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>> No. 83563
File 13721046938.png - (86.88KB , 369x319 , dicks.png )
Story of my life.
>> No. 83827
>> No. 83832
That sure is a nice fan made op.
>> No. 83845
File 137336167232.png - (273.57KB , 438x671 , 1318215703614.png )
>the voice actress
>> No. 83846
File 137338387190.png - (365.66KB , 550x310 , i spoke totally normally with someone.png )
That first episode was so much more painful than reading the manga imo
>> No. 83847
Which is why Japs will hate it.
>> No. 83853
Which is why I hate it, mainly.

Besides, after just reading through a bit of a "slice of life" taken from some shut in's memoirs, only re-written to be through the eyes of some shoddy "waifu" material, the novelty wears off quickly.
>> No. 83855
Nothing about her is waifu material.
>> No. 83857
Then its time to broaden your interpretation, friend.
>> No. 83858
Does "waifu" just mean "female in anime and/or manga" at this point then
>> No. 83859
Literally the point of the show is how she can't function in 90% of social situations, what about that screams waifu to you?
>> No. 83861
>omg so cute she cant talk to anyone so if she falls in love with me i'll be the only person in her world lol ^^
>> No. 83862
I'm gonna say from the get-go that I haven't read this... And that's probably the main reason why I think this but

Doesn't she seem a bit pandery to you guys?
I mean... There's that THING don't you think?
>> No. 83863
She is literally the artist of the manga when she was in school.
>> No. 83864
Honestly, I think she is an awful person, which is why I immediately side-eye all the girls who go "omg she is so me" and any guy who would want her as a girlfriend.

Yuu-chan seems like a nice girl, though.
>> No. 83865
Oh huh. Right right.
Guess I didn't throw that into the equation.

Maybe I should read this.
Make up my own mind instead of just hearing everyone say stuff about it being painfully relatable or how overrated it is, I dunno.
>> No. 83866
>any guy who would want her as a girlfriend.
every fucking weeb ever
>> No. 83867
If you unironically use term weeb, you might want to look for boards that aren't called /jam/ - Japan, Anime, & Manga.
>> No. 83868
If you unironically think it's unacceptable for channers to make fun of themselves and each other, you might want to find a different kind of forum.
>> No. 83869
nobody but weebs themselves use the term weeb
>> No. 83872
I think we're dealing with the ultimate kind of weeb.

The hipster weeb.
>> No. 83873
watched it, I didn't find it really special. It has some nice animation but that's it.
>> No. 83875
SHE DOESN'T WASH REGULARLY, Her skin is oily to the point of slimy, her dark sunken eyes are a result of not sleeping.

She can barely function, she would like a boyfriend yes, but she couldn't even converse with the worst nerd because she's the worst nerd.

You notice the little tendency she has where at the first sign of something wrong she blames it all on other people in a hysterical fever pitch?

She's all kinds of fucked up and I just don't see what about her is waifu material.
>> No. 83878
She's a girl. In an anime. That's enough to make some people lose their shit and accuse anyone watching it of being moefags.
>> No. 83879
>You notice the little tendency she has where at the first sign of something wrong she blames it all on other people in a hysterical fever pitch?
That reminds me- apparently the direct translation of the title isn't actually "It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular" but actually "It's Your Guy's Fault I'm Not Popular."
So, yeah. Horrible person.
>> No. 83882
And Rorschach is apparently husbando material so.
>> No. 83885
Tomoko and Rorschach are my new OTP
>> No. 83890
Thats kinda usually because the main design choices whilst making characters in anime usually boil down to "issu she kawaii desu ka".
>> No. 83988
So far I actually feel like the anime is way less hard hitting than the manga, but then only two episodes are out, and the stuff that got to me in the manga hasn't been in the show yet.

Really liking the show so far though. She really is a girl version of my high school self, and it feels great to just have a nice laugh over how fucked up I was back then.

Well, I can still relate to the character a whole lot more than I probably should, but it feels nice to laugh at present-day-me too.
>> No. 83991
File 137398864152.jpg - (27.03KB , 554x312 , moeshit.jpg )
I think I liked this episode more than the last because it was one of my favorite stories in the manga.
>> No. 84264
File 137540957295.png - (1.06MB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-07-31-23h55m09s231.png )

I'd still hit it.
>> No. 84265
So how about that dad?
>> No. 84280
Her dad is the simply the best. You can see how much he really cares for her, even when given a situation as cringe worthy as walking in on your daughter post-possible masturbation.
>> No. 84283
>That reminds me- apparently the direct translation of the title isn't actually "It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular" but actually "It's Your Guy's Fault I'm Not Popular."
So, yeah. Horrible person.
More specifically, "No matter how you look at it, it's you guys' fault I'm not popular." You can see why they just call it "watamote" in Japan.
>> No. 84286
I just realized something.

This is basically that "Realistic Konata" story from a few years back!
How she was a friendless shut in, as opposed to a colourful-haired eccentric friendly gal.
Totally taken from that.
>> No. 84358
Yeah, also Kurokona is a thing from way back. Mangakas plagiarize like shit. Not that it's actually a bad thing or anything.

It's actually interesting to follow the popular trends in Japan when there's basically zero effort to hide who's copying who.
>> No. 84359
Uh, social retardation has been around longer than Lucky Star.
>> No. 84367
Indeed it has, that's very observant. That's a nice start for a list of said similarities, please make another.
>> No. 84829
File 137930162154.jpg - (44.50KB , 1280x720 , 1379284195732[1].jpg )

She does bathe. That oily skin thing was just from one episode.
>> No. 84853

>> No. 84918
File 138009272416.png - (223.23KB , 1117x1600 , img000002.png )
>> No. 85031
WATAMOTE ~ No Matter How I Loo…youtube thumb

Check this dub. It's not good.
>> No. 85075
Apparently they aren't dubbing the show, they're airing it subbed. They just used an English VA for that commercial.
>> No. 85113
Yeah, sure.
Whatever tumblr.
>> No. 85114

That...all seems pretty accurate to me?
>> No. 85121
The only problem I see with this is that if you relate to Tomoko in any way other than "ugh what a terrible person I was" you're awful because she's awful and hateful and hypocritical and deserves all the shit she gets.
>> No. 85125

I don't agree with that at all. Not the part where you say that she's an awful person, mind you, but the idea that relating to her makes you a terrible person as well.

She is always hateful, and hypocritical, and bitter, and every other flavor of terrible under the sun. But there's always a reason for it. She's not terrible for no reason, she's terrible for petty reasons; usually, embarrassment. Can't we all point to a point in our lives where we were embarrassed, so we did something stupid and hurtful to cover it up? Especially when we were self-conscious hormonal teenagers? Now remember that Tomoko lives in a state of almost perpetual humiliation. Is it any wonder she's so terrible?

That doesn't excuse her behavior, of course, any more than it excused our behavior when we acted like little shits. But it makes it understandable. And that's all we need for relateability.
>> No. 85127
Yeah, relating to a terrible person doesn't make you terrible--it's the entire conceit behind a sympathetic villain that bad people can have sympathetic traits that make you identify with them. It doesn't mean you think they're in the right, but it means you can see your own flaws in that person and that makes them a more real person, and someone who you wish could find redemption even though you don't necessarily think they will.
>> No. 85128
File 138180344680.jpg - (241.22KB , 960x1280 , TomokoPasta.jpg )
>> No. 85129
Someone must have told him that we call her "Spaghetti-tan."
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