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File 13568760394.jpg - (105.84KB , 728x1086 , sextras_maoyuu_maou_yuusha_v01_c01_001[1].jpg )
80433 No. 80433
It's basically Dragon Quest meets Spice and Wolf. Hero goes to kill Demon Queen, and she talks him down with graph paper and trading plans.

Started out as a series of 2chan threads that were subsequently published as light novels, which were in turn adapted into FIVE manga series, and now there's an anime due out in about 6 days.

The novels are being translated here:

The first two manga are direct adaptations of the novel story, but nobody cares about them because they sucked and the third manga was named the "official" one by the author. It's also the version the English fanbase is most familiar with. Scans for it are done by Extras.

Extras also does the parody manga, You're Horrible Maou-sama.

The last manga is a poorly translated spinoff that follows one of the side characters.

The anime is going to most likely be subbed by Commie, presuming they don't drop the adaptations from disgust (it's being done by Studio ARMS, which concerns a number of us).
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>> No. 80446
Why oh why isnt the anime in the style of the manga?
>> No. 80447
Meh, I'll stick with Monster Girl Quest.
>> No. 80448
These are not two things that occupy the same sphere.
>> No. 80455
Meh, I'll stick with Spice and Wolf.
>> No. 80470
Well I would say it distinguishes itself from S&W in that while the former is about microeconomics and a single romance, MMY is about macroeconomics and the social evolution of countries.

I don't know where the fuck anyone would draw a MGQ comparison, beyond the whole Hero/DQ thing which is a tenuous connection at best.
>> No. 80526
There's a new chapter out, incidentally.
>> No. 80545
>> No. 80546
>> No. 80550
why so much jiggle
>> No. 80551
As I said in the OP, because ARMS.

The manga also has a fair amount of boobs though, so we can't blame it all on them. Just the vastly inferior artstyle.

The first episode was okay. They took some liberties since the CHART RAIN wouldn't really work in animated form, but I don't like how they presented her as this idealistic airhead. She does have elements of that, but she's also a ruthless pragmatist and in the original and Comp Ace series treats the first meeting like a very serious business meeting. She literally bombards him with so much information he has to admit his mistake.

They also cut out the most hardcore line, the bit about assassins.
>> No. 80553
File 135735679127.gif - (1.09MB , 480x270 , Maoppai-gif-1-007.gif )
I didn't even know there was an anime unti--oh dear.
>> No. 80554

Does the Demon King and/or Hero become more interesting as characters as the story progresses? Or are they both like this for the whole run?
>> No. 80556
You could read the manga and find that out.
>> No. 80559

But there are at least 21 chapters at about 50 pages eeeeeeeaaaaaaaaach.

Can you tell me about the economics part? Is it more scholarly structuralism or tryhard populism?
>> No. 80560
You were JUST begging in another thread for manga. Here's a manga (which is better than the anime). Read it.
>> No. 80573
File 135740914583.gif - (942.02KB , 480x270 , tig ol bitties.gif )
>> No. 80614
That's just beautiful.
>> No. 80883
File 135841536449.jpg - (183.35KB , 1024x768 , 1358412500660.jpg )
>> No. 80884
File 13584154268.jpg - (68.74KB , 500x940 , 1358413107448.jpg )
>> No. 80886
File 135841838786.gif?spoiler - (0.98MB , 480x270 , 9wyjs.gif?spoiler )
Personally I watch this show for the Economics.
>> No. 80951
I don't get why they keep adding these scenes to make DQ seem more stupid than she was in the manga.
>> No. 80952
but where are the economics

saying "economics" isn't talking about economics when does it go beyond "there are economic considerations to war"
>> No. 80953
Hey there's this manga you've been told repeatedly to read, maybe you should do that.

Though that said it's never as in-depth as Spice and Wolf and is as much about other kinds of reform as economic shit.
>> No. 80961
Spice & Wolf is more microeconomics, Maoyuu is more macro.

And you can't really do macro without factoring in technological innovation, politics, diplomacy, etc., especially when it's set in a quasi-medieval world where individuals who can punch entire armies to death exist.
>> No. 80962
I'll also add that having a guy who can punch entire armies to death on your side is fantastic leverage for someone who wants to bootstrap herself into a geopolitical force.

It also shows that the plot's focus isn't on shounen fighty bullshit, because there isn't a problem involving violence that can't be solved by pointing Hero at it, and in the process this highlights all the problems in the world that can't be solved by pointing Hero at it.

Maoyuu's Watchmanning old school JRPG plots - but is way more upbeat about it, of course.
>> No. 80979
Are not huge tracts of land helpful to growing large amounts of crops which can be traded at market?

Maou could feed a country with her majestic bounties
>> No. 81011
Alright this show is p gud but it better be going somewhere.
>> No. 81305
So for the most part this show isn't making me do anything but go "this was better in the Comp Ace manga" and "well those backgrounds are nice."

But I have to admit, it's at least reaching directly into the "FukuJun and Koshimizu please just fuck already goddamn" part of my brain and successfully teasing the shit out of it.
>> No. 81308
Yeah, the manga is clearly better. But the anime has its own kinda charm. I, for one, just find it incredibly relaxing to watch.
>> No. 81575
I think it's kind of bullshit how there's a new episode of this and Haganai out today, when I can't have meat on Fridays.
>> No. 84207

New chapter, it's the big time demon clan party.
>> No. 85716
I just finished a marathon of Log Horizon after learning it the novels were by the same author. It's the first Stuck in an MMO series I can really say I enjoy. But that's not surprising considering the creator and the fact that Jougi Nakata is a swashbuckling cat cook.

What IS surprising is that the fucking author apparently showed up on /a/. The highlights are collected in this ADTRW post:
>> No. 85837
Nobody besides me and Famenag is watching Log Horizon, but worth noting is that Touno showed up on /a/ again. The sticky is still up, haven't read it though.
>> No. 85849
File 138646197969.jpg - (53.00KB , 558x479 , lhak1.jpg )
Thanks for reminding me to check for subs...

I picked it up on a whim to be honest. I was expecting something average at best, but the way LH takes its worldbuilding so seriously pleasantly surprised me.

Of course this is before I learned who was behind the light novel.
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