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File 136627726174.jpg - (110.62KB , 849x715 , 1365898717364.jpg )
82197 No. 82197
I know /a/ has been talking about this non stop since it aired so i figured i'd start a thread.
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>> No. 86354
File 138916701826.png - (151.18KB , 462x301 , 1384038877284.png )
Just caught up on the latest chapter Titan, and wow. That bit with Armin at the end was intentional wasn't it?
>> No. 86431
Welp, plot's definitely staying in motion.

I wonder where this all leads. Not hard to imagine a coup, with the Scouting Legion storming the capital like they're from Mt. Briggs.
>> No. 86433
With the stuff that happened revolving around Titan Eren I have a pretty good feeling the theories about Eren eating his dad to become human again are looking more and more true.
>> No. 86473
The translation I read had Hanji saying the message was "my dad was (illiegible) by me." I take that as a fairly blatant implication, if it's accurate.
>> No. 86480
I think thats just a liberty on the part of the speedscanners, who are known for having extremely QUALITY translations. According to this person (spoilers in the link obviously) in
Eren was saying "My father did X to me" which is like pretty much the opposite meaning, and I think the Crunchy scans do the same thing.
>> No. 86522
File 139010437762.png - (184.86KB , 350x434 , 1380181991246.png )
So apparently the author went around telling the translators to leave references to Hange's gender neutral from now on so that anybody is free to think what they want on it, and guess what? Tumblr is using this opportunity to go full SJW and threaten people for calling Hange a "her". Goddamnit I still find the series interesting even in spite of the large and vocal hatedom but the godawful fans isn't really disproving their case.
>> No. 86544
The fact you've nothing more interesting to talk about than tumblrwars just sort of underlines what a bad series this is.
>> No. 86548
Well that was pointlessly antagonistic.
>> No. 86555
File 139035228424.jpg - (543.06KB , 1080x1502 , b02c98cbd768c06e8737b4b78ec45ca2.jpg )
Ah, so the syringe thing, which we saw already.
>> No. 86556
Hmm, it seems the whole series is on netflix, not in netflix latinamerica though.
>> No. 86613
Hot damn.
>> No. 86618
File 139060114875.png - (93.49KB , 485x290 , 1380991313382.png )
>> No. 86622
>> No. 86726
File 139100496937.png - (1.41MB , 1512x1390 , 1386657872305.png )
>> No. 86727
This is such a terrible series
>> No. 86730
File 139100760186.png - (707.97KB , 1012x814 , ad51affe71ada39273549d5568272505.png )
Your valuable contribution to the discussion has been noted
>> No. 86735
Valuable enough to get you to respond apparently. Its not like its the only post in this thread of someone who has seen the series and noted a lack of quality so why did you feel the need?
>> No. 86736
Man Japanese right wngers are the worst.

Their country is a little bitch who used to be a slightly bigger bitch that did horrible things to their neighbours because of their twisted culture of honour but unlike the Germans and the 3rd Reich they never really admitted to it.

And no you've got the needle-dick of a country with all these political diehards trying to talk it up as if its john holmes.
If they want to go back to being Imperial Japan they need to get nipped in the bud.
>> No. 86741
Was an attempt to highlight that the post contributed nothing to the discussion, i.e. wasn't worth making.

If you don't like a thing, good for you. But no one's gonna care about a critical post that fails to provide any substantive criticism.
>> No. 86742
One of the interesting theories I've heard is that her outburst of power in the flashback was due to Eren's mind-controlling powers and that it can apply to humans too. No explanation for the later scenes, though if the former is true we might be headed towards a humans-are-Wels type reveal.
>> No. 86744
That's hardly even "right wing". That would be shit like Highschool of the Dead or Zipang. This is more like a New Englander getting in trouble with Southerners for praising Grant or Sherman and glossing over the Atlanta campaign. Unfortunate, but not worth the death threats being made to the guy.
>> No. 86759
It was a really distressing theory for me, tbh. But this evidence seems to indicate there's something more going on, as her headaches are occurring at seemingly significant times that don't have to do with a command to fight.
>> No. 87019
File 13918025941.png?spoiler - (419.64KB , 784x487 , I was once a man.png?spoiler )
Have you guys read the latest Shingeki No Creepy Old Dude?
>> No. 87024
Yeah, at this point I'm sure Isayama is definitely taking the piss out of fandom here. Though unfortunately all it did in the West was drive SJW crazy.
>> No. 87026
>Though unfortunately all it did in the West was drive SJW crazy.
Moreover, why do they still read the series?
>> No. 87028
Author promoting rape culture, how dare fans be aroused by this scene instead of being completely disgusted by it, trivialising the suffering of transsexuals, etc. Take your pick.

To be honest I doubt these types of people genuinely even like this series. They probably just latched onto it because it's so popular and therefore easier to soapbox off of. The shitstorms over Hanji's lack of a canon gender were ridiculous. Even the official publisher had to step in and tell them to fuck off.
>> No. 87031
>Though unfortunately all it did in the West was drive SJW crazy.

You gotta source for this?
>> No. 87033
I've never witnessed it directly but a quick perusal of the TItan tags already gets me a bunch of people upset that people are making jokes about Armin making people gay and this http://eremine.tumblr.com/post/75895079237/why-were-u-not-a-fan-of-ch-54
Some of the people I follow who are more active in the fandom mentioned getting into fights with others over last month's chapter along with the usual /a/ ribbing plus Armin fans on /cm/ complaining about getting attacked for liking it The Levi/Eren tag was a mess for a while due to haters spamming it with gorn and other crap and accusing them of all being pedophiles.
>> No. 87035
File 139184332398.jpg - (87.88KB , 523x445 , 1391724020900.jpg )
OH goddamnit. Nothing should be beyond making humor out of it, that's why black comedy exists. Even rape, so long as it's in a way that doesn't mock victims.
>> No. 87036
Every time I've seen examples linked, here and /a/, it started with people explicitly seeking them out.

The scene cracked me up, but it's not hard to see how it wouldn't be so funny IRL. There's gonna people for whom it'll hit too close to home for it to be funny, and not all of them will have perfectly thought out reactions. People cherry-pick those just so they have something to put down.
>> No. 87037
people who make rape jokes are usually unfunny dipshits who don't think about or sympathise with victims of rape, to be fair. you can whine about how you're entitled to make rape jokes because black comedy, but the reality is that what's coming out of your mouth probably isn't really that comedic at all and you're just relying on your audience to find the idea of rape inherently funny.

that being said i read this chapter and did not see rape or rape jokes in it? there is a gross man who startles armin, but talking is all he does, and he is tied up and surrounded by the rest of the squad so he couldn't actually lay a hand on armin or force him to do anything. that's... not rape? unsettling sexual harrassment, maybe, but nothing physical happened or even had a chance of happening. did i miss something?
>> No. 87039
It's an overreaction when it's towards stuff like the infamous Penny Arcade dickwolves debacle though. Sure their reaction after the fact was horrifying and proved the feminists' point, but the initial backlash was pretty unwarranted, considering the original joke was if anything sympathetic to rape victims while mocking people's insensitivity towards the issue and their indifference towards perpetrators.

Other feminists have argued this same point, and that treating it as inherently more "taboo" than other awful things like genocide and torture contributes to the culture of silence and shaming, when the real issue is that it's a reflection of how current gender issues make rape more problematic and personal than those other things. Jezebel has a pretty good article on the subject of why rape can be a funny thing to joke about sometimes, although citing the rather suspect one-in-four statistic is a bit of a downer.

But this is pretty offtopic and not SnK related.
>> No. 87484
So the real unanswered question...can someone explain why bolo ties of all things are a big accessory apparently?
>> No. 87490
File 139394612748.png - (207.63KB , 300x331 , 1366228916536.png )
Because Ozymandias, that's why.
>> No. 87491
It's not just Erwin; they're also worn by Pixis and that Military Police officer guy, which implies some association with authority either in-universe or in the author's eyes. I'm perplexed.
>> No. 87677
File 139477369941.jpg?spoiler - (42.72KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg?spoiler )
English VA for Sasha
>> No. 87678
File 139477649740.jpg - (50.40KB , 638x358 , Sasha teams up with future Bert and Reiner to figh.jpg )
Fuck yeah.
>> No. 87679
File 139477706487.jpg - (85.33KB , 1238x542 , smugvi.jpg )
>Levi is poor man's Troy Baker

>> No. 87694
Well, it looks like all the wars over Nanaba's gender are for naught, since they've confirmed her for a she on the manga front:

Knowing how Tumblr continued to fling shit about Hanji after Kodansha's statement though this probably still won't stop them.
>> No. 87728
I love that in a world where giant monsters are out and about devouring people and humanity itself seems at the brink, that people think that there would be time for the seemingly irrelevant focusing on the characters' gender issues. Furthermore, such a thing in a society such as the one we're shown, where things are clearly "old world-esque" by comparison to most modern day societies; thus most would likely not be accepting of such things for old religious/moral reasons or whatever.
>> No. 87729
This is Tumblr. The same place where you have lots of people bitching about how Steven Universe, a fairly progressive show by normal people's standards that's not obnoxious about it, is a horrible awful show that promotes racism and cultural appropriation because a character has a third eye in it.
>> No. 87730
Wait, what?
Are they serious about that?
>> No. 87732

It's Tumblr. You can find people who try to treat everything as dead serious. (Note that I'm not saying actual cultural appropriation is good or anything like that. It's just...Christ, Tumblr, don't go looking to be offended by everything.)
>> No. 87734
File 139507641566.jpg - (127.88KB , 682x958 , tumblr jojo.jpg )
Trans* issues are basically the hornets nest of Tumblr and attract the most disproportionate amount of wank and whiny SJW. Probably because even race, feminism, gay/lesbian rights, and even binarist transgenderism are too mainstream these days. I understand wanting better representation for all sorts of dismissed groups, but I doubt there would be that many nonbinary/agender/xe/asifdsawerbvese people compared to standard cishets and cishomos even if SnKverse was a totally liberal society, let alone were the real world that way. The number of "queer" headcanons I see flying around is insane, and even well-behaved fandoms like Jojo are starting to get them.
>> No. 87738
Of course it isn't, but to be honest nearly every accusation I've ever seen of "cultural appropriation" there turns out to be utter horseshit. Tumblr is like the worst place to learn about it because their perceptions of race are so beyond warped. I've been pointed to actual posts from SJW arguing that white people listening to K-pop is appropriating, or that interracial relationships are evil because the white person is obviously objectifying their partner and fetishizing them for their race. Truly we have entered hilarious territory when far leftists are making the same claims as the Nazis without irony.
>> No. 87739

Well, you might want to remember a simple fact about Tumblr: in terms of user demographics, people who keep an eye on such things consider Tumblr one of the ‘youngest’ social media platforms around today. Of course people without a bunch of life experience and research under their belts will write what we perceive as ‘dumb’ because they may not have the knowledge necessary to form a cogent and coherent argument on a subject — but on the flipside, I hear Tumblr also has a rather diverse userbase when regarding other demographics (e.g. ethnicity/race, gender, sexual orientation), so a lot of the ‘dumb stuff’ you read comes from people trying to figure out their lives and blogging about their own personal experiences in this crazy fucked-up world of ours.

I say that not to excuse the egregiously awful bullshit, but to provide at least some potential context for it and perhaps offer a new perspective on why it exists on Tumblr more than any other social media/blogging platform.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled Attack on Titan thread.
>> No. 87740

There is no regularly scheduled titan thread. Nobody here cares about the series.
>> No. 87741
I do, but there's nothing particularly unusual happening in the latest few chapters. Besides, outside of Tumblr the Titan haters are the way more vocal and obnoxious ones rather than the other way around.
>> No. 87742
File 139511199119.png - (167.38KB , 546x358 , blumenkranz intensifies.png )
Well, we did get Hanji being a stone cold bitch which was pretty cool.
>> No. 88117
I like it, but all this drama and these plot twists really keep anything from progressing.
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