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File 135932994643.jpg - (201.29KB , 1280x1440 , 1291258356551.jpg )
81072 No. 81072
Kuragehime's a pretty good josei show, you should watch it.
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>> No. 81073
...Which Eva movies did you watch? Rebuild? Because Rebuild is basically a different (albeit, much better) series using the same characters. If you mean Death and Rebirth and End then I have no idea what led you to that (or what you could have gotten out of End).

As for Gurren-hen and Lagann-hen, they are mostly just your standard crummy compilation movies, though Lagann-hen's finale is more enjoyable than the series finale.
>> No. 81074
Yeah, Kuragehime was excellent. Really I'm finding that I like a good large chunk of what ends up airing during the Noitamina block. Just high quality shows in general.
>> No. 81075
I watched it when it was airing, and was crushed that not only does it have a non-ending, trying to pick up the manga reveals that I hate the manga's art and will never have more of these characters.
>> No. 81076
I like the manga's art just fine, so I'm lucky in that regard. I need to catch back up, actually, I stopped reading pretty soon after Jiji became Jellyfish's product manager or whatever. Plus, the author's notes are kind of amusing because it becomes really clear just how autobiographical the whole thing is. The author is a jellyfish otaku, too, and all of her assistants are apparently different flavors of fujoshi.
>> No. 81078
Funny thing.
A lot of people keep forgetting about that, and keep worshiping Kamina like a second coming of Christ or something. Including some of my friends. It can get VERY annoying with the time.
>> No. 81080

Rebuild, yeah.

>crummy compilation movies

Indeed that seems to be the case; a good third of each of these movies so far are literally panning across static scenes that are clearly references to things they don't actually show with THAT SONG playing.

Zero characterization so far, still kicks ass.
>> No. 81084
Also, I stopped halfway through Princess Jellyfish because absolutely nothing was happening. How far until stuff, uh, happens?
>> No. 81086
File 135935827582.jpg - (310.40KB , 500x625 , new_prime_minister_by_Blue_Fox.jpg )
What the frag man, you didn't need to make the same post in two threads.

And you know what? Kamina was 'A' true hero, and part of that was because of his 'Humility' {lol-pointless use of spoiler}
He was the one who STATED his role was to guide the rest of his friends forward by way of over-the-top inspiration, and most importantly to lead his little brother to growing into the role of the hero because he was the one with the power and the most important member of the crew.

I mean, this is all text, he states this that he's only the prophet while his bro is the messiah, and yet even without being the chosen one and knowing it he has his heart set on doing his best to inspire others to greatness.
>> No. 81087

That's the vibe I'm getting a bit so far as well. Simon is only how he is because of how Kamina shaped him.
>> No. 81088
Well sort of true I suppose, its obvious that as of the time period of before the series started and further on he's introverted and 'weak', seemingly not the kind of guy that would want to be a hero. But at the same time he has potential, which Kamina saw in him even when everyone else thought he was just another digger or later on Kamina's 'sidekick'.
When he lost his role model he crashed back even further from the trauma, it took another person to inspire him in another way for him to awaken to heroism.
>> No. 81091
But seriously folks, watch Kotoura-san.

The male lead isnt passive for once, and its surprisingly gripping and unpredictable.
>> No. 81092
If you see the scene leading up to Simon's "rebirth," when Yoko tells the others about that story that Kamina told her, Simon always had that steel resolve inside him. Kamina made him believe in himself enough to make other people follow him, and he made Simon see that the fight against the beastmen was his fight, and not someone else's problem, but Simon was always a person who would keep digging no matter how bleak things got.

Kamina's most powerful attribute was showmanship, and that made him a better leader (in the sense of getting people to follow him), but not in the sense of making good or sound decisions, or choosing strategies that made any sort of sense. Not that Simon was great at that either--sad to say, but the people who were the best at actually leading people were Lord Genome and Rossiu. Though those two more than earned getting their asses kicked when filling those roles.
>> No. 81093
Kamina's strategy for capturing the battleship was actually pretty good, If Simon hadn't choked then Kamina would have survived
>> No. 81094
Last post was on autosage.
And since Rodyle did it as well, I didn't saw any problem anyways.
>> No. 81095
You'd think a person, who was so deeply impressed by K-On, wouldn't mind a show where nothing is happening.
>> No. 81100

Simon always had potential in the sense that everyone ever has potential. It wasn't realized until it was brought out of him.
>> No. 81101
File 135939390949.jpg - (705.82KB , 1920x1267 , 1229443901873.jpg )
It makes me despair inside when people actually claim that Kamina would get upset or jealous if he had lived long enough to see Simon surpass him as Leader of the gang.

How can people miss the point so badly? He'd be overjoyed at seeing his little bro becoming a man, and follow him to the bitter end.
>> No. 81102
Kittan ended up being my favourite character come the end. In the second half of the show he really comes into his own, and is the only one who'd kept true to a pure version of ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH, serving to reunite everyone under it. Unshakeable and largely unsung.

And, in my experience, anyone who says Kamina was their favourite TTGL character didn't really understand TTGL. Not because Kamina wasn't a great character, but they mis-attribute him all the damn time and can't see beyond his bravado, and the worth of the actions of the other characters.
>> No. 81104
Honestly this is not fighting words but... in a number of ways Kittan was a sort-of wannabe Kamina, copying all his big moments in the second-half.
His version of the final attack might have been bigger and flashier but that's only because all the heroes had a greater understanding of Spiral power by that point.
As well regarding Yoko, it was kind of a poor show as a Man to lay a kiss on her before going off on a suicide run, indeed while there is the logic of "This is going to kill me so who cares about subtlety I might as well go for it" but at the same time it laboured her with alot of guilt when he bought it.

Kamina's bravado was more than just simple bravado alone, it was the role he felt was his to play to inspire others like is pretty much stated when he talks quietly with Yoko before his final battle.
He is capable of 'getting serious', as seen in his performance in his last fight when along with his improving piloting skills he's able to go blade-to-blade with Viral in just the Gurren.
>> No. 81105
File 135939982610.png - (391.53KB , 849x915 , 1280607287538.png )
Man all this talk of TTGL reminded me of all the cool images I've got. Not gonna spam the General thread with them but does anyone think its worth making a TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN IMAGE THREAD just for fun? I guess it would be a place to take any discussion to stop it clogging up this thread as well.
>> No. 81110

Kittan wasn't like Kamina; he just had it well in mind what team Dai-Gurren was supposed to be all about. His actions didn't have the same bravado and speech-making like Kamina had; he was crude, but very honest. His role was very different, but no less integral, and he had no less integrity than Kamina did.

As for the kiss...that's one way to look at it, but she'd have felt more guilty if he hadn't, I think. Besides, her character had changed into one that understood this part about men, I don't think she felt guilty- it's just something he felt he had to do.
>> No. 81113
Watched the lasted 3 episodes of Madoka again.
So many tears.

Man I wonder what the movies are(going to be) like.
>> No. 81114
Finally catching up on the Gintama anime - good as always. Though holy shit I was not expecting Nobume's voice to be so adorable. It's pretty dissonant with the whole dead-eyed killer thing she's got going.
>> No. 81117
Does anyone have the animated gif version of OP's image
>> No. 81120
File 135945021438.jpg - (85.99KB , 530x530 , fotns.jpg )
Ken's Rage 2 is coming out soon.


Anyone excited about any of the expanded cast? They put alot of new faces in here both playable and NPC.
>> No. 81121
>TTGL's last arc



>> No. 81122
Shitty 'DEEP' Gainax ending, don't focus on it too much.
>> No. 81123
1. GAINAX ending

2. Like it was said in the show, Simon couldnt go around just reviving people. And it wouldnt be fair to make himself the exception to the rule. Thats exactly what the Anti-Spirals were afraid of and trying to stop.

3. A for Simon retiring, the grizzled badass drifter if most definitely a thing. And really he didnt need to do anymore. He accomplished great things but if he kept going he would just overshadow everyone else. Think if Kamina hadn't died, everyone would still be paying attention to him over Simon.

4. "But how could Simon just give all that up?" you ask. Well think about that for a moment. Just how much WILLPOWER, how much STRENGTH, does it take to have all that power and be able to walk away from it?
>> No. 81124
> "But how could Simon just give all that up?" you ask.

If you're talking about the fame/glory... did he ever really even care about that in the first place?
>> No. 81125
If you aren't watching Inferno Cop, you should be. I can't stress this enough.

The episodes are uploaded to Youtube by the animation company and each one is like three minutes long, and have subtitles.

インフェルノコップ「…youtube thumb
>> No. 81126
Not much, seeing as he lost the only thing of value.
What do political power and prestige matter? those things are meaningless.

Honestly with the symbolism of marriage as two people bonding and sharing their lives together until death do they part there was nothing stopping him sharing his life with hers in a very literal sense, so they both ran off his own lifeforce and would one day die at the same time.

A series that was so quickly milked with a pair of flashy yet ultimately shallow movies retelling the series is not one with much inherent meaning.
>> No. 81127
It's like this: each turn of the spiral is larger than the one before it. That's a drill! But as such, each generation must live to be greater than the one before it. Which means, when your time is over, it's time for you to step aside and let the next generation be the one to claim even greater glory. Kamina did it for Simon (despite them technically being the same generation), and now Simon has to do it for Gimmy and Darry's generation. Part of Simon's strength is that he doesn't even think twice about doing this.

So, like Jules Winfield, Simon decies to Walk the Earth. And in the end, we see him showing a new kid how to work a drill the right way.
>> No. 81128
File 135945713437.jpg - (89.14KB , 800x450 , women cant fight if they are naked_ this is scienc.jpg )
It makes my heart weep to see so many women on the battlefield. Don't they know they should remain somewhere safer? Like the Kitchen?
>> No. 81131
> Also, I stopped halfway through Princess Jellyfish because absolutely nothing was happening. How far until stuff, uh, happens?
There was plenty of stuff happening. What were you expecting, fight scenes?
>> No. 81134
Has anyone seen the Escaflowne movie?
>> No. 81135
Does Nescaflowne count?
>> No. 81138
>> No. 81141
Things always happen in Princess Jellyfish. Mostly things involving Tsukimi or the other Amars being pushed out of their comfort zones by Manic Pixie Dream Boy-Who-They-Think-Is-A-Girl Kuronosuke.

I suppose if you're asking about the mythology arc, it kicks in about when that evil girl in the OP image shows up and everyone has to help try to save their apartment building.
>> No. 81147
Re: The weeaboo discussion from last thread.

I think some people have the same problem with people who are obsessed with England (I've heard them called "Britaboos"). People get so obsessed with England or Japan that others retaliate by not even letting casual fans bring them up at all. Not every person is an insane fan, some only do things to sane measures.

I did have a moment recently where I felt like a weeb though, because I don't watch much subbed anime, but I recognized Brook's VA from One Piece in another anime, and it took me two seconds into my first OP episode with Chopper to realize his VA was Ikue Ootani (though I grew up with hearing her constantly yell PIKA PIKA so I would have recognized her anywhere).
>> No. 81154
>People get so obsessed with England or Japan that others retaliate by not even letting casual fans bring them up at all.

I find these people just as annoying as weeaboos or britaboos or whatever. I find the best way to get them to stop is to just call them on their bullshit and tell them they're being stupid.

On another note, Psycho Pass is pretty great.
>> No. 81158
>finally watching Madoka
>episode 3
oh god i knew it was coming and it's still so horrible
>> No. 81159
And it just keeps going from there.
>> No. 81160
File 135952352084.jpg - (1.60MB , 1500x1500 , yande_re 173269 kaname_madoka orange_(artist) puel.jpg )
Oh boy.
I hope you like some sufferin'.
>> No. 81161
You are in for a treat.

And by "treat," I mean "infinite gut punch combo."
>> No. 81162
File 135953046492.gif - (494.85KB , 358x201 , 1359148827063.gif )
>try to show my friends abridged series
>"what is this gay shit"

o-oh right
>> No. 81163
>Sword Art: Online

It's like A-1 has intentionally dedicated themselves to producing incredible first halves with physically painful-to-watch second halves.
>> No. 81183
>up to episode 11 in Madoka now
oh my god just leave me here to die what sicko makes a show like this
>> No. 81184
>what sicko makes a show like this
>> No. 81190

Welcome to the state of despair that is being a fan of Madoka Magika.
>> No. 81193
File 135960340459.png - (304.19KB , 620x446 , 1334606604183.png )
>what sicko makes a show like this

you waaaaaant to waaaaatch Fate Zeeeeero
>> No. 81194

shh shh shh shh It's OK.

It's all going to be OK, Nurse.

>> No. 81195
Or a fan of any Urobuchi work.

Great, now I remembered I left something incomplete.

Oh Nurse. *HUG*
What >>81194 said.
>> No. 81196
So just how much did you cry at the end of 10 when you realized the OP lyrics were about Homura

Also since you're likely to have watched the last episode by now, how much did you cry at the scene with Madoka's family and also "Don't forget.
Always, somewhere,
someone is fighting for you.
--As long as you remember her,
you are not alone."

And Junko Kaname for Mom of the Year of all years.
>> No. 81201
"If someone tell me it's wrong to hope, I'll tell them they're wrong every time."
>> No. 81202
I'll admit, I haven't watched Madoka, and I'm probably never going to now that it's been spoiled, because nothing really turns me off a show like knowing from the start it's a DOOMED TRAGEDY SRS MODE story.
>> No. 81203
File 135962705468.png - (626.67KB , 901x1300 , img000020.png )
Oh God, this looks so weird.
>> No. 81204
Angel Beast!
>> No. 81207
You still don't really have a clear picture of what Madoka is. Imagine it less like DOOMED TRAGEDY SRS MODE and imagine it more like the dramatic episodes of Sailor Moon or Nanoha, only for slightly higher stakes and death is more than a slap on the wrist even for the heroes. It's actually not a tragedy, though there is one really tragic figure. And she's not the one the most infamous spoilers are about.
>> No. 81209

Then you'll be happy to know that Madoka isn't that at all, although it could certainly fool you for a while.
>> No. 81217
File 135965974488.jpg - (386.91KB , 838x1300 , nopm_special_013.jpg )
Goddammit why are all these so-called heroes so worthless
>> No. 81219
Has there ever been an anime about an Idiot Shounen Hero who gets killed BECAUSE he's an idiotic dumbass? No heroics or final self sacrifice. The hero dies because he's an incompetent buffoon.

I'm sick and tired of idiots like Touma from Index or worse Goku copies like Luffy from One Piece.
>> No. 81220
Well, the loli seems fairly powerful, just not very thorough. Then again OPM isn't either.
>> No. 81221
No, because then he won't be a hero. Simple as that.
>> No. 81222
That sounds more like a single 4koma strip than an actual manga.
>> No. 81223
Right, it would be one of those things where a story acts like someone is a main character then kills them. That's been done a billion fucking times.
>> No. 81224
Well I'm not talking about a "fake out protagonist." Or an overtly short breaking cliche moment.

I mean make the story legit. Make the journey of an idiot shounen stereotype hero. Make him gather friends. The guy is short sighted and like all shounen heroes despite winning a lot by luck, his luck runs out when he challenges a villain who is blatantly superior to him. Instead of the hero winning by pulling DEM out of his ass, he is brutalized to death for his idiocy. Then show how his friends end up murdered as well since they allied themselves with a moron who led them to their graves.

The story ends with all of them failing to live their dreams which they poorly planned out by selecting a moron to be their leader essentially. I'm looking for something like that with substance and good world building.
>> No. 81225
That's never going to happen, because you're talking about a fantastically written story with years of buildup just for a shitty petty revenge fantasy.
>> No. 81226
'loltweest' endings are lame
>> No. 81227
That doesn't exist because that entire premise is rather contrary to the idea of drama.
>> No. 81228
That's a Shaggy Dog Story. I think TV Tropes calls that particular variant a "Shoot the Shaggy Dog Story." Such stories are generally considered to be a complete waste of the audience's time. But you can read the list of examples here if you want to try to find a story like that:

>> No. 81231
That would be bullshit and terrible writing.

whatatweest endings are fine for one-shots and the right kind of films, but anything longer than that has to pay its dues to audience investment or else it's nothing more than a big middle finger to the readers.

It's the flying trapeze metaphor on writing. If you're going to toss someone, you damn well better be there to catch them, or all you've done is disgust the audience and waste their time to boot.
>> No. 81232
That is literally the worst idea for a series I have ever heard.
>> No. 81233
Boy why does this sound familiar

>> No. 81234
File 135967535117.jpg - (565.66KB , 1120x834 , Otter 11.jpg )
I forget, are there supposed to be Otters 1-10?
>> No. 81235
>That's never going to happen
I'm sure there are a bunch of comics and movies like that, they're just not anime or manga (not the ones I know). And of course, they lack the "fantastically written" part.
>> No. 81236
File 135968405125.jpg - (272.98KB , 728x1216 , eopm_special_020.jpg )
Uhh, the fuck you talkin' bout?
>> No. 81237
That's what I'm saying. You can get your petty revenge fantasy, or you can have a fantastically written series.
>> No. 81238

It's not a good look for her. Which just makes all this sadder.
>> No. 81239
So I finished Madoka and oh god how am I supposed to handle all of these complex feelings I have for anime lesbians!? its so painful to be me right now but im also enjoying it quite a lot. im probably gonna rewatch the whole mess this weekend in one go so I can see anything I missed.

For the record, I actually knew a few of the "big" spoilers Mami, Sayaka and Kyouko going out together, Homura and multiple timelines, and Godoka and yet i still enjoyed every second of it? It wasn't just about the plot twists and stuff for me, really (though there were a few things I didn't know!) but just... everyone interacting and Sayaka's breakdown (for me) was especially agonizing and just

guys i really love this show what am i supposed to do with my emotions
>> No. 81240
>what am i supposed to do with my emotions
Pour more Urobuchi on them.
>> No. 81241
Yeah, I know, that was my feeling on it, too. It was just very well made all around.

I can't vouch for their quality, as I haven't read them, but there are several spin-off mangas looking at other Magical Girls ...or maybe just other timelines? I'm not certain. And the movie versions of the show are supposed to be more than compilations--I understand the second one is supposed to show more of what happens after the ending, and may be setting up for an eventual sequel.
>> No. 81242
> how am I supposed to handle all of these complex feelings I have for anime lesbians!

>> No. 81243
Hey don't look at me, I wasn't the guy asking for a rickroll-ending series.
...If I wanted that, I'd just watch anything from Gainax.
>> No. 81244
One, one of the ultimate super chocolaty fudge-covered super rare S class heroes can defeat a random monster, and even then she doesn't finish the job right.

That doesn't make up for all the heroes below S class (the majority) who have lost every fight against every random opponent barring 20 of them vs one fat mundane human who likes to burn things with moltovs
>> No. 81246
The point of the series is Saitama, not the myriad of other heroes. Heroes probably defeat shit all the time offscreen, but it is irrelevant and not important because one of the core premises of the series is that Saitama can defeat the enemies no one else can with one punch.

If that bugs you, this is not the series for you.
>> No. 81247
But what about the good nsfw ones?
Yuri-ism can help as well.
>> No. 81276
>Unlimited Blade Works

Help, it's that thing where I'm super interested but have no idea what is going on again.
>> No. 81277
i too would like all of the homura x madoka doujins you could recommend to me because

sad anime lesbians

>> No. 81278
>watched the UBW movie
Ninja, do you listen to ANYTHING anyone tells you ever? Do you actually mean it when you ask questions? Because always seem to ignore the answers you get.
OH WELL I'm bound by blood oath to direct people
2nd post.
>> No. 81279

>games for systems I don't have
>books in languages I don't speak

>> No. 81280
What, you don't have WINDOWS/can't run Windows in Wine or something?

Also the books have translations. The ways to get most of these things are at the bottom.
>> No. 81282
He still won't be arsed and you know it.
>> No. 81290

NOTE: the doujins are SFW but the site ads are NOT
for SFW doujins, that includes romance and comedy

for the NSFW ones, some of which still will rot your teeth with their sweetness and/or make your cry (also I cut it to only the yuri)

also theres a lot of KyoSaya in both of those
>> No. 81294
you are a good person chren this is a fact
>> No. 81296
File 135993098564.jpg - (62.38KB , 680x515 , why.jpg )
Don't Watch Thisyoutube thumb
>> No. 81297
Hey, I've read that manga before
>> No. 81298
Doesn't it end with them eating her babies or something awful like that?
>> No. 81299
File 135994095947.png - (822.50KB , 1113x1600 , 018.png )
What? No no, nothing of the sort.

The lad convinces his mother not to sell the calf to a butcher,
So at the end here's the cow, the calf and him all sitting together. Its cute.
>> No. 81300

that doesn't change the fact that the implications of veal in this world are terrifying
>> No. 81301
And now you realize the real objective of that manga was to convert people into vegetarians.
>> No. 81303
File 135995378753.jpg?spoiler - (141.53KB , 600x600 , 5c9362a654132662ffea2669711db17a.jpg?spoiler )


This is not enough fluffy magical lesbians.

We need to go fluffier.
>> No. 81315
File 136000935374.png - (1.23MB , 480x1632 , Madoka_Portable_-_Madoka_invites_Homura_for_dinner.png )
>> No. 81316
I wish these guys showed up in the game even if they were anime-only
Hokuto no Ken 2 - Rock's last standyoutube thumb

It kind of sucks in all of Hokuto no Ken that basically anyone who's a good guy and can fight that isn't Kenshiro gets killed off.
These guys might not have been martial-artists and thus in the power-rankings of the series barely above mooks and were filler beside, but for a more relevant example how about FALCO?

Near Kenshiro-level badass shooting ki-beams all over the place, as soon as they get to Shura he gets killed by some nameless douchebag so he can't take more screentime away from Ken.
>> No. 81317
File 136001389623.gif - (2.19MB , 640x360 , HomuMado_cute_cheek_rubbing.gif )
>> No. 81318
Isn't it sad, Homura?
>> No. 81320
I sort of hate Homura/Madoka if only because it's sort of shallow and completely sidelines Sayaka as a character when it starts getting prominent. That the supplemental material keeps pandering to it like so much more cliche products doesn't help.
>> No. 81321
That's the whole point though, the series wouldn't happen without Homura crushing hard enough on Madoka to go through the timeloops.
>> No. 81323
But Sayaka has Kyouko...
>> No. 81324
Like I give a shit that she's shipped with some red bitch.
>> No. 81326
Kyouko/Sayaka doujin tend to be terribly sweet, maybe even sweeter than MadoHomu ones. Probably because of how tragic but sweet their [spoiler]shared death[spoiler] scene was.

You know, Gen has made comments to the effect that Sayaka was the real protagonist of Madoka Magica.
>> No. 81327
File 136003601969.jpg - (541.43KB , 1920x1080 , 1360017806890[1].jpg )
>> No. 81328
File 136003664441.gif - (608.42KB , 150x113 , haha___no.gif )
pic related

All right, I'm gonna need some context for this.
>> No. 81329
Fanwork has made me want to get into Madoka Magicka, but knowing it gets sad later on and knowing there probably isn't a happy ending really sours it for me.
>> No. 81330
So I watched a little Sailor Moon as a kid. Not much, but I got through a few arcs. I remember some things: beating Beryl, some arc with twins and a tree, Tuxedo mask suddenly being Arabic, a mad scientist... but now I only know a mix of Jap and English sailor names and that there were some Outer scouts I never got to see.
I ended up on the wiki yesterday.
APPARENTLY this was more complicated than I ever knew
>> No. 81331
....while there are words in that that are indeed related to Sailor Moon, and it does indeed get a good deal more complicated, what you just posted is complete gibberish.
>> No. 81332
It's actually a pretty happy ending. It's got some bittersweet elements, but it's easily the most idealistic and happiest ending Urobuchi Gen has ever made.
>> No. 81333
Yeah, kinda kills my interest too.

From what y'all have been saying about him, that doesn't amount to much. Apparently he even tried to hide his involvement with the show to avoid spoiling that shit was gonna go downhill for the characters?
>> No. 81334

Jesus son.
>> No. 81336

wait what
>> No. 81337
Then I'll make it plainer: The ending of Madoka Magica is a happy ending.
>> No. 81338
Understandable, but I can assure it's ending it's quite satisfying.
Even if it's a bittersweet one.
>> No. 81339
Btw Rodyle, we have a Sailor Moon thread in >>74634
>> No. 81343
Whoops, forgot about that.

Aaaand Ninja, already too distracted to actually finish conversations he started. Again.
>> No. 81346
>You know, Gen has made comments to the effect that Sayaka was the real protagonist of Madoka Magica.

And she IS, that's why I'm pissed off her character arc gets thrown into the background for the shallow Homura/Madoka pseudo-lesbian bit.
>> No. 81386
File 136017769647.jpg - (48.46KB , 242x283 , 27bb.jpg )
I can't believe even BOLGE is getting into this game.
>> No. 81402
File 136020031235.jpg - (1.06MB , 886x1300 , img000004.jpg )
So that new Jump series from the guy who did Kongou Banchou. Not sure what to think of it yet. It seems interesting enough. And the Holy Knights are much more menacing villains than the honestly quite silly Banchous. Then again, that was also one of the charms of that series. I really love the art style, though. I fits so well. Reminds me of oldschool fantasy stuff like The Last Unicorn or D&D in the days of yore.
>> No. 81404
I'm a fan, myself.
Also, it's actually published in Weekly Shonen Magazine, not Jump.
>> No. 81406
Whats it called?
>> No. 81414
File 136021529628.jpg - (78.26KB , 600x450 , what.jpg )
This is a thing, guys.

This is a thing.
>> No. 81415
File 136021587198.jpg - (50.98KB , 377x413 , no and no.jpg )
jesus tittyfucking christ
>> No. 81425
Any opinions on Sasami-san@Ganbaranai?

Most I've heard on it is "OH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING?!"
>> No. 81426
What if I draw Funimation saying "you should be watching," while masturbating?
>> No. 81427
That's the feeling you get from the first episode but honestly I think it's all quite easy to understand after episode 1. Then again I'm usually really good at following confusing or complicated plots, so.

It was . . . fun, I guess. I stopped watching after episode 3 and may or may not pick it up again. I will say the first episode is definitely worth watching though, it's quite a ride.
>> No. 81428
File 136023535359.png - (206.85KB , 912x1300 , img000004.png )
Nanatsu no Taizai
>> No. 81429
Then you win the contest, obviously.
>> No. 81438
File 136028219323.png - (226.91KB , 900x1300 , img000020.png )
>that reaction face parade
>> No. 81448
File 136037366338.png - (594.59KB , 1606x1142 , otoyomegatari-chapter-1-02-03[1].png )
>Folder of Kaoru Mori sketches

Also everyone should read Otoyomegatari (and I should really read Emma at some point).
>> No. 81449
File 136037652084.jpg - (308.47KB , 728x1113 , p002.jpg )
Thanks it's rad.
>> No. 81450
the art is gorgeous, but is the story and characters any good too?
>> No. 81451
File 136040432770.jpg - (196.36KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Psycho-Pass - 16 [417F7BFB]_mkv_snapshot_.jpg )
So the inevitable twist in Psycho Pass happened. And despite anticipating it, I didn't anticipate its exact nature. So I was still pretty shocked when the thing happened. And now I'm a little bit more impressed by the show than I was before.
>> No. 81452
Yes, read it.
>> No. 81454
>> No. 81456
who has the best subs for Psycho Pass?
I've been wondering whether to pick it up, now seems like the best time
>> No. 81457
I've been using HorribleSubs and so far they've been just fine.
>> No. 81466
File 136049605584.png - (248.79KB , 1025x1500 , catgirls first steps.png )
Ah, typical cats.
>> No. 81467
What is this?
>> No. 81469
Just the latest chapter of Centaur's Worries.
Its a tale about the studien pers. little sister riding tric with a spirt.
This manga is so all over the place.
Also The seven Sins had me at the Boar Hat reveal.
>> No. 81470
>Its a tale about the studien pers. little sister riding tric with a spirt.
I have no idea what you just said. I know you're bad at English, but god dammit, get your shit together!
>> No. 81471
Nah, 2 lazy...
Link is easier.
>> No. 81489
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai N…youtube thumb

You know, the entire series might be worth it for this one scene...
>> No. 81490
I'm trying to renew my online Jump subscription, but it keeps saying I have an AVS mismatch with my card, even when I enter the exact same address my bank account is under down the use of punctuation.

I'm only even providing a mailing address (not a billing address, which they never asked for) because there's some promo for Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I don't even want them, but the checkout still won't let me continue until I give an address.

Can I just buy it through Amazon like I did for my first year?
>> No. 81503
A while back I read the first three volumes of Oyasumi Punpun, and now I can't decide whether or not I should pick it back up and keep going.

I mean, it's one of the best written manga I've ever read. I also love dark comedies which Oyasumi Punpun excels at being, but . . .

That manga is fucking depressing, man. I've actually been feeling pretty good recently and don't want to ruin it. The whole reason I started reading it was because I kept hearing talk about how powerful and depressing it is and wanted to see for myself, since stories that manage to be both really funny and really sad are basically my favorite thing ever, but I ended up needing to take a break from it.

Anyone else here read it? What did you think?
>> No. 81504
It stops being funny entirely and ends up in a downward spiral of depression and awfulness. When you think it can't get any worse, it does. Every time.
>> No. 81515
GJ bu EDyoutube thumb
Oh god, this is so goddamn cute! HHNNNNNNNGGHHH, my nutbladder!!
>> No. 81516
>> No. 81526
Not sure if its the best place, but will probably be appreciated/

The second RWBY trailer, White.

RoosterTeeth - RWBY "White" Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 81533
File 136091596650.png - (0.96MB , 835x650 , urobutcher bingo.png )
For your Psycho-Pass viewing pleasure.
>> No. 81548
File 136108479624.jpg - (200.53KB , 869x1256 , limg011.jpg )

>> No. 81550
So hey, everyone on tumblr and a little bit here has been freaking out over Psycho Pass. Is it really good? SHould I watch it? I haven't watched an ongoing since Panty and Stocking (I started with Kids on the Slope but I have yet to finish it... sorry...) but I know the art is by Akira Amano, AKA Reborn and I've always liked her work, and again everyone is flipping out over it.

(Also the two semicolon series Steins;Gate and er the other one whos name Im forgetting. Are those good?)
>> No. 81551
Psycho Pass is the latest Gen Urobuchi production (Madoka, Fate Zero, Saya no Uta, Kikokugai etc), so if that entices you, go for it.

I've never seen the anime for either, but Chaos;Head is a terrible VN with an intolerable protagonist. Stein;Gate is awesome though.
>> No. 81553
Why do I keep confusing Skip Beat with Girl got Game/Power!!
>> No. 81554
>(I started with Kids on the Slope but I have yet to finish it... sorry...)
I saw the first two or three episodes and stopped watching. There's no reason to apologize.

And Psycho Pass is really great. It's the best anime I've seen since Tiger & Bunny.
>> No. 81561
Wait, they are making a movie out of that.
映画「HK/変態仮面」予告編youtube thumb
>> No. 81568
File 136122662527.jpg - (201.80KB , 549x834 , strap.jpg )
I'm suddenly reminded that iPhones don't have cell phone strap hooks on them.
>> No. 81569
>All Rounder Meguru has begun updating again

I highly recommend this manga to anybody and everybody. Its the best martial arts manga I have ever read.
>> No. 81579
File 136338803976.jpg - (158.95KB , 800x1156 , nisekoi-3979783.jpg )
You are already a harem
>> No. 81584
Caught up on Psycho Pass. I never asked for this feel.
>> No. 81587
File 136346223081.jpg - (155.21KB , 728x1121 , r013.jpg )

Shuu is the best character

>> No. 81589
I like the show a lot but I'm not as sad as I think I'm supposed to be after what happened last episode. For some reason I'm just utterly incapable of pitying Ginoza.

Yuki's death was by far the saddest part of the series, in my opinion. Though Kagari's death was pretty bad too.
>> No. 81591

AHahahah, oh silly Crunchyroll.
>> No. 81592
Here's a weird turn: All Tenchi Muyo! I've seen in the past was dubbed. I was never a huge of the dub, but Tenchi and Ryoko's voices fit well. Now I'm watching the original series subbed, and Ryoko's far higher-pitched voice just sounds plain wrong to me.
>> No. 81597
File 136354690852.png - (314.81KB , 896x1300 , img000021.png )
Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha is the impossibly sweetest, cutest, most adorable piece of teeth-hurting heartaches this side of d'awwwwww.
>> No. 81602

Then don't watch the English dub of Tenchi Muyo's final chapters, the OVA that was produced later. They swap out Ryoko's normal husky woman voice with Mona Marshall, who uses her goddamn little boy voice, and it just feels like goddamn ear poison.
>> No. 81609
Started and caught up on GJ-bu.
Not bad, nothin revolutionary, but its good at what it does.
>> No. 81615

Plastic Nee-san

>> No. 81619
Thanks for the warning, but I had no plan to; I'm watching the original more for nostalgia factor than actually enjoying the show. I have the entire series queued up, but I might not watch the whole thing.
>> No. 81623
27 minutes of hilarity.
>> No. 81627
Oh my god Saint Young Men is so good? LIKE SO GOOD?
>> No. 81628
Expected, the book's great. Except for when the angels come in, but even then it's at least good.

Side, having watched the ROD film... how did they fuck up the show so bad? This OVA has everything anybody would want, and yet the series fucks all that up so hard you'd swear they were trying to make it tank out of spite.
>> No. 81631
I liked the series...

It probably helps if you know it was originally based of the more slice of lifey Read or Dream manga.
>> No. 81632
How could you not like Uriel, he's hilarious.
>> No. 81636
"Anime" is the plural for itself, correct? Or is it "animes"?
>> No. 81637
It's debatable how lone-word grammer works, but the latter is almost only used sarcastically.
>> No. 81639
This. I don't think I've ever seen "animes" used in a serious context by anyone who actually knows something about anime. It's either a joke or used by someone who has no idea what the fuck they're talking about.
>> No. 81640
File 136386896644.jpg - (273.71KB , 1782x1300 , 21.jpg )
Man, King you are a shitbird.
>> No. 81642
And now to avoid /a/ until I've watched the finale of Psycho Pass.
>> No. 81648
/a/ shitting itself over the latest Haganai episode makes for pretty funny threads.
>> No. 81651
Watching Steins;Gate. They talked about John Titor in the first five minutes. This seems interesting...
>> No. 81654
File 136404439096.jpg - (176.33KB , 800x1174 , yamada-kun-to-7-nin-no-majo-3998669.jpg )
>> No. 81655
Good, Harem cliches are stupid
>> No. 81660

You broke the rules!youtube thumb
>> No. 81662
File 136406033066.jpg - (176.76KB , 728x1141 , d015.jpg )
Shuu you sly motherfucker
>> No. 81676
Is e-hentai ironically the best place for SFW doujin? I'm not sure where to even start looking. I certainly dont wanna have to remember to check like a dozen direct translator sites.
>> No. 81684
At the moment, probably. But Batoto recently started hosting doujins, too.
>> No. 81693
Whats happens when an entomologist makes a grimdark battle manga?
This: http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Arachnid
Also featuring the most hardcore (not)Kamen Rider fan EVER.
Meh, Everyday Monster Girls did that to...
In first chapter.
But then again that series did not start of as a harem...
Miia is still the best main harem girl doh.
>> No. 81694
File 136423605122.jpg - (642.79KB , 1350x1976 , miia is the best.jpg )
Case in point.
>> No. 81699
File 136428313491.png - (135.38KB , 500x373 , tumblr_mcq3fhJYc21r7nx1mo1_500.png )
Miia is best girl

10/10 would bang and get sent to prison for inappropriate cross-cultural interaction
>> No. 81700
File 136428354511.png - (74.15KB , 284x353 , tumblr_mf6ug51YJC1qfv1p4o1_400.png )
Second best girl is Ms Smith.
>> No. 81701
How about that there Tactical Monster Girl Squad?
>> No. 81704
File 136432455282.jpg - (712.40KB , 2309x1664 , nice fins also DARLING WHY.jpg )
Hard to say, with them have only just shown up.
But Mero on the other hand we can talk about.
I fucking love the idea of leg like back fin for mermaids.
They can crawl on land no problem.
Side note, I hate the legs-fins mermaid look even in olds statue forms.
It just looks bad to me, but I guess that how uncreativ people get past "where is her vagina" issue, hurpa derp~
Her clothes and color come with the territory I guess.
>> No. 81705
File 136432540232.jpg?nsfw - (600.67KB , 1366x2002 , Mero fetish is getting Netorared.jpg?nsfw )
Also this.
Yeah... Whatever floats your boat lady...
>> No. 81706
That slimy bitch be crazy, yo!
>> No. 81707
Having watched half the series, I appreciate Steins;Gate for not having a trap just for the sake of having a trap. The introduction to the trap is quite funny, too; really enjoying this dub, best one I've heard since Baccano!! Too bad Hulu only has the rest subtitled...
>> No. 81709
File 136433541225.jpg - (653.91KB , 1314x1924 , Damn slime.jpg )
Dont call her that, it WILL get confusing.
>> No. 81712
Figured as much. Thanks.
>> No. 81715
But Suu isn't crazy, she's just a rapist
>> No. 81728

Zeta Gundam's sort of like that? The Idiot Shonen Protagonist doesn't die, instead is forced to get serious and act like a soldier.
>> No. 81729
File 136448511654.jpg - (173.70KB , 1280x720 , [Doki] Yuru Yuri Special - 01 (1280x720 h264 BD AA.jpg )
I've hesitated far too long to get on the Yuru Yuri train. This is pretty good stuff.
>> No. 81757
Rika is best girl.


There is no discussion.
>> No. 81758
Sorry. No.
Yui is best.
>> No. 81760
I'm talking about haganai...
>> No. 81788
File 136479495673.jpg - (125.75KB , 1131x707 , winter_is_coming_1280x800_by_tapion32-d48u1f2[1].jpg )

First they give us S4 of Zero no Tsukaima.
Then they promised S3 of Rozen Maiden.
And now this.

Stay strong my brothers, for days of darkness are coming again.
>> No. 81802


ur a meshi
>> No. 81803
File 136484578540.png - (376.21KB , 576x432 , 1268100890963.png )
>> No. 81804
File 136485018278.jpg - (184.70KB , 728x1123 , b006.jpg )
Oh, well, that's a good explanation of his bullshit.
>> No. 81805
File 136485061895.jpg - (169.20KB , 728x1148 , f020.jpg )
>> No. 81808
File 136486467831.png - (333.72KB , 576x432 , BUHWAH.png )
>> No. 81811
Best anime from 1979 until 2011 according Animage magazine :

1979 : Mobile Suit Gundam
1980 1st Half : Space Runaway Ideon
1980 2nd Half : Adieu Galaxy Express 999
1981 : Ashita no Joe 2
1982 : The Super Dimension Fortress Macross | Rokushin Gattai Godmars (Tie)
1983 : Crusher Joe
1984 : Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
1985 : Dirty Pair
1986 : Laputa : Castle in the Sky
1987 : Dragon Ball
1988 : My Neighbor Totoro
1989 : Akira
1990 : Nadia : The Secret of the Blue Water
1991 : Legend of the Galactic Heroes
1992 : Sailor Moon
1993 : Yu Yu Hakushô
1994 : Yu Yu Hakushô
1995 : Neon Genesis Evangelion
1996 : Neon Genesis Evangelion
1997 : The End of Evangelion | Princess Mononoke (Tie)
1998 : Martian Successor Nadesico : The Prince of Darkness
1999 : Cowboy Bebop
2000 : Cardcaptor Sakura
2001 : Fruits Basket
2002 : Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
2003 : Fullmetal Alchemist
2004 : Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
2005 : Gankutsuou : The Count of Monte Cristo
2006 : Code Geass : Lelouch of the Rebellion
2007 : Code Geass : Lelouch of the Rebellion
2008 : Mobile Suit Gundam 00
2009 : Eden of the East
2010 : K-ON!!
2011 : Puella Magi Madoka Magica
>> No. 81812



>> No. 81813
Welcome to two years ago Ninja.
>> No. 81857
This list makes me despair.

So... the sequal will be getting announced any day now, right?
>> No. 81866
yeah probably at the same time as baccano season 2

>> No. 81877
File 136506914799.png - (598.39KB , 640x540 , LupinThird.png )
It still ticks me off that we finally got a Lupin the Third series that brings back the green jacket and actually resembles the original manga, and it focuses on Fujiko. Out of every character in the series, they choose to base the first Lupin series in years on the character whose personality is entirely HELLO I AM THE TITS.

And that's all there is to it, Fujiko's tits and being cockteased with actually interesting characters.
>> No. 81878
...Did you actually watch The Woman Called Fujiko Mine?

>watching Lupin for character depth
>> No. 81879
Except that they actually did flesh out her character. And she was pretty interesting. It was not a bad series at all. They should have just left out the Lupin III in the title altogether to fully embrace the spin-off character of the show and people wouldn't have had entirely different expectations and ended up disappointed.
>> No. 81881
File 136508314576.jpg - (226.83KB , 829x1200 , baalo_c113_018.jpg )
I'm actually pretty mad about this, admittedly human are pretty negligible in the story but Figure Four's entire shtick was being the exception to the rule so to speak.
>> No. 81882
Also goddamn it Glenn this is super gross, it's like sex with your Mom.
>> No. 81883
And finally back to Revengence.
>> No. 81884
File 136508370271.jpg - (502.99KB , 1808x1300 , ubelblatt_c111_023.jpg )
And finally back to Revengence.
>> No. 81885
File 136508394842.jpg - (234.57KB , 904x1300 , ubelblatt_c111_001.jpg )
Well shoulda seen that coming I guess.

It's from the lasts Ubell Blat if anyone wants to know what the fuck I'm talking about.
>> No. 81888
I only watched the first couple episodes, where not much really happens. I'll probably go back and give it another chance now that I know Funimation subbed the whole series. It's just everything else about the series is shit I've been asking for for years now, and then it's just a spin-off. It's a big turn off.
>> No. 81889
It ain't no spinoff.
>> No. 81892
File 136511059539.jpg - (359.27KB , 1280x720 , 1275623680693.jpg )
>> No. 81914
What was that image before it was a 404?
>> No. 81958
The best part about forgetting Double K exists for like, two years, is coming back to 80 pages I've never seen.
>> No. 81967
>Aku no Hana
>a loner dude does something weird and a quiet also loner girl sees him do it
>school is on a manhunt for whoever did the weird thing
>quiet girl bribes him into doing shit for her

Wait, this is Onani Master Kurosawa but less "whoa holy shit what."
>> No. 81969
Speaking of Double K, I did eventually get my dead-tree Book One. He probably won't do a Book 2, but it's still pretty neat.
>> No. 81970
File 136539761054.jpg - (132.38KB , 468x835 , aku-no-hana-comparison-1-468x835.jpg )
Shame the people doing the anime have been eating paint chips and chugging mercury

>> No. 81974
File 13654197757.png - (553.60KB , 1024x576 , it's just common sense.png )
>> No. 81994
>> No. 81995
Japanese and Arabic... a Japan/UAE production? I'm not surprised their first "anime" is mecha, if anyone loves giant robots almost as much as the Japanese and Italians it's middle easterners.
>> No. 81999
File 136553377966.jpg - (37.94KB , 443x468 , voltes.jpg )
mecha love seems to be a universal thing, considering how huge a lot of classic mech anime are in Southeast Asia as well
>> No. 82013
File 136560117453.jpg - (104.16KB , 800x1195 , nanatsu-no-taizai-4045285.jpg )
>> No. 82014
File 136560131120.jpg - (126.74KB , 800x1203 , nanatsu-no-taizai-4045299.jpg )
>> No. 82019
The manga's good but goddamn Ban is annoying. He really is the closest thing to an evil so far and he's allowed to just get away with whatever he wants because he's Ban.
>> No. 82024
File 136561245272.jpg - (175.74KB , 800x1180 , h016.jpg )
An actual new chapter of Black Lagoon is out! Kickass as ever, good to have it back.
>> No. 82027
Yeah it's getting a little Ban centric and obnoxious about it but I think a lot of it is his immortality, I'm kinda hoping he loses it or it gets nerfed this arc.
>> No. 82036
Apparently, the ZnT guy has officially died without ever putting out the last two novels.
>> No. 82067
File 136571858839.jpg - (157.19KB , 800x1159 , green-blood-4052799.jpg )
Ghoultown - Cruel Winds of Dusk/Dead Outlawyoutube thumb
>> No. 82068
File 136571863126.jpg - (121.05KB , 800x1166 , green-blood-4052803.jpg )
>> No. 82078
File 136574333556.jpg - (3.57MB , 1920x5131 , iNB2TEjWLguo7.jpg )
Man I know the Spring season just started but SWEET JESUS check out how many awesome shows are up in Summer
>> No. 82082
Goodnight Punpun is great. Well, up until the most recent arc. What the fuck, man?
>> No. 82083
>Dangan Ronpa by Lerche
as in the Carnival Phantasm guys?
>> No. 82092
File 136578242931.png - (78.29KB , 1024x528 , 1365778763497.png )
>Who says superheroes are for boys only? Not Saban Brands, which will launch the new Gangnam Girls television series and brand later this year. Currently in development, the animated series will center on music and fashion, following five teenage girls chosen as magical superheroes to protect the earth and a fantastical land from classic fairytale villains. "Together, the Gangnam Girls prove that friendship, music, and girl power never go out of style" according to Saban.

>> No. 82093
File 136578666530.jpg - (31.13KB , 526x300 , 1314538522352.jpg )
People still give a shit about Saban?
>> No. 82099
File 136583510277.jpg - (200.72KB , 1200x926 , this fucking guy.jpg )
This fucking guy!
>> No. 82102
Apparently as much as they give to "grrrl power".
...And gangnam style. Is that still a thing?!
>> No. 82121
Please don't Saban.
Please fucking don't.
>> No. 82126
File 13659286355.jpg - (211.99KB , 728x1121 , Hikage and Katsuragi - the morning after.jpg )
I don't regret seeing the Senran Kagura anime through to the end. By the end, the story's so engaging, you don't even notice the ninjas are all running around in mind-underwear.
>> No. 82128
File 136594684811.jpg - (226.91KB , 890x1276 , 12.jpg )
Best panel of the week, IMO. I was such like as "oh my fuck yes!" when he appeared on the scene. Of course, I think Ogata's going to trounce him, but still. Dapper as fuck!
>> No. 82129
People still read that shite?
>> No. 82130
File 13659532974.jpg - (282.72KB , 1019x1600 , 003.jpg )
Define "reading"
>> No. 82131
>> No. 82132
While I'm in no way defending the female anatomy in HSDK, it's pretty obvious that it's just perspective here.
>> No. 82134
File 136595839452.jpg - (126.13KB , 610x863 , kingdom.jpg )
What a surprise! This is actually getting more scans. Now I don't have to deal with the anime's terrible cgi.

>> No. 82135

Oh yeah he's fucking dead as shit, but his entrance was awesome anyway.


If you can ignore the godawful fanservice and can get behind brainless fighting it's actually pretty good.
>> No. 82136
is it any good? the fact that it's by Pierrot suggests it's not, but the premise (ancient Qin) is pretty damn cool
>> No. 82137
is it any good? the fact that it's by Pierrot suggests it's not, but the premise (ancient Qin) is pretty damn cool
>> No. 82143
Looking at the original webcomic for One Punch-Man, the series proper really is almost a shot-for-shot remake, just by someone who can actually draw.

I'd post the link, but the domain is blacklisted for some reason??
>> No. 82149
File 136598699398.png - (427.54KB , 934x1400 , img000006.png )
The manga's pretty popular in Japan and comparisons made with Vinland Saga had me interested in it. I also heard positive things from the few people watching the anime. The problem I had with the anime was the godawful overused cgi animation. I cannot fathom any reason why they went with this direction with the animation besides the possibility that the animation studio has a low budget. The manga seemed to be the only way to go but at the time only a few volumes were translated and no scanlation groups seem interested in picking up. Thankfully its getting translated again.

Now of only somebody picked up Keyman. A manga unique in art and concept and then the scanlation group goes inactive immediately after 3 chapters. What a shame.
>> No. 82167
How is Steamboy?
>> No. 82171
Okay seriously how the hell does this keep happening.

I'm just going along when suddenly I remember; "oh hey, Prunus Girl, thats a thing"

So I catch up on it and it just so happens to have finished JUST the other day (well with and epilogue to go but still)

I swear this isnt the first time this has happened either...
>> No. 82172
Did they touch dicks?
>> No. 82174
It's kind of odd that one of the healthiest, most functional high school romances I've ever seen in a manga is between a boy and a trap.
Oh, Japan.
>> No. 82175
File 136613730322.png - (206.49KB , 882x1300 , img000004.png )
Shapely women in suits is my fetish. God bless Tsugumi for no longer tying down her breasticles.
>> No. 82180
>> No. 82181
File 136615778858.jpg - (255.56KB , 1280x1422 , hideGARi.jpg )
Fuck yeah.
>> No. 82184
maaaaaan whys Aiura gotta be a micro-anime...
>> No. 82305
Saori is best oreimo
>> No. 82307
File 136661351493.jpg - (68.75KB , 1280x720 , not.jpg )
>> No. 82308
File 136661358380.jpg - (52.87KB , 1280x720 , even.jpg )
>> No. 82309
File 136661363435.jpg - (62.43KB , 1280x720 , close.jpg )
>> No. 82312
File 136663036850.jpg - (370.94KB , 870x1236 , img000009.jpg )
Do you guys like Yotsuba&?
Have some more Yotsuba&.
>> No. 82315
Why didn't you mention the bit where it is Yoshitoshi Abe doing Yotsuba&.
>> No. 82336
File 136672940333.jpg - (214.87KB , 890x1345 , 18.jpg )
Why is this even creepier than the blank grin?
>> No. 82348
Yuyushiki is like the lovechild of Nichijou and YuruYuri
>> No. 82430
File 136703079460.jpg - (175.89KB , 800x1156 , nisekoi-4104535.jpg )
>> No. 82431
File 136703450350.jpg - (201.62KB , 728x1141 , t014.jpg )

>> No. 82435
Literally the best at being the worst.
>> No. 82437
Red Data Girl is p gud so far.
>> No. 82439

I was wondering when we'd hear about that.
>> No. 82453
Does "Not 2014" mean maybe 2013? Or do they think it's not going to be until 2015?
>> No. 82476
That's exactly what I was wondering. Given how extremely little we've heard so far, probably 2015.

It's funny this seemingly came from the franchise's 20th anniversary, considering that's closer to the 25th anniversary.
>> No. 82477
File 136712941769.png - (221.85KB , 701x443 , blue exorcist is actually rly good fuck haters.png )
Do people in Japan just constantly make puns even in serious situations, or is this just something that mangaka have a lot of fun with?
>> No. 82524
File 136732898131.png - (204.13KB , 892x1300 , welp.png )
I guess he realized he's going to be running out of Sins pretty soon.
>> No. 82525
Well we saw Ban's already, Dianne I'm assuming is a fist thing and I have no idea about Melo.
>> No. 82526
Wait why would Blue Exorcist have haters?
>> No. 82527
People rail on it for being really generic, which I mean, it is(or was as of the beach trip, I haven't made it past that yet), but it's generic shounen done really well.
Yu Yu Hakusho was generic as fuck and it remains one of my favorite manga, it's not necessarily a bad thing.
>> No. 82528
File 136735921468.png - (568.08KB , 1153x1110 , 7 sins.png )
Guesses on the last three?
>> No. 82532
File 13673827766.png - (701.19KB , 635x1002 , uuuugh.png )

I don't hate it but I can't get terribly excited about it. It's just really, really bland shounen. Not bad but nothing I haven't seen before either.

The only thing I strongly dislike about it is Shura's design, it's seriously Arco Wado levels of trying way the fuck too hard to be sexy.
>> No. 82539
For some reason in harems I always really like the side girls the most.
>> No. 82542
Well I just took that as a whacky personality trait since it's kind of a point that she's desperate and trying to hard.

Especially since as you mention it's only her.

Because they are the best usually with the idiot going after the girl who hates him rather than the one who'd love him.
>> No. 82543
>it's seriously Arco Wado levels of trying way the fuck too hard to be sexy
Whoa, whoa, let's not get crazy here.
>> No. 82549
>Arco Wado levels of trying way the fuck too hard to be sexy
That's a bit harsh don't you think? At least he has some degree of competence as an artist and I can look at it without wanting to vomit.

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