read a chapter if people are talking about something major that happened in a really round-about way and I want to see exactly what they mean.
>> No. 82979
I've invested too much time into this franchise to drop it without seeing its ending. I don't read the chapters weekly anymore though, only if it ever pops up in my head.
>> No. 82994
There was a year I didn't read it, because I couldn't give LESS of a shit for Sasuke's bullshit quest. I came back for crazy zombie wars and awesome characters kicking each others asses.
>> No. 83060
File 136982048499.jpg?spoiler - (214.47KB , 800x1159 , naruto-4192161.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 83061
File 136982127719.jpg - (148.30KB , 856x960 , 1369809948816.jpg )
>> No. 83062
File 136982152768.jpg - (349.58KB , 800x1200 , 1369811615277.jpg )
>> No. 83063
File 136982169536.png - (62.21KB , 634x495 , 1369816378382.png )
>> No. 83064
>> No. 83066
It took her three years to do that. Three years. that's ridiculous.
>> No. 83067
And despite pulling this bullshit powerup out her ass she still needs to be saved

>>Wow only Kishi can make a girl power chapter so undermining to females.
>> No. 83070
File 136984243889.jpg - (148.61KB , 556x800 , 1369840354129.jpg )
>> No. 83071

I lol'd.

I'm actually ok with these turn of events, even if silly.

The shipping wars are getting unbearable, though.
>> No. 83072
>>Orochimaru apologizes to village with Sasuke
>>Says he wants to be Hokage
If Kishi want's to go all out comedy might as well...
>> No. 83073
They'll have to expand the room of the Hokage, and put a big round table.
>> No. 83074
Madara really annoys me. Its officially canon that the reason Madara sucks is because he is LAZY. This is not the first time he's sat on his ass and just went "Meh not today" in the entire arc.

And anyone laugh at Sakura pretending that she's worth a damn? They re-used the panels of the Chuunin Exam that were the least flattering to this already detestable character. It doesn't matter what Sakura does from here til the end of the series. She's been useless for too long to be taken seriously (especially when beating nameless generic spawn) and she's too much of a jackass for anyone to tolerate. Even Hinata's fanbase makes sense since she is NOT a bitch like how Sakura is. Sakura is too sucky that she has no right to ever even joke about becoming a Kage.

And Naruto acts like a pathetic emasculated loser. Really Naruto, the reason you're afraid of Sakura is because you never the balls to face her in battle and give her the same horrible abuse she unleashed on you. Til you face that demon you will always be a pathetic beta male undeserving of being a Hokage.

I sincerely hope Sasuke steals the title of Hokage from Naruto, he is NOT a moronic beta male (notice how Sakura thanked Sasuke for saving her in the chapter while ignoring Naruto also taking out a monster that was attacking her?). He's a true alpha.
>> No. 83075
In reality women are pathetic weaklings. You have to be retarded to think women are better soldiers and warriors than men. Promptly kill yourself. The only thing female ninjas are good at is having sex with their targets and killing them during intercourse. Too bad Kishi didn't include this aspect of female ninjas.

>> No. 83076
You're taking this a little too seriously aren't you?
>> No. 83077
File 136984741294.jpg - (5.68KB , 250x167 , 1240953073293.jpg )
>> No. 83078
Honestly I'm surprised he's been doing this so long. You'd think it'd get old eventually.
>> No. 83079
Do you ever figure that some guys truly have these core ideas as their real beliefs to live by?
>> No. 83080
Oh some people do for sure, but the chance of this guy truly believing half of what he says is pretty much nil. He wouldn't be spouting it here after constantly being banned for what must be at least a year or two by now.
>> No. 83081
>Sakura will have that diamond-forehead-seal (I forget the real name) that Tsunade had.

Called it! Still waiting on the rest. And personally, even if it's short-lived, I don't mind the Sakura stuff. She's a useless character, yes, but it's nice to see her go Hulk-SMASH on occasion. If nothing else, it's a total subversion of what's usually portrayed in fiction to make the female characters the ones with the brute strength.

Naruto: I'm gonna be the Hokage!
Sasuke: I will be the Hokage.
Sakura: I want to be Hokage!
Kiba: Screw you guys! I will be Hokage!
Hashirama: It's nice that we have so many Hokage candidates, but there are more important things to deal with!
Shikamaru: I don't want to be Hokage.
Hashirama: Yes! Now you're my kind of guy!!
Shikamaru: Ugh. What a drag...

Maybe after all this is over they'll nix the kages altogether and turn the entire shinobi world into a big, happy republic. Would be a nice "fuck you" gag to Naruto if the position of Hokage ceases to exist right when he's poised to grasp it.

Somehow, I don't think Madara and Hashirama are going to fight. After everything else, after the juubi is taken care of, after we've seen them fight like three or four times already... it would just be a letdown and weird and pointless. Seeing the interaction between the two of them, it doesn't feel right for them to battle (and, need I remind you BOTH OF THEM ARE IMMORTAL ZOMBIES WITH INFINITE CHAKRA!). It'll probably just go something like this:

Hashirama: Okay, Madara. I've taken care of that other nonsense, and now I'm ready!
Madara: You've always put me second. You always were thinking about your brother, or about the village, or the Will of Fire or whatever else. You never took me seriously!
Hashirama: Not this time. I will fight you with my full power and attention; nothing else concerns me right now. I know now that you are strong! I cannot defeat you unless I give you everything I've got!
Madara: That's all I wanted. After all this time. To be acknowledged as your equal. Thank you. *crumbles to dust*

Then we can move onto the all important Naruto vs. Obito final battle.
>> No. 83082
Wait, does this lame power-up of hers take three years to charge up then its all used up in one shot, or can she do it regularly?
>> No. 83083

It probably doesn't drain instantly.

I never gave much of a fuck about Sakura, but after her getting shafted for so long, this was a nice moment for her.
>> No. 83084
Not really... she's still pretty weaksauce, especially if her powerup is just a goddamned one-pump chump. It would actually be incredibly pathetic, her powers are inferior to the boys and they don't even last.

Though her teach was easily the weakest of the three as well and the weakest hokage, so history repeats...?
>> No. 83087
This man gets it.
>> No. 83088
Replying to your own posts is poor form old chap
>> No. 83093
Wow, that's a pretty balls-to-the-wall retcon. Crude and awkwardly explicit, but it does get the job done. I'll take it.
>> No. 83094
What is?
>> No. 83096
healing nin's main focus are supposed to be survival and healing. so... i don't hold it against them when they lack any combat prowess or superb kage-level environment destruction jutsu. tsunade saved countless lives and readied them for battle. sakura is similar. if you want to count those nin getting second chances to fight as one of her powers, they might as well have resurrected an army. even just healing naruto must not be trivial.

that's my two cents. not that powerful on their own. ensures a team is greater than the sum of their parts when they're there.
>> No. 83098
Sakura needing to be protected by the boys directly after showing off her powerup and declaring herself their equal WAS pretty bad.
>> No. 83099
this is true. she wasn't doing so great on the "survival" part of her job.
>> No. 83102
It's almost like the story is supposed to emphasize them working together as some sort of a team or something.
>> No. 83103
Yeah... but she did just spend the last three pages going on about how she's now their equals and can totally hold her own and doesn't need them to save her anymore because she not the damsel in distress that she use to be and - OH FUCK GUYS, SAVE ME!!!

I understand that there supposed to be a team and having them watch out for and save each others asses is a good way to show that, but if your trying to show how a characters grown, you can't pull that shit literally TWO PANELS after they just got done talking about how they won't need saving anymore.

Honestly, if this was being written by anyone else, I'd swear up and down that Sakura's entire character was done as a parody of how women are generally treated in shonen. Unfortunately this is Kishimoto and I don't think he's nearly that clever.
>> No. 83104
Parody of how women are treated in Shounen? could you explain with more detail?
>> No. 83106
Helpless setpieces that are generally just there to be rescued by the man-characters later?
Even when they pretend they aren't helpess, "I CAN FIGHT!", it still revolves back around to them being rescued by men when they get in too deep.
There are obviously exceptions but this is the case with a lot of things.
>> No. 83170
File 137029767763.png - (368.91KB , 623x364 , Yota.png )
These filler episode continue to impress me.

It's like I don't even care about the main plot much anymore. But this stuff is great. It doesn't matter what happens to Sasuke, but this silly little kid and his tragic story makes me cry.

I think the writers for the anime are just leagues better than Kishimoto at this point. I really, REALLY wish that the series hadn't gotten bogged down in fillers and instead gone completely off-the-rails original starting with Shippuden, like what happened with the first FullMetal Alchemist anime. Can you imagine what they would have come up with??
>> No. 83173
Also, in series where gals in the main cast members do have strength, it's frequently a Token Empowered Female kind of thing- the character's power isn't integrated into the story, just kind of added like an obligatory afterthought.

Sakura atm is a REALLY blatant example of that- she's explicitly saying "you thought I was the damsel in distress huh well I'm not" and then thinking "these actions prove I'm not a damsel in distress". The in-story reason why she's now stronger is something she supposedly was secretly working on for the last two years, but if this had been Kishimoto's plan all along there's dozens of places and ways he could have made clear Sakura had something up her sleeve. (He's actually pretty good at that kind of thing- remember pre-timeskip Kabuto?) This is blatantly shoehorned in. It's a vast improvement over where Sakura was 3 chapters ago, but still not great.
>> No. 83174
If you feel like to giving some examples of the filler being good, I'd be interested to hear them.
>> No. 83176

It's mostly meaninglessly subjective. But I can give some examples of why fillers (in moderation) could be seen as being better.

Filler characters are new and fresh; contrast this to the canon, which has the same characters we've grown bored or frustrated with. People tend to like variety.

The plots are (within limits) unpredictable because they don't follow the manga; this contrasts with the canon episodes where you know exactly what will happen if you have read the manga. People tend to like novelty.

Everything is wrapped up in a nice little package within a half-dozen episodes or less; contrast this to the canon where this war has dragged on for YEARS with no resolution in sight. People tend to like brevity.

The filler episodes are written (probably) by a team of writers; contrast this to the how Kishimoto is writing the canon manga all by himself. A group of people is generally smarter (and thus more creative, ie: better at writing plots and dialogues) than an individual.
>> No. 83180
The episode where they try to figure out what's under Kakashi's mask, only for him to reveal that under his mask is....ANOTHER MASK was pretty great.
>> No. 83181
Oh, I just meant like what happened in one of these recent good filler bits. Who's that kid you mention and what's his deal, etc.
>> No. 83211
File 137044110019.png?spoiler - (689.54KB , 1817x1300 , 020 Summoning.png?spoiler )
I really like chapter 633...
Fuck yeah new snake summon.
And is it wearing a Kakashi mask?

>> No. 83213
Especially now with blowing up Sakura's "skills" out of proportion with her now magically knowing how to summon, a power that could have been useful in many parts of Part 2. But nah let's "surprise" readers. The fact is that Sakura still sucks and she's been so useless for so long that its impossible to take her seriously.

You know who also made this very mistake with a token female character? Tetsuya Nomura from the Kingdom Hearts series. Kairi debuted in the series as a damsel and stayed that way from 2002 to the present. Suddenly now in the latest game of the series we as long time fans are expected to believe that she has the power and ability to keep up with veteran fighting warrior characters? GTFO you useless wench and fuck the writers who think its a good idea to randomly switch gears going "Nope, its not what you think! You are wrong!" At least when Katara in Avatar stopped being worthless in battle she always showed a desire to improve and get her hands dirty and though it took a while for her to become a fighter it ultimately was NOT an unexpected development like how it is with Sakura and this slap to the face attempt Kishimoto is pulling out of his shit encrusted ass.
>> No. 83214
Of course you liked this chapter. After spending so much time focusing solely on Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke, we finally get to see the characters nobody hates doing cool stuff.
>> No. 83220
Chouji as Shikamaru's gigantic yo-yo.

I didn't see that one coming.

As much as it's nice to see the whole "Team 7 Becomes the Sannin" bit like we all knew would happen eventually, it's kinda total bullshit that Sakura has the ability to summon something that big. It was established from the beginning that Naruto and Sasuke have A LOT of chakra, while Sakura has less but has better CONTROL of it. It makes little sense, even with that seal on her forehead, that she should have enough chakra to perform that. Also, it's kinda bullshit that Sasuke has a new snake summon. He hypnotized Manda and got him killed, and yet the snake-lords up on snake-mountain were all "Ah, it's okay. Here, have a new snake." without caring that it's well known how badly Sasuke mistreats his summons? Ridiculous.

And whatever happened to the hints dropped at the beginning that Sakura would be good with genjutsu? I guess with the Sharingan being able to out-genjutsu absolutely anything (even Kurenai, who was hyped up as one of the best at it right before Itachi went all "lol, no" on her without even using Tsukiyomi) it kinda got thrown out the window.

And apparently Sai is the new totally-helpless character to replace Sakura.

>> No. 83221
File 13704704311.png - (289.52KB , 900x1300 , 2b8a3bb77e9a4bea71f6db4084b4fa23.png )
I couldn't give less of a fuck about Sakura's power-up.

Not while this is happening.

And it might be against mooks, but I like seeing the other teams doing stuff too.

Shino's bugs are fucking great. Gross, but great.
>> No. 83223

The fuck are Lee and Tenten and why are they not continuing to help avenge the death of their team mate... No seriously I remember Lee doing something and now he's just gone. I don't remember the last time I even saw Tenten.

>> No. 83232
knives aren't sharp if you have enough chakra so tenten is going to need some wind chakra upgrades or something

they're trying to come up with power ups for lee that aren't just power mimics of maito gai, and are struggling to find appropriate kung fu film homages for this situation. i have my money on acupuncture needles.
>> No. 83233
>> No. 83238
They are too busy having grief-sex on top of Neji's corpse.
>> No. 83275

As much as I would like to see that, it would completely undo the point of his nindo.

In fact, much of the plot of the series is driven by individual characters stubbornly adhering to the dreams they concocted as wide-eyed ten-year-olds. Can you imagine if every kid who, at that age, said he was going to be a rock star or astronaut or cowboy or secret agent or ninja, actually followed through, come death or success? Then they were ENCOURAGED by the adults to do so, instead of doing anything reasonable with their lives? This world might end up as fucked-up as the Naruto world is.
>> No. 83276
Hinata is just the superior heroine (Not that its a difficult achievement)
>> No. 83365
Aw man I hope for the sake of comedy gold that Sasuke-sama~ new snake is a female.
>> No. 83370
File 13710476809.jpg - (63.93KB , 284x284 , tumblr_m5tp4hGOBw1qbnggp.jpg )
This week's chapter:
>> No. 83372
if only the fight were gripping rather than as big and explode-y as possible, this might actually be the GAAAAY i was hoping for.

i haven't really cared for a fight since naruto vs sasuke back during the sasuke "rescue" arc.
>> No. 83376
Once the fights in a Shounen involve giant mega forms (like Sussano or Tail Beasts) it automatically goes to shit due to her impersonal they become. Like the battle forms are being damaged, not the actual wielders of them.
>> No. 83378
Thanks for reminding me what I hated in Shaman King.
>> No. 83379
The manga mostly avoids this, instead of the giant shit from the anime everyone starts basically donning Tokusatsu armor.
>> No. 83381

That's not necessarily true. But it does require doing things differently. A lot of people don't get that, and Kishimoto really doesn't.
>> No. 83382
Now that you mention, I think I remember it being a bit more moderated towards the end of the manga. Still...
>> No. 83436
>Like the battle forms are being damaged, not the actual wielders of them.

Does that matter in a shounen? Here, the characters can get punched so hard their back or face literally deforms, get thrown through rocks/mountains, get consumed by giant fireballs or walls of water, hit with blasts of energy that demolish stone and steel...

...and then just stand up with a little bit of blood trickling down their lip. It's only when the moment is most dramatic that any actual "damage" will be done. It's only when he least expects it or is gloating that the antagonist will receive a kick to the gut that makes him double over in pain, coughing up 2-3 gallons of blood. Why did the twenty similar kicks to his gut, earlier on in the fight, have no such effect? Who the fuck knows.
>> No. 83437
Even if the damage isn't permanent or gory, it's way more visceral to punch a guy in the face than have his spirit armor punch your spirit armor in the spirit armor while you watch.
>> No. 83465
File 137163967331.jpg - (33.46KB , 640x480 , 1371639463403.jpg )
>> No. 83472
Well at least everyone is aware that it is extremely possible that Sasuske's full of shit so maybe they won't be that surprised when he goes full Madara.
>> No. 83486
Naruto isn't.
>> No. 83497
So to sum up, Orocihi's just seeing how things play out, Tsunade and the Kages are back in play for all of the good that'll, everyone who's paying attention realize Sasuke's gonna fuck something up aside from Naruto who's an idiot, and Sakura is in straight up denial mode.

Also Kakashi and Tobi just stabbed each other.

The pay off isn't going to be worth it isn't it.
>> No. 83498
On one hand Sasuke not actually becoming good out of the blue and having his criminal nature brushed under the rug is good thing, that seemed like such a stupid twist.

On the other hand that means they are gong to drag out the series even longer...
>> No. 83542
Why does everything in this manga always seem to backtrack whenever there seems to be any progression happening??

Time to kill the old Sannin so Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke can take over. Actually, no, let's bring Orochimaru back to life under ridiculous circumstances. But Tsunade will stay dead! Eh, well, turns out that she's only been badly wounded... so let's bring her back, too.

Sasuke has left the village, and Team 7 is no more. Now, let's form a new Team 7 with Sai. Fuck, nobody really likes the little fag (which is probably my fault, as I made him as unlikable as possible in his introductory chapters, even bending his personality to do so), so let's bring back Sasuke, and re-form the old Team 7, yes.

So now that he's been stabbed through the heart by attacking Obito (because the first attack worked SO WELL FOR HIM), will Kakashi die this time? Probably not.

Will Obito realize the error of his ways as Kakashi dies, and use the Rinnegan to bring everyone back to life just like Pain did? Oh shit, I really hope not...
>> No. 83549
>Will Obito realize the error of his ways as Kakashi dies, and use the Rinnegan to bring everyone back to life just like Pain did?

That's one horse you can bet the farm on.
>> No. 83551
when neji comes back everything will make sense i promise
>> No. 83593
>> No. 83595
So... did anything particularly stupid happen in THIS chapter?
>> No. 83598
not really. obito and kakashi slugged some and no one's belief system was shifted by genki kid. just a lot of flashback paralleled violence and possibly a lead in for a big explosive jutsu next chapter.
>> No. 83599

So it was revealed that Obito and Kakashi stabbing each other was ALL A GENJUTSU, because apparently Kakashi's Power of Being a Main Character was enough to overcome his obvious sharingan limitations compared to Obito's power.

Then, they continued to fight, while Kakashi has non-stop awesome shotacon flashbacks to how conveniently parallel he/Obito were to Sasuke/Naruto while sparring and then doing that this-is-too-gay-even-for-ME finger-clasping thing.

Suddenly, Kakashi and Obito... stab each other again. Exactly the same as before. Except this time in reality instead of a genjutsu.

That's right folks! The reveal that they were fighting in an illusion world was a setup JUST SO KAKASHI COULD HAVE MORE FLASHBACKS, before the exact same thing happens.

This entire chapter was basically just flashbacks. You can ignore it completely.

(Oh yeah, and Madara has just ascended into the main antagonist role by psychically torturing a-now-very-whiny Obito into submission and demanding that he bring him back to life. BUT HEY GUYS: LOOK MORE FLASHBACKS!)

>> No. 83606
It's almost like you were expecting this series to be good, or something.
>> No. 83610
Why did you bother making this post?

Is this all you have to contribute? "I think naruto is bad" and zero further thought as to why?
>> No. 83614
We've discussed why several times.
At this point the thread is ~95% people just seeing it out cause they've been following it since they were 13, ~5% people who still somehow think it's good.
>> No. 83621
This. We just want closure. And frankly this anon feels Kakashi has always been a very highly dull character right down to his fighting style. I can't believe how often such a snorefest of a character manages to rank high in the Japanese polls.

Either way I only want this shitty war arc to end ASAP. War arcs always suck.
>> No. 83622
Its even worse when his legend is being the "Copy Ninja, stealer of over 1000 techniques" except he only ever uses the same 4 or 5 jutsus.
>> No. 83623
Exactly why I mentioned his fighting style as a negative. This is a character you can have fun with in battles but all he does is "Spam master imitator race Sharingan." His real title shouldn't even be the Copy Ninja. It should be:

The Ninja who desperately wants to pretend he's an Uchiha.
>> No. 83625
Since when is the Sharingan's copying and perception abilities even referenced anymore?

Nowadays its only for how many overpowered insta-win techniques the uchiha can pull out of their irises.
>> No. 83628
Doesn't change the fact that spamming Sharingan techniques is what Kakashi does nowadays. I sincerely hope against hope that the Uchiha bloodline dies out by the end of the story. Those sons of bitches cause way too much trouble when they PMS.
>> No. 83630
You are agreeing with me, thats the bad thing.

It was a decent concept when it was just for copying and heightened perception of movements, then came the #tultimate techniques' with a hax eye-lock genjutsu and super black fire which was... okay, I mean they were the ultimate dark secret techniques of the eye... but then they just kept pulling out broken move after broken move.

Its really lame how overhax the Ring Eye and the Wheel Eye have ridiculous amounts of broken abilities, while the white eye is basically the same as it started as and is nothing in comparison.
The series is now more about wizards throwing nukes at each other than ninja.
>> No. 83655
>they were the ultimate dark secret techniques of the eye... but then they just kept pulling out broken move after broken move.

My beef with this is more of a drift towards losing all consequence for using "dangerous" jutsu. It started where the sharingan gave Kakashi incredible power, but it almost killed him every time. Then came the Uchiha who could use it all the time with now ill effects. Of course, the mangekyo sharingan was even more powerful, but the risk was extreme: even Itachi could only use those jutsu a few times a day, and it was causing him to go blind! Susanoo was basically unbeatable, but Itachi couldn't keep that going for very long, either, and he was puking blood like Izumi from FMA the whole time; it was basically a last-resort. But then there came the "eternal" mangekyo which removed all those dangerous effects.

But what about chakra? In the beginning, running out of chakra was a big consideration in any lengthy battle. Overuse of jutsu, misuse of jutsu, or inefficient use of chakra could lead to losing. Only Naruto (and I mean ONLY NARUTO!) could defy that, because he had Kurama inside him giving him basically infinite chakra. Everyone else had to be careful. There was a big deal about Sasuke only being able to use chidori twice per day (and at the time, Kakashi only four times). Of course, no sooner was that announced that Sasuke used the curse-seal to produce a third... but at least there was a consequence — he was useless for the rest of the fight. Now, he can do anything he wants.

It's not only restricted to the main characters, either. Opening the chakra gates was the ultimate double-edged sword, Rock Lee was nearly immobile opening just five. Then came Might Gai, in early Part 2, who opened SIX and was basically completely fine. He should have ended up just as screwed as Lee, if not more, but nothing happened. He was even able to outrun everyone back to Konoha, showing that his muscles and chakra were back at normal state.

When there were consequences to actions, the battles were more tactical in nature. There was more variety of jutsu because the most effective one had to be chosen for a certain effect. It was important to know the enemy's style and skills, to best counter them. In Arc 1, it was inconceivable for Haku to be able to use two elements in combination, and stated to be very rare for even jounin to be able to use two or more. Kakashi subverted that a little by being able to "copy" techniques, but Sasuke threw that out the window by having both fire and lightning... and then Kakuzu can use all of them because apparently chakra comes entirely from the heart. Yeah.

Speaking of Haku, he could use one-handed seals. It was stated that hand seals were ALWAYS needed, and the bigger jutsu had more seals. Hell, Hinata and Neji were seen using a seal just to activate the fricken byakugon. Except for small hints, barely anyone uses seals anymore. Now, the biggest jutsu just spring from nowhere, and usually don't have ANYTHING to do with a specific nature element.

I really don't understand what happened. I think Kishimoto just got really goddamn lazy with coming up with battles. It's bound to be pretty tough to conform to complicated, well-established rules in long stories — which is why basically nobody does it.
>> No. 83657
>It's not only restricted to the main characters, either. Opening the chakra gates was the ultimate double-edged sword, Rock Lee was nearly immobile opening just five. Then came Might Gai, in early Part 2, who opened SIX and was basically completely fine. He should have ended up just as screwed as Lee, if not more, but nothing happened.
I will actually cut Kishi some slack on this one, since 1.) Rock Lee had never actually used the Reverse Lotus in a fight before, while I'm pretty positive Gai has, since it seems to be his version of the Chidori so to speak, and 2.) Lee got his arm and leg obliterated by Gaara. Kakashi(or someone) said they could hear his muscles popping while he was doing the Lotus, but what ended that fight was Lee nearly having half his limbs torn off, not the Lotus being so stressful on the body that he couldn't go on.

But yeah, Kishi a shit.
>> No. 83658
What about when Sasuke was completely out of chakra but still managed to summon the giant snake in a split second to shield him from Deidara's explosion attack?

(Even ignoring the bullshit I'm surprised the Snake people are still letting him summon them after that dick move)
>> No. 83724
so that somehow happened
>> No. 83725

Obito: I hath defeated Kakashi. I am clearly the main villain!
Madara: Nope. I am. *takes control of Obito* Gonna become the juubi jinchuuriki now.
Obito: Ugh, augh! By the Power of Plothax, I compell thee to let me free!
Madara: Well, since you asked nicely...
Sasuke: Arrows of JUSTICE! Pew pew pew.
Minato: Le stab.
Obito: Ugh, I am undone... *dies*
Madara: Well, that did not go as planned. Lucky for me, both I as well as Hashirama are firmly don't-give-a-fuck types.
Minato: Alas poor Obito, I knew him, Horatio.
Sasuke: Is it over?
Vegeta: Not 'til the fish jumps.
Sasuke: What the fuck are you doing in this manga?!
Obito: Ha! Got you guys. Lol, not dead. I'll be becoming the juubi jinchuuriki now. Rawr.
Everyone: Oh shit, no wai!

>> No. 83726
If he at least had some kind of ace up his sleeve like an extra heart that he picked up from that other akatsuki member...

they're not even trying.
>> No. 83743
Goddammit why won't this series END already?
>> No. 83744
it will end when sasuke and naruto become one and the 5 hokages deem sarutoke to be the best hokage ever and then they all fly off into space where ninjas who have been resurrected go on vacation

space vacation

and in the last panel, the ninja with two backs will declare the only way to stop war is with copious amounts of bad fanfic

and then sakura becomes useful.
>> No. 83746
>Sakura becomes useful

It sounded plausible right up till that point.
>> No. 83887
- Obito, you had me worried again. I figured you'd be sitting here sobbing like a little baby over Rin.

- Madara, you've always been a pain in the ass, you know. You've been telling me what to do since I was a KID! You always treat me like a little kid. You always show up and start bossing me around; and don't you deny it!

- And now YOU'RE a boss, too. Of this pile of rubble and dead shinobi.


- That's MISTER Madara to you, punk!



(Obito's messy transformation into the juubi jinchuuriki suddenly reminded me of Akira. The exchange basically wrote itself.)
>> No. 84026
wait. i read a chapter but i forget if anything happened. help me walk through this without reading it again.

kages struggle to deal with obito
hashirama gets stuck doing the tango with madara
kakashi still on deck in other world
sasuke and naruto trying to look badass but get caught my obito in what is clearly an until-next-chapter cliff hanger.

did i miss anything?
>> No. 84027
What I got from the chapter.

Sasuke's firmly on Fuck Naruto mode while Naruto is still trying to reason with him.

Ten-Tail Tobi has offense and defense stuff but can't really control it. Or can he.

Madara knows when to be a dick at the exact right moment.
>> No. 84056

>Its really lame how overhax the Ring Eye and the Wheel Eye have ridiculous amounts of broken abilities, while the white eye is basically the same as it started as and is nothing in comparison.

That pisses me off to an insane degree.
>> No. 84101
That was so blatantly and utterly he Akira manga. Specifically the part where the Grand Tokyo Empire gases Tetsuo and he goes sane again for awhile.
>> No. 84103
I honestly don't even know what's going on in this fight anymore.
>> No. 84104
File 137467192649.jpg - (324.88KB , 1557x1147 , Stupid JRPG shit.jpg )
>> No. 84106
File 137467233314.jpg - (153.12KB , 500x672 , 1374666594889.jpg )
>>Kishi completly loses all motivation, decides to rip off OP & Akira at the same time.
>> No. 84107
File 137467338773.jpg - (113.75KB , 350x536 , Sanjusangendo_Raijin_old.jpg )
You realize that's just traditional Shinto symbolism, right? I mean, you don't honestly believe that Oda came up with those, right?
>> No. 84108
It was a joke bro, thats why its in greentext
>> No. 84109
File 137467405463.jpg - (120.06KB , 500x749 , 1374654529016.jpg )
>> No. 84110
doesn't look too bad. especially considering how shit the raflesia faced monster looked like.
>> No. 84117
I didn't even realize this was shopped until I saw the original. Damn straight it looks like a Soul Reaper.
>> No. 84122
Welcome to western superhero comics. 70 years of backtracking every idea they ever had in the guise of 'CONTINUITY'
>> No. 84123
I think the worst part of this fight is that Naruto and Minato look utterly identical from all angles except the front, so it's impossible to tell who's doing what,
>> No. 84147
So has Sasuke been the worst rogue ninja of all time, or? He set out on a mission to destroy Konoha and instead spent like 5 years just moping around doing fuck all until he eventually met his brother, killed him, moped around doing fuck all some more and now came back to "defend" the village.

What was the point of his entire arc
>> No. 84149
You know I gotta say I'm enjoying Naruto right now

Yes it's stupid


But I think we all know that the the primary reason all this nonsense is thrown together for is the looks. Parallels and eyes and capes and torn clothes and funny faces and angry faces and happy faces and whhaaatever

Ol' kishi had a vague idea how this shit was going to end all along, and while it ain't.... no masterpiece intellectually, while in the end he wasn't able to get a good idea together for a good story, he's putting his all into making shit look cool. I think that was always his main goal - shit that looks cool.

My 15 year old self would've been beyooond thrilled to see this. So you know I gotta say, I'm happy to be witnessing this. It's been a wild ride. A wild adolescence. This, and bleach, are ending right as I enter adulthood. Beautiful the way that goes. This winter I'll be starting my 20th spin around the sun. It's been years since I've had the patience to keep mucking through the slow, weekly updates of thrown together nothingness, but here we are, my old friends are close to the end, and they're going out with the kind of bang thats their style. Bunch of dumb cool looking shit. Maximum dumbness that looks cool as fuck. Pure shonen style. Fuck. Anime was a good role model for me in that awkward stage. It was never too complex for my stupid pubescent brain, but I loved the confidence and positivity and angstiness and teenage level emotions. Shonen always told you never ever EVER give up on things that matter to you, and that's a good message, a fantastic ideology to aspire to in that confused, awkward, always changing phase of youth. I wanted to do the impossible like Simon, and while I'm pretty sure everything I've done has been quite possible, that kind of attitude is what made me break through all kinds of hardships and walls and problems and funks, because I always believed that with faith in myself, I could do fucking anything. Which after all, is fucking true.

Damn. I hope Kishi and Kubo are satisfied with the closure of their years of dear hard work. Because heck, I am. Here I am being emotional about the closing of an era of my life, can't even imagine how those guys feel. For one big chunk of their life, they held millions of teenagers captivated with their imaginations, with their hard work, their sweat and blood. They offered an escape from the mundane for millions, into their own, THEIR worlds. They offered role models and aspirations and they helped shape a good chunk of the new generation. Like it or not. I can't imagine what kind of a journey it's been for those old guys and their loved ones. Good health and happiness to them. If they only knew how much I've loved their works. How much I've thought about and fantasized with the products of their imagination. Good luck to all those creators out there who help the next generations get through their awkward adolescences. I wonder if this will all fit in one post. I've rambled myself out. Can't wait to see all this through with you guys.
>> No. 84150
...Apologies to anyone that attempts to read through that incoherent mess oh my dear LORD

Just had to get it all out
>> No. 84152
Oh man would have thought Obito

I mean I knew, fuck everyone knew, that Obito was Tobi, but who have fucking guessed he was the main villain of the fucking series?

Obito and Kakashi Gaiden was one of my favorite parts of Naruto. Probably the only real tear jerkin moment. Shit woulda BLEW MY MIND.
>> No. 84153
File 137491240368.png - (42.11KB , 500x254 , tumblr_m9ixgssNG41r7i7fno1_500.png )
Fuck though I really liked this spunky kid and his tragic story

Up beat, nice as hell, scared as fuck, in puppy dog love, brave and down to earth. Full of dreams and fueled by rivalry. Real as fuck.

From what little we had of him I still thought he was one the best characters in Naruto

Shame he turned out to be such a dick FUCK
>> No. 84154
File 137491311441.jpg - (100.61KB , 200x230 , art2.jpg )
Along with the best personality I also just thought he flat out had the best style

Dem orange goggles haha

He looked so laid back
>> No. 84155
File 137491424499.jpg?spoiler - (194.21KB , 800x1128 , naruto-4320355.jpg?spoiler )


A stony tomb looks a helluva lot nicer than this holyyy mother
>> No. 84157
lol stitch stitch stitch

Is he Satan now?

Anyways sorry for the shitposting I'm going to bed zzz.
>> No. 84160
He really made the Uchiha humanised, not all of them are super elite assholes, some of them are just cheery fuckups who mean well... but then...

Plus the way he survived his death scene was retarded.
>> No. 84197
>Obito ... who have fucking guessed he was the main villain of the fucking series?

It's funny, because we all should have seen this coming, since he's exactly the same as Naruto.

Who's the hero of the story? It's not the guy with the hax bloodline (Sasuke), it's not the plucky chick (Sakura), it's not the natural genius (Kakashi), it's not the guy who sacrifices himself (Lee). It's the goofy fuck-up (Naruto).

So who's the villain of the story? It's not the hax bloodline (Madara), it's not the plucky chick (Konan), it's not the natural genius (Orochimaru), it's not the guy who sacrifices himself (Nagato). It's the goofy fuck-up. Which is Obito.

Does anyone else feel pretty sure that Kishimoto was a goofy fuck-up in his own childhood, and this is his way of empowering that memory of himself? I can't think of any other reason to do this.
>> No. 84198
That makes the story sound way more interesting than it is. We almost never see a genuine take on a Big Bad who is a goofy fuck-up but still threatening in anime. We get plenty of "Big Bad Who Isn't Actually Threatening Because He's Such a Fuckup," and "Big Bad Who Starts Off as a Fuckup But Then Has a Tragic Moment That Makes Him Buckle Down And Be Seriously Threatening," and even "Big Bad Is a Fuckup But Eventually Gets Convinced By the Hero and/or The Presence of a Greater Enemy To Be A Good Guy" but where are all the "Big Bad Is Legitimately A Fuckup But Is Actually Still Pretty Threatening Because He Believes In Himself As Much As the Hero Believes In HIMself" villains?
>> No. 84199
Except Obito is an Uchiha with a hax-bloodline.
>> No. 84220
...I can't even tell whats going on
>> No. 84249
On this chapter of NarutoBall Z:

Some stuff happened...

Lots of ridiculously-named jutsu were thrown around, most without translation so you can only guess at their meaning.
Everyone without Genetic Powers stands around lamenting how useless they are. Possible foreshadowing of a Spirit-Bomb-style final attack.
Shikamaru rises up the list for Most-Likely-To-Become-Hokage.
Kakashi still a no-show.
Retcon involving the Second using Minato's teleportation.
Sasuke and Naruto again use their flaming fart combination jutsu, for massive damage.

No, of fucking course he hasn't. Why does he even bother with these stupid cliffhangers? At this rate, we could have everyone just throw shit at Obito for the next 20 chapters, and him tanking it to build up his badass factor. "Oooo! Look how powerful Obito is. That jutsu that had little effect on the juubi had no effect on him! Ooooo..."

So, basically, nothing of consequence happened.
>> No. 84250
Jesus Christ Kishi, those last 3-4 chapters fighting are a mess, It's very hard to see who's doing what and where they are going, or even who they are talking to. Giving cryptic name to attacks before you execute them really doesn't help clarifying things for shit, neither is having bystanding character replay every page to show what happened or how. This is ridiculously annoying at this point.
>> No. 84251
I've officially given up on understanding what the fuck is going on with these fight scenes.
>> No. 84252
Japan's need to have a commentator explain every attack after it happens as well as every joke as it happens is kind of annoying
>> No. 84253
at this point i wish it were handled the way the naruto/sasuke rescue arc fight panned out in the anime with no one saying shit about new moves (aside from flashback shuriken ricochet) and both characters just doing bad ass things that made sense visually based on moves and transformations we'd already seen.

the good old days.
from what i'm gathering it's all teleports, wood versus armor summons, and amaterasu/rasengan variations
>> No. 84254
Well, at least the 2nd Hokage's clawed back some respectability over the last few chapters.

It seems he did everything 'before it was cool'.
>> No. 84274
File 137549818229.jpg - (68.87KB , 640x480 , 1780-naruto-2nd-hokage.jpg )
>> No. 84284
>> No. 84524
So... stuff is still happening. Not that I think anyone cares at this point.

Naruto and Minato are about to make the two halves of Kurama do the fusion dance, or something. Hopefully before Obito blows the crap out of everyone.

Sasuke (and everyone else except Naruto, actually) has been forced back to a support role after the plot device that only Naruto's senjutsu can damage Obito.

Will Minato get to have ANOTHER heroic sacrifice?! Well, yeah... probably.
>> No. 84527
>Only attacks that don't depends on ninjutsu work!

If only there was a character who didn't use any ninjutsu at all.

If only.
>> No. 84528
Oh SH-
This might get real epic.
>> No. 84530

I doubt it.
>> No. 84535
>If only there was a character who didn't use any ninjutsu at all.

>Implying that Rock Lee has ever been or will ever be remotely impactful on the plot.

Dream on, dream on, dream on, dream until your dream comes truuuuuuuuuuuuuue~
>> No. 84546
Impactful, no. Likable, yes. One does not have to impact the plot to be interesting or endearing. Rock is frequently the character cited by people who hate Naruto with a passion as the lone character they like.
>> No. 84562

That's because he's the realistic version of what would happen if someone tried to play shounen protagonist. They would try harder than anyone, but still fail; they would push their body to the limit to overcome an opponent, lose anyway, and severely damage their body in the process, possibly permanently; they would fight so hard to gain recognition, but never gain it; they would act flamboyantly but receive nothing but ridicule; they would be forced to sit on the sidelines and watch people who were born with all the cards run away with all the winnings.

Really, he's one of the only true "losers" in the Naruto world. Rock Lee is the 99%.

It's funny how the moral of Naruto started out saying that hard work can overcome natural talent and fate, and then turned 180 degrees. The Hyuuga are a good example. Naruto spent like 10 chapters saying how nobody's destiny is set in stone. Yet the Main House's Hinata is going to become (probably) the main character's spouse; Branch House's Neji died a death only noteworthy in its brevity and unimportance. Yes, he chose to sacrifice himself for a member of the Main House, but that was exactly what his father had done (and it was a reaction arguably brainwashed into him from childhood) so it means that his fate was already sealed by his birth. Because of this, Rock Lee is also destined to always be the loser.
>> No. 84566
I don't think people like Rock Lee because he constantly loses.
>> No. 84568
Candlejack you're talking bullshit.

People like Rock Lee because he is awesome and a cool guy, the fact the plot fucks him over even when he should hve won the fight is nothing to do with it.
>> No. 84572

What everyone else said. Also, the problem with the Hyuuga thing isn't that. It's that the whole Naruto vs Neji thing was predicated on Naruto not being a destined winner with an awesome bloodline and etc etc. and that is 100% no longer the case.
>> No. 84582
>People like Rock Lee because he is awesome and a cool guy

I'll bite. Name some things Rock Lee is or does that don't have anything to do with his being a failure, and aren't things Naruto also is or does.

Because I've been pondering this for 15 minutes, and I can't come up with anything beyond his appearance.
>> No. 84583
It's not about what he does, it's about who he is. He has indominable pluck and determination, as well as more or less unmatched (in-universe) physical discipline. And also he has a charmingly idealistic personality and HUGE, FLAMING EYEBROWS.

Okay, they're not flaming. But still.
>> No. 84586

Realtalk though: It says a lot when any anime character with prominent eyebrows, scars, freckles, or a nose that isn't of the petite anime style stands out a lot. Maybe it's a personal preference thing, I tend to draw characters looking more goofy and less conventionally attractive than anime prefers it.
>> No. 84594
>indominable pluck and determination
Basically everyone else is the same. Even Shikamaru stopped with his laziness when the chips were down.

>unmatched (in-universe) physical discipline
In what way? The training? Naruto practices his techniques until he's half-dead. The one-upping himself with increasingly more ridiculous challenges if he fails? Gai invented that.

>charmingly idealistic personality
...what? He's emotionally a two-year-old. His personality is "try hard", "try harder", "cry at failures", "try again".

Really, most of the characters in Naruto are rather flat, with only a few of them getting any character development. Lee isn't one of them. He ALMOST got some, but then his reckless behavior was hand-waved as his injuries were healed 100% and Gai showed later on that you can spam opening the Chakra Gates with impunity if you're protected by the plot. Therefore, Lee was able to stay the same as he's always been.
>> No. 84595
Rock Lee is what Naruto advertises himself as. That's pretty much all there is to it. He's lionized by the fans because he is basically what's left of a time when the series had promise.
>> No. 84669
>2nd Hokage
>It seems he did everything 'before it was cool'.

You can now add Shadow Clones to that list.

I'm getting the impression that Hashirama just fucked around for his tenure as Hokage, and then Tobirama used his to invent a bunch of badass jutsu to support Konoha's military strength.

So basically Hashirama is a parody of a liberal hippie, "Can't we all just get along...?" while Tobirama is a parody of a conservative warmonger, "We must kill them before they kill us."

And were are now probably less than a few chapters from Minato biting it and giving Naruto the other half of Kurama so he can achieve Super Kyuubi 4! Yay?

( Actually, it's more like Super Kyuubi 10 at this point. Let's try and tally Naruto's bijuu-fueled transformations over the series:

1 - Just tapping into some chakra and getting more feral, like against Haku and Neji.

2 - Cloaked in chakra with one tail, like against Sasuke at the end of Part 1.

3 - Same as above but with two tails, used against Deidara.

4 - Three tails, which was basically skipped over on the way to four before fighting Orochimaru, but was briefly shown.

5 - Completely covered in blood and chakra, a mini-Kyuubi with four tails.

6 - Same as above but with six tails, used against Pain.

7 - Nightmare-fuel, full-sized, skinless Kyuubi with eight tails, used to break out of Pain's Chibaku Tensei.

8 - Cloaked in yellow [wat? it's always been red!] chakra after subjugating the Kyuubi with the help of Freudian chains and lots of rasengans.

9 - Same as above but with a Badass Longcoat after working together with Kurama. )
>> No. 84672
>You can now add Shadow Clones to that list.
That's not that big a surprise, really--Naruto learned it from a scroll, after all, so it was a certainty that SOMEONE had used them before him.
>> No. 84696
File 13782868392.png - (268.87KB , 900x1300 , 03.png )
>Wait...perhaps these aren't tears of joy?
I legitimately lost my shit at that line. Okay, Naruto, you're pretty fucking good nowadays.
>> No. 84715
>Sasuke just standing around like a chump because he can't use nature chakra
>Except for that one time he did, you know
>> No. 84761
Either way, having to live in a world where a profession based on killing others is the most rampant still rather horifying in hindsight, aka the general theme in Part 2

Like 646 as explained by Madara: Ninjutsu came from a Holy Tree which the Princess ate from to gain uber powers to stop the war, that was eventually used by the son to save the world, which sounds awesome.

But for a guy who's family was killed because of the ninja "business", he got the view that people are inherently driven to kill each other, ninjutsu or none.

Oh well, at lest we now know why the wood element is overpowered
>> No. 84763
>Chapter 626

So the Fruit of Life contained chakra, which the humans stole so that they could add it to their own Fruit of Knowledge and thus become gods.

Unfortunately the original possessors of that Fruit were the Angels (err, Bijuu), which attempt to get it back by... attacking Konoha 3.

Now, Obito Ikari is attempting to harness that power once again to activate the Ninja Instrumentality Project, buying time by keeping the heroes at bay using Mass Produced Zetsus.

Apparently, this means Sasuke is Shinji...? It wouldn't surprise me in the LEAST if it was somehow retconned that Obito was his father.

(Just one thing bothers me. If humans didn't originally have chakra, why would removing it kill them? What exactly does chakra DO in the body besides being fuel for jutsu, anyway?)
>> No. 84773
When will this increasingly stupid series be over already?
>> No. 84780
>> No. 84781
>If humans didn't originally have chakra, why would removing it kill them?

Did it kill them? I saw them looking pretty dried-out, but I don't know if I'd say they were "dead" as some of them were still making moaning sounds afterwards.
>> No. 84782
It was said pretty clearly back in the beginning of the comic that running completely out of chakra was the same as running out of life.
>> No. 84785

Yeah, this new retcon involving chakra just doesn't work well with what has been previously established. It was already stated that all living creatures have chakra (that's why sitting still and absorbing Natural Energy for Senjutsu even freaking works in the first place!) but how could they if humans only got it from eating the fruit of a tree? Quite frankly, we KNOW animals (at least certain ones) have and can use chakra because of the existence of Ninja Animals and summons, some of which (like Kakashi's dogs and the toads) can even use jutsu. Why do they have chakra, too? Humans are animals, so if all "animals" got chakra just by being part of the natural world, then humans would have, also. Unless humans are aliens from another planet... or something...

Chakra was stated to be a combination of physical energy and spiritual energy. Physical energy is basically just calories (Chouji was able to increase his physical energy and thus chakra by simply binging on chips or eating special food pills), so that can't have come from the tree. What remains is the spiritual energy, but if people are born with this "energy" that had come from somewhere else, then it makes no sense that they are able to increase the amount in their body by training or meditation or whatever else.

Added to that is the utter joke of trying to imagine that humans were supernaturally given an energy that they had never had before, but that their bodies had somehow ALREADY EVOLVED a complete, functioning anatomical system for governing (the chakra network, eight gates, chakra points, etc.) which, until that point, would have been completely useless. Such a thing would only be possible if you start talking about Intelligent Design, but there has never been (and I doubt will ever be) any mention of an omniscient, immaterial, Abrahamic-type "God" in the Naruto universe. "Gods", yes; but that is not the same thing.

(Of course, we need not even bother with sense in biology when we've already established the astronomical clusterfuck that is the Sage creating the moon, which somehow had no effect on the Earth.)

The really sad part is that this entire mess of plot holes could have been made okay by just a SINGLE change! Instead of GIVING them chakra, the fruit only gave humans the ability to CONTROL the chakra that they already had inside of them. All living creatures have chakra, which is created by and catalyzes life itself; chakra cannot exist without life, and life cannot exist without chakra. However, inside the body of all living creatures is a special limiter (the Zeroth Celestial Gate) which prevents the creature from killing itself by using its chakra for anything extraneous. Eating the fruit caused Princess Whoevershewas to have her Zeroth Gate unlocked, giving her the ability to use her chakra for offensive abilities. Her child was born with his Zeroth Gate already unlocked in a fashion that would make Lamarck very proud. Later on, humans forcibly unlocked this gate in certain other creatures, giving rise to Ninja Animals that could also freely use their chakra.

Now, was that so fucking hard?! And I don't even get paid to come up with this kind of stuff.
>> No. 84786
in addition to all that
the fourth complains about how he used so much chakra teleporting everyone that he can't do it again
but zombienins literally have infinite chakra
this chapter was just plain full of problems.
>> No. 84787
Kishimoto clearly isn't giving a fuck and hasn't for a long time.

Trying to find logic in the madness is doomed from the start.

Also the zombies are completely retarded with their hax infinite regeneration and chakra from nowhere... except when it would be inconvenient to his writing. Its sort of like When Sasuke was completely out of Chakra but still managed to summon the giant snake in the blink of an eye.
>> No. 84791
Or when he used up the very last ounce of his chakra to make the stormcloud while fighting Itachi, then used his chakra to pull the lightning bolt towards him.
>> No. 84792
File 137900689353.jpg - (266.93KB , 564x831 , kurama.jpg )
They have the best bromance.
>> No. 84851
Looks like Shikamaru is about to die.


I know he'll be resurrected along with Neji and all them at the end, but still. He's one of the only characters I actually like. If this was a "dead is dead" series, you could consider THAT my breaking point.
>> No. 84923
Where is this series even going... This is fucking awful. I can't tell if this or bleach is much worse with it's fucking one up contest.
>> No. 84931
File 138017896249.gif - (40.26KB , 650x650 , 01652_2.gif )
>We need Sasuke to be relevant but he can't do senjutsu!
>What do you mean he actually can use nature chakra at least indirectly he definitely never did that to try and kill Itachi
>Okay so, uh, curse seals are senjutsu now!
>And, uh, oh, right. He doesn't have a curse seal anymore. Damn.
>Well then, uh, he can just get it from Juugo! or something!
>> No. 84934
it would have been better if instead of juugo's, some time without telling us he figure out orichimaru's technique and used it on himself with ororchimaru's influence.

retcon flashback no jutsu is at least a well established forbidden jutsu in the kishimoto playbook
>> No. 84956

Juugo's power and the curse seal being senjutsu has been established since the Kabuto fight.

Not that I blame you for not remembering the Kabuto fight.
>> No. 84957
>it would have been better if instead of juugo's, some time without telling us he figured out orichimaru's technique and used it on himself without ororchimaru's influence.

typos fix'd
>> No. 84971
File 138075926665.jpg - (151.28KB , 638x561 , image.jpg )
>> No. 84973
File 138082187692.png - (1.15MB , 969x621 , please_you_two__by_adrialucard-d6b78rq.png )
Hah I've completely stopped reading this series because it was so terrible but I still hope they bang in the end.
>> No. 84975
well, that was obnoxiously spirited.
it shouldn't make me feel as much as it did, but i want to love this series as much as i used to. bad relationships, man.
>> No. 84983
File 138094152222.png - (235.56KB , 881x1300 , outdated shinobi models.png )
Remember when kunai and shuriken were even a little bit relevant?
Hell, remember when the 7 Swords were even a little bit relevant?
I wanted to hate this chapter, but I couldn't. Not quite.
>> No. 84984
Naruto became D&D, if you aren't a caster then you aren't worth shit
>> No. 84985
Are these just generics?
The way the page focuses on their face seems like they should be recognised.
Also I'm not sure which village symbol that is on their heads, its been a long time since I read the series.
>> No. 84986
It's just showing that the mooks aren't ready to lay down and die anymore. The headband has the united shinobi army symbol on it I think.
>> No. 85020
Ironically, I find the whole Sasuke-can-use-Juugo's-curse-seal-as-Senjutsu thing to be not in the least bit plot-holey.

I mean, it's still kinda bullshit, but at least it's bullshit supported 100% by established canon. Someone already mentioned that Kabuto said the curse seals were Senjutsu, which makes some measure of sense. Also, it was established way back in the Sasuke/Bee fight that Juugo could merge his cells with Sasuke's to heal him, because their curse seals and thus bodies were compatible. Why this transformed Juugo into a shota instead of just a midget is still unexplained, though.

"Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be.
There's a curse seal hanging over me.
Oh, I believe in Sa-ah-suke."

>It's just showing that the mooks aren't ready to lay down and die anymore.

That doesn't change the fact that they're all still completely irrelevant. It's like light infantry in open combat next to cruise missiles and nuclear-powered mecha. The best they can hope for is to inconvenience the villain by getting smushed under his foot like dog poop.
>> No. 85029
File 138121599324.jpg - (98.13KB , 600x450 , hurr_durr.jpg )
>Maybe I should shift into my attack mode


Also where the fuck is this fight with Naruto, Sasuke and Obito happening relative to everyone else? I thought he was up near the top of the tree but apparently he's moving around a lot and they're standing on solid ground? And the tree's actually like, his body, isn't it?

Fuck my life, I give up.
>> No. 85030
You know I could swear I told myself, "this thing has become irredeemably awful, but it seems to be winding down so I can persevere a little longer,"

FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO. Granted it only takes a minute or two a week but at this point I'm just skipping all the dialogue because it just seems like nothing is happening for ages and ages on end. END YOU FUCK, END
>> No. 85037
>Also where the fuck is this fight with Naruto, Sasuke and Obito happening relative to everyone else?

I kinda figured they were closest to the tree (as well as the Kages and whatnot) while most everyone else is a little further away after having kinda-sorta run away when the tree started sucking chakra. But Kishimoto has NEVER been very good with the position of characters in space unless it's important to the plot (like most of Shikamaru's fights).
>> No. 85164
File 138190707096.jpg - (309.20KB , 1200x870 , this is stupid.jpg )
>That moment when you realize Kishimoto made a 9-member supporting cast for no other reason than for this incredibly stupid moment

Please kill me
>> No. 85165
File 138190725227.gif - (806.91KB , 225x183 , judge judy.gif )

>Actually no, worse, that moment when you realize that Kishimoto killed off Neji for no other reason than to open up a slot so Sai could be involved in this

oh god it keeps getting worse
>> No. 85166
File 138190741566.jpg - (186.11KB , 800x1145 , naruto-4517053.jpg )
Also my instinctive reaction to this is 'horse shit' but then I remembered that Susano'o is so vaguely defined as a power that you can have it do literally anything without breaking the rules of the universe so. That's good I guess???
>> No. 85169
File 138191201732.png - (189.53KB , 629x361 , look_what_i_found_in_swag_mov__by_kristinmuffin-d6.png )
>that post
>that pic
>that filename

Made me think of this moment and I smiled. Thanks for that.
>> No. 85170
Every power and ability the Sharingan was revealed to possess after the timeskip was pretty much retarded wank.
>> No. 85174
Why is Sakura shown in the bottom row there!? She isn't even part of it. Remember however many issues ago when she made that big speech about being able to keep up with Naruto and Sasuke now and how she wouldn't needing saving anymore (then immediately needing saving).

It's great to finally see her contribute to the battle and not have it just be all about Sasuke and Naruto. I had my doubts, but all the total bad ass shit she's been throwing out since giving that speech. Man, Kishi's really pulled out all the stops. So many great moments. Really, seriously! What a great character! Fighting right along side her old teammates like that and not being a totally useless piece of shit we where all expecting her to be.

(I'd list some of those moments, but man, there's so many I don't even know where to start.)

You win Kishi. I'm eating my words. You're so good at this writing thing, I'll never doubt you again. Good show. Good show.
>> No. 85177
File 13819529878.jpg - (103.56KB , 620x800 , 1300977871648.jpg )
>DNA helix thing with no edges

Fuck this.
>> No. 85178
>Susano'o is so vaguely defined as a power that you can have it do literally anything without breaking the rules of the universe so. That's good I guess???

Meh, it's just a giant spirit armor with spirit weapons, basically. It becoming a secondary layer of armor over the spirit armor made by the Kyuubi isn't impossible. Besides, as pointed out, Madara did basically the same thing already.

Just one thing continues to irk me. When in full "bijuu mode", it's established that the actual bijuu becomes physically present. It happened with Shukaku, it happened with the hachibi, and with everyone else, too. Yet, that... whatever it is... that Naruto has isn't REALLY Kurama's body. It's like a big energy cloak of chakra that takes a form roughly similar to Kurama (though I'm convinced not quite as large). What gives? I'm getting the distinct feeling it was done ONLY so we can still see Naruto in there and all his varied emotional states — from grim determination to plucky determination to angry determination to "this is my will of fire" determination to "this is my ninja way" determination.

It's like in the movies where they alter the canon of a character's costume so the face of the actor is show to the camera at all times. Makes me sad.

>Actually no, worse, that moment when you realize that Kishimoto killed off Neji for no other reason than to open up a slot so Sai could be involved in this.

He was going to also kill off Shikamaru so Sakura could get involved in it, but then laughed himself silly remembering how utterly useless she is, and had Naruto heal him instead through the power of flashback-no-jutsu.

Which, seeing how: A) Naruto and Sasuke can yawn their way into a physical attack that is more powerful than anything even Tsunade could muster, much less Sakura; and B) Naruto can heal anyone and protect them with kyuubi chakra; Doesn't that make Sakura's only two traits (Hulk-smash and medic-nin) completely superfluous? I quirked one hell of an eyebrow in the last chapter when Tsunade and Sakura brought in Katsuya to protect everyone. Wasn't Naruto already doing that...??
>> No. 85181
Sakura is worst girl

Tsunade is worst Hokage

Believe it
>> No. 85185

I believe it.

But I don't want to.
>> No. 85248
How much longer is he going to drag this terrible series out for? I thought he was eager to move on to that gangster manga starring the dude named Mario
>> No. 85251
> I thought he was eager to move on to that gangster manga starring the dude named Mario

I told myself that I would read that when it came out, but I'm probably just lying to myself. I said I was going to read whatever Arakawa would put out after FullMetal Alchemist... but it's been like three freaking years and I never did, either.

Inertia regarding consumption of media can be a terrible thing. It's what keeps me going with something I've started even when it sucks, and keeps me from getting into things that might be good.
>> No. 85252

You should read Silver Spoon and Arslan, though, they're really good.
>> No. 85329
File 138257164490.jpg - (29.27KB , 357x264 , image.jpg )
>> No. 85331
I can't believe we're going Full On Friendship.

Jesus Christ.
>> No. 85332

If it makes you feel better the mafia thing was pretty stupid.

Basically the mafia guy values money over women except that he falls in love with a ~badass lady assassin with a troubled past~ (that hates men) because she reminds him of his mom (?) and she falls in love with him too because protagonist and then there's some pretty boring mafia betrayal stuff and the mafia dude kills himself (or something).
>> No. 85333
File 138258329954.png - (430.41KB , 1792x1300 , 16-17.png )
Oh god I somehow forgot that even after this terrible fucking stupid fight is over they're still going to have to deal with Madara which will probably mean yet another terrible bad dumb stupid awful fight scene

also, fucking perspective, how does it work?
>> No. 85334
Even though Bleach is Bleach, I am still willing to give whatever Kubo does next, provided what he does next is a slice of life comedy because Kubo does that (if only that) well.

Kishimoto has no such skill which would attract me to anything else he does after this awful shitshow is over.
>> No. 85335
Can't he just have all the zombie hokage's gangbang Madara and seal him to get this shit over with already?

I mean they outnumber him, they are all badasses, and everyones immortal because they are bullshit-zombies so its not like they need to worry about dying. Can't they just ninjapile him?

...hey since these zombie ninja have basically infinite-chakra pulled from literally nowhere but the depths of the writer's ass, would they be able to do Infinite kage bunishin until eventually the whole planet is filled up with INFINITE ZOMBIE NINJA!?
>> No. 85344
everyone becomes hokage
>> No. 85345
UGH! Why the fuck is everyone STILL up on becoming the goddamn Hokage?! It's ridiculous! It made sense when Naruto was a snot-nosed little 12-year-old and thought one was basically AWARDED the post strictly on being "the greatest ninja in Konoha", and sitting around being badass was the entire job-description. But when all these perfectly-normal adults, who should all be aware that:

- The Hokage's main job is to sacrifice themselves to defeat major enemies.
- It's more paperwork and politics than fighting.
- With the peace the Shinobi Alliance will foster, there will be no more fighting, anyway.
- With the influence of the elders, groups like Root, and the fact that most everyone's in self-governing clans, THE HOKAGE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE ANYTHING!!

...are all collectively pining for the post, as if it would even matter, it's ridiculous! Naruto can continue to dream of being Hokage; he's an idiot and that's his "thing". But the rest of the Rookie Nine? Sasuke?? Fucking OBITO?!?

What? Whyyyyy...? Obito basically has the entire world in the palm of his hand right now, and he would be willing to give that up for a glorified desk job? Is having your face carved on the mountainside REALLY that important?

>they're still going to have to deal with Madara

I doubt it. He's an unimportant character; he was introduced strictly to help define just how overpowered Obito is. It would make no sense to have them fight against him after the main villain has already been defeated.
>> No. 85347

The thing about Obito isn't that he wants to be hokage so much as he's thinking about the other path in his life he might have taken, and realizing that he much prefers it to the stupid stuff he actually ended up doing.

Specifically, the position of Hokage represents respect. For Naruto, becoming Hokage is basically a victory lap since he already has what he wanted. For Obito, he realizes that he could have filled "the hole in his heart" (ugh) with the trust and respect of others.

Sasuke in the others wanting the be hokage is just stupid writing, though.
>> No. 85351
You might as well ask why anyone ever runs for President. It's got much of the same problems and limitations.
>> No. 85356
So now he's ripping off Hitman Reborn?
>> No. 85410
File 138303884040.jpg - (55.55KB , 393x291 , 1383036885894.jpg )
>> No. 85411
No, it involves no magic powers at all, it's a straight gangster series and a really good looking one at that.
>> No. 85412
>good looking
Tiki please read manga with good art and not just generic shounen series.
>> No. 85414
Please actually know what the fuck you are talking about instead of blindingly talking shit.

>> No. 85415
I read that when it was first released, it was dumb as shit. And Kishimoto certainly hasn't fostered the faith in his long-term storytelling abilities to allow for an assumption that it'll get better with time.
>> No. 85416

Holy Fucking Shit.
>> No. 85447
File 138315735882.png - (419.72KB , 1801x1300 , 04-05.png )
How is this spinoff so good when the source material is so bad
>> No. 85450
File 138316904022.png - (186.78KB , 904x1300 , 014 even narudoll gets cockblocked.png )
Its just all of the silly little things that make (parts) of Naruto really fun but without the serious business bullshit plot draging it down?
If >>85164 happand in Rock Lee and ect then it would have been a good punchline instead of a bad joke.

But I can laught at bad jokes so I dont mind.
Also Naruto SD need a second season!
>> No. 85452
File 138319621274.jpg - (29.97KB , 351x546 , Starfire_tv_03.jpg )
Perhaps the spinoff is so good *because* the source material is so bad?
>> No. 85499
>> No. 85500
Hmm? What did the series do now
>> No. 85502
I think I know why I keep reading Naruto. It's like that thing where poor people used to go to the Colosseum because seeing people worse off than them made them feel better and helped them forget about how terrible their lives were. Obito is, like, a "my love life" version of that.
>> No. 85505
Well, at least Naruto didn't succeed via his magic power of talking the villain into accepting his every word as the divine truth because, hey, he's the main character. It took actual force to beat Obito by, uh, tug-o-war-ing the Bijuu out of him?

Is that what happened?

Because I just saw that, for a moment or two, everyone on the battlefield had an, Oh my God I'm so constipated! face, and then Obito was left lying weak on the ground. He might have just been getting jerked off by everyone and ejaculated the bijuu all over everyone. Dunno.

And now Madara is going to make everyone regret that they forgot about him and start the infinite sharin-whatever and all that anyway. I'm sure Naruto has a grand plan to talk him out of that, too. Ugh.
>> No. 85560
File 13842233576.jpg - (38.30KB , 640x480 , tumblr_mve5rch3ch1setu11o1_1280.jpg )
Gee, it sure is BORING around here.
>> No. 85561
I'd read about Naruto owning and operating a cafe.
>> No. 85564
Naruto starting his own ramen cart and working into a fully-fledged restaurant, having cook-offs against local competitors, would be highly interesting.

It would fit great with Fashion Bleach.
>> No. 85567

But Naruto doesn't want to live his whole life selling noodles. He wants to become the Dragon Warrior—

Err, excuse me, the Greatest Hokage.
>> No. 85576
I'm so glad this is going to be over soon. I've been reading this for nearly 10 years, and it's sad just how bad it's become.
>> No. 85577
I feel worse about Bleach because it still doesn't feel like it's going to end and it had more potential before the Soul Society arc. It's kind of sad that the Anime had the Decency to quit and the real series still feels like it has fifty more chapters to go because there are so many fucking unnecessary fights going on.
>> No. 85578
>If you would have trusted your friends you wouldn't be so sad.

Fuck off. Everyone hated him growing up.
>> No. 85580
Remember when Kakashi Gaiden was good?
>> No. 85581
File 138436633238.png - (61.95KB , 591x112 , Naruto Hiatus.png )




It's not enough that he stole plotlines, characterizations, techniques, and other assorted shit from Togashi... now he's stealing the idea of taking sudden hiatuses whenever the hell he wants?!
>> No. 85582
Why a hiatus, can't the series just be over now?
>> No. 85588
...I'm sorry, why does he owe you anything?
>> No. 85589
I don't like Naruto either but you're laying on the hyperbole a biiit thick there don't you think?
>> No. 85782
So Madara is immortal, and he has a body that can infinitely regenerate any injury very quickly, and he has infinite chakra. He's shown that he is able to use any technique that he used in his prime to the fullest extent. Kabuto even claimed (no reason to suspect it was a lie) that he was "better" than he was in life.

Now, he's made himself into a human again. Obviously, by removing his immortality, invulnerability, boundless energy and any refinements that Kabuto made, and putting his soul back into a body made of fragile flesh, he is MORE POWERFUL THAN BEFORE! Right.

I know it's not going to happen, but I wish like Hell this would backfire. Like Kakashi just runs up and stabs him in the back; Madara laughs heartily, saying he is an all powerful Uchiha God and then... starts coughing up blood. "Oh, fuck. I really didn't think this whole "human" thing through."

>> No. 85784

I forget, what's even keeping the Edo Tensei dudes running around?
>> No. 85785
The guy who summoned them I guess.
Except Madara negated the unsummoning so I guess he's keeping himself running around.
>> No. 85789
This shit makes me wish Kishimoto's fingers would just spontaneously fall off.

His writing has gotten so bad and nonsensical it is harming me intellectually.
>> No. 85790
File 138614198756.png - (63.53KB , 222x318 , ultimatefuckingvillain.png )
Remind me how much money Kishi makes drawing Naruto.
>> No. 85791
Holy Attack on Titan proportions Batman!
>> No. 85792
Not really.
>> No. 85796
File 138617567919.png - (170.75KB , 853x1300 , 021 eromanga island.png )
Well atlest this is still fun.
>> No. 85797
>Eromanga is famous for being the furthest Outback town from the ocean in Australia. The Eromanga oil and gas basin produces around one and a half million barrels of oil per year.
>mfw its actually real.
talk about coincidental name.
>> No. 85888
Man this has turned into complete and total bullshit

Madara is literally doing whatever Kishi feels like with no regards to in-series logic or any sort of limit he should actually have.
>> No. 85895
Well, he is the finally boss.
Ofcoure he is bull... Wait, did I not already use this defense on Obito?
>> No. 85898
Now he's clearly just dragging things out as long as possible.
>> No. 85899
Bijuu used TAIL-WHIP!
It wasn't very effective.

Madara stuffs Obito's Rinnegan into his eye socket.
It's super effective!
Madara has learned a new move: INSTANT-MICROSURGERY!
Uh oh, Madara has too many moves. Which one do you want to delete?

Canon Continuity
Non-Hax Techniques
Quality Art
Logical Plot Progression
----> Delete All

(Remind me again exactly how Madara was able to fight everyone while completely blind? Including dodging Sasuke's sword and stuff. Oh, and... um... how can he still use his arm after Sasuke stabbed right through his bicep? Also... how can he still do anything when he was shot full of holes and filled with Shukaku's sand? How is he now not coughing up sandy blood and dying of shock? I think he fucked up his whole revival thing; he's clearly still invulnerable and immortal.)
>> No. 85900
Maybe he cheated and he's only human in name only.

Or some other horseshit reason.
>> No. 85903
File 138683340497.png - (284.57KB , 900x1300 , pinball.png )
I really appreciate this page being a thing that happened.
>> No. 85907
I swear in my head I heard pinball bumpers
>> No. 85908
I'm sorry you appear to have posted a page from some sort of pokemon manga
>> No. 85913
exactly. i can understand having more access to jutsu now that he has a proper corporeal form, but one of the perks of being summoned back from the dead is being mostly physically indestructible with continually refilling chakra.

This is just stupid escalation for the point of escalation.

still better than bleach.
>> No. 85918
>still better than bleach.
It really isn't. At least Bleach's stupid bullshit is somewhat entertaining at the moment, this is just bland as fuck.
>> No. 85929
They are both bad and need to end now they are in he final mile, rather than continuing to drag things out with the nonsense they are throwing out.
>> No. 86073
File 138792393955.jpg - (232.97KB , 372x963 , Naruto xmas.jpg )
>> No. 86095
Man I don't think Naruto is ever going to end, he'll just keep dragging it out and introducing a new enemy in the final battle to pick up when the previous one falls FOREVER
>> No. 86114

It's ridiculous. Everything about Madara is ignoring the established canon for no reason. He's able to generate chains to bind all the bijuu... just 'cause he's Madara and I guess the Rinnegan can do that. While he's busy extracting hachibi/kyuubi, he's apparently so bored and full of boundless chakra that he decides to start sealing the other seven into the Gedo Mazo. All at once!!

You know. That process that took ALL NINE AKATSUKI MEMBERS THREE DAYS OF NONSTOP WORK TO JUST SEAL ONE! Yep. Madara is going to do seven of 'em, in five minutes, all by himself.

And in the meantime, he still has enough excess chakra to summon a partial Susanoo and fire bolts of death that not even Shukaku's absolute defense can slow down.

This guy is the ultimate Mary Sue character. He can do literally anything he wants.

>he'll just keep dragging it out and introducing a new enemy in the final battle to pick up when the previous one falls FOREVER

Well, Obito isn't dead yet. So when Madara is defeated, he'll go back to being the main antagonist. He and Madara can just keep tossing the villain ball back and forth for eternity.
>> No. 86116
Well if the parallels hold, then if Madara can fuse with Hashirama for infinite power, then Sasuke should be able to fuse with Naruto for infinite power too.
>> No. 86119
That's pretty much what the series has been building toward since their first kiss.
>> No. 86122
It's coming to that now? Really?!
>> No. 86130
We'll we've already had someone being 'the Dragon' and wishing everyone back to life after the fight was over so...
>> No. 86475
Sasuke tries to do something to Madara Sue, gets stabbed through the heart with his own sword.

Is it sad that my first reaction was: "FINALLY, SOMEONE FUCKING DOES IT!" instead of: "Oh, no!" ?

Too bad that mysterious jutsu Tobirama mentioned is probably going to activate right now. Meanwhile, considering that Naruto has been taken from the battlefield, near-death, does this mean that Sasuke is going to be the one to defeat Madara, the bigger-bad behind the big-bad that was, himself, behind several lesser bads? Is Kishimoto THAT MUCH in love with Sasuke??

I'm still holding out hope that Sasuke will actually, legitimately, permanently die.

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