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File 136627539974.jpg - (213.78KB , 520x639 , url.jpg )
82195 No. 82195
3.33 out NEXT WEEK

EVANGELION3.33 YOU CAN (NOT) R…youtube thumb
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>> No. 82196
I'm going to be sick
>> No. 82210
Oh boy, oh boy!
I cant wait for SF Debris to review it!
>> No. 82286
Well, that continuation of Panty & Stocking is (not) going to fund itself.
>> No. 82287

guys I didn't read any spoilers


guys did I do

did I do good
>> No. 82292
So, what are the estimates for the amount of time between the actual release of the movie and when a high quality fully subbed version will be available on the internet?
>> No. 82293

Less than a day.
>> No. 82294
This ain't made by Gainax, dude. Khara is Anno's own creation.
>> No. 82297
What you did there. I see it.
>> No. 82298
Just like that one Teenage Werewolf girl book I ones read.
No really the rest cast at the end was all like:
You survived through high school as a werewolf!
And that like the only thing I can really remmber from that book.
That it had the eva ending.
>> No. 82331
File 136670650287.jpg - (33.07KB , 500x376 , almost there.jpg )
>> No. 82345

Camrip subs, timed to fit the rip better:

UTW plans to release better and muxed subbed version out by weekend... if you can wait that long.
>> No. 82347
Can anyone vouch for how good the camrip subs are? I want good subs the first time I watch this movie, but I can't exactly check the grammar, accuracy of translation, etc. without spoiling the movie.

Unless the camrip subs are recommendable, I'll wait for UTW's release.
>> No. 82366
File 13668508566.jpg - (13.42KB , 300x200 , rxn (75).jpg )


>> No. 82367
Are you actually illiterate?

People have been watching the rip subs for awhile (obviously). They're apparently watchable, though being as I'm not THAT into Eva I intend to just wait.
>> No. 82368

No, but I don't want a camrip or to wait for what appears to be one guy at UTW.
>> No. 82369
...What the guy posted was the SUBS they made for the camrip, which have been retimed to fit the ACTUAL rip, which is the other thing he posted.

You just DL the rip and the subs, then load up the latter when you watch the former.
>> No. 82372

ohhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ok so that second thing gets plugged into the first thing
>> No. 82373
That is how subs work, yes.
>> No. 82382
You know, I'm probably laughing harder than I should.

In all fairness, I didn't know if he meant (vaguely) that he couldn't get it to download from mega, which is a common problem.
>> No. 82393

Man how was I supposed to know all I do is download .mkv I didn't know I didn't know man
>> No. 82425
Just saw the movie.

I have no idea what the fuck is going on anymore.

Why did Kaworu put the collar on?
>> No. 82458
I never really understood what SEELE was or how their goals were different from Gendou's.

Now I'm absolutely positive I don't understand.
>> No. 82459
Well it involves poking evangelions with lances in some specific manner.
>> No. 82460
SEELE: We want to start Third Impact and enact the Human Instrumentality project to become gods.

Gendo: I want to start Third Impact and enact the Human Instrumentality project because I miss my wife and want to see her again.
>> No. 82461

Then why is SEELE so complacent (and even thankful) for what Gendou does in 3.33?
>> No. 82462
Also, why does Gendou appear to be working with SEELE instead of under them in 3.33?
>> No. 82463
Also also what was happening when Fuyutski and Gendou were shutting off those SEELE monoliths? I thought those were just communication platforms, but they now appear to have been containment pods or some shit for whatever SEELE was?
>> No. 82464
Also also also why wasn't the ending of 2.22 explained in 3.33? Specifically, what happened to Asuka? Who or what is Mari? Where is Rei? Where did Kenji go? What happened after Kaworu shut down Unit 01 and stopped the Third Impact? Who or what is Kaworu?
>> No. 82465
I mean I can get it if this is a huge setup for 4.44 and that we're supposed to be clueless seeing this all from the perspective of an inexperienced and unloved Shinji, but.

>> No. 82466

...sorry, I thought you were talking about the TV series because of the past tense 'was'.

As punishment, I accidentally read some spoilers. fuuuck
>> No. 82469

Shit bro, my bad if I accidentally made you spoilers.

If it's any compensation, I guarantee that you will still enjoy the emotional torture-porn of Shinji that is 3.33.
>> No. 82478
They both ultimately want something similar, they were really ever only just battling over who gets to be in charge of the whole thing. When Shinji caused HI in EoE, he gave people the choice over whether they go back to being an individual or not. But he COULD have forced everyone to stay tang forever if he wanted to. Even though you SORT OF become 'one' with everybody in instrumentality, you also seem to retain a slight idea of your own self. And if you're the one who started instrumentality, you're in control of it (after a while anyway, the "opening ceremony" and initial tangification seems like something that has to happen). Seele and Gendo aren't really fighting over instrumentality, they both want that to happen in some way or another. What they are fighting over is who gets to become 'god' when HI happens.

They were thankful to Gendo because he told them he'd be fusing everyone's souls together ala EoE when he causes HI, and that they would be let in on that. They were happy because they were being told that they'd still be let into paradise. In EoE they were also very happy with HI just happening at all. They ideally want to be in charge, but just getting into what is essentially the series's version of Heaven is what they care about most.

He probably got promoted or something. Notice that metal thing over his eyes? Keel, the old guy who was sort of the head honcho of Seele in the original series, wore a similar device over his eyes. The visual allusion may be there to hint that Gendo has risen to a higher rank than before.

A lot has changed in 14 years, and while they used to be just a fancy communication hologram, they are evidently now where the minds of Seele were stored. This technology isn't completely new, Nerv's MAGI computer had the mind of Ritsuko's mother, just without an interface you could really speak to. As to why? Well Keel was just really fucking old and probably needed to do that in order to live this long, but that's just conjecture. Really this is one of those things that I don't think we'll ever be given an explanation for, Seele just had to be put into those things and stored at Nerv for some reason or another and that's all we'll probably ever get.

Asuka was left in a comatose state after that one battle in 2.22. Obviously, sometime in the last 14 years she was able to wake up from it, albeit with some bodily damage.

We still have no idea who Mari really is.

Rei is still inside Unit 1 somewhere, just really really deep. Deep enough to be apparently irretrievable.

Kenji? You mean Kaji? One of the guys on Misato's bridge briefly mentioned "Captain Kaji" so he's presumably working with Wille.

I'm still piecing together the clues on that one, I've got a few theories but they aren't really worth explaining at this stage. I'm also skipping them because this post is pretty long already and I don't feel like double posting. I do recommend watching the 3.0 trailer after the 2.22 credits though, one significant idea floating around is that everything in that trailer DID happen, it just happened before the events of 3.33.

Kaworu is to Adam what Rei is to Lilith; a partial clone and/or a carrier of their 'soul'. 2nd Impact was triggered by a human touching the frozen Adam in Antarctica, and a popular theory is that Kaworu gets the human side of his DNA from whoever that guy was, like Rei gets the human side of her DNA from Yui Ikari. Since he is a being from Adam, he qualifies as an angel and has some mysterious abilities.
>> No. 82480
Gotta wait for the 720 release...
>> No. 82481
So... just watched it.

I honestly wish they DID NOT make up that 2 second bullshit about piloting evas stops aging... 28 year old Asuka with an adult body would have been interesting. If you're going to do a time skip don't half ass it. If you want to keep your sexy teenager pilots, don't do a time skip.

Rei's voice that Shinji heard was probably Rei 2.0 still stuck in Eva 01, not Rei Q. The cassette player is probably some sort of key to release her.

Rewatch the 3.0 trailer at the end of 2.22 credits... none of that was in the movie. Since Kaworu's mk 6 was in Dogma, I guess that means the snippets of clips in the 3.0 trailer was actually what happened between 2.22 and 3.33.

Unanswered questions: why was Eva 01 floating out in space in a box? Did they just decide to rocket that thing to outer space after Kaworu stopped Third Impact? What did Kaworu mean when he said he went from being the First Angel to being the Thirteenth Angel? Why is there suddenly two different lances, where did the second one (Cassius) come from, and why was it NOT ACTUALLY where Kaworu thought it was? Makes me think multiple universe theory.

I wish Shinji stuck with Wille longer, just because I wanted to know more about them.

Shinji's neurotic break was so....... boring? Blase? It was not the quality of mindrape I have come to expect for Eva, very disappointed, 2/10 would not fuck

The trailer for 4.0 with Baron Asura Eva... probably will not happen.
>> No. 82482
He put the collar on to 1) gain Shinji's trust and 2) "shoulder his burden" IE if Fourth Impact occurs, Kaworu can be killed by Misato and stop the Fourth Impact instead of having to kill Shinji to stop the Fourth Impact.
>> No. 82483
Why does Asuka seem to have some sort of cat motif going on? Seems random as hell.
>> No. 82489
Yeah I really don't know where that came from.

Her Eva turning into a cat thing when it went beast was fucking stupid and pretty much the only thing off the top of my head that I really didn't like about the movie.

Yeah the pilots not aging was kinda weird. If Rebuild is a sequel then it works thematically in the sense that they can't move on, I guess. I think they were mostly kept that age because 1. Pedo fan service and 2. To keep some semi-believable sexual tension between them and Shinji. I think these reasons are pretty awful but the pilots staying young doesn't particularly bother me.

I think a better reason for not aging Asuka would have been because she is apparently part angel now, and that could fuck with a person's body in weird ways. Kaworu could have stayed young because he isn't human anyway. Rei could have been a newer clone and just a few years older than Shinji. Mari would have been the only one to age, and that seems somehow fitting for her.
>> No. 82493
I don't know what the fuck I just watched. I don't think they knew what the fuck they just produced.

Apparently, it went completely off the rails at the end of 2.0. I was greatly enjoying the theme in the first two movies of everything-we've-seen-before-but-more-badass. But this... I don't really think I liked it at all. (That is, I can't be sure whether I even liked it at all because my mind is all jello right now). There were a few moments of mouth-gaping badass, such as the Wunder starting to fly, and the battles were top-notch as usual. The scenery porn (piano porn?) was wonderful as Eva has always been.

But I just couldn't enjoy it. I couldn't. Nothing made any sense, and the battles just confused me because the line between angel and human and evangelion has been so blurred that I don't know what is what anymore. I didn't know who to believe should win.

I feel as if it was SUPPOSED to be badass and all that, but I just missed the boat because I DO [NOT] UNDERSTAND! <-- (That should have been the real title of the movie.) It felt just like when a friend of mine, a physics student in university, sent me a live feed of the Large Hadron Collider during the first activation and test. All these scientists were sitting around computer screens. The computers did stuff. Then the computers did something else, and everyone suddenly celebrated because apparently that data meant it worked. He told me it was amazing; he told me it was revolutionary; he told me that changed everything.

I get it. "Something" happened, yes. But what?? Because I'm not a physicist, I don't even really know what the LHC is even FOR, and I do not completely understand its function. All I know is that tons of money was poured into the project with years of build-up and publicity, and when it finally happened, I did not understand what happened.

This whole thing gave me the same confused feeling. As if I'd started watching an anime in the middle of the series after having missed the entire exposition. Like I'd been asleep for 14 years. Who are these people? What are they doing? What do they want? What is all this symbolism supposed to represent? Why am I here?!

Am I... ...am I Shinji...?

I think... I think I am.

I'm Shinji.

Okay, it makes sense now. Carry on, guys.
>> No. 82497
I laughed out loud at the part where Shinji starts asking what the hell is going on.
>> No. 82498
I feel like not much actually happened, and most of what did happen, I didn't understand. I don't think I've ever been genuinely confused by an Eva product before, but I certainly am now.
>> No. 82499
I don't see why you are trying to make sense of it, its just terrible gainax milking of their biggest cashcow.

Its simply bad.
>> No. 82500
Because Rebuild 1 and 2 were solid, fairly straightforward movies and massive improvements in every category on the original series/EoE.

I mean, I get when you play the Third Impact card halfway through an Eva film series, the later parts have to do some strange shit to keep things going forward, but I honestly don't really know what strange shit they DID in this movie.
>> No. 82503
Isn't Anno using his own studio to make this, though? I've seen people accusing him of going full George Lucas.
>> No. 82505

This. It feels like more setup than anything, which I'll be ok with if 4.44 is released not too long from now and actually delivers, but right now I just oh god I don't even
>> No. 82507
I feel like an Eva movie isn't something that should immediately be judged. It takes some time to attempt piecing everything together before you can say it makes sense or not. The first time you saw EoE, I have kind of a hard time believing you thought to yourself "yes, I understand exactly what just happened".

I've seen 3.0 twice now and I've looked at some online speculation. I don't understand everything but I understand a lot more than I did before. Eva has always had a big confusing mess of a plot that needs to be pieced together to be understood, to me that's part of the fun.

Plus there's one more movie to go, so yeah.
>> No. 82509
I'm not familiar enough with animu to even begin looking into this on my own, but is there some kind of trope where only eye is ever visible on a character, even if they have both still?

Talking about you, Misato.

>> No. 82512
Not one specific to anime that I'm aware of. But there's this:


In Misato's case, I'd say it's a double case--part concealment/deception and part vulnerability. Her wild, devil-may-care party girl attitude is a front(deception) for her deep insecurities and self-loathing and fears of abandonment (vulnerabilities). So the "only seeing one eye" thing is a visual manifestation of the shields she's put up around her psyche, and how we only ever really get a good look at one side of her, not the whole picture.

But then again, Evangelion has a thing about eyes in general. Gendo's glasses, Rei's bandages, Asuka getting her eye injured, etc. When something shows up that often, it starts becoming a motif that could be indicative of the story as a whole rather than specific to a character.

...but then again, remember that we're talking about Eva here. Anno is on record as explicitly saying that he would sometimes throw in symbolism just because it seemed cool and not because it was making a point. The remakes might be refining on the stuff that came out via "emergent symbolism" (to coin a phrase, assuming someone else hasn't already), but it could also just be a happy accident to fuel speculation.
>> No. 82514
>Asuka getting her eye injured

Audience: Hey, how did Asuka hurt her eye?
Shinji: Asuka, how'd you hurt your eye?
Audience: Yes, how did you hurt your eye?
Audience: nyoro~n
>> No. 82515
She didn't hurt her eye, she keeps an angel in there instead.
>> No. 82517
>The first time you saw EoE, I have kind of a hard time believing you thought to yourself "yes, I understand exactly what just happened".

Yes, but the first time I saw End it was beautiful and epic and spectacular and revolutionary and mind-blowing and stirring and so much more. It was like a Picasso work, in a way. Maybe it wasn't quite realistic, and probably you can't even guess what it is supposed to BE... but all the same you can feel the artistic triumph and talent and effort that went into it.

3.0 was just a mess. I can't describe it much more succinctly than that. Pretty just for the sake of being pretty, weird just for the sake of being weird, confusing just for the sake of being confusing.

And after coming out and saying that Rebuild was supposed to be "more accessible" to people who were not hardcore fans of the original series, making 3.0 LIKE THAT and pulling shit like having the trailer be some kind of okay-this-happened-in-between-the-movies and not have anything from the actual movie... I get the impression Anno is just being a massive troll. Like he's seriously FUCKING with us just to deconstruct the fandom in a meta way. Kind of how some theorize all of Eva was a big "screw you" to the otaku phenomenon in general.

Because, seriously, absolutely EVERYTHING ends up opposite of whatever the audience wants. You want Shinji to get with Asuka? We'll have him get closest to another boy. You ended up LIKING that other boy? Okay, we'll bring him back just to brutally murder him again. You thought Shinji standing up for himself was nice? Okay, we'll make him a wuss again in the next movie. You like it when Asuka kicks ass? How about she'll always get her ass kicked from now on. You like Touji? I'll cripple Touji. You like Rei's character development? I'll kill Rei, multiple times. You like the cute penguin? I'll send him away. You like awesome versions of the TV series' angels? Time to go completely original. You thought Third Impact was about to happen? I'll stop it in the middle, then start Fourth Impact, and then STOP THAT ONE TOO BECAUSE WE CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH IMPACTS!!! So many, in fact, that instead of calling the impending one Fifth Impact, we're just naming it Final Impact. There have been so many Impacts that we stopped numbering them, just like the direct-to-video Land Before Time sequels. Ffffffffuck.

I think what I am trying to get at is that I just DID NOT LIKE 3.0. And considering that I've enjoyed everything Eva before now, even episodes 25 and 26, that's gotta mean something.
>> No. 82518

I can totally agree that there's a sincere lack of "man, that was something" at the end of watching 3.33 for me.

It was more of a "man, that was...things? There were things. Some of them."
>> No. 82519
>And after coming out and saying that Rebuild was supposed to be "more accessible" to people who were not hardcore fans of the original series

Yeah there's no way newcomers will have any idea what the hell is going on. Hell, most longtime fans have no idea what the hell is going on. I get the impression they started out with that in mind and then just ditched the "accessible" thing completely.

>You want Shinji to get with Asuka? We'll have him get closest to another boy. You ended up LIKING that other boy? Okay, we'll bring him back just to brutally murder him again. You thought Shinji standing up for himself was nice? Okay, we'll make him a wuss again in the next movie. You like it when Asuka kicks ass? How about she'll always get her ass kicked from now on. You like Touji? I'll cripple Touji. You like Rei's character development? I'll kill Rei, multiple times. You like the cute penguin? I'll send him away. You like awesome versions of the TV series' angels? Time to go completely original.

Keep in mind the moment we're approaching in Rebuild's overarching story at the end of 3.0 is about where the narrative would be expected to be at its darkest and most bleak. I mean, pretty much everything you just listed as a complaint, sans the lack of angels, happened in the tv show between the battle with the one angel (the last one who returned in 2.22, I forget his name) and the end of episode 24. These are all being done in different ways here but the pacing is quite similar to the show.

I agree completely about Impacts being cheapened though. I feel like Evas going berserk have also lost their magnitude for pretty much the same reason.

>> No. 82529
File 136736859810.jpg?spoiler - (2.86MB , 1920x5000 , 1367356949381.jpg?spoiler )
oh god
>> No. 82530
So, there are things that were shown in the last movie that make sense now?

How is that anything new?
>> No. 82531
... so Asuka really does have an angel in there.

That's... that's so stupid.
>> No. 82533
Just watched the first movie with a friend. I. . .have SO MANY questions about the damn logistics of all this.

-The retractable city
-Shinji's school
-Misato's apartment
-The apocalyptic ruined city
Where are all of the above located relative to one another? Like, are they really having all of the Eva pilots go to a single school building that is NOT able to retract into the ground on short notice? The president has the secret service watching over him at all times, and that guy has 10 qualified replacements in different locations throughout the country.

What kind of technology are they using to MAKE all these superstructures? Even setting aside the Geofront (how do those trees get sufficient light), how do you excavate a pit deep enough to fit the tallest skyscrapers in the world? Hand an EVA unit a shovel? How many full-time therapists' salaries does that COST?

I mean, any answers that are spoilers, don't actually tell me. But aaaaagh.
>> No. 82534
Dagda have you never seen NGE.

Are you real?
>> No. 82536

Tokyo-3 is a futuristic megacity designed specifically for mobility against Angels. That's about as detailed as you need to get about those logistics.
>> No. 82537
You are talking about a series in which people have the technology to genetically engineer customized angel clones to make what appear to be giant robots. Also, religious mythology is literally true, even the weird parts. In fact, especially the weird parts. Eva's depiction of angels is more like the angels actually described in actual abrahammic mythology than pretty much anything Western artists have ever done--seriously, the descriptions in the torah, bible, and the apocrypha could seamlessly be slipped into a Lovecraft story.

What I'm saying is: the laws of physics should seriously be the last of your worries. You really want to goggle at the science of it all, try to figure out a canonical size for an Eva.
>> No. 82540
It's one of those things where I never WATCHED it firsthand, but I've seen 75% of the series through amv footage and a thousand other things. I gave up on avoiding spoilers back in high school. Hell, I read re-take and understood it with very little difficulty.

The biggest surprises have been how LITTLE context I was missing on a lot of moments- thus far, there's much less exposition than I was expecting.

Then why is half the city utterly mundane year-2000-era stuff
>> No. 82541
>Then why is half the city utterly mundane year-2000-era stuff
Because pretty much the entire gross national product of Japan has been spent on the Eva program (and a little bit on Jet Jaguar) and anti-angel defense since Second Impact.
>> No. 82544
Okay, that works.
>> No. 82548
Dagda the only answers I can know would be from the original series and to be frank with the way so many things have changed in the movies there's no guarantee it would even be close to accurate here.

For the excavation thing, in the original show the whole cavern is part of Lilith, the Second Angel's original vessel, named the Black Moon, which landed on earth 4 billion years ago during First Impact. Japan literally grew over it. You can see it rise up into space during End of Eva. The other one was called the White Moon under the antartic which held Adam, the First Angel.

But like I said, things are probably different in the movies.
>> No. 82550
File 13674450018.jpg - (31.98KB , 640x356 , inverted pyramid.jpg )
Well, this explains that.

In episode 7 of the tv series Nerv actually gets a lot of flack from outside agencies for being such a colossal money drain. One guy is complaining that they still need to rebuild the world after second impact, that there are still loads of countries filled with starvation and resource wars, but somehow Nerv is being given priority.

Of course the real reason is that the show's version of the illuminati have very specific plans, and they need Nerv to be funded and working in order to execute those plans. They don't care what happens to the rest of the world, they just pool their resources to where they need to be. As the show progresses the Nerv personnel can be heard complaining about budget cuts and running out of money, which actually (sort of) becomes important later on.

You should really watch the original show before the other Rebuilds, or you'll really have no idea what the fuck is happening. Most stuff explained in the show is stuff the movies just kind of assume you know. And besides that, the show is very good.
>> No. 82602
>> No. 82607
>You Can (Not) Rebound
I have no clue what I just watched, but I can (not) stop laughing.
>> No. 82638
File 136789032374.jpg - (73.57KB , 500x277 , 1367868232056.jpg )
Well, if someone wanted us to relate to Shinji in some way, they succeeded.

I suddenly understand jack shit.
>> No. 82640
>1.11 - Shinji does what he's told and everyone hates him for it.
>2.22 - Shinji does what he wants and everyone hates him for it.
>3.33 - Shinji doesn't do anything and everyone hates him for it.

>4.44 - Everyone hates Shinji.
>> No. 82641
Uh, my VLC is throwing up an error when I try to play that .ass. Any quick fixes?
>> No. 82642

I see a pattern! It's the same behavior as each of the Children's numbers.

1.11 - Shinji acts like First Children, Rei (is compliant).
2.22 - Shinji acts like Second Children, Asuka (is selfish).
3.33 - Shinji acts like Third Children, himself (is helpless).

4.44 - Shinji acts like Fourth Children, Touji (is horribly crippled.)

Or else: Shinji acts like Fifth Children, Kaworu. (sacrifices himself to save everyone else.)

And wouldn't that last one just be just totally out of left field? Wouldn't it pretty much completely redeem Shinji as a character in a way that would cause even the most hardcore hater think better of him? Wouldn't that make even Asuka stand up, one tear rolling down her cheek, and give a sincere "thank you, Shinji"? Oh God, I want this to happen... I'm a sucker for heroic sacrifice. I'd cry for an hour, no joke.
>> No. 82643
First, stop that.

Secondly, that post is pointless since proper subs have already been put out.
>> No. 82644
Here let me fix that for you
Wouldn't that make even Asuka stand up, one tear rolling down her cheek, and give a sincere [spoiler]"Anta Baka? Why couldn't you save the world without dying, you idiot?"[/spoiler]

Anyway, Mari is fourth child in Rebuild.

4.44 - Shinji acts like Mari, and all the build up we were given making us think he would matter to the plot turns out to be a red herring. He becomes a mostly pointless side character who makes cat faces. His relationships with other characters are barely explored.

Yeah I know Mari might actually become relevant in 4.0 but so far I don't like her.
>> No. 82656
File 136798838443.jpg - (167.87KB , 580x650 , Evangelion bdee02d6c8c6eba155b05fb181744908.jpg )
>Day is saved but his hands are mangled beyond repair
>can't play musical instruments anymore
>last scene is of him futilely trying to play a piano
>after a few moments Rei steps in and sits next to him and the two play Chopsticks together
>Shinji stops playing and Rei plays a simple piano piece as he rests his head on her shoulder

I'd be down with that.
>> No. 82822
File 136877211525.jpg - (130.75KB , 811x903 , comics-critical-miss-evangelion-sex-690118.jpg )
>> No. 82840
This expresses exactly how I feel about Shinji. Wow.
>> No. 82841
Having sex wouldn't have made all his problems go away, or make everyone in the series less fucked up
>> No. 82844
I kind of sympathize with both Stout and Shinji there, but yeah, sex with any of the available women in Shinji's life would probably just make everything more fucked up. Shit, he already jacked off to a girl in a coma.
>> No. 82847
And thats why he NEED to get laid.
>> No. 82854
No, what he needs is psychological counselling, everyone else around him not also being fucked in the head and/or trying to manipulate him and maybe not having to pilot a giant humanoid abomination he shares the sensation of pain with into battle against alien monstrosities while old men in mysterious councils plan to use him to bring about the end of the world on their own terms.

Really no one seems to get the point of that scene, all the loss he's experienced through the 'war' against the angels is the reason why he's there talking to the comatose Asuka, when he inadvertently causes her to roll over exposing her breasts and he reacts to it by masturbating the first thing he says after finishing is to despair at how fucked up he is, its to show how broken he's become at the consent attrition and why he's so listless for EoE.
>> No. 82877
God damn that's a sweet image.
>> No. 83044
Here is a pretty good summary of the events of 3.33
some spoilers for obvious reasons.
>> No. 83224
Just saw 3.33!

This thread probably helped alot by lowering my expectations, but I actually enjoyed it. Honestly, I'm thinking the main reason is just that. . .Eva has conceptually-really-interesting stuff onscreen in just about every other shot, and the other two movies were 80% reheated concepts that had already been leaking into my awareness bit by bit for the last decade (through amvs/parodies/what have you). This is the first time I've been exposed in a "fire hose" way instead of a "drip feed".
>> No. 83225
A haiku:

Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay
Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay
Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay

>> No. 83260

>> No. 83266
File 137058630862.png - (126.52KB , 847x405 , Picture 4.png )
...Are we... banning people for making light-hearted and unmalicious jokes about gay subtext, now?

Shinji and Kaworu's relationship in the movie was heavy in the homosexual, as it has always been in pretty much every incarnation of the series. Completely intentionally.
>> No. 83267
I think it might be that one anon with the super-thin skin reporting everything under the sun that even slightly upsets her. But let's not turn it into a shitty meta-discussion. Take it to the /baw/ plus4 thread.
>> No. 83274
>Is there a good explanation for this (that doesn't involve Shinji being gay)?

At this point, Shinji is aware that Rei is not only a clone, but a clone from a giant fishtank of mindless bodies that might be related to his own mother. She horrifies him by merely existing, much less as a gigantic naked demigod trying to get him.

On the other hand, Shinji's last breaking point was being forced to murder Kaworu, when he didn't even feel Kaworu had done anything wrong. Seeing him suddenly appear like that gave Shinji an emotional escape by allowing him to plausibly deny that he had killed Kaworu at all. His reaction was less, "Oh God, I love you!" and more, "You're alive? Thank God; everything is okay, then."

Also, the fact was that GNR appeared to everyone in the guise of the person they most trusted in order to lower their AT-Field and make them into Tang. The fact that this person was also a person they loved is just reasonable coincidence. At that point in the series (or, even, at the very beginning of the series) Shinji is utterly incapable of feeling love. Lust, yes. Trust, probably only up until Kaworu. But not love.

(As for that ban, it was probably just because it was a really lousy haiku, and contributed nothing to the thread.

"We play a duet
This piano metaphor
Now my hand is wet"

Is that better?)
>> No. 83282
Is it possible he's too traumatized to have sex with anyone? Depression and anxiety can be a boner killer.
>> No. 83291

Shinji's issues don't seem to be about physical intimacy so much as more fundamental basic human interaction and coexistence.
>> No. 83294
>GNR appeared to everyone in the guise of the person they most trusted in order to lower their AT-Field and make them into Tang

This was true for some people, but not everyone. Like whatshis face and the million naked Reis laughing at him as he was forcibly exploded into Tang, scared out of his mind. Unless they decided it was best to just scare his AT field away.
>> No. 83352
File 137094747554.png - (235.47KB , 674x776 , Shigeru_Aoba.png )
He was too cool a dude, he was satisfied with his personal life so they had no angle to goad him into conforming with the Tang clan, thus they had to forcefully induct him.
>> No. 84112
File 13746792184.jpg - (357.14KB , 970x912 , the thing we do to are selfs.jpg )
>> No. 84115
Huh, that's a more positive interpretation than I've seen most people make.

The way I thought it worked for him was that he was a loner and just didn't have anyone he really cared about, I thought of him as the kinda person too bitter to let himself care about others. I mean, the Reis took the form of whoever the to-be-tanged wanted to be with most, if he had anyone at all he really cared about then the Reis should have looked like them. Everyone else actually looked pretty happy when they got tanged, but he was terrified of the Reis touching him, and I took this to mean (symbolically) that he's the kind of person too afraid to let anyone into his heart. I believe this more depressing interpretation of things because it seems to tie in better with Eva's main themes, and because happy, content people are just something that I can't really imagine being a character in the original show and EoE.

Not trying to say your interpretation is wrong or anything, just sharing my own take on things.

Also this series really has the best minor characters ever.
>> No. 84192
Much fun as it is, buggering your issues away does not solve your issues
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