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File 13653741565.jpg - (18.47KB , 143x200 , A14961-1464721700_1363880100[1].jpg )
81960 No. 81960

>While fighting an intense inter-galactic war, a mecha pilot was accidentally warped into a space-time neither he nor the computer of his mecha could recognize. After waking up from a long-time hibernation, he found himself trapped on a planet, with human residents talking in an unknown form of language, using inferior technologies, and -- most shocking to him -- naturally breathable air.
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>> No. 81968
S9o, can we expect sufferin' as usual?
>> No. 81972
Oh, that's an Urobochi thing? I guess I could do with a little more existential dread in my life.
>> No. 81977
Probably? The opening is a bug war, but nobody has a clear idea of where Urobuchi's going with this.
>> No. 81989
>nobody has a clear idea of where Urobuchi's going with this
Five bucks on "pain and suffering", if not "existential dread".
>> No. 81996
>> No. 81997
On a related note...
Oh silly tumblr, that is less gender issues and more Urobuchi being the usual Urobutcher.
But yeah, that SUFFRIN' GIRLS can be perceived as an unfortunate implication by some.
>> No. 82000
Eh. In some cases it'd be fair to call that Unfortunate Implications, but I don't think it's fair in this case. The story made it seem like everyone is going to suffer, and the girls happen to be the ones chosen for Special Suffering because this story is a deconstruction of Magical Girl anime. And the fact that Madoka made it all better (except for Sayaka, for whom suffering is her raisson d'etre).
>> No. 82001
It's an almost logical extrapolation based on other magical girl works using those powers and situations to celebrate femininity and show its relevance and importance in the world. Since Madoka takes all that stuff and turns it into misery, when comparing it to other magical girl works, it looks like it's condemning the aspects that the powers represent, instead of just twisting the powers and premise in general. There's a point in there, even if it's muddled: Maguorka's good, but it shouldn't be the standard at all.
>> No. 82156
>Episode 2
Aaaaaand I'm sold.
>> No. 82182
File 136615968860.gif - (540.21KB , 500x257 , 118221l.gif )
>Ledo disintegrates hundreds of unsuspecting pirates with hyper-accurate laser beams.

>> No. 82204
In other Urobuchi news

>> No. 82211
So, he wants to bring the concepts of despair and suffering to younger audiences?
>> No. 82296
Episode 3 has sharkbots and rocket surfing lobster bots so I'm pretty sure this show can officially do no wrong.
>> No. 82310
You just know that thing is going to run out of power at the most inconvenient time. Probably once they're most reliant on it.
>> No. 82334
Well, that's quite a surprise.
>> No. 82673
Just watched 4 and 5. This show's actually pretty chill so far, I actually greatly enjoyed the "beach" episode in 5.

...Except for that part with the crossdressers. God damn it Urobuchi, I thought you were above that bullshit. Oh well.
>> No. 82674
Actually I seem to have misunderstood the degree to which Urobuchi was involved on this.

>Work on the series was started around November of 2010, according to Hirasawa, one of the show's producers. The mechanical designer, Iwashiro, says that he began his design work about two months in, and that the mechanical designs were focused on bringing out aspects of the plot. The roundness of the Machine Caliber's design was meant to bring out a sense of gentleness and familiarity. The difference between the personalities of Chamber and Striker were to represent a sense of a child and a grown adult.

>After about a half year's worth of work, Kazuya Murata was brought in as the series director. Murata had always had the idea for making a story involving people living on ships atop a world of water about ten years before the series started. Some of the story had already been arranged, but he introduced the concept of people living on giant boats, and Urobuchi, who had been involved since the beginning, liked the idea a lot and quickly worked it into the story. According to Urobuchi, as they revised the plot further, Murata tended to have a very good sense of judgement as to what to put in and what not to put in, and was clear about what he was looking for, so the organization went a lot smoothly than he thought it might have. Urobuchi was put in charge of writing the first and last episodes once the green-light was given for a thirteen-episode series in order to set the theme for the other writers.
>> No. 82677
So basically, he wrote the introduction, and then the ending where everyone dies from falling rocks, and it was up to the other episode directors to connect the dots.
>> No. 82678
I suppose. At the least I doubt he had anything to do with the "ew trannies" part.

I'd like to think someone as clearly well read and thoughtful as Urobuchi would be above that kind of base nonsense.
>> No. 82752
File 136837919535.gif - (576.18KB , 318x269 , mm6j3g4m6M1rp5fji.gif )
>Find screens of Gargantia 06

I am not ready for this lewd.
>> No. 82754
We know Urobuchi is down with the GLB part of GLBT, so it's not that much of a stretch to assume.
>> No. 82756
File 136841645838.gif?nsfw - (1.12MB , 480x270 , 1368412803624.gif?nsfw )
I honestly thought I was above this.

But hnnng.
>> No. 82757
File 136841778922.png - (513.16KB , 854x480 , mETb55h.png )
>> No. 82759

I can't handle all this PLOT
>> No. 82763
...Wait, aren't those girls all, like, 14?

>> No. 82768
I see you're new to Japanese media. I hope you learn to enjoy it.
>> No. 82769
File 136855607073.jpg - (66.10KB , 598x349 , 8edec8d951b2b99e588d0aa9ca71e70e1367271281_full.jpg )
The ages are kinda... odd
>> No. 82772
19? Bullshit. That chick is at least in her 30s.
>> No. 82777

I can't read nippon but I think those little squiggly lines are saying "this number times 1.33 is their age."
>> No. 82778
File 136859437653.jpg - (90.54KB , 750x600 , yoko_littner_by_mccloudfamilytree-d3h2jij.jpg )
In anime 25+ = over 60
>> No. 82792
File 136866563336.jpg - (64.23KB , 640x905 , MisatoKatsuragi.jpg )
Misato is 29.
>> No. 82795
File 13686754896.png - (1.55MB , 1346x1965 , 3_0_Misato.png )

Don't you mean 43?
>> No. 82800
Still mai waifu.
>> No. 82803
I don't watch the show this thread is about, but whats the name of the girl/woman in it that looks a bit like Yoko but with a tan?
>> No. 82804
File 136871366816.jpg - (290.31KB , 1440x810 , suisei-no-gargantia-ep5-screen-22-spoilanime-com.jpg )
Isn't the age of consent in Japan like 13?
>> No. 82805
It is in a lot of countries.
>> No. 82806
>> No. 82807
Sure perhaps in backwards child-raping foreign nations like the middle-east or Japan.

Around where I'm from its 16.
>> No. 82808
It's 16 in Japan too. Yes the national age limit is something like 13 but all that means is it's as low as the prefectures are allowed to go. In practice, all prefectures have it set to 16 as the lowest (for some it's 18).
>> No. 83154
Houston, we have plot twist. It's not quite as cruel as I'd like from Urobuchi, but revealing that the story is just Total Annihilation fanfiction with squid symbiosis instead of consciousness transferal is pretty funny too.
>> No. 83163
File 137027066911.png - (783.69KB , 835x650 , 1370264291383[1].png )
Haha oh wow.

Keep on keeping on Butcher.
>> No. 83168
All of that is from his stuff?
Looks like he's got some serious problems... O_O
>> No. 83177
Most of that stuff appears in multiple works of his.
>> No. 83178

You can cross off Hamartia and Utilitarianism from this latest episode.
>> No. 83182
It seems you're new to Urobuchi.
Let me put it on this way: for him there's only suffering, and slightly less suffering.
>> No. 83186
Don't forget "anticipation of suffering."
>> No. 83189
I get all of them but Literary References. The only one where I noticed any of them overwhelmingly was Psycho-Pass, and there I got the impression it was for the sake of coming off as deeper than it really was.
>> No. 83191
Well, Madoka Magica was pretty much a retelling of Faust.
>> No. 83194
Oh nah I heard of the guy, never watched or read (or played?) anything. Just didn't know he was THIS fucked up, but it was sort of a given I guess.
>> No. 83383
I really feel like this show needed to be longer, or else decide to deal with either the young people metaphor or transhumanism instead of doing both. More time or more focus.

Well there's two episodes left, we'll see how that plays I guess.
>> No. 83576
>Episode 12
That fight scene was actually pretty fucking awesome, especially what Rakage was pulling with the Surfing Lobster.

Kugel being dead was super obvious though.
>> No. 83642
But where is the suffering?

Being bored doesn't count.
>> No. 83685
Chamber; best robot, best friend
>> No. 83686
This show's main problem really was not having enough episodes for the plot they had (also, shit characters). Actual battle was pretty cool but the ending was rushed as fuck and the whole Hideauze thing really turned out mostly irrelevant.

Also the only character I truly liked died. At least he was able to unleash his inner Sugita in his last moments.
>> No. 83687
okay what apparently we are getting 3 extra episodes for the BD release
>> No. 83688
So what happens to the rest of Kugel's followers?

They blow up the castle and then they just kinda give up. Their fate is kind of important here and can totally change how this story ended.
>> No. 83691
File 137266147226.jpg?spoiler - (137.04KB , 1280x720 , [UTW-Vivid]_Suisei_no_Gargantia_-_13_[h264-720p][E.jpg?spoiler )
Looked like they were being registered to join Gargantia in the ending credits.
>> No. 84726
劇場版 魔法少女まど…youtube thumb
New trailer for the 3rd Madoka movie.
Including a new magical loli.
>> No. 84731
>Magical Loli

I'm assuming you mean a new one?
>> No. 84739
File 137872518825.gif - (236.07KB , 1367x1000 , Konachan_com - 94115 amezawa_koma blonde_hair cake.gif )
>pink polka dot dress covering most of her body
>ringed, yellow eyes
>main colors black, pink and white

Could it be...?
>> No. 84768
New OVA out.

Takes place somehow between 8 and 9

Pretty much a haunted house episode
>> No. 84790
テレビCM 「劇場版 魔…youtube thumb
>> No. 85426
So, how was Rebellion?
Some people said Urobuchi was forced into leave it's ending open for more spin-offs. But I have no source for this, and it sounds more like mere speculation if you ask me.
>> No. 85725
>Watching some comments on the rebellion movie from multiple places
>People are getting mad at the last 20 min of the film when Homura "loses her shit" and goes full Homucifer
>People also ignoring all the subtle foreshadowing for that moment
>"It ruins Homura's character and the general message of the show"
>People forgetting that Urobuchi writes this

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