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File 135896587972.jpg - (204.94KB , 978x1134 , 1355846485282.jpg )
80990 No. 80990

Seems like the new Bleach thread is overdue

Have fun Bleachers
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>> No. 80992
The picture made me think Aizen was back in business and I got excited.
>> No. 80994
I see you fell under his impression, just as planned
>> No. 80995
File 135897394724.jpg - (56.47KB , 550x300 , 1358961108364.jpg )
Seriously though Aizen is a terrible character especially if you take into account Ichigo's "He was just a friendless loser" explanation for his evil douchebaggery. The only way it could get worse is if he joined the heroes.

Sure none of the villains following him were even decent but that's just because Bleach is not a good series.
>> No. 80999
Anonymous 13/01/23(Wed)07:51 No. 80980

The way this fight is going makes me think of playing Super Mario Bros.

Everytime I die I shout "FUCK!"

But then I see my reservoir of lives and it's okay.

I'm guessing that's what's going on here, the secret power of her sword is people only die if she let's them?
>> No. 81001

That'd be a nice power as it also gives me the satisfaction of knowing that she's basically handing him the win, here.
>> No. 81003
We already know she is.
>> No. 81004
File 135899257191.jpg - (59.39KB , 397x523 , tumblr_mgq2okLctN1r6zt04o1_400.jpg )
I find Captain Psycho-Mom alot more interesting than Kenny.
>> No. 81005

True, but there's a difference between him always going to win due to him going all 11th hour superpower on us and him winning because she gave him all the time in the world to 1-up her.

It speaks of satisfying laziness.
>> No. 81013
I'd love to see him join the heroes. Just picture it, on one side you have Aizen, and Ichigo who is willing to give him a chance because he understood him. Urahara would probably do the same because they both know they get the best of each other, in a very Reed Ridchard/Dr Doom way.
but then you have Rukia, who he sent to execution and gloveraped to take the hongokyu fro her, and Orihime, who he sequestrated and probably raped too.
An happy bunch of world saving fellas I tell you.
>> No. 81022
Thats...basically the current situation with Ishida and Mayuri.

Dude needs some serious punishment for his nazi-shit and his teamkilling but he gets treated like a funny prankster.

I'm pretty sure if Aizen HAD raped Orihime and later joined Ichigo's group he would be making snide jokes about it whenever they were in the same room and no one would care.

Then again Soul Society is made of bastards to a greater or lesser extent, its a really shitty afterlife to find yourself in.
>> No. 81048
File 135919713662.jpg - (145.61KB , 639x482 , 1359196297768.jpg )
>> No. 81049
File 135919755536.jpg - (168.47KB , 639x482 , 1359195123338.jpg )
>> No. 81065
File 135929487196.png - (225.47KB , 1069x669 , 1359192683918.png )
>> No. 81172
File 135956930828.png - (295.78KB , 906x1300 , 4d53210469a0c0e132a030d0e68d6242.png )
>> No. 81174
>> No. 81176
You forgot about a hundred thousand A's in there. Kubo manages to fucking kubo himself again.
>> No. 81177
This isn't a sexism thing but I'm kind of tired of all these epic-rank badass females being bitched, its kind of weak.

Like, Nel, comes back to her original form for a bit and smacks the shit out of Nnoitra, but just before she can finish him off and get some revenge for his bullshit she runs out of juice and gets kicked aside so Kenpachi can fight him instead (it sort of made her whole subplot seem kinda pointless)

Shark-tits, The other Third rank Espada chick, plays some pool games with Captain Shota instead of crushing him, gets team-killed by Aizen for no raisin, gets healed in a databook or light novel just to bugger off and get crushed by the Nazi-Quincies and chained up in thier headquarters.

Captain Mom, finally revealed why everyone was shit scared of her, first Kenpachi, OHSHI-
Now revealed to have originally lost to Shota-Kenny who from then on subconsciously dialed back his own powerlevel just so he could find some sort of challenge.

Its hardly something unique to Bleach but still its not fun.
>> No. 81179
No matter how strong women can get in Bleach, they are still always under at least one guy to best them in their own domain.
So very Japanese when you think about it.
>> No. 81180

And in most Olympic sports.
>> No. 81187

No, it pretty much is a sexism thing.

Honestly, I didn't think even Kubo could make Unohana cutting loose a disappointment, but he managed it.
>> No. 81188

goddammit kubo. you piece of shit...
>> No. 81192
I really don't see the sexism angle here. Like, at all. Unohana didn't lose to Kenpachi because she's a woman, she lost to Kenpachi because Kenpachi has a freaking insane power level. You say, "every powerful woman in the story was easily defeated by a man!" This is Bleach. Three quarters of the cast have been easily defeated by somebody else. That some of them are women really doesn't play into it very much in my eyes.

As to the revelation itself, I give it a solid "Meh." While it's not a great reason behind this whole exercise, it has precedent in what we know of Kenpachi's character. He's always been about handicapping himself to increase his opponent's odds of winning and stretch out the battle. Now we know that he's been doing it subconsciously as well as consciously. There are far worse ways Kubo could have played this out. And I quite like the image of young Kenpachi as a scrawny, crazy-eyed child, wearing tattered clothes and holding a sword longer than he is tall while crawling over a hill of corpses.
>> No. 81205
I dunno, as much as I liked the idea of all-powerful psycho milf beatdown, the fact that Kenpachi has whooped absolutely everyone's ass so far and has actually been subconsciously holding himself back just to make it kinda fair is pretty sweet, ngl.
Then again, I'm pretty sure I always said Kenpachi and old man Yama were my favorite parts of the manga, and now that the geezer died, he's all I have left. ; ~;
>> No. 81208
ur husbando a shit
>> No. 81212
File 13596501494.jpg - (120.05KB , 800x1147 , bleach-3519011.jpg )
Wait, this makes more sense now.
>> No. 81213
File 135965092073.jpg - (82.51KB , 453x358 , 1359578684212.jpg )
>> No. 81218
>that feel when this manga
>> No. 81230
File 135967354719.png - (318.81KB , 960x360 , rukizan.png )
I just like posting silly images in these threads. (s'not like I'm interrupting anything important I guess)
>> No. 81248
File 135974059829.png?nsfw - (247.80KB , 570x825 , hey kid you wanna _ _.png?nsfw )
>> No. 81249
File 135974106194.jpg - (52.23KB , 553x359 , Mashiro_kick.jpg )
How about another notable example-
When Kamen Rider Vizard's mask broke for absolutely no reason despite her specifically being mentioned as being able to hold it for ridiculously long amounts of time, just so a dude could jump in and take over her fight.... then not resolving his fight with the enemy at all and having it go off to fight someone else later in the same battle.
That was such an incredibly pointless way of screwing her over.
>> No. 81256
A fine example of a character pointlessly losing a battle, but, again, it didn't happen because she's a woman. People pointlessly lose battles all the time in this manga. It's pretty poorly-written in several areas.
>> No. 81257
I want you, and I'm being completely honest because I do not know, to name one time in Bleach that a woman just flat-out won the battle. Without significant help from anyone else.
>> No. 81259
The point isn't that he's intentionally nerfing women because he wants us to think "Women are weak." It is that he subconsciously does not seem to think female characters can be strong ones because none of his TEN ZILLION CHARACTERS seem to be women who are capable of keeping up with the menfolk.

You should be aware of this by now, being on the internet as you are--much of the worst sexism (and racism, and what have you) is the sort that takes place subconsciously, because it's the hardest to fight. People internalize these things and never even question that they're okay, and thus get super defensive whenever you point out their bias because they like to believe they're more evolved than the REAL sexists/racists/what have you. And to a certain extent they're right. But there's still bias that is ugly to find. There are higher priorities than fighting this stuff, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be acknowledged so that those who do care to overcome those flaws in themselves know what to watch out for.
>> No. 81262
I just added it because it fit with the other examples. It was a really dumb situation to have happen.
You are right in that the series is a poorly written mess in a number of areas.
>> No. 81263
Rukia vs. Fake Kaien. Further proof that Rukia is best female character in Bleach.
>> No. 81264
File 135979080778.png - (167.89KB , 599x617 , rukiaargh fanfic.png )
>> No. 81283
I understand where you're coming from, but I still don't think that holds water. Unohana is incredibly strong. That Kenpachi was even stronger than her when he was just a kid is supposed to be a reflection of his strength, not her weakness. I'm pretty sure quite a few of the other captains would call her stronger than they are.

Similarly, Halibel was the #3 espada because she was stronger than everyone beneath her. She had no cause to fight any of the other espada, but if she had she would have most likely won. And remember, she didn't definitely lose against anyone but Aizen and these new bad guys. She was holding her own against Hitsugya, even after he got Vizard reinforcements.

As previously mentioned, Rukia vs that espada, as well as Rangiku vs Kira toward the end of the SS arc. Rukia and Rangiku also won easily against those hollows that were with Grimjowl when he stormed Karakura town, and also Yoruichi vs Soifon ended with a woman victory, if you excuse my trollface.
>> No. 81291
I still want to know what Yoruichi's sword, first-release and bankai were.

I mean she was a captain so she had to have a bankai, and we saw her at least holding her sword in flashbacks, Hand-to-hand specialist or not. Did she leave it behind when she left Soul Society?
>> No. 81344
>I still want to know what Yoruichi's sword, first-release and bankai were.

My guess is that she came to the royal castle in the past alongside Urahara, and failed the zanpakutou test, losing her right to meet the king, and her sword in the process.
>> No. 81369
File 136015942645.jpg - (378.95KB , 980x1790 , 1358960285542.jpg )
shippers are silly bunnies
>> No. 81381
The fact that an ichiruki shipper was obsessive enough to make that graph shows that the butthurt it distributed equally all around.
>> No. 81382
Pretty sure it was made by /a/nons, where bleach threads are spammed by people (most likely pretending) to preach that Ichihime is and will be canon.

And really, that image is correct. People who take images drawn by the creator that feature another pairing, then trace/redraw to replace one character to make it into thier own ship are the lowest of the low, and mocking them is always the correct course of action.
>> No. 81383
Thanks for proving my point. The butthurt is all-encompassing.
>> No. 81384
The same could be said of your strong reaction
>> No. 81385
You keep telling yourself that.
>> No. 81393

You think you are on your tumblr, son? Using 2 years old dead buzzwords like that?
>> No. 81413
Dear lord, the internet was right. Whatever forum touches bleach shipping instantly turns to shit.
>> No. 81434
if you aren't straight/lesbian for rukia, i have to question what your criteria are for quality in this manga.
>> No. 81435
b-but my delicious brown ninja waifu...
>> No. 81437
honestly I think she's too good for either Ichigo or Renji, or hell, pretty much anybody else in Bleach
>> No. 81439
honestly I think she's too good for either Ichigo or Renji, or hell, pretty much anybody else in Bleach
>> No. 81440
if yoruichi, kenpachi (ii), unohana, urahara, genryuusei, and some of the espada had their own badass motherfucker manga, i'd read that.

as far as ghostbuster level characters, strawberry and the death god need to hang the fuck out more
>> No. 81443
File 136031223689.jpg - (456.09KB , 900x752 , 1276092136296.jpg )
Ghostbuster... Bleach... Ghostbusters trapping Hollows?
>> No. 81444
File 136031267273.jpg - (225.90KB , 637x4657 , 1259947490919.jpg )
I do know whenever she's around Ichigo tends to be less of a little bitch, maybe if she was around more often Ichigo would be a worthy man.
>> No. 81505

Was it good for you?
>> No. 81507
Oh yeah, you know how good it is when it's like 3 feet into your chest.
>> No. 81508

i sure hope she suffers from a serious case of no one dies.
>> No. 81509
File 136080972661.jpg - (131.46KB , 750x1188 , bleach-1588081.jpg )
So we're all in agreement, then? The spooky skeletons vision Kenpachi had was his soul cutter finally talking to him? It's a recurring theme with his spirit pressure, after all.
>> No. 81510
at least it will maintain some consistency
these recent chapters also explain why he and his zanpakuto don't talk well
i wonder if he'll get a shikai
or even jump straight to bankai
>> No. 81511
So is Unohana's bankai the power to dissolve stuff with acid?
>> No. 81519
It seems like it?
And I guess she mastered restoring HP so that it doesn't kill herself to use it?
>> No. 81521
>So we're all in agreement, then?

lolwut? Stop forcing your shitty fanfics on us, please.
>> No. 81574
So how about that rain huh?

You liking the new chapters?
>> No. 81576
anytime we go back to ghostbuster storylines, BLEACH gets good again, so yes.
these chapters aren't as sucky. however, everyone who called that Ichigo would be a fusion of all the different power sets in all of Bleach got it right.
He's had Shinigami, MAX Shinigami, Human, Quincy, Fullbring, and Hollow/Vizard
When you combine them all, we'll finally get the bull shit ending we've been waiting for.
>> No. 81578
I hate to say it, but...Ichigo's mom is kind of annoying.
>> No. 81658
I've not been keeping up, she was a quincy and is the reason Ichigo is now a Shinigami-Hollow-Visored-Fullbringer-SUPER QUINCY right?

She must have lost her powers at some point to lose be killed by Fisher.

So, how is she annoying?
>> No. 81661
File 136405807340.png - (242.74KB , 900x1300 , nothing but food.png )


Because people are trying to talk to her about actual things and all she'll talk about is food.
>> No. 81668
So you're saying Ichigo's mother is Luffy-ko.
>> No. 81674
Isn't she playing dumb because she knows this is leading to an arranged marriage and she's not cool with that
>> No. 81675

Probably but it's still a really annoying way to go about it.
>> No. 81708
This is why I stopped paying attention to Bleach. Ichigo gets the vast majority of screen time and he's a living deus ex machina. Bo~ring.
>> No. 81719
How can a main character be a living deus ex machina? If something's happening via the actions of the main character, it can't be deux ex machina.

I think what you mean is that he is the living incarnation of bullshit.
>> No. 81724
File 136445791444.png - (252.32KB , 902x1300 , 08f7502590d98484eb4b99a9a42ca792.png )

Yes, yes he will because this is a flashback and we've already seen him in the future.
>> No. 81725
But wait! What if Dad was Aizen all along!?
>> No. 81727
Implying that guy is Isshin and not Ishiin, Isshin twin brother
>> No. 81735
But did he simply get cut or did he get cut in the powers.
>> No. 81768

That depends. Where you under the impression that he was Aizen all along, or just suggesting that he was Aizen all along? Or are you just implying that the illusion of an impression suggests he was deluded about the deception of a hallucination of maybe not being Aizen when the presumption signifies that he may not have been so that he is?
>> No. 81830
File 136498934589.jpg - (147.83KB , 552x669 , 1364984466944.jpg )
>> No. 81842
File 136501751661.png - (87.14KB , 473x294 , kubowhat.png )
mangastream what the actual fuck
>> No. 81843

>> No. 81844
File 136501856861.png - (54.49KB , 291x386 , Sadizen.png )
What, do you have a problem with Whitey?
>> No. 81848
File 136502260653.png - (287.24KB , 637x941 , 1364987796100.png )
>> No. 81860
top picture should just be saying "Isshin-kun!Isshin-kun!Isshin-kun!Isshin-kun!Isshin-kun!Isshin-kun!Isshin-kun!Isshin-kun!Isshin-kun!Isshin-kun!Isshin-kun!"
>> No. 81875
I liked how eager Aizen was looking when she showed up.

Like in a 'Will love finally bloom on the battlefield?' kind of way.
>> No. 81880
File 136507498195.gif - (601.05KB , 291x386 , 1364990307058.gif )
>> No. 81886
Ok Kubo you better have a good reason to have avoided Isshin bankai this chapter.
>> No. 81887
It's so we can be properly disappointed when he finally reveals it 50 chapters from now.
>> No. 81899
It just occurred to me that this powerful attack from point-blank range will probably not be as effective as we would assume. I'm predicting massive backlash of people once again throwing around accusations of sexism when Dad has to save Mom because she put herself in danger by thinking she was actually capable.
>> No. 81931
Goddamn women, if they wanted to be useful in a fight why weren't they born as men?
>> No. 81932

I can't imagine why that sort of scenario, from a writer with a sketchy-at-best relationship to gender, would make people think of sexism.
>> No. 81990
>>Bleach spent five years and 243 chapters on a single day.

. . .

This never really struck me until I saw someone type it out like this.
>> No. 81993
Saint seiya syndrome. Every rescue arc was 12 hours long after all.
>> No. 82012
File 136560092958.jpg - (131.00KB , 800x1175 , bleach-4045547.jpg )
Not quite as offensive, but almost.
>> No. 82025
Yeah, that was better than I feared. At least she was strong enough to kill Whitey by herself.
>> No. 82048
>>Japanese woman kills whitey

You trying to say something there, Kubo!?
>> No. 82052
well that was quite dispointing. That hollow died from one head shot. I hope that's not the real power level of Ichigo's hollow.
>> No. 82054
Man fuck power levels.

It's not like Ichigo's is in one place either, he must had inherited that trait of power level being all over the fucking place from cracke- honki- Peckerwo- WHITEY!
>> No. 82107
File 136586513939.jpg - (94.70KB , 751x622 , 1341936843149.jpg )
(btw what is the context of this image?)
>> No. 82112
File 136588996775.jpg - (98.35KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20130413185551.jpg )
She was saving him, obviously.
>> No. 82113
Riruka took control of Rukia to save Ichigo.
>> No. 82144
File 136598047280.jpg - (306.12KB , 705x700 , 1365979999952.jpg )
Man it makes me sad what human characters like pic related and Chad have become, they've certainly got lodged in the "Z-Fighter" character position hardcore.

Even Ishida got reamed pretty hard in the fullbringer arc.
This new arc is all about the Quincy but since Ichigo is now being revealed to be a SUPER QUINCY is Piccolo-equivalent even going to get much spotlight?
>> No. 82145
Wait, what did they do to Chad.
>> No. 82146
Nothing. And that's the problem. Any of the human that originally served as Ichigo's "team" are now completely irrelevant. Might as well just rename them Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, and Chiao-tzu. The last any of them were even necessary to the plot was in Mexico, that was just Orihime getting kidnapped so that they had a reason to go there.

Then they all got their asses kicked left and right and had to be saved by Shinigami. Fuck, should of just had the Shinigami come along in the first place so we didn't have to waste fifty chapters watching these useless pieces of shit getting jobbed.

There is seriously not a single fucking reason to ever bring any of these characters up again ever.
>> No. 82148
Chad was one of the few characters I liked. Damn.
>> No. 82151
To be fair, as somebody who hasn't read Bleach.
I'm guessing Krillin was more relevant.
>> No. 82159

Everyone liked Chad...

...Except the racist, racist Japanese.
>> No. 82189
This is at least kind of cute.
>> No. 82190
File 136621820795.jpg - (633.71KB , 897x1300 , ea68abec52ec81eda7bc1d4a0d2a14be.jpg )
This is at least kind of cute.
>> No. 82191
Looks like the cover of a completely different manga. Like one of those romantic triangle slice-of-life series.
>> No. 82192
Looks like a yaoi cover, with masaki revealing to be a trap in the end for the last chapter orgy.
>> No. 82193
Eh, I'd fap to it. Multiple times, probably.
>> No. 82194
I was thinking it looked like it could come from Yankee-kun & Megane-chan, myself.
>> No. 82203
>Yankee-kun & Megane-kun & Shota-chan
>> No. 82205
some sort of Kubo no Piko?
>> No. 82344
Why couldn't Isshin have been our protagonist? Because goddamn.
>> No. 82346
Because then he can't be overloaded with stupid powers.
>> No. 82354
Because if there's one thing the protagonist of Bleach is known for, it's not being preposterously powerful.
>> No. 82356
>chapter ends on Isshin coming on her naked body
Masaki confirmed for SLUT
>> No. 82362
I notice Kubo has stopped giving flashback chapters negative chapter numbers.
>> No. 82387
>ichigo inner world
>Masaki inner world
>floats naked

That's sexist!
>> No. 82390
That's... Potentially accurate. So everything in the Soul Society is made of Reishi or spirit particles, ain't it? Wouldn't his shinigami robes also be made of that and thusly go with him in any inner dimensional representation?

Look I'm trying to explain Kubo here, of course it'll sound stupid.
>> No. 82392
Maybe you just choose what you wear in your soul planet. And Masaki chooses to float around starkers.
>> No. 82395
Why are we assuming that what we saw was an actual event and not some sort of metaphor?
>> No. 82396
Because Kubo doesn't do metaphor, the spirit world is a real thing in context. And she stayed naked up until Ishin grabbed her, so it's not just how she imagined it, it was how it happened.
>> No. 82658
Kobo tou went full titties, and I love that.
>> No. 82660
File 136801162414.jpg - (80.49KB , 779x428 , 1368004259602.jpg )
Ichigo's mummy!

Total whore!
>> No. 82662
File 136801185112.jpg?nsfw - (319.78KB , 800x1213 , too hot for onpanel.jpg?nsfw )
>> No. 82663

are Bleach sales that bad these days? Or is Kubo just trying to catch up with the industry hiring more hentai artist these days?
I haven't seen nipples in hounen mabga since like, Ranma 1/2.
>> No. 82665
There were some in the early chapters of Naruto, p sure.
>> No. 82679
Was that word really called for?
>> No. 82685
Hot damn that's some amazing prize quality pair right there
>> No. 82686
You're offending me, stop being a social justicar and lighten up.
>> No. 82689
You REALLY need to grow some thicker skin if you plan on continuing to browse an off-shoot board of 4chan.
>> No. 82694
>>Remember, this story is being told by Isshin to Ichigo.

>>So he just spent a presumably substantial amount of time explaining to his son how his mom was naked and did I mention totally racked? when he rescued her.
>> No. 82695
File 136812493737.png - (126.05KB , 588x407 , 1368083597607.png )
These breasts DO, NOT, MAKE, SENSE.

If the bra don't fit you must acquit!
>> No. 82698
I'm not shocked or offended. I just found the comment really boring and lame. "Thick skin" implies he was somehow insulting me, "lighten up" implies he was making a clever joke. Neither is remotely true.
>> No. 82699
You're making a deal out of it for no reason.
>> No. 82703
A one-sentence comment is a big deal?
>> No. 82704
plus4chan Bleach thread always had that over aggressive poster attawking whoever doesn't suit his imaginary circlejerk. Ignore and live a better life.
>> No. 82705
File 136813465111.png - (288.39KB , 900x1300 , 04.png )
>> No. 82707
File 136813602488.png - (68.25KB , 274x329 , saucy strumpet sees your penis.png )
>> No. 82709

I think you're making that up, or attributing all the posts you've taken issue with personally to one phantom anon.
>> No. 82710
File 136813760063.png - (737.72KB , 714x1263 , masaki_and_rukia__by_phantomcecco.png )
I'm going to start shipping Teenage Masaki and Rukia. Time travel is likely to be involved
>> No. 82712
Let the hentai commence!
>> No. 82713
Or provide mild negative feedback, watch them get defensive, and enjoy a slightly better board. =D
>> No. 82714
Curses! My plot has been uncovered! I'll get you one day Handsome Hero Anon! The Phantom Anon will have his revenge!
>> No. 82718
Nah, there's one particular super misogynistic guy who floats between the Bleach and Naruto threads. Gets banned a lot, just changes his IP and comes back.
>> No. 82719
Yeah but jokingly referring to Masaki's improper behaviour while nude and in the presence of a gentlemen or her STONKING GREAT TITS fanservice isn't him. He appears and gets set off by stuff like harem romance cliches/comedic violence and then describes how the characters should be violently crippled in intensely disturbing detail.
He's much more focused on the 'bitches' part rather than the 'whores' of the whole BITCHES & WHORES misogyny thing.
>> No. 82725
>He's much more focused on the 'bitches' part rather than the 'whores' of the whole BITCHES & WHORES misogyny thing.
Oh man. I have to thank you, Anon. Because from now on, in my mind, whenever that asshole shows up I'm going to picture him as Adachi.
>> No. 82781
>Ishida joins Juha
>Juha explain plan to regain power
>Ishida tells about Orihime power
>Orihime gets captured again
>the whole last battle music is kurisakikunkurosakikun
>> No. 82788
File 136863548324.jpg - (73.59KB , 720x480 , Majin-Vegeta-rileyferguson-34233411-720-480.jpg )

Does this mean Ishida was Vegeta all along?
>> No. 82790
why the fuck would juha care about orihimes power

did you see kirge get his kneck broken and then come back like nothing happened
>> No. 82801
>why the fuck would juha care about orihimes power

Because he's currently stuck with limited time outside the shadow land. Orihime could typically remove that limitation for him.
>> No. 82809
rule of cool just gave Ishida a tremendous power up by Bleach rules.
Ichigo's gonna need all of Kubo fashin sense if he wants to defeat him.
>> No. 82825
>Chad will never get his awesome bad-guy uniform like Orihime and Ishida have.

Aww maaan.
>> No. 82826
Chad is not going to wear a suit, he's gonna wear a battle armor
>> No. 82827

But it's not going to be EVIL battle-armour, is it?
>> No. 82828
made out of skeletons and tacos, with a huge sombrero and a moustache. Yet because Kubo will draw it it will still look badass
>> No. 82892
>everything fixed up in one chapter
I know I complain about Kubo taking forever to do anything, but wrapping Ichigo's story up in 3 quick pages is skewing too far in the opposite direction.
>> No. 82894
>> No. 82899
File 136923979940.jpg - (301.13KB , 500x700 , 8685493.jpg )
I didn't realize that was a question that needed answering.
Clearly he's a dog because his parents were dogs
>> No. 82922
He fell into a vat of radioactive dogs.

It's been a ruff life.
>> No. 82924
What reason is there to defend Tousen at this point? He was a total wanker.
>> No. 82927
it was pretty clear they consider him misslead and put all the fault on Aizen at the end, especially after Aizen just made him blew up right after he confessed and possibly turned side again
>> No. 82928
How are they going to explain it when Aizen becomes a good guy and Ichigo's best friend? Afterall the only reason he did everything was "because he just wanted friends"
>> No. 82932
Ah-ha, without the ability to summon his giant warrior, Komamura is going to learn how to turn himself into a giant wolf demon like that dog thing.
This is Komamura's final form:
Dark Souls - Boss - Great Grey Wolf Sifyoutube thumb
>> No. 82933
File 136932231127.png - (48.46KB , 499x305 , tousen-rorschach.png )

Well he's pretty much the only one to recognize how fucked up Soul Society is.

Dude's like Rorschach, so obsessed with punishing the guilty that all other moral or ethical questions fall to the wayside. And while that's obviously not a functional model for governance or even a kind of guy you would want to be around, there is something to be admired in that sort of untempered idealism, even if it's something best admired from a very long distance.

The real problem with Tousen is that Kubo keeps pretending that he's actually put an iota of development into his relationship with Hisagi, because fangirls love Blandy McScarface for some reason.
>> No. 82954
File 13693388036.png - (449.99KB , 1018x1500 , bleach-ch387-18.png )
Well, he did cry.
>> No. 82960
Can we talk about how much lamer Quincies are now that they're just another superpower you're born with?
>> No. 82964
>> No. 82971
Why now? It's been established since before soul society. If you want to sound edgy at least try to get subjects that don't sound 100% retarded
>> No. 82973

No, before it was something passed down a family but not something actually genetic/soul-genetic/whatever. It was a set of techniques used by mostly-ordinary people to defend themselves against hollow attacks.

Of course the history of the Quincies was so vaguely defined that this isn't actually contradictory per se, but it's a lot lamer.
>> No. 82977
I, nor do I believe anyone else reading Bleach other than you, was ever under the impression that the Quincess were ever NOT something supernatural/genetic. There's plenty of reasons to complain about Bleach, but getting mad because Kubo didn't adjust his lore to your headcannon is a bit absurd.
>> No. 82978
Holy shit are you for real?
>> No. 82987
It wasn't confirmed one way or another until recently. It easily could have been an order of humans who taught themselves to fight Hollows when the Shinigami failed them, and weren't naturally special in any way except for their ability to see Hollows, which isn't a genetic ability. Mayuri apparently slaughtered every one of them except Ishida's paternal line in a bid to understand what made them tick and it was quite possible that he did that because he couldn't find anything--they were, for all intents and purposes, completely average human beings, but he could not accept that there was nothing unusual about them so he continued until there were none left for him to experiment on. Or at least, not a big enough population that they could retaliate against Soul Society, but enough for the techniques to survive and eventually replenish the subject pool. One bloodline is definitely not enough for population recovery if it's genetic--they would be bottlenecked to hell and back and probably would not last more than a few generations--so either Mayuri was really really dumb or he was banking on Quincy abilities being learned or bestowed somehow rather than genetically inherited.

Turns out he was just being dumb, I guess.

I do agree with that guy that the technique origin story is a lot cooler. It's the one I preferred while I was reading Bleach, and themore logical one, but not really the one I expected to be canon since Bleach relies so heavily on inborn ability and has the tendency to do everything that I don't want it to.
>> No. 82988
Man going by anime & manga Japan really seems to love genetic superiority and noble bloodlines as a whole.
>> No. 82989
Yeah, they totally are, and have been for a very long time. It's not just anime and manga, it's kind of a pervasive societal obsession that is reflected in the stories that come out of Japan.

They were big fans of eugenics, once upon a time. That blood type thing you see so often in manga and anime? It's actually a Japanese custom built off an incredibly racist and faulty study done at the height of the eugenics movement that looked at blood type ratios from Japan and neighbouring countries and determined blood type is related to personality and there were "bad" blood types (the ones highest in foreigners) and "good" blood types (the ones highest in affluent Japanese families, obviously). Going back further, to feudal times and earlier, they've always had a fairly rigid, caste-like social structure based on family lines and they revered the nobility despite the nobility being a bunch of jerks--including the samurai, who, to be honest, were often brutes largely undeserving of such reverence. The interesting thing is that adoption was actually quite commonplace despite the importance placed on bloodlines... but that can be explained away as not knowing a thing about genetics/how things are inherited yet. And obviously, they've got a long isolationist history.

You can see things based off this sort of social attitude fairly easily in fantasy and historical stories, but they are even present in stories set in the modern day regardless of the tone, and frequently without a hint of irony. There's always that one Noble character. You find stories of the same flavour in every other culture too, of course, Harry Potter for instance, but it seems a lot more omnipresent and egregious in Japanese lit than the rest of the world and non-Japanese stories often don't play it as straight.
>> No. 82990
Not to get offtrack on this, but I just finished re-reading the series about two weeks ago, so I'm obliged as a true dork to reply. The Harry Potter series does a pretty god job of actually subverting the whole "blood/heredity is important" thing. Just look at the main trio. Out of the three of them, the "mudblood" is the single best magical person (witch or wizard) of her entire class. The worst of the three is the pure blood. In fact it's kind of hammered home over and over again throughout the series that the whole "blood purity" thing is basically bullshit.

Compare that to a series like Naruto that starts out with a message about how hard work and perseverance can overcome the special gifts of bloodlines and destiny... But only if your special bloodline and destiny contribute to you overcoming the hardships of being... already better than everyone else due to your heredity...?
>> No. 82993
Except that the main character of that series (it's still Naruto right?) didn't get anything handed down from his parents but the shittiest deal possible.


In fact not until recently Naruto has to bust his balls dealing with Ninetails bullshit and find workarounds so he could function and keep up with the stronger opponents in his path. Sure an eventual pep talk from the folks helped but Naruto did put in the hours and the blood sweat and tears to become Ninja Jesus.

Meanwhile power inheriting Sasuke ends up going on the most bullshit sidequest ever assembled that leads him to realizing how bullshit that sidequest actually was after like four or five years of being on that stupid pointless quest for eye glory.

Long and the short of it, neither one of them really won some genetic lottery, they got raw deal legacies to deal with and one of them dealt with his in the most ass way possible.
>> No. 82996
...Are you sure you're up to date with Naruto? Because Naruto's shit got retconned into being bloodline powers out the wazoo now
>> No. 83006
yeah. lineage. lineage everywhere.

apparently the uzumaki are known to have massive chakra storage and creation potential. also his dad and stuff. whatever. i just want it to end already. it peaked for me at the chuunin exams.
>> No. 83015

Man, that sounds like some kind of YuYu Hakusho letdown.
>> No. 83065
all dem secondary characters.
the cliffhanger is like 100% sure to be "say good by to Zangetsu, welcome NEO zangetsu" or some shit.
Also possible theory: Nemu was made by Mayuri using Katagiri's data. Hence why she ans Ishida has some sort of chemistry. Next fightm Nemu will be enhaced with part of hte corpses he found and will probably retrieve her memory before dying for good by Ishida's hands.
>> No. 83068
Mayuri needs to get wasted by Ishida before this series is over, none of that "Ishida beat him in one fight then got talked down to by Mayuri for the rest of the series who is treated like an amusing prankster instead of a monster", it doesn't cut it
>> No. 83069
We will get more Mayuri when Ichigo, Orange and Peach gets to the trap house.
>> No. 83085
Ichigo means strawberry.

It's Strawberry, Orange, and Peach.
>> No. 83086
I still love Mayuri after all these years. I hope he's the only one left standing at the end, haha.
>> No. 83089
The pun would certainly be understood in Japanese because the pronunciation is the same, but in the character's case, Ichigo doesn't actually mean strawberry.
>> No. 83097
> the pronunciation is the same, but in the character's case, Ichigo doesn't actually mean strawberry.

congrats, that's the definition of a pun.
>> No. 83100
>> No. 83207
Wow, I called Yhwach ""Buffgetsu'' as a joke months ago.
Turns out, he really is Buffgetsu
>> No. 83208
Kubo introducing a wacky set of secondary characters?

Must be Wednesday.
>> No. 83209
>asauchi are amde by comining tons of souls

another thing that makes me think there really isn4t much difference between Shinigami and Hollows. The "difference" s that hollows naturally mix souls as they eat, while shinigami do it artificially. I wouldn't be surprised if the spirit king was a hollow. and the shinigamis are kind of like his drones, like a queen bee and its hive, and they have part of their power building habilites castrated, so they just seek his own benefits in life.
Just like Juha Bach infuse blood to his spawn so he can re absorb it later.
let4s not that both also give people special power in the process.
>> No. 83212
I'm putting my theory down now, for posterity: It wasn't Magic Wish Rock that gave Ichigo's crew their powers. It was Ichigo, subconsciously exercising his lineage's power to create spiritual soldiers, like how Bach did 1000 years ago. Orihime and Chad are the first draft of his version of Quincies.
>> No. 83215
File 137045707019.png?spoiler - (226.68KB , 900x1300 , 6977835f748b5668ed2396899ed2c590.png?spoiler )

That. . .WOAH.

I don't know if it's a twist that actually holds much water, but. . .damn. It's at least been planned since the start of the arc, and I certainly didn't see it coming.
>> No. 83216
oh course it doesn't fucking hold water
>> No. 83218
why? Ichigo has been revealed to be a quincy, it makes sense his inner world has some trace of that somewhere. The only twist is that it lied, not that it was there
>> No. 83222
... I will now read EVERYTHING he says in the voice of Grandfather from KND.
>> No. 83226

Because Ichigo's hollowness only came to be from Urahara sooper speshul shinigami training.

And where the fuck did bishiegetsu come from then.
>> No. 83227
>Because Ichigo's hollowness only came to be from Urahara sooper speshul shinigami training.
>implying Kubo can remember that far back
>> No. 83231
smells like RETCON unless kubo comes up with some crazy ass reason for old man Juha Bach to be developing his borrowed shinigami powers instead of his quincy ones

unless quincy powers are tied to zanpakuto


oh fuck i don't know it was a cool delivery but makes no fucking sense.

>> No. 83234
no it didn't. The training started badly for Ichigo not because of Urahara but because of his original mixed state that was already there.
>> No. 83236
Wasn't it originally said Ichigo's friends started gaining random spiritual powers was due to being exposed to his massive gushing power level?

Before all this 'fullbringer' nonsense and they became totally worthless.
>> No. 83239
no. It was explained in details somewhere during deicide, it's the hongokyu's work.
>> No. 83240


Aaaaah I miss the days when Bleach was good.


There're like 3 explanations for where Chad n' co.'s powers came from. Kubo just can't keep them straight.
>> No. 83245
>There're like 3 explanations for where Chad n' co.'

stop using fanfiction.net as a source, please.
>> No. 83246

In all seriousness, I'm pretty sure the explanation was exposure to Hollows at some point.

Wait, were the Fullbringers different in that their parents were attacked, or was it just simple exposure to Hollows? Did you need to be attacked when they were young? I can't remember.
>> No. 83247

Fullbringers got their powers from their mom getting attacked by a hollow while pregnant.
>> No. 83249
Pretty sure there's no "while pregnant".
>> No. 83252
Just looking again cause I thought it was "while pregnant" too, but Ginjou only says that they all had a parent that was attacked by a hollow before they were born. Doesn't really go into more detail than that.
>> No. 83319
first - Orihime gains her powers the shun shun rika says that her power was awakened due to outside influences

Second - the hougyoku is shown to have the power to grant the desires of those around it when awakened but only if those around have the power within them selves

lastly- hollows that attack the mother have there reiatsu transferred to the baby at birth

all of these work in conjunction to develop the final result as to what chads powers are what they came from and why they were awakened

in story form chad had his powers awakened by the hougyoku being activated by ichigo to awaken a power that was transferred to him at birth

Orihime on the other hand has no explicit explanation so far her powers are not hollow like but they share similarities to haachis power which is that of a shinigami hollow
>> No. 83320
that was the conclusion readers came to and was not told in the story
>> No. 83324
File 137078114425.jpg - (36.99KB , 600x265 , kurosakikunbyharijizo.jpg )
Its sad how worthless Orihime is when she's packing a bunch of powers that should be so hax.
Give her powerset to a protagonist character and people would think he was overpowered.

I feel bad for Chad too but then its pretty clear Kubo doesn't give a shit about Chad at all. I mean he's revealed to be nothing unique, just a mook fullbringer, and instead of his coin which was originally so important to him being his fullbring-item its revealed to be 'his skin'... and then Kubo doesn't even let him have a final evolution where he gets a full suit of 'armour' covering all his skin, just stuck with those jobbing-arms.
>> No. 83327
from all the flash backs all the fullbrings items were all based on what they cared about when there powers were awoken

when sado awakened his powers he was engulfed with his body thinking about the promise he made with his grandfather to not fight for himself
>> No. 83366
In this week chapter : Everybody is gay for Ichigo. No exception.
Bleach final twist is confirmed for being Ichigo coming out and sulfurously kissing Chad in the last page.
>> No. 83367
>bankai training was a farce
>bachgetsu was toying with Ichigo, and only pretended the sword was fake all the tim ein order to discourage him, without really hurting him.
>seing Ichigo was actually putting himself in danger, he just accept a random sword and claim it's the good one, still expecting Ichigo to be late and thus losing faith in his fighting force
>Yuroichi's artifacts weren't in his plan
>during combat, he pushes Ichigo's to his limits hoping he would fall and abandon
>Stupid Biyakuya makes it way to dangerous in the endm and he has to let the sword power up for a while.

makes sense in the end. All of Ichigo's retarded training/powerups seems to work.
>> No. 83371
i'm still not sure i comprehend the reveal.

i'll have to mull over it.
>> No. 83374
Whats the 'reveal'?

Like I assume its this but because I haven't been following Bleach in recent history I can't grasp what is being said

Ichigo is such a bad main character, he doesn't deserve any of what he's got.
>> No. 83377
i have to go over what bach's interference did in terms of what were actual shinigami power, hollow powers, quincy powers (if any revealed themselves at all), and get rid of this notion that he was using someone else's zanpakuto (his dad's) which was a theory i've held for a while. maybe he does have it. i'm confused. i'm not thinking much about this series so now that i have to think a little i'm annoyed.
>> No. 83384
In term of plot, it just means Ichigo can have a total powerset revamp now.
Since I doubt old man disappeared forever it will open another power up possibility later, when you have both powers at perfect balance instead of one or the other
>> No. 83388
It'll end with new sword and Bach sword teaming up in Ichigo's inner world all "Love Love Sekiha Getsuga Tenshou!"
>> No. 83392
please for the love of god make this happen
>> No. 83400
ichigo worked his ass off for everything hes gotten
>> No. 83403
I want to read the manga your reading.
>> No. 83404
Playing shinigami's advocate here, but Ichigo has been shown to push himself to the extreme in an effort to get stronger. If he's not nearly killing himself doing some crazy training, he's nearly killing himself trying to beat guys who should be able to flatten him easily.

I don't dislike the guy. His ambitions are good and he doesn't usually do stupid stuff. My qualms with him and his power have more to do with Oda's ridiculous writing than anything else.
>> No. 83409
ichigo has always been the one to do what ever it took to gain power

chapter 1: takes a chance that he will die to save his family
chapter 60+ gets his chain cut risks becoming a hollow and suffers at the bottom of a hole for 3 days just to become a shinigami
chapter 127 in his urge to gain the power needed to save rukia he doesnt even care about the risk associated with 3 day bankai training
chapter 222 risks becoming a complete hollow just so he can control the hollow
409+ sacrifices all his power just to beat aizen and it didnt even kill him

if it weren't for urahara he would have sacrificed all his power for nothing

fullbring he went through his trials and trivializations fighting with his real body
>> No. 83433
>> No. 83445
File 137153252058.jpg - (60.25KB , 640x480 , 1371512572989.jpg )
>>Hey, remember how you saw that totally rad first opening, and how the character design was so sharp and stylish, and you though "hey, this could be good after all"
>> No. 83447

Remember when remembering about this things got tiring?
>> No. 83454
No no no and no. Regardless of how hard he pushes himself or the risks he takes, the only reason Ichigo has been able to achieve the levels and variety of powers he has is because of his Duex Ex Mechanica blood.

Ichigo constantly surpasses people who have spent centuries honing their skills with a only a few days of intense training. I don't care how hard you trained and pushed yourself for a week. The fact is, that if in that week you somehow are able to achieve the same results that everyone else has to spend years and years and years to accomplish, then those results have still essentially been handed to you.
>> No. 83455
Man it was particularly pathetic with the Britaboo lieutenant who was later revealed to have been training the strength of his secret Bankai for 100 years, and yet despite all that as soon as Ichigo has learned how to just unlock his own he could punch out Britaboo and two other lieutenants at the same time with his bare hands and no effort.

- - -
I find Ichigo a worthless main character because there's no reason for him to actually BE the main character anymore and get all the main character ass-pulls who everyone relies on to save the day except from the fact he happens to be the "Main Character"

It got particularly bad in that Hell movie as an example.
>> No. 83456
Yet again I have to beg someone to stop using the word "deus ex machina" wrongly. There are pretty much no circumstances where you can describe something the hero is or does as "deus ex machina." Deus ex machina is when the hero's existence and/or journey up to this point has been invalidated by an external force resolving the issue instead. It is not just a catch-all term for "overpowered bullshit."

It's deus ex machina if, while the hero is fighting the villain, a volcano suddenly opens up and swallows the villain. If in any way the hero or one of his comrades is responsible for that volcano opening up, it stops being deus ex machina. The hero calling on reserves of strength that were given no foreshadowing, that's not deus ex machina. It's bullshit, but it's not deus ex machina.
>> No. 83457

But the fact that Ichigo just became ridiculously stronger with no explanation or input on his part is.
>> No. 83458
No, because that power is still him. It's still the hero who is accomplishing these goals. The hero is stupidly hax, and that is bad writing because it's a shortcut to actual character growth, but it is not deus ex machina because if you removed the hero from the story, the entire story would fall apart.
>> No. 83459
You are completely correct. I am using the phrase wrong and will refrain from doing so in the future. I hate when the term "Mary Sue" gets tossed all over the place, so I understand where you are coming.
>> No. 83461
FROM! ...so I understand where your coming from!

That last word is very important. Damn I hate posting from my phone.
>> No. 83463
Hey Matt, chill out man. There's nothing wrong when two consenting adults on the internet see where the other is coming.
>> No. 83464
what "no explaination"? It's always the result of training.
>> No. 83466
File 137164231666.jpg - (59.25KB , 1200x829 , bleach-4241581.jpg )
>> No. 83467
there are only 4 people that have been training for centuries yamamoto unohana shunsui and ukitake and ichigo has only shown the potential to surpass them once and that was after dangai training

all other captains have been captains for under 100 years and hitsugaya has been a captain for under 20 years

not to mention that the only person in soul society that he beat that spent a 100 years training he didnt beat with his own skills the hollow intervened and stopped ichigo from lose and what allowed ichigo to beat byakuya

ichigo might be able to attain power but he lacks the control and skill in most situations to fight on the same level without using bankai

when it comes to it once a shinigami materializes their zanpaktou once they are basically capable of attaining bankai

renji was made a vice captain just before ichigo invaded soul society
renji materialized his zanpaktou right after he lost to ichigo
he then trained with his zanpaktou and gained bankai before ichigo

sasakibe only trained his bankai only the power of the bankai increased

as shown by hitsugaya just focusing on increasing your capability to use bankai will not increase shunpo zanjutsu kido or skills unless the specific ability of the bankai increases any one or cobination of skills

lets not forget ichigo has trained in hand to hand and been fighting most of his life

and yes these powers are the reason ichigo is the main character it makes him unique among a bunch of people who all have the same powers
>> No. 83468
For fucks sake why do you never type with capitals.

You have a shift-key for a reason, use it.
>> No. 83469
Or punctuation, for that matter.
>> No. 83470
Because I don't want to.
is no different from
because i dont want to

both sentences get the same point across

one requires me to press extra buttons as a type the other doesnt
>> No. 83473
Because I don't want to.
is no different from
because i don't want to

both sentences get the same point across one requires me to press extra buttons as a type the other doesn't

i'm only going to use punctuation for listing items and words like don't and doesn't as well as when quoting people outside of business/educational letters
>> No. 83476
Reading run-on sentences sure is fun.
>> No. 83477
>stop educationsecute me I has rite to be dumb and you must respec me for it because me special and puncturisation iz to hard

fuck off, retard.
>> No. 83483
It wouldn't fall apart, actually, since most of the events that drive the plot forward aren't actually related to Ichigo (unless things have changed drastically since I stopped reading). Other characters set everything in motion, and Ichigo cleans the worst of it up with a bullshit power upgrade that makes him outshine people who have centuries of experience under their belts. These characters are obligated to fail when they go up against the biggest baddest guy because the designated Hero has to be the one to finish him off, even if they have been shown previously to be extremely capable and logically should be able to take him down, especially as a group.

if Ichigo didn't exist or wasn't the main character, we'd still have Aizen's betrayal, Hueco Mundo, the Vandenreich attacking Soul Society. Nothing except the reason for Rukia's imprisonment is really lost. We'd just have Urahara make the killing shot on Aizen instead of Ichigo, and we'd see a lot less of those stupid intensive training sessions.
>> No. 83484
I don't think you understand how narrative works. Even assuming Urahara did kill Aizen, how would "we" know that? "We" see things as they relate to Ichigo, because Bleach is Ichigo's story, so we wouldn't even be present at the battle with Aizen if Ichigo wasn't there.

You could make Urahara the hero instead, but then you wouldn't be reading Bleach, you'd be reading....I dunno, Hatandclogs. Bleach is the story of a kid who takes on the mantle of a shinigami to protect his friends. Hatandclogs is the story of a trickster/inventor/shinigami going around and being mysterious at people until shit hits the fan when he pulls a Darkwing Duck and puts his serious face on just long enough to beat the bad guys before going back to charming buffoonery.

I'm not saying Hatandclogs wouldn't be a better story, but it would be utterly different in every important way from Bleach.
>> No. 83489
Hatandclogs would totally be a much better series.

Just like the Spring Time of Youth spinoff is better than Naruto.
>> No. 83490
It's something else that could POTENTIALLY be amazing. What was that one line someone said? Bleach's story isn't as good as its plot, or something?
>> No. 83491
Man this is the third new form of sword(s) he's had since the timeskip?

Just like with his fulbringer ninja-armour the plot's rushing him through this stuff.
>> No. 83492
I don't remember, was there even an ultimate point to the Fullbringer stuff?
>> No. 83494
Introducing a slew of new characters as is Kubo's wont, a plotline for getting a depowered Ichigo back into the game.... unintentionally bleeding off a large portion of the series dwindling fanbase?
>> No. 83499
I don't think YOU understand what I'm saying, lol. I didn't say anything about narration, I said the plot. Which is different. His purpose in the story beyond being The Main Character is minimal. He doesn't do anything that no one else should be able to do, and he doesn't set many things in motion except for when Rukia have him her powers at the very, very beginning.

The story could be told from, say, Renji's perspective, and begin the day he is ordered to arrest his old friend Rukia, while the human she gave her powers to goes unnamed. Whether or not the Ichigo from this version lives/continues to be a minor character or if he is successfully executed by Byakuya, all the major events past this point would happen in roughly the same way and time regardless. I think this is pretty much why Bleach sucks: he's the designated main character so he needs the most screentime and he needs to do awesome things, but nothing happens because of his actions, hey happen because of the actions of other characters and then he killsteals out of obligation, which is more annoying than anything else. I don't think Kubo planned Bleach's storyline beyond the first arc and it really shows. And I do think that it could have been a better comic if he had multiple characters' perspective instead of holding fast to Ichigo the entire time. I feel like he probably wanted to, but didn't think he should/could.

When planning out/writing a story I think it is a good idea to test multiple perspectives before you go ahead and write your final draft. The best evidence I've seen for this is The Great Gatsby--if you manage to find early iterations of the book, they are absolute shit. Like, they are really, sincerely, completely atrocious. Then he shifted the viewpoint from Gatsby to a minor character who only appeared in two scenes originally, and then suddenly it was good. Sometimes all it takes is a little change in narrative. Too many people believe the only answer to "who should the camera follow?" is "the Hero, obviously, who else?" and that's crippling. It totally crippled Bleach. I haven't followed this comic for about a year, but I'm still sad that with more planning and a few simple tweaks to how it's narrated, it could have been a really cool story.
>> No. 83500
>. I don't think Kubo planned Bleach's storyline beyond the first arc and it really shows.

of course. If you don't think that means you are right.
>> No. 83501
You really are becoming the one-man Bleach Defence Force of +4chan.
>> No. 83502
The issue with the plot is that Ichigo's motivation has never really been made clear. There's no "I want to be Hokage/ be Pirate King/Win the big game/Complete my menu" goal for him to work towards. As a result things just kind of happen (most frequently one of the girls gets kidnapped)

Even if you ditch the goal after a while it's important to have it somewhere in the backburner, like how in Fairy Tail Natsu's team originally had the goal of "work our way up to the top floor and get the right to do S rank missions" or how Medaka Box had "Fill the entire school with flowers representative of having helped the students".

If Rukia, and the Orihime had never gotten kidnapped and given him something to work for (for one arc only really) what would Ichigo have done? Just gone on to fight a bunch of random filler hollows?

New characters can be great and all but just flooding the cast isn't enough and it means that no one gets the development they need (given the main character doesn't even get that development beyond "here's another new power" this shouldn't be a surprise).

Hell, remember how Tatsuki was starting to get powers?
>> No. 83503
Yeah, that too.

The first bit of the series feels like a completely different story. I would have been happy if it had remained kind of a slice-of-life thing where Ichigo and his friends fought Hollows to protect Karakura, tbh. The part after Rukia's arrest totally changes its tone and it could be neat in its own right, but would have been better with a different main character.

If only he'd ended Bleach when he got bored of Karakura Town adventures and started up a different (but connected) Soul Society series...

>> No. 83505
>nuh opinion my mom says I'm right so it's true.

You can roll on the floor all you want, as long as you just fling insults as subtle as "I think he's shit" you are not gonna impress anyone.
>> No. 83506
Wow, why are you being so random and using greentext insults? Thats even worse.

And it is the same guy who always defends every facet of bleach and noticeably doesn't type properly, I'm just stepping in and stating the fact.
>> No. 83584
A Bleach chapter where nothing happens?! This is very odd!
>> No. 83591
God fucking dammit Kubo, you are the Lego maniac of character design. YOU HAVE LIKE FOUR STANDARD BODY TYPES WITH DIFFERENT HAIR!
>> No. 83594
Thats why its so easy for him to keep chucking in more when he's got nothing better to do.
>> No. 83596
another case of tell don't show. he's bored. bored bored bored.

bored of his own story.

i miss zombie powder.
>> No. 83600
Kubo introducing a wacky set of secondary characters?

Must be Wednesday.
>> No. 83601
Observation the first: Kubo likes making up characters.
Observation the second: Many of these characters are way more interesting/likable than the main characters in his stories (c.f. Urahara, Shinji, Hanataro, etc.)
Observation the third: Kubo has real problems keeping momentum going for a long time and forgets his own plot points from years ago.

Only sane conclusion: Kubo should be working on short series about interesting characters that entertain him until he starts getting bored about them, then conclude their series and work on something new that interests him, instead of epic shounen megaworks.
>> No. 83637
Kubo seems to have the same problems as Kishi: Great world building, secondary characters, and scenario, but cliche writing and main characters with mad hax. Also, women are always the weakest.

For me, though, Kubo's steam petered out a lot sooner than Kishi's did. I'm still interested in how Naruto Shippuden ends, if only for closure, but I completely stopped caring about Bleach.
>> No. 83647
>Naruto and Bleach
>Great worldbuilding
>> No. 83697
File 137270389632.gif - (1.52MB , 200x150 , 1365498582385.gif )
>Possibly pronounced Yehawach
>Yhwach is named after the true name of God
>> No. 83720
I'd say that there was some unsettling social commentary in the latest chapter, but I might be reading too much into it.
>> No. 83721
Well soul society has always been a terrible place and a regime filled with bastards. And they are the 'heroes'.

But what is happening in the latest chapter?
>> No. 83722

Again I'm probably reading too much into it but yeah.

In this chapter after Barbieta or what ever her name is finished killing a dude, some more female Quincys are introduced. Some one mentioned that they look a lot like a K-Pop group who's picture I can't find. The girls are generally slutty and murderous, which is par for the course but I wonder if making them look like K-pop stars has an underlying meaning. I know Japan and Korea haven't really been getting a long, so maybe I picked up on something that may or may not be there to begin with.
>> No. 83730
Kubo really likes fashion, so it could be as simple as him enjoying current K- and J-Pop clothing designs.
>> No. 83731
if he ever owns up to it, i'd love to watch him make a series just about competing fashionistas or designers... or pop stars for that matter.

they could even have special powers so long as they stay the fuck out of huexico.
>> No. 83732
If you're going to read into anything, read into the murdersluts' obviously western names.
>> No. 83733
>stay the fuck out of huexico.

Mmmm fuck you too.
>> No. 83735
Eh, a lot of the Quincey have western-sounding names. Actually, looking at a list of them, Quincey naming doesn't seem to follow any real pastern. Some of them sound western (Meninas McAllon, Royd & Loyd Lloyd), some sound eastern (Cang Du), and some are just weird (BG9, Äs Nödt, Äs Nödt).
>> No. 83736
Or you know, maybe that band just had the same idea of putting white military clothes?
>> No. 83852
Look! It's some of the established characters that we actually still like! They're still in the story! Hooray!
>> No. 83874
Shinsui just told them to say goodbye to Ichigo.
Even in story he knows Kubo has nothing for them and jusst told them to go home forever.
>> No. 83928
>>Bleach has some of the best fight choreography in current manga, the writing reliably provides and effectively balances weekly "holy shit" moments and long-term continuity, and the art is professional if overly polished. If you don't like the genre it so whole-heartedly embodies then you'll obviously not be a fan, but the vast majority of criticisms of the series are baseless bandwagoning bullshit.

...do people honestly feel this way about Bleach?
>> No. 83930
We've got one fanboy who pops up in this thread sporadically, so it does happen.

But really, best fight choreography? Have they not read like, any other fighting series?
>> No. 83969
>people who like things I dislike are the same guy I swear and he's totally a FANBOY and other buzzword so I can feel superior with MY taste instead.
>> No. 83970
Oh, hey, there you are.
>> No. 83978
You do happen to be posting just like the 'fanboy' in question.

Why do you hate capital letters at the start of your sentences anyway? Your SHIFT key obviously WORKS.
>> No. 83996
Five week break to prepare for the final chapters. Maybe there will be some background artwork in them.
>> No. 83998
The last chapters of the last arc, so to speak?
>> No. 84004
I don't even read it anymore but just like with Naruto I'll be glad to see it END
>> No. 84007
Kubo just promised the final battle, wich could be a ruse since we know there's more to this than jsut Juha, so it's highly possibe his defeat just trigger another part of the arc without ending anything.
>> No. 84102
I forgot the Vizards were characters, it was nice to see them briefly.

This is a bad comic about nothing.
>> No. 84133
I miss when it was a quirky comic about nothing. The soul society arc killed the manga.
>> No. 84134
Bleach was on the verge of cancellation before SS arc. Nobody enjooyed or bought the early volumes.
>> No. 84137
So I should blame people for having shitty tastes?
>> No. 84183
Out of curiosity, were you paying to read the manga back then, or were you just reading it online?
>> No. 84186

Pre-Soul Society Bleach is the only Bleach I've ever paid money for.
>> No. 84421
I'm starting to suffer from severe withdrawal now. How many weeks left before next chapter?
>> No. 84422
How are you suffering withdrawal? Nothing really happens anymore in Bleach anyway to the point that not getting a new chapter is almost the same exact thing as if you did.
>> No. 84578
where have you been for the past year
>> No. 84718
>latest chapter

Wait what?
>> No. 84721
File 137842425860.png?spoiler - (266.45KB , 853x688 , 18.png?spoiler )
>> No. 84722
>> No. 84724
I actually kinda liked the latest chapter.
Mayuri's such a fucking nutter, it's great.
>> No. 84779
>Secondary characters in fights with minor villains
Enjoy, guys, because this is the only time these characters will get to shine in this arc.
>> No. 84844
watching the show and am wondering once Aizen gets beat does it just go off on its own arc or does it ever sync back up with the comic? and if not is it worth watching?
>> No. 84969
And so once again, we're forced to sit through more screentime of Hitsugaya getting his ass beaten like a punk and contributing almost nothing to the series.
Thanks Kubo.
>> No. 85417
Ichigo's running back down Snake Way and all of the Quinces are going Super Saiyan.
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