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File 136627726174.jpg - (110.62KB , 849x715 , 1365898717364.jpg )
82197 No. 82197
I know /a/ has been talking about this non stop since it aired so i figured i'd start a thread.
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>> No. 82199
File 136627778225.png - (2.82MB , 1820x1764 , sweat.png )
i also made a compilation of all the times Bertholdt sweats
>> No. 82200
/a/'s been talking about ALOT of terrible series non-stop.

Terra Formars for another example.
>> No. 82201
File 136628693228.jpg - (435.59KB , 844x1200 , 34.jpg )
You missed that time he's the roof sweatin' it up.
>> No. 82202
You know these series gets a bad rap but it's very entertaining, the story is really neat in my opinion though I worry if it pulls the trigger as I'm reading and everything gets revealed I won't like it anymore.
>> No. 82208
We had a thread about the manga a while back. Some people dug it, a lot of people (including myself) hated it.
>> No. 82212
that's not him, he was at the castle thing at that point
>> No. 82213
oh you are right, my mistake!
>> No. 82215
File 136632880451.jpg - (10.28KB , 352x252 , 133533017624.jpg )
It may lack the incorrigible menarche of a series like Terraformars but I find it an enjoyable read regardless.
>> No. 82219
I liked the manga enough to buy the official localization and even pre-ordered future volumes. The anime so far is shaping up to be pretty great.
>> No. 82220
This series sucks, but that OP song is great and goes with a shitton of things.
Shingeki no Kyojin openingyoutube thumb
Shingeki no Kyojin op X Fate/Zeroyoutube thumb
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure OP1 +…youtube thumb
>> No. 82221

I really can't tell if you meant to saw another word or said one that makes no sense on purpose as a joke.
>> No. 82223
What? Why do people hate it here (and why in the is it even being compared to TerraFormars)? Besides a few flaws it has, I find it to be one of the best shonen manga series.
>> No. 82224
File 13663429787.jpg - (146.56KB , 542x615 , 1366321728481.jpg )
It comes once a month, it's always bloody, and I can't wait to sink my teeth into it.
>why in the is it even being compared to TerraFormars)?
They're both horror comics about a dystopian earth in which humanity being threatened by deformed superhuman monsters with cannon-fodder protagonists being sent by corrupt governments to fight hopeless battles with a bizarre mystery as an overarching plot.

It's a pretty loose description, and it applies to the majority of scifi-horror manga, but these two just happen to be popular at the same time, so everyone and their mom are comparing them. (Speaking of which, why are so many people comparing Shingeki no Kyojin to Sword Art Online?)
>> No. 82225
>Speaking of which, why are so many people comparing Shingeki no Kyojin to Sword Art Online?

Funny, I was thinking of Sword Art Online in how it's popular but divisive, so every other post about it is saying it sucks (I say this having never seen/read any SA:O and only having read about the first volume of Titan).
>> No. 82226
>>one of the best shonen manga series.

Jesus christ...

Even if you want to defend the series don't get hyperbolic.
>> No. 82227
As someone who likes a lot of Shonen I don't think it's all that hyperbolic.

But I wouldn't really consider it shonen.
>> No. 82228
File 136634438244.gif - (950.06KB , 500x349 , tumblr_mfniqn0I201rtmzxgo1_500.gif )
I'll go so far in fact as to name the best shonen.

One Punch Man.
>> No. 82229
Shonen is just a demographic. Actually, it's several, since it seems to be in the title for magazines target ages anywhere between 5 and 18--include Shonen Bessatsu, which Titan runs in.
>> No. 82230
The best "shounen" battle manga off the top of my head is FMA. There's others I really like, but that's the one that springs immediately to mind.

Attack on Titan is dreadful. Bad art, shitty characters, dumb plot twists.
>> No. 82231
You know while the art isn't that great especially when it comes to faces it captures a real sense of dynamic.

I feel the need to mention that I like The Walking Dead because this feels EXACTLY like a Walking Dead thread.
>> No. 82232
Oh neat, I did not know that.
>> No. 82233
I like the Walking Dead game at least. Show's bad but whatever, zombies.
>> No. 82234
Well anyway I just like Attack on Titan a lot, but I don't feel like calling anyone wrong on not liking it.

I like the Titans a lot as "WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY" adversaries.
>> No. 82235
The Titans themselves can look pretty neat yes.
>> No. 82272
File 136643951425.jpg - (380.54KB , 1820x1764 , 1366423845405.jpg )
>> No. 82277
Wow, that first episode was kind of fucked up.
>> No. 82284

A Yotsuba& crossover
>> No. 82288
File 136652816273.jpg - (409.92KB , 1920x2160 , 1366502716195.jpg )
based potato girl
>> No. 82289
Wait, I don't get episode 3.

What was the point of rusty?

...Seriously, what was the point at all?
>> No. 82290

>eating a potato during orientation
>get called out
>"potato bitch what are you doing"
>"eating a potato"
>"potato bitch why"
>"uhhh are you asking why people eat potatoes in general?"
>"here you can have half"
>gives him the smaller piece

I will drop the shit out of this show if anything happens to potato bitch.
>> No. 82300

I don't watch the anime but I do read the manga. Who or what is rusty?
>> No. 82301

The whole time whinyguy sucks ass at the balancing screening test was due to him having a rusty part in his belt. I don't really get why that was done at all.

It showed that he wasn't familiar enough with the equipment his life depends on that he didn't notice a fatal flaw in a basic component for two days. His immediate breakdown also demonstrated that he was not confident enough in his own practice or the help he got from those other dudes all night in the forest.

If this guy is supposed to be someone overcoming odds, the rusty part was basically a declaration that he really isn't competent enough to proceed to the next step of his journey.

I mean, I get the impression that that's the point, but...just...why?
>> No. 82302
I'm guessing you watched gg's mistranslation? It wasn't rusty, it was broken. One of the lines from the manga taken out of the anime was the drill instructor thinking to himself, "He managed to balance for a brief moment, even with faulty equipment. Can anyone else have done that?" showing that Eren actually has more raw talent and potential than anyone else.
>> No. 82304
File 136660385758.jpg - (1.48MB , 800x4986 , 1358724987423.jpg )
i feel like it was done a little better in the manga
>> No. 82321
Wow, this s devaitnArt level of shit art.
>> No. 82323
Yes, you are correct.
>> No. 82324
and kubo level backrounds
>> No. 82326
I wish I hadn't looked up what 'menarche' meant after seeing it in Bioshock Infinite...
>> No. 82327
It seems there's a trend with the series OP.
進撃の絹ごし豆腐 比…youtube thumb
Shingeki no Kyojin openingyoutube thumb
(MAD) 勤続の魔王 -はた…youtube thumb
Shingeki no Kyojin OP Pingu ver.youtube thumb
【進撃の巨人】 MAD - …youtube thumb
【MAD】聖撃の女神【プ…youtube thumb
I obviously dig the Precure one.

Although, I have to admit that part with potato girl is pretty cool, it's still painful to see.
I think the anime is pretty much doing it a favor on that regard.
【進撃の巨人】 Shingeki…youtube thumb
>> No. 82330
File 136670448886.png - (296.05KB , 527x471 , Are you a Ripple user.png )
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure OP1 +…youtube thumb
It's rather bizarre how well this one syncs.
>> No. 82332
Agreed, Anime is way better.
>> No. 82337
File 136673076635.png - (228.63KB , 640x645 , 1366453104672.png )
Good to see Yuki Kaji is continuing the time-honored tradition of voicing the most insufferable protagonists in the whiniest sounding voice ever. It's a damn shame too because he's actually a talented VA with quite a decent range.
>> No. 82339
Shingeki no Kyojin op X Fate/Zeroyoutube thumb
>> No. 82340
File 136674270995.png - (230.49KB , 640x480 , 1366439064147.png )
why is bert so moe?
>> No. 82341
File 136674535369.jpg - (183.96KB , 800x600 , rsqA3cn.jpg )
As an admitted animefag who doesn't really plan on picking up the manga, who the heck are Levi and Erwin and why are they such a popular pairing? I know Levi is a supersoldier and Erwin is a military commander, but whenever I look up the series tag on Pixiv I see shittons of fanart for them. Is it because of their VAs?
>> No. 82343
it said somewhere in the manga the Levi used to be all "i don't follow orders from no one" until he met Erwin and that's about it
>> No. 82353
File 136680169588.jpg - (94.10KB , 800x800 , 1366685935890.jpg )
It's too early for me to judge the source material but the threads are surprisingly fun and full of good OC.
>> No. 82384
File 136687874350.png - (141.04KB , 343x333 , 1320132297098.png )
進撃の丘 | Attack On Hill …youtube thumb
oh god
>> No. 82401
Shingeki No Anonyoutube thumb


this has to stop
>> No. 82402
Shingeki No Kyojin x Hellsingyoutube thumb
Attack on Yuetsu OPyoutube thumb
>> No. 82405
File 136697016486.png - (68.47KB , 375x300 , 1366824303808.png )
this is why I still go on /a/
>> No. 82447
Hey what's the release schedule for this? The anime I mean.

Is it every sunday, or saturday afternoon?
>> No. 82472
potato bitch I love you
>> No. 82473
Fucking spoilers from the manga in threads about the show god damn shit
>> No. 82474

Oh wow, seriously? Don't even try to talk about this anywhere that isn't on 100% spoiler lockdown. It's so easy and fun to spoil that people do it on reflex now.
>> No. 82484
>> No. 82485
File 136716552126.png - (207.92KB , 482x540 , 1367102398283.png )
Saturday nights Eastern Time, I think.

Anyway I have the feeling I'm really going to like this guy when he shows up in earnest.
>> No. 82486
File 13671667164.jpg - (2.00MB , 661x4091 , 1366766243156.jpg )
Half of /a/ has been reading the manga even before the anime was announced so everyone assumes that everyone else knows what's going on.
>> No. 82487
File 136716692886.gif - (57.19KB , 310x597 , 1366423620310.gif )
ravioli is amazing
>> No. 82488
File 136717086157.jpg - (27.90KB , 450x308 , attackontitan.jpg )
/a/ tends to spoil anime and manga without care. Going there to have a discussion about an animated adaption of manga with 30+ chapters isn't wise. Although I admit I laughed when some asshole from /a/ posted a review on MAL spoiling all the plot twists.
Funny but that pic contains spoilers
>> No. 82492
Just power-read the entire manga.

Uh...is this turning out like Claymore? Where they just keep adding more shit as soon as they solve something? With no particular point or endgame in sight?
>> No. 82495

Nope. Manga is about halfway done. Also, the mangaka keeps a fairly strict plot outline, with revelations and major events mapped to certain volumes.

Or so he says, at least.
>> No. 82504
File 136720765490.gif - (765.03KB , 400x288 , 1367158337063.gif )
Nah, the manga is actually really well plotted-out and a lot of things that happen in the manga turn out to be foreshadowed very early on if you pay close attention. Just power-read it too so I didn't notice them much myself, but it seems like the author at least knows what he's doing.
>> No. 82574
File 136757066676.jpg?spoiler - (643.56KB , 334x5000 , 1367567930172.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 82577
Whoa, what, this got an anime?
Well shoot. Color me pleasantly surprised. I haven't read the manga in a while, but I like it despite the supposed flaws.

Yep, I need to get caught up on this, because that is stupidly adorable and silly.
>> No. 82578
File 136760749479.png?spoiler - (1.72MB , 478x4994 , 1367569126815.png?spoiler )
>> No. 82579
File 136762566561.png - (177.35KB , 472x533 , 1367572599092.png )
Sasha is a miracle of the universe
>> No. 82580
File 136762781267.gif - (354.94KB , 500x281 , 1367438878927.gif )
>> No. 82604
>> No. 82606
File 136778418744.jpg - (62.52KB , 562x476 , Catherine is watching you masturbate right now.jpg )
Can't say I'm crazy about the bipolar approach the adaptation is taking animation-wise. While part of it might be due to censoring they're weirdly placed throughout the episode so they stick out like a sore thumb in contrast to the really fluidly-animated parts. Annie's sweep kick was particularly bad for instance. Not to mention Squad 34 getting murdered like that was a pretty pivotal moment in setting the mood of the manga so holding back form the carnage with stills really takes away its emotional impact.

I thought the Jojo adaptation was smarter in their use of it despite already being Still Frames: The Anime. I'm not against the use of budget-saving devices as long as the directing is good to make up for it, but so far the anime has only been so-so for me in that regard.
>> No. 82651
File 136794555982.jpg - (214.07KB , 800x1178 , 1367608995089.jpg )
Anyone know where I can download manga volumes?
>> No. 82653
Try this site
>> No. 82676
File 13680629873.jpg - (250.26KB , 700x966 , 1366328630505.jpg )
Would you rather watch this than the real Attack on Titan?
>> No. 82751
>Happy Mother's Day!

>> No. 82758
File 136842373935.jpg - (325.29KB , 954x1350 , 1368419079554.jpg )
p gud
>> No. 82791
File 13686554411.jpg - (124.12KB , 500x650 , image.jpg )
>> No. 82833
File 136881676953.png - (236.66KB , 461x679 , 1367806223465.png )
>> No. 82839
File 136884565233.gif - (2.83MB , 583x365 , 1368690183029.gif )
>> No. 82856
File 136894006362.jpg - (190.01KB , 682x955 , 1368411055032.jpg )
>> No. 83051
File 136975651330.gif - (405.29KB , 380x558 , tumblr_mndz3lnwmk1sqi1n0o1_400.gif )
Shingeki no Kyojin openingyoutube thumb
>> No. 83110
File 137001683511.jpg - (24.93KB , 579x329 , that post gave me orangucancer.jpg )
I thought /a/ was joking about >everyone is a titan even the wall
>> No. 83116
File 137003185241.gif - (485.06KB , 245x190 , tumblr_mm5ckfd3W31sn7zr6o3_250.gif )
>> No. 83131
File 137007120931.png - (847.53KB , 789x1105 , 1369501962906.png )
>> No. 83134
Just caught up on the anime, haven't read the manga. My opinion on it is as such:

>before end of episode 8
This show is great! It gets kinda silly with how over-the-top pathetic and evil certain people are portrayed, the stereotypically 'greedy bad guys' like the king and that one rich merchant just come off as goofy. Other than that though, extremely entertaining and quite thrilling. Best action anime I've seen in a long time.

>after end of episode 8
Oh. They brought Eren back to life.
It's all gonna be straight down hill from here, isn't it?
>> No. 83137
File 137009749155.jpg - (124.53KB , 500x708 , tumblr_mnkrwsXW3O1s5l3fwo1_500.jpg )
No, it's a central crux to the story and fascinating.

You aren't thinking about it in the right terms.

Imagine those scared shitty people who take comfort in the wall suddenly realizing that the person next to them can go Titan, maybe without even knowing it

THAT is the direction this is going in and it's fucking great.
>> No. 83140
Read the manga. And don't worry, the shitty art improves pretty quickly.
>> No. 83145
I don't mind Eren being able to turn into a titan, I'm fine with that and like you said it adds a new dimension to the story. I just REALLY hate it when dead characters come back to life. It establishes that death isn't always permanent and that removes almost all tension for me.
>> No. 83146
But the thing is he wasn't dead.
>> No. 83147
File 137013488535.jpg - (33.58KB , 450x592 , tumblr_m2oqejPjDn1qhu04go1_500.jpg )
>Episode nine

>Advanced Recon team theme

>> No. 83148
File 137014435682.jpg - (97.63KB , 1280x720 , [gg]_Shingeki_no_Kyojin_-_09_[82B31A7B]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
Fuck yeah, best character shows up for real. Shame about the godawful fangirls and the fact that his VA seems kind of miscast.
>> No. 83149
File 137017020531.jpg - (161.56KB , 640x480 , tt7.jpg )
i like bert and reiner more than most of the rest of the soldiers and i kind of want them to win
inb4 fujoshit
you know it to be true
>> No. 83150
It is possible their motivations could be such that they are actually heroes or at least a lot more morally ambiguous than we think.
>> No. 83151
So, that scene after the short flashback to him getting out of gentoo titan. When Eren says "I'll kill you" and Armin looks at the camera all scared. That was supposed to be hilarious, right?
>> No. 83152
That's OK, as long as you're not delusional and start and project onto him relationships and personality traits that haven't actually been developed until now. I like them both too. Reiner was always one of the more intriguing characters anyhow.
>> No. 83153
File 137020762629.jpg - (90.47KB , 800x800 , Yo como Ravioli en Mi Casa.jpg )
Blame shoddy translations. The original line was more like "Ill kill them dead."
>> No. 83530
1 - Everybody Loves Armin (SPOILERS)youtube thumb
>> No. 83531
Attack on My Emotions (SPOILERS)youtube thumb

This seems to sum things up pretty well huh
>> No. 83532

Really? Because my reaction to that part was 'oh good, he was a decoy protagonist. Maybe now we can get someone better - like, say, anybody.'
>> No. 83592
【進撃の巨人】 壁が…youtube thumb
>> No. 83597

>> No. 83602
It's not that bad actually. As insufferable as Eren may be the author seems to be pretty aware of how obnoxious characters like him are. A good chunk of Eren's scenes are dedicated to him being humiliated and shown to be pretty useless/incompetent for all his rage and needing someone to still bail him out in the end. Or other characters calling him out and telling him to shut up for being a retarded vengeancefag.

I always got the insinuation that Eren's pretty fucked up and not a good role model to be admired, and that for Mikasa character growth means being less devoted to Eren, so that being conflicted between protecting him and not wanting to hurt her comrades is a step in the right direction.
>> No. 83607

Are you sure because when I read the manga all I saw was the series fellating Eren over and over again.
>> No. 83616
The reality is a middleground between these two views.
>> No. 83617
4 - Eren's Distraction (SPOILERS)youtube thumb
>> No. 83618
The characters keep treating Eren as some great hero and a beacon of hope for everyone, but in reality the dude has not won a single fight since his first one. He is a TERRIBLE protagonist.
>> No. 83620
Mikasa feels more like the actual hero of the manga while Eren is just the viewpoint of the manga with a supposed win-button to keep him from gettin eaten immediately.
>> No. 83624
>people insisting that Hanji is transgendered and gettin' mad at you for being a hater when you point out that the author was probably just trolling and most of the "evidence" for her being trans really isn't
Oh god it's P4 and Naoto all over again isn't it?
>> No. 83639
File 13723880242.png - (111.88KB , 349x300 , jizzed.png )
>ət'æk 0N tάɪtn
>The Reluctant Heroes
>Vogel im Kamfig
>> No. 83649
File 137243692815.png - (329.55KB , 1191x1543 , tumblr_mozkx4VWOu1r81qd9o1_1280.png )
>> No. 83650
File 137243698431.jpg - (70.41KB , 375x750 , tumblr_mp143ckUch1qdezb9o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 83666
Whatever it takes...youtube thumb
Eren meguka now
>> No. 83671
File 137252346771.png - (733.15KB , 500x500 , brbrbrbr.png )
finally got round to catching up with the anime and finishing the latest manga chapters.

>tfw marco
>tfw eren's reaction to reiner being titan
>tfw BR talking to eren and ymir after kidnapping them
>tfw no good feels in this series at all
>> No. 83673
For all the stuff the anime can't get right, giving Marco more screentime and showing the recruitment scene in chronological order was definitely one of the better decisions.
>> No. 83706
Attack on Titan Gameplay and Commentaryyoutube thumb
>> No. 83717

Interesting, no idea if good.
>> No. 83734
Spiderman MiQWOPsa seems pretty neat.
>> No. 83828
The newest version (7/7) of this is so much better than the ones before, it's unbelievable. You can actually see what's going on in the new map, because roofs, the ground and the outer walls have different textures, the map has more, wider roads for you to go fast in, it's not so crowded that every move you make results in a huge crowd of titans piling up on you and the new dodge jump is really useful against those bellyflopping motherfuckers.
>> No. 83931
File 137373419218.jpg - (124.24KB , 420x500 , 1342558913047.jpg )
>all these deathflags for Hannes
>BR's impending demise

pls no
>> No. 83932
I'm not one of those annoying fujoshi who ship Bert/Reiner hardcore and think they're bullied sweet and innocent woobies inside, but I honestly wasn't that happy with the first spoiler and it kind of came out of left field. Especially since a close look through the manga shows it wasn't foreshadowed like most of the other stuff in this manga, and inserting romance plotlines into the fray is one of the easiest ways to make a good manga go downhill.
>> No. 83934
I'm 98% it's not true. Reiner is not really sound of mind at the moment. But it's still pretty lame.
>> No. 83936

Titan hunter update featuring Ravioli! Has a spin attack instead of Mikasa's downward slash attack. He can use it to helicopter around the map infinitely, escape from any situation, and kill anything much more easily! This makes him significantly better than Mikasa, which is both canonical and lame.
>> No. 83937
Oh hey a new opening:
Shingeki no Kyojin - Attack on…youtube thumb

And the inevitable (Attack on Attack on Titan?):
Attack on Titan Intro 2 (Fixed)youtube thumb
>> No. 83944
I'm guessing the helicoptering will probably be nerfed at some point.
>> No. 83945
That's the new opening? Its kind of bad. It felt like something out of Naruto's bad OPs.
>> No. 83946
It's actually pretty average, but compared to THE SINGLE GREATEST OPENING OF AN ANIME EVER it seems pretty shitty.
>> No. 83947
I love the garbled German. What's the German version of Engrish?
>> No. 83948
Been meaning to give this show a try but some of the things I've been hearing are very unfavorable. So I'd like to clear things up.

1) I keep hearing that the protagonist is a good for nothing incompetent loser who can't ever truly get anything accomplished. Is this true? Cause its hard to root for a protagonist who sucks the majority of the time.

2) From what I hear Mikasa is another flaw in the show. Her connection to Eren and how I hear that she's an extreme apologist for Eren's suckitude bothers me because it would feel as if the show is going "Do not mind our protagonist sucking, here have this fap bait girl persuade you into still tolerating it all." Plus I also hear she has exaggerated freakish strength that none of the human characters have and she has said strength for absolutely no reason. It kind of sounds like a Mary Sue for lack of a better word.

3) The other detail I hear is that the show becomes "shounen generic power up," that true?
>> No. 83949
>she has exaggerated freakish strength
Girl is also totally ripped with her clothes off, which both diminishes the fapbait (unless you're into that) and goes a way to explain why she's so strong.
>> No. 83950
Well, I've seem many positive reactions towards the new OP.
Most of people have told me it's great or average at best.
Only here I've seen negative reactions.
>> No. 83951
>1) I keep hearing that the protagonist is a good for nothing incompetent loser who can't ever truly get anything accomplished. Is this true? Cause its hard to root for a protagonist who sucks the majority of the time.

That one is complete bullshit.

>2) From what I hear Mikasa is another flaw in the show. Her connection to Eren and how I hear that she's an extreme apologist for Eren's suckitude bothers me because it would feel as if the show is going "Do not mind our protagonist sucking, here have this fap bait girl persuade you into still tolerating it all." Plus I also hear she has exaggerated freakish strength that none of the human characters have and she has said strength for absolutely no reason. It kind of sounds like a Mary Sue for lack of a better word.

Also complete shit, Mikasa's abilities extend from her unique world view which is tied deeply with her connection to Eren and being fucking ripped.

>3) The other detail I hear is that the show becomes "shounen generic power up," that true?

No, because of a lot of reasons, mainly that the Titan stuff is too mysterious to be anything resembling a good power up, more of a desperate hope than anything.
>> No. 83954
Mikasa feels like the real protagonist of the show imo, not Eren. She also defends Eren because he is the only family she has left; slavers killed her real parents and then titans killed her foster parents. She knows he is single-minded and lets rage blind him to reason and so she feels like she needs to watch over him and make sure nothing happens. Probably why she's also made of muscle, too. I think her motivations and the way she acts make sense.

Eren has the most on-screen titan kills as of episode 14. He's a brute but he's certainly not useless or incompetent.
>> No. 83956
>the protagonist is a good for nothing incompetent loser who can't ever truly get anything accomplished

To an extent, but not entirely. He does accomplish things, but usually with the help of others because his his character flaws (which are almost certainly intentional) hold him back from doing it on his own. Kind of like a video game escort mission or teammate where the escort is actually pretty good at fighting, but suffers from mediocre AI. He's preoccupied with rage to the point that it causes him to do some incredibly stupid things, and others pay dearly for it, but it seems less like bad writing and more of a subversion of the hotblooded stereotypes that riddle most standard shounen and mecha like Gurren Lagann to a fault.

He's also the only one (well kind of; you know what I mean) with enough power to beat the titans so he's still an integral component of humanity's victories. Everybody else has no choice but to stand by him and hopefully keep his foolishness in check (thankfully the lessons do actually sink in from time to time).
>> No. 83957
File 13738704404.jpg - (42.26KB , 500x667 , 137046931955.jpg )
Seriously. In order for a lot of women her age to accomplish a build like that in real life they would have to either take steroids or combine an extremely intensive bodybuilding regimen with a diet restrictive enough that bodyfat drops beneath menarche levels.
>> No. 83958
Although it's a somewhat different issue, I think it's also worth noting muscular visibility and muscular strength aren't the same.

You get a six pack by toning your muscles specifically to look like that, not as a side effect of training for strength.
>> No. 83961


Below first period levels???
>> No. 83962
That's her physique? The one on the pic? I think I've seen this kind of build in Tina Turner and Cameron Diaz at some points.
>> No. 83963
It's almost a running gag in this thread...
>> No. 83964
File 13739037581.jpg - (134.24KB , 640x480 , JIkQWuJ.jpg )
I'm annoyed they gave her cleavage in the OP when the author's shown repeatedly that she's rather flat-chested and can fit everything neatly into a sports bra.
>> No. 83965

To be fair, even pretty busty women can compact down quite a bit with decent active-wear.
>> No. 83966
Plus, muscle pushes the breasts up, like a natural wonderbra. It can make cleavage more feasible with smaller breasts.
>> No. 83968
Yeah but Isayama had a nude rough sketch (no nipples or anything) of her on his blog which shows that she isn't very busty. I didn't save it, but it looked to me like she would be a B cup at the most.
>> No. 83995
Hanji and Rivaille.youtube thumb
>> No. 84002
File 13740790618.png - (85.08KB , 500x450 , 1373765122237.png )
>June 19, 2013
>still spelling it Rivaille and not Levi
god fucking damnit
>> No. 84019

>Implying Rivaille isn't better.
>> No. 84023
I admit to liking it because calling him Ravioli is still pretty funny, but Levi has the advantage of being an actual name.
>> No. 84031
File 137420568070.png - (138.51KB , 500x380 , uwotm8.png )
>implying that isn't the attitude of a million obnoxious Tumblrtards who want their husbando to seem extra speshul

As a fan of Levi the character in the actual manga (and not the whacked out fangirl interpretation who's Eren-tan or Erwin-sama's kawaii boyfriendu), yeah I buttmad. Ravioli is pretty funny though I admit.
>> No. 84041
File 13742699652.jpg - (23.97KB , 409x661 , 1314225865211.jpg )
>> No. 84067

So Levi is based a little on Rawshark. I'm dying.
>> No. 84070
If he based him off the film version, that certainly explains Levi's height.
>> No. 84079
File 137452051792.jpg - (33.29KB , 680x382 , RRAAAARRL.jpg )
I'm not really seeing it but that's hysterical considering I like Levi unironically while Walter Joseph Kovacs on the other hand, well...
>> No. 84086
Rorschach was short, short man in the comics too; one of the first things the cops notice when they arrest him is that he's wearing elevator shoes.
>> No. 84087
Just noting here that Episode 15 is completely nap worthy.
>> No. 84243
If we're going to go there I'd say a good half of the anime is like that compared to the manga.
>> No. 84248
File 137529084976.png - (288.52KB , 500x310 , pgqe.png )
>those muscles
I'm pretty gay for Mikasa now.
>> No. 84285
PSA - Attack on Titan/Pacific Rim Parodyyoutube thumb
>> No. 84298
File 137575113177.png - (133.50KB , 500x320 , 1375387476238.png )
>people suddenly drawing half of the cast as black and acting like they were always that way

I can get Ymir, but Marco, Sasha, and Hanji? Is blackwashing seriously a thing?
>> No. 84299
File 137575147777.jpg - (69.24KB , 409x992 , 180544_v0_600x.jpg )
No, people just draw nationality and ethnicity differently, it's whether or not they fight people on the canon portrayal.
>> No. 84301
File 137575458423.png - (615.71KB , 1280x987 , 1375751051109.png )
In all likelihood they could be, considering the SJW raised a huuuuge shitstorm about Hanji being a genderqueer/MtF and everyone who dared called Hanji a she/female/etc. were all being horrible oppressors on the basis of either misinformation or something that was clearly the author going the highroad and making a joke after a reader insulted his art skills.
>> No. 84302
Well then they are just dented and you ignore them.
>> No. 84303

Hoo boy, shitstorm complete with language policing and privilege calling. I also caught whiff of people claiming Armin's a FtM, Marco's a Hindu Indian, and Eren's a Turkish Arab (because all Turks are brown).
>> No. 84305
I can understand how this sort of mess gets started in series like Homestuck, where there simply is no canon race to the characters, but the matter of Ymir's race is pretty cut and dried, isn't it? There shouldn't be any room for debate. But there's also no harm with people imagining otherwise, if that floats their boat. If only the internet could live and let live.
>> No. 84306
Portraying characters as MtF or FtM as opposed to, you know, regular Rule 63 seems to also be a huge "fad" within the Shingeki fanbase. Even though I'm 99% certain most of the people indulging in this have no idea how transsexuality actually even works.
>> No. 84310
File 137579669829.jpg - (95.10KB , 288x750 , jelly.jpg )
Ymir canonically has tanned skin but she's probably not black. Hansi, Marco, Bert and everyone else are 100% white. It's kind of weird there's no minorities except Mikasa but that's how it is in anime. That's it, case closed, game over. Anyone who says otherwise is a big gay baby.

Though Hansi is pretty explicitly female in the anime, Isayama said it would be better to leave her gender unspecified (hence her name being Hansi, not Hanji).
>> No. 84313
Can we just talk about how great Hansi is?

I love how she used to be all Eren-style furious, and then just opted to not sweat it because that was more functional.
>> No. 84314
Actually her name's supposed to Zoe Hange (where Zoe which is clearly female is her first name). In some parts of Germany and Austria they put surnames first like Hungary and the East do:

The whole reason Isayama said Hange could be whatever you wanted her to be was because people were making fun of his shitty art and saying Hange had a manface. He's not trying to be some sort of amazing LGBT crusader here.
>> No. 84317
Oh, that's pretty cool. Good to have it properly clarified. I knew it had to be something other than Hanji.
>> No. 84319
File 137581480339.gif - (2.09MB , 358x457 , 1368109548729.gif )
Why do people keep saying Bert is a POC like Ymir? His palette is slightly yellower and less pink than the rest of the recruits but he's not actually dark or tan like Ymir.
>> No. 84321
Because there isn't enough brown people to satisfy the tumblr SJ crowd's burning thirst for a good ol' fashioned diversity circle-jerk so they have taken it upon themselves to "correct" this obvious "mistake" and just fucking canon in the ass with a giant privilege checking dildo.
>> No. 84323
File 137582410980.jpg - (71.97KB , 600x600 , 600px-Shae_HBO.jpg )
I guess I could understand viewing some of the characters as having a bit of North African/Middle Eastern/Near Asian ancestry. For example I think it would be pretty neat if Eren was part Turk. His name is Turkish in origin, Turks have a history in Europe so it's not that strange for them to show up Not-Germany, they're a fairly sizeable minority in many European countries, and his skin tone is compatible with real life Turks. It's fun to analyze ethnicities by comparing them to their real world equivalents A Song of Ice and Fire-style, like maybe it's possible that Bert is part Armenian or even Uzbek. But it gets ridiculous when SJW start insisting on characters being full-blown coffee black Sub-Saharan Africans, Indians, and Aboriginal Australians without considering how hamfisted or unrealistic it would be.
>> No. 84328
>It's kind of weird there's no minorities except Mikasa
If anything I think the lack of racial diversity is reasonably plot-based. They probably all got eaten by the titans or live outside the walls. There's a lot of possible explanations, all of which are more plausible than "half of these light-skinned European looking character in a series full of mundane character designs are really POCs!"

Which is why I think it's absolutely retarded that they've chosen Shingeki of all series to do racebending in. You might as well do it to the characters from Rose of Versailles, Berserk, Adolf, or Vinland Saga. Nobody's saying you can't, but pretending that characters from such series were always black all along is pants-on-head retarded. What's so hard about admitting your rainbow coalition is a non-canon AU interpretation? Or better yet, if you're not a delusional looney, why not save it for a series like Gundam SEED, Gurren Lagann, or One Piece or something? They're removed enough from the real world that it's plausible for the characters to not be Caucasian, and even /a/ sometimes has fun with them being turned into "delicious brown girls/boys".
>> No. 84330

It's a tumblr fad in general. Homestuck fandom used to have it terrible.
>> No. 84331
I don't see anything to complain about.
>> No. 84332
Because of the transtrending or transethnicity undertones, as well as being incredibly patronizing to actual minorities/transsexuals. As a POC myself I don't like it one bit.
>> No. 84335
I don't mind it with non-visual mediums like books or audio stuff (Welcome To Night Vale) or mediums where the characters' skin tones are #FFFFFF white, sort of a blank slate thing (Homestuck or OFF), but if the creator's like, "nah man everyone in my series is canonically Caucasian," I'm not gonna argue with them.

While I agree there's a definite white-washing problem in the media (the Avatar:TLA movie, but also the fact that HBO said they'd only make Neil Gaiman's American Gods/Anansi Boys both into miniseries/movies if they could white-wash everyone-- Shadow in AG is black, and AB has descendants of Anansi as a plot point. Neil Gaiman turned this down.), and there's nothing wrong with alternate interpretations, nothing'll be solved if you try to force the author to change their work.
>> No. 84388
File 137615056844.jpg - (509.50KB , 1280x800 , tumblr_mq21fmQkaP1sxikubo1_1280.jpg )
Behold, this is real.
>> No. 84395
I got distracted from the pizza by the implausibility of Mikasa's spine. She's a hardbody, not a professional contortionist.
>> No. 84404
Devoid of context, the humans in that picture look like dicks for fucking up a poor giant's lonely pizza party.
>> No. 84405
Pizza Hut product placement needs to happen in the show proper. The colossal Titan just shows up riding a giant moped in a Pizza Hut delivery uniform, kicks the gate a bit, and then throws a house sized pepperoni pizza into the inner wall.
>> No. 84437
File 137641195028.jpg - (246.01KB , 661x1000 , Attack On Titan.jpg )
Wow the Attack on Titan Manga is really different from the actual show.
>> No. 84438
File 13764266232.png - (1.04MB , 998x744 , 1376165824302.png )
>> No. 84487
File 137691020582.gif - (0.97MB , 500x281 , tumblr_mrcckyG9R61qjqgyio1_500.gif )
I'm glad they have a budget again.
>> No. 84490
File 137692636473.gif - (284.19KB , 600x337 , ravioli copypasta.gif )
Think again.
>> No. 84492
That's just Ravioli.
>> No. 84499
That's cool and all, but what's the point of that shot?
>> No. 84506
Dynamic windmill action.
>> No. 84550
So I just started this.

I was really into anime as a kid, but I had been avoiding it for the last three or four years because some of my artist friends had had bad experiences with weeaboos/had an "all anime is pedophiles and moeblobs and cliches" bias, but I last made an exception in '10 when Panty and Stocking came out and surprised me, and I'm making one again for AoT (I can't call it SNK, I'm sorry-- SNK to me is forever King of Fighters), Dangan Ronpa, and maybe Free!

It's good! I like AoT a lot so far. I do have to wonder if there's a political message behind it, though.
>> No. 84551
Not really, as far as I know. There has been some extreme backlash from Korean fans to the point that some folks wanted him assassinated since Pixis is based off some Japanese general, though I doubt it's on the same level as what happened to the Kuroko guy.
>> No. 84552
It was written about people who live their lives in complacency and do not fight against their "prisons of safety" and who try to hold people back from greatness because they fear they will rock the boat.

Hence AoT is NO JUSTICE NO PEACE YO FUCK THE POLICE or more accurately do not be content to live out your life in mediocrity and complacency.
>> No. 84553
I haven't seen the show yet, so I can't say whether that's a fair assessment or not, but if so, it's a surprisingly topical and necessary political statement to be making for a cartoon, and a surprisingly individualistic one from an anime.
>> No. 84554
Ah shit, that's awful. I don't believe anime (or pop culture in general) is worth death threats over. It's interesting when thinking about Miyazaki's new film, as well, because it was garnering up some political controversy too. Although Japan and Korea were mad at it for the exact opposite reasons, which I found confusing and hilarious.

I also have to remember that some anime have very different points of view, and the whole genre/medium don't always agree. Like some have accused Hetalia of being anti-Semitic/Nazi fetishization, but then you have Hellsing which has both "sexy Nazis" and Nazis being portrayed as horrible and being killed by the protagonists, and Black Lagoon, which has a Jewish protagonist fighting Neo-Nazis.
>> No. 84555
Hetalia being anti-semitic or pro-nazis is mostly just people trying to take a dark comedy seriously to feed their Outrage Demon.
>> No. 84556
It's still shitty to completely avoid talking about the Holocaust if you're going to do a WWII comic.
>> No. 84558
Off topic, but I don't think it's a WW2 comic in that the majority of it is about other countries/time periods. Despite the name...

>Japan and Korea were mad at it for the exact opposite reasons, which I found confusing and hilarious.
That's the beauty of spin in action.
>> No. 84563
I'll still give it points over Strike Witches for not having its moe anthropomorphisms be pre-pubescents cavorting around in fetish underwear.
>> No. 84812
File 137920684082.jpg - (173.33KB , 487x270 , 1373147244105.jpg )
>Weaboo friend won't shut up about AoT
>Fine, whatever
>Marathon the anime
>Marathon the manga

H-holy shit, I actually empathize with these poor dumb kids fighting pointless battles, what is going on

Granted the Titans are OP as fuck (seriously what the shit) but they're a great metaphor for "the other" and are a great nod to Japanese horror despite being plus sized zombies.

I think the main thing I enjoy about the show is the humanism in it. . . Humankind gets beat back into a cage, some of them become corrupt and betray the others, but most of them just strap on ridiculous improbable tool sets and keep on fighting.

Not to mention, there's an actual threat of death. It honestly reminds me of an anime Battlestar Galactica with the "enemies among us" themes and the mindless exterminating enemies that actually might be not at all what they seem.
>> No. 84822
File 137927937878.jpg - (102.39KB , 549x527 , ATTACK ON KEANU.jpg )
So what with all the emphasis on the laws of physics being important in Titanverse, what kind of ridiculous asspull do you think the writer will pull out to explain how Titans are immortal and where they get the mass needed to regenerate?

If you chopped off one's hand every day for a year, would it grow back every day?

Is the energy used to make a Shifter's new shape inside the yellow lightning that comes down from space, or is that just a release of energy?

Are the Titans nuclear?
>> No. 84823
They're solar powered at least in part, since most standard Titans go dormant when removed from direct sunlight.
>> No. 84824
File 137928170226.jpg - (117.24KB , 1920x1080 , 2013-07-Attack-On-Titan-Widescreen.jpg )


What about all the rest?

And what about those random Titans from the newer manga chapters who can attack at night? What's their deal? Do Titans have a "half-life" that causes "new" Titans to be more active, and only make them diurnal as time goes on?

For that matter, how in the HELL does the Colossal Titan manifest itself/himself so quickly? At the rate the others grow, he should spend several minutes just powering up to full size.

Fuckin' Titans, man, how do they work.
>> No. 84826
File 137929470121.png - (70.75KB , 500x530 , 1377227607018.png )
>this is supposed to be Connie Springer
Wait what.
>> No. 84828
Extreme fanartistic freedom is something that came over from the Homestuck fandom (I'm not even joking.).
>> No. 84830
Eh. As long as they don't pretend it's anything but their own invention, who cares?
>> No. 84832
File 137931105989.png - (549.58KB , 1134x3271 , what.png )
If they were willing to admit that then I'm pretty sure half the shitstorms dealing with this issue wouldn't even exist. Instead I'm seeing stuff like "You don't think Bert/Sasha/Marco/Ymir is actually canonically black/Indian/Hispanic? Well, you're a racist for assuming they're white/cisgendered in the first place! My interpretation is not an AU, yours is!"

Speaking of overly defensive headcanons, recently there's been a crazy amount of people getting upset that Nanaba has a female voice and insisting she's not female but a transman/agendered/extremely feminine male, and that people are transphobic for calling Nanaba or Hanji "she"s. I don't get the shitstorm because when I heard her it wasn't like I was any less gay for her than when I thought she was a bishounen dude, and if anything it sounds like people are just using social justice to hide that this is Akito v. 2.0.
>> No. 84833
>that pic
Buzzwords, buzzwords everywhere.
>> No. 84834
File 137933528363.gif - (4.19MB , 400x225 , attack_on_titan_by_wingwolf_wingd-d62mgny[1].gif )

That whole fiasco strongly reminds me of the time creepy fetishists kept Tweeting Andrew Hussie and asking if the characters fit their weird interests, when the character is clearly portrayed as not that way.

>"Is Vriska fat?"
>"You can SEE the character. You tell ME."

If you want to draw a character as a person of color, sure, whatever. But pretending they're actually depicted that way (i.e. pretending the Japanese are willing or even capable of acknowledging black people/brown foreigners exist at all) is just hilarious mental revisionism.

If anything, Connie is mixed race and Ymir is Italian/Irish. Not that it matters if the post-apocalypse theories are true, because in that case the races will have already mixed a lot due to close proximity anyway.
>> No. 84839
the reason why people thought hanji's gender was in question was a fan making fun of the artist's drawing skills, and the artist answered to the tune of "i dunno, why don't YOU figure it out? i'm not saying anything lol." hanji's boobs disappear and reappear in the manga because the art is inconsistent; the anime didn't change her into a woman, they just added a shadow on her chest so it was slightly more obvious.

with nanaba, i think he was *probably* meant to be a feminine man because his face is more in line with how male faces are drawn in snk than female (i.e. no eyelashes, visible neck muscle). but i can see why he might be seen as a masculine woman instead, or a man with a female body. he's a super minor character who doesn't even have a given name to go off of, unlike zoe hanji/hange, and has a female voice actor using a low tone (which doesn't really indicate much because many male characters in anime have female voice actors, but the fact that he is an adult instead of an effeminate teenager or child gives it more weight as evidence). various interpretations make sense in this case.

idk where the "canon agender" stuff is coming from, but i can pretty much guarantee they're probably misinterpreting a thing the artist said again. i doubt most japanese people have even heard of agender.
>> No. 84842
>idk where the "canon agender" stuff is coming from, but i can pretty much guarantee they're probably misinterpreting a thing the artist said again. i doubt most japanese people have even heard of agender.
True, but they might be using that term for a situation like Crona from Soul Eater, where the character was intentionally of undefined sex/gender--not so much because the character saw himself/herself that way, but because the artist went out of his way to keep it a mystery. And since Japanese doesn't use gendered pronouns as much as English does, that's an entirely doable thing there. "Canon agendered" might be a reasonable way to describe a situation like Crona.
>> No. 84847
File 137943427981.png - (73.99KB , 408x652 , nanaba_by_tearabbit-d6k2ae3.png )
IIRC fangirls in Japan were also pretty confused since Nanaba's quite beloved over there and one of them asked the author about it to the effect of "Nanaba's so handsome, but then I tweeted the editor and they told me to the contrary that they thought Nanaba was a she, can you clarify?" He gave them the same answer as he did for Hanji and Tumblr probably took it out of proportion the same way. I think the animator of the scene in question tweeted some production art where he called Nanaba a "handsome oneesan", so she's definitely supposed to be female-bodied in the anime at least.

Since Nanaba is apparently a female name, uses the pronoun "watashi" rather than "boku" or "ore" like most of the other male characters (so does Erwin, but he uses extremely formal speech in general), and seemed to have breasts in the Castle Utgard chapters it's not completely unreasonable to think Nanaba was always intended as a tomboyish female before the author took the Hanji route.
>> No. 84849
>> No. 84850
File 13794671897.jpg - (321.84KB , 960x540 , have_you_seen_my_tibbers_by_exaxuxer.jpg )
>> No. 84885
File 13798768069.jpg - (59.97KB , 694x448 , killme.jpg )
>episode 24
>all dat filler


>> No. 84887
Yeah, I was gonna ask if Erin had that same problem in the manga, because it felt really forced dragging out the episode with an inner struggle that was obviously going to be resolved for the cliffhanger.
>> No. 84892
File 137993775935.jpg - (231.26KB , 1430x675 , 1379830514934.jpg )

I'd say he has about the same level of angst in the manga. They do switch up his "special ed moments" in the anime, mostly for the purposes of timing. But Annie getting "captured" again when we all knew she would get away was pretty retarded.

One interesting thing to note is that in the comic Eren didn't get impaled Cloverfied style at all, he was perfectly fine and didn't need to be gushing blood to help out. I guess massive blood loss does make things more dramatic, though.

Or it would if he couldn't magically regenerate. What is even the point of injuring him in the anime when it's already shown he can salamander his way out of injuries?
>> No. 84893
I haven't actually watched the episode but I've seen some gifs and the such. Like that guy says it was a lot shorter. In the manga it goes:

Mikasa: The world is a cruel place.
Mikasa and Armin go towards the entrances to act as bait
Mikasa launches a line outside and looks back, but doesn't leave just yet.
Eren: It really is.
Then Eren chomps his hand and uppercuts Annie.

I guess in those couple of pages they inserted Mikasa going out and having a fight scene, Jean showing up (and crying about Marco again?), Eren getting stabbed in the chest (???), Hanji capturing Annie (somehow?), and then him berserking out again? Why add so much filler to a show that's going to go on indefinite hiatus after the next episode?
>> No. 84896
>Why add so much filler to a show that's going to go on indefinite hiatus after the next episode?
Seems kind of obvious: they couldn't get the anime to fit nicely into the number of episodes allotted, so they've been padding them out whenever possible. I think the last three episodes (everything after Annie beats Eren in the woods) have all been about half filler, half manga plot.
>> No. 84898
Just caught up with the manga, might give the anime a try.

I like it so far, but given all the gifsets, fanart, "muh feels" and the like off Tumblr, I was expecting a lot more stuff and characters to be more important than the comic makes them out to be.

Marco just up and dies. In the manga, you don't even see how it happens, he's almost more of a plot device character who got fridged (so to speak) for Jean's character development more than anything.

Kept on seeing a million things about Petra and Levi, but she dies kinda brutally and unceremoniously with scarcely another word said.

Is all of this pretty much the work of filler, I take it?
>> No. 84906
File 138000346837.jpg - (116.54KB , 343x500 , 4a50bdf25292b613a2232cfe0f7218391365558462_full.jpg )
You should know to avoid the SNK Tumblr fandom like the fucking plague. Crazy-ass shippers, delusional apologists who are willing to distort characters' personalities beyond recognizability for the sake of their fetishes, underaged folks who refuse to read the original source material, SJW out the wazoo, the need to insert awful jokes about the series into absolutely everything a la Homestuck and Ponies, the usual awfulness.

Now it looks like some of the POC-ification artists are even accusing others of "whitewashing" characters like Eren, even though it shows right there on the official covers of the manga that he's supposed to have light skin. And for god's sake the anime doesn't even make him THAT brown. Of course he'd look tan in relation to super-pale people like Armin and Levi, and maybe with a name like that you could justify him as Turkic or a non-European Caucasoid minority, but I'd never consider him one of the kinds of POCs Tumblr sees as "right" to champion.
>> No. 84908
Not even, it's mostly either people fixating on things or overblown headcanons at work.
>> No. 84910

There is still supposed to be some sort of thing from Levi taking the patch off Petra's jacket, though, right? And they had to abandon the bodies? Pretty sure I saw that, and it for sure wasn't in the comic.

Also pretty sure they added in the scene where Marco dies, as opposed to glossing it over. Which actually feels kinda like it was changing the message. Marco died a horrible death as expected of one in military service, far away from anybody he knew. If Jean hadn't happened upon his body, nobody would have known he was dead. That sort of horror that Jean didn't want to live a life where he could die a nobody was what drove him to the scouting legion, and focusing on Marco seems like an odd thing to do in the face of that. I don't know, maybe it was just me.
>> No. 84913
File 138006826038.jpg - (239.70KB , 1200x902 , 1380062274783[1].jpg )
>natural gas
>gas power/steam power
>no steam engines

Does this bother anyone else
>> No. 84914
File 138006864829.jpg - (200.06KB , 973x972 , 1380060927074[1].jpg )
So far the creepiest part of the show for me are those damn murals at the end.

>> No. 84915
Probably another throwback to the general Germanic Ragnarok themes we've got going on here (Titans, Ymir, all that jazz). I have a feeling the twists down the line are going to be some sort of Xenogears-esque revelations about the world they live on, like maybe the Titans are what's left of original humanity and most of the people we see inside the walls are artificial or some shit.
>> No. 84916

There wasn't a scene were Marco died though? Though hilariously they added some filler where it looks like Marco would sacrifice himself to save Jean but then they both get saved by Annie using the power of jumpcuts.
>> No. 84917
File 138008269674.jpg - (369.82KB , 1180x788 , 1.jpg )
The walls are huge. I wonder how they erected them while Titans ravaged the world.
>> No. 84920
File 138011029299.png - (0.99MB , 1920x1080 , 1376371196568.png )

They didn't.

There is something extremely fishy about the entire world of SnK. If the anime follows the manga in saying that the walls are built on the backs of crystallized Collossal Titans, which are still alive and dormant it means that the entire "humanity's last retreat" premise MUST be a lie. Why would humans hide from Titans using Titans? It doesn't make any sense.

My thought is that someone needed to keep a breeding population of humans alive for some scientific or strategic reason. Not as a food supply, because Titans don't need food, but for some other reason. If intelligent Titans or titan-shifters built the walls or were involved in their creation, it means that the monarchy and the Wall Cult are both in on it and someone has sworn them to secrecy.

Titans are, after all, the perfect population control device. They don't harm the environment, have zero effect on the nitrogen cycle (lol disintegration) but kill the SHIT out of the only species capable of polluting the planet. These "war" titans may have been unleashed or activated by a human faction seeking to preserve the earth, like a militant-Greenpeace faction. And it worked. The world outside the walls looks great.
>> No. 84921
Apparently some of the weird runes on a few of the volumes turned out to be mirrored text or something. The Koreans who translated it said it meant something like the humans were originally on the run from the Titans and crossed a great river/ocean and found the walls already standing.
>> No. 84922
Just started reading, I'm only 15 chapters deep, but I like the art I dunno why everyone bitches.
Maybe it's because I've read shit like Liar Game, where the art is legitimately bad, but honestly SnK's style is just kind of unique (to serialized manga anyway) imo.

Also this shit is kickin rad and Mikasa is perfect A+ best character yes yes yes
>> No. 84924
Just started reading, I'm only 15 chapters deep, but I like the art I dunno why everyone bitches.
Maybe it's because I've read shit like Liar Game, where the art is legitimately bad, but honestly SnK's style is just kind of unique (to serialized manga anyway) imo.

Also this shit is kickin rad and Mikasa is perfect A+ best character yes yes yes
>> No. 84925

For me, it's moments of wonky anatomy and bad inking.
>> No. 84926
SnK's art is shit. The dude can't draw anything well except unnervingly proportioned giants, and his visual storytelling is complete ass. It's all so fucking static, it should be criminal.
>> No. 84929
I think the art is ugly and bad, especially the earlier stuff. But the ugliness accentuates the tone of the story, so I think it's unintentionally good.
>> No. 84932
File 138022539689.png - (20.19KB , 833x551 , 1353935505280.png )

Anyone who thinks the manga is anything other than just a crude storyboard for the anime at this point has some serious 'splainin to do.
>> No. 84933
The art near the beginning was honestly DeviantArt level terrible. I don't mind the art from the Female Titan onward though, and if there's anything he's particularly good at it's being on point with the expressions on characters' faces. While I don't think the characters are ugly personally, I kind of agree that the manga benefits from them being mostly plain as opposed to super beautiful like in most other animes. Makes everything feel more grounded.
>> No. 84938
File 138044489441.jpg?spoiler - (116.41KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Shingeki no Kyojin - 25 [1080p]_mkv.jpg?spoiler )
So yea. That post-credit reveal just happened.
>> No. 84939
Thank God too, it's been hard keeping my roommate from asking logistics questions about the wall.
>> No. 84940
So that's the end of the anime, right? No more episodes for the foreseeable future?
>> No. 84941
Given how super popular it is I'm fairly certain we're getting a season season.
>> No. 84947
Not for a long time unless you want the new season to be 90% filler.
>> No. 84949
indeed, they should take as long as they want.
>> No. 85045
Why the FUCK do all my favorite characters keep turning out to be evil titans. Jean and Mikasa's all I got left. This shit ain't fair son.
Man every time I saw Bertholdt I was like "Jesus does this guy do anything but sweat and look awkward" YES APPARENTLY HE FUCKING EXTERMINATES MANKIND WOW PLOT TWIST
Fucking Ryner too man, I really liked that guy. Fuckin.

>> No. 85047
I wouldn't call them evil just yet, they seem more more...confused than someone you'd call evil? know what I mean?
>> No. 85049
Yes, let's give genocide a chance.
>> No. 85050
No, I'm suggesting more of a propaganda misled youth.
>> No. 85051

I wanted to cut out a part of your post to quote it as Attack on Titan.txt but it was too hard. In the end I decided that the entire thing is Attack on Titan.txt

>> No. 85053
That and/or they have families back home and stuff. Also, considering they know more than the protagonists, they may not be misled.

I feel like the sad thing about Reiner is that the person we *thought we knew* was actually more 'real', more closer to who he truly was as a person.
>> No. 85065

So you mean to tell me Eren is like a Titan swarm controller?
>> No. 85066
Possibly, I'm thinking it's what Daddy injected him with and I'm thinking it was stolen.
>> No. 85087
Yeah, after catching up completely, I see what you mean.
Yeah, when he started going on about getting promoted for doing such a bang-up job, and slowly realized what he was saying, it was super duper upsetting.
And poor fucking Bertholdt too. I don't feel as much for him cause the dude had like three lines before the reveal but when he started screaming at them about how obviously he hated doing it, and hated himself for it, but it had to be done
shit, man.

Also Irvin is such a badass it's unreal.
I'd like to thank the academy.
>> No. 85090
Hi, Just finished reading through the second half of the manga in two days.

I enjoy it a lot; getting into it was risky, I was afraid the show would pull a Lost level of twists and riddles. So far the mysteries are very well confined to the world and setting, while still being grand and absurd.

Also, titans are hitting all my terror vibes on the primal levels, they're a great concept.
>> No. 85203
File 138207771593.jpg - (333.73KB , 1000x1200 , remove kyojin.jpg )

Maybe a "Coordinate" controlled some big-ass Titans (who may have once been human!!!) and made them fusion into a giant wall. That's why the Shifters want Eren; he can thwart their plans by expanding the walls/fulfill their plans by creating a wall to protect their village
>> No. 85206

Damn so AoT is really a bunch of NIPPON BANZAI bullcrap.
>> No. 85209
That... would be kind of a hard thing to implement in the story, considering Mikasa is supposed to be the only Asian in the world and even then she's only half (and thus filthy and unworthy by right-wing Japanese standards).

But hey, if she starts aggressively colonizing things and excusing her war crimes in the process by complete denial and rationalizing it as good for them, we'll know where that came from.
>> No. 85210

I hope this is true. Maybe now all these social justice idiots will leave and stop making fanart of demisexual genderqueer POC Ymir. Death to the tumblr fandom.
>> No. 85223
Considering that Attack of Titan is based on MuvLuv, I'm not shocked.
>> No. 85262

Seem not so much crazy Japanese nationalism per se, just historical ignorance/twisted view of history...which is caused by crazy Japanese nationalism's influence on primary school curriculum.
>> No. 85427
File 138307493714.jpg - (625.58KB , 900x1271 , attackontitan_high_flat_by_noiry-d6rid2d.jpg )
>> No. 86354
File 138916701826.png - (151.18KB , 462x301 , 1384038877284.png )
Just caught up on the latest chapter Titan, and wow. That bit with Armin at the end was intentional wasn't it?
>> No. 86431
Welp, plot's definitely staying in motion.

I wonder where this all leads. Not hard to imagine a coup, with the Scouting Legion storming the capital like they're from Mt. Briggs.
>> No. 86433
With the stuff that happened revolving around Titan Eren I have a pretty good feeling the theories about Eren eating his dad to become human again are looking more and more true.
>> No. 86473
The translation I read had Hanji saying the message was "my dad was (illiegible) by me." I take that as a fairly blatant implication, if it's accurate.
>> No. 86480
I think thats just a liberty on the part of the speedscanners, who are known for having extremely QUALITY translations. According to this person (spoilers in the link obviously) in
Eren was saying "My father did X to me" which is like pretty much the opposite meaning, and I think the Crunchy scans do the same thing.
>> No. 86522
File 139010437762.png - (184.86KB , 350x434 , 1380181991246.png )
So apparently the author went around telling the translators to leave references to Hange's gender neutral from now on so that anybody is free to think what they want on it, and guess what? Tumblr is using this opportunity to go full SJW and threaten people for calling Hange a "her". Goddamnit I still find the series interesting even in spite of the large and vocal hatedom but the godawful fans isn't really disproving their case.
>> No. 86544
The fact you've nothing more interesting to talk about than tumblrwars just sort of underlines what a bad series this is.
>> No. 86548
Well that was pointlessly antagonistic.
>> No. 86555
File 139035228424.jpg - (543.06KB , 1080x1502 , b02c98cbd768c06e8737b4b78ec45ca2.jpg )
Ah, so the syringe thing, which we saw already.
>> No. 86556
Hmm, it seems the whole series is on netflix, not in netflix latinamerica though.
>> No. 86613
Hot damn.
>> No. 86618
File 139060114875.png - (93.49KB , 485x290 , 1380991313382.png )
>> No. 86622
>> No. 86726
File 139100496937.png - (1.41MB , 1512x1390 , 1386657872305.png )
>> No. 86727
This is such a terrible series
>> No. 86730
File 139100760186.png - (707.97KB , 1012x814 , ad51affe71ada39273549d5568272505.png )
Your valuable contribution to the discussion has been noted
>> No. 86735
Valuable enough to get you to respond apparently. Its not like its the only post in this thread of someone who has seen the series and noted a lack of quality so why did you feel the need?
>> No. 86736
Man Japanese right wngers are the worst.

Their country is a little bitch who used to be a slightly bigger bitch that did horrible things to their neighbours because of their twisted culture of honour but unlike the Germans and the 3rd Reich they never really admitted to it.

And no you've got the needle-dick of a country with all these political diehards trying to talk it up as if its john holmes.
If they want to go back to being Imperial Japan they need to get nipped in the bud.
>> No. 86741
Was an attempt to highlight that the post contributed nothing to the discussion, i.e. wasn't worth making.

If you don't like a thing, good for you. But no one's gonna care about a critical post that fails to provide any substantive criticism.
>> No. 86742
One of the interesting theories I've heard is that her outburst of power in the flashback was due to Eren's mind-controlling powers and that it can apply to humans too. No explanation for the later scenes, though if the former is true we might be headed towards a humans-are-Wels type reveal.
>> No. 86744
That's hardly even "right wing". That would be shit like Highschool of the Dead or Zipang. This is more like a New Englander getting in trouble with Southerners for praising Grant or Sherman and glossing over the Atlanta campaign. Unfortunate, but not worth the death threats being made to the guy.
>> No. 86759
It was a really distressing theory for me, tbh. But this evidence seems to indicate there's something more going on, as her headaches are occurring at seemingly significant times that don't have to do with a command to fight.
>> No. 87019
File 13918025941.png?spoiler - (419.64KB , 784x487 , I was once a man.png?spoiler )
Have you guys read the latest Shingeki No Creepy Old Dude?
>> No. 87024
Yeah, at this point I'm sure Isayama is definitely taking the piss out of fandom here. Though unfortunately all it did in the West was drive SJW crazy.
>> No. 87026
>Though unfortunately all it did in the West was drive SJW crazy.
Moreover, why do they still read the series?
>> No. 87028
Author promoting rape culture, how dare fans be aroused by this scene instead of being completely disgusted by it, trivialising the suffering of transsexuals, etc. Take your pick.

To be honest I doubt these types of people genuinely even like this series. They probably just latched onto it because it's so popular and therefore easier to soapbox off of. The shitstorms over Hanji's lack of a canon gender were ridiculous. Even the official publisher had to step in and tell them to fuck off.
>> No. 87031
>Though unfortunately all it did in the West was drive SJW crazy.

You gotta source for this?
>> No. 87033
I've never witnessed it directly but a quick perusal of the TItan tags already gets me a bunch of people upset that people are making jokes about Armin making people gay and this http://eremine.tumblr.com/post/75895079237/why-were-u-not-a-fan-of-ch-54
Some of the people I follow who are more active in the fandom mentioned getting into fights with others over last month's chapter along with the usual /a/ ribbing plus Armin fans on /cm/ complaining about getting attacked for liking it The Levi/Eren tag was a mess for a while due to haters spamming it with gorn and other crap and accusing them of all being pedophiles.
>> No. 87035
File 139184332398.jpg - (87.88KB , 523x445 , 1391724020900.jpg )
OH goddamnit. Nothing should be beyond making humor out of it, that's why black comedy exists. Even rape, so long as it's in a way that doesn't mock victims.
>> No. 87036
Every time I've seen examples linked, here and /a/, it started with people explicitly seeking them out.

The scene cracked me up, but it's not hard to see how it wouldn't be so funny IRL. There's gonna people for whom it'll hit too close to home for it to be funny, and not all of them will have perfectly thought out reactions. People cherry-pick those just so they have something to put down.
>> No. 87037
people who make rape jokes are usually unfunny dipshits who don't think about or sympathise with victims of rape, to be fair. you can whine about how you're entitled to make rape jokes because black comedy, but the reality is that what's coming out of your mouth probably isn't really that comedic at all and you're just relying on your audience to find the idea of rape inherently funny.

that being said i read this chapter and did not see rape or rape jokes in it? there is a gross man who startles armin, but talking is all he does, and he is tied up and surrounded by the rest of the squad so he couldn't actually lay a hand on armin or force him to do anything. that's... not rape? unsettling sexual harrassment, maybe, but nothing physical happened or even had a chance of happening. did i miss something?
>> No. 87039
It's an overreaction when it's towards stuff like the infamous Penny Arcade dickwolves debacle though. Sure their reaction after the fact was horrifying and proved the feminists' point, but the initial backlash was pretty unwarranted, considering the original joke was if anything sympathetic to rape victims while mocking people's insensitivity towards the issue and their indifference towards perpetrators.

Other feminists have argued this same point, and that treating it as inherently more "taboo" than other awful things like genocide and torture contributes to the culture of silence and shaming, when the real issue is that it's a reflection of how current gender issues make rape more problematic and personal than those other things. Jezebel has a pretty good article on the subject of why rape can be a funny thing to joke about sometimes, although citing the rather suspect one-in-four statistic is a bit of a downer.

But this is pretty offtopic and not SnK related.
>> No. 87484
So the real unanswered question...can someone explain why bolo ties of all things are a big accessory apparently?
>> No. 87490
File 139394612748.png - (207.63KB , 300x331 , 1366228916536.png )
Because Ozymandias, that's why.
>> No. 87491
It's not just Erwin; they're also worn by Pixis and that Military Police officer guy, which implies some association with authority either in-universe or in the author's eyes. I'm perplexed.
>> No. 87677
File 139477369941.jpg?spoiler - (42.72KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg?spoiler )
English VA for Sasha
>> No. 87678
File 139477649740.jpg - (50.40KB , 638x358 , Sasha teams up with future Bert and Reiner to figh.jpg )
Fuck yeah.
>> No. 87679
File 139477706487.jpg - (85.33KB , 1238x542 , smugvi.jpg )
>Levi is poor man's Troy Baker

>> No. 87694
Well, it looks like all the wars over Nanaba's gender are for naught, since they've confirmed her for a she on the manga front:

Knowing how Tumblr continued to fling shit about Hanji after Kodansha's statement though this probably still won't stop them.
>> No. 87728
I love that in a world where giant monsters are out and about devouring people and humanity itself seems at the brink, that people think that there would be time for the seemingly irrelevant focusing on the characters' gender issues. Furthermore, such a thing in a society such as the one we're shown, where things are clearly "old world-esque" by comparison to most modern day societies; thus most would likely not be accepting of such things for old religious/moral reasons or whatever.
>> No. 87729
This is Tumblr. The same place where you have lots of people bitching about how Steven Universe, a fairly progressive show by normal people's standards that's not obnoxious about it, is a horrible awful show that promotes racism and cultural appropriation because a character has a third eye in it.
>> No. 87730
Wait, what?
Are they serious about that?
>> No. 87732

It's Tumblr. You can find people who try to treat everything as dead serious. (Note that I'm not saying actual cultural appropriation is good or anything like that. It's just...Christ, Tumblr, don't go looking to be offended by everything.)
>> No. 87734
File 139507641566.jpg - (127.88KB , 682x958 , tumblr jojo.jpg )
Trans* issues are basically the hornets nest of Tumblr and attract the most disproportionate amount of wank and whiny SJW. Probably because even race, feminism, gay/lesbian rights, and even binarist transgenderism are too mainstream these days. I understand wanting better representation for all sorts of dismissed groups, but I doubt there would be that many nonbinary/agender/xe/asifdsawerbvese people compared to standard cishets and cishomos even if SnKverse was a totally liberal society, let alone were the real world that way. The number of "queer" headcanons I see flying around is insane, and even well-behaved fandoms like Jojo are starting to get them.
>> No. 87738
Of course it isn't, but to be honest nearly every accusation I've ever seen of "cultural appropriation" there turns out to be utter horseshit. Tumblr is like the worst place to learn about it because their perceptions of race are so beyond warped. I've been pointed to actual posts from SJW arguing that white people listening to K-pop is appropriating, or that interracial relationships are evil because the white person is obviously objectifying their partner and fetishizing them for their race. Truly we have entered hilarious territory when far leftists are making the same claims as the Nazis without irony.
>> No. 87739

Well, you might want to remember a simple fact about Tumblr: in terms of user demographics, people who keep an eye on such things consider Tumblr one of the ‘youngest’ social media platforms around today. Of course people without a bunch of life experience and research under their belts will write what we perceive as ‘dumb’ because they may not have the knowledge necessary to form a cogent and coherent argument on a subject — but on the flipside, I hear Tumblr also has a rather diverse userbase when regarding other demographics (e.g. ethnicity/race, gender, sexual orientation), so a lot of the ‘dumb stuff’ you read comes from people trying to figure out their lives and blogging about their own personal experiences in this crazy fucked-up world of ours.

I say that not to excuse the egregiously awful bullshit, but to provide at least some potential context for it and perhaps offer a new perspective on why it exists on Tumblr more than any other social media/blogging platform.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled Attack on Titan thread.
>> No. 87740

There is no regularly scheduled titan thread. Nobody here cares about the series.
>> No. 87741
I do, but there's nothing particularly unusual happening in the latest few chapters. Besides, outside of Tumblr the Titan haters are the way more vocal and obnoxious ones rather than the other way around.
>> No. 87742
File 139511199119.png - (167.38KB , 546x358 , blumenkranz intensifies.png )
Well, we did get Hanji being a stone cold bitch which was pretty cool.
>> No. 88117
I like it, but all this drama and these plot twists really keep anything from progressing.
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