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File 133737494131.jpg - (800.03KB , 1134x1800 , 1286425980468.jpg )
74880 No. 74880

Now that the whole "plot" thing seems to have been wrapped up, maybe we'll finally get back to the important things in life: games. Or maybe Yui and Keima will finally have crossdressing sex! Who knows, anything can happen.
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>> No. 74898
Chihiro fan here.

I'm calling it, Chihiro has captured Keima's heart for realsies
>> No. 74899
I don't know if I'm a "Chihiro fan" in the sense that I like her better than everyone else, but I'd tend to thing she was the most likely "winner" if there was going to be a winner. She fell for Keima for who he is, rather than an illusion of who he could be or who he wants her to think he is, and that's pretty big. In a lot of ways I feel like she's the only girl whose feelings for him are genuine because of that.
>> No. 74900
What about Haqua and Tenri?
>> No. 74903
I thought I remembered Tenri's backstory showing that she misinterpreted events and therefore had an inflated opinion of him, but I guess I could be remembering wrong, in which case she's just as valid as Chihiro.

Haqua I've got no excuse for, I guess it just didn't occur to me to think of her that way.
>> No. 75045
File 133798392838.png - (407.92KB , 1654x1200 , img000003.png )
Wai- Wha- Wha- Ho- Wh-
I have no idea what to do with myself. Too many conflicting feels. Too much utter disbelief. What a shitty way to end this arc. What a great way to completely blow me away with pure ballsiness to go deep. I have no idea. I have no idea.
Where is this going now? I can't tell.
>> No. 75046
File 133798787366.png - (94.02KB , 444x393 , 1337986922438.png )
Also, god damn. Wakaki made Chihiro extra pretty for this chapter.
Only makes it hurt more.
>> No. 75047
>> No. 75048
You're all traitors who just want to see Yokkyun NTR'd.
>> No. 75061
File 133803159568.jpg - (214.64KB , 824x1200 , 1337989294660.jpg )
>> No. 75065
What's wrong with how the arc ended? I liked it.

dat honest apology to a 3D girl
>> No. 75230
File 13385717259.png - (399.58KB , 731x663 , 1338571012244.png )
Well now, this is entirely too sexual.
>> No. 75232
File 133857302926.jpg - (50.08KB , 1280x720 , Fucking SOLD.jpg )
>Yui's the sort of girl who'll convey her feelings even if she has to rape him!
>> No. 76932
Whoops, back to plot.
>> No. 77089
>> No. 77105
>> No. 77108
Mari the doting mom is adorable.
>> No. 77115
What a good mom.

Then how the hell did Keima turn out so.... Keima.

>> No. 77125
Are you retarded? She SPOILED her son that's how. She's an idiot because she bitches that her son is anti-social and yet she's the one who supplies him with endless videogames since he was a little boy. If she wanted her son to turn out different, she should have cut off how many games she bought him. She still continues to supply him with the funds so he can keep buying new galge games. Its entirely her fault.

The only good thing is that due to the situational nature of the plot, Keima's obsession with those games serve him well in his goal.

Now what I want to know is why they STILL refuse to show us Keima's father. If Wakaki makes it seem like the guy is a bad father I'll rage.
>> No. 77126
They don't show him because he was originally just a one-off gag and now serves as an excuse to remove the mom when needed.
>> No. 77533

>> No. 77536
wait who's dokuro agai-

woah whaaaaa
>> No. 77540
Well I...

Certainly wasnt expecting that.
>> No. 78910
Ugh chapter 206, Wakaki is appealing to the pedophile lolicon crowd in this chapter. What a waste of time. And Urara saying "read the porn mags to me" screams that Wakaki wants doujins of this shit done.
>> No. 79047
So is Wakaki like a lolicon? This stuff going on in the manga is just pure loli and shota hentai on the verge of happening.
>> No. 79048
That stuff isn't sold on Wakaki's aisle.
>> No. 79053
.......wow. This is....wow. I haven't been this surprised in a manga since they showed Shierke's naked ass in Berserk.

Ten bucks says Wakaki did this on purpose to get doujins done.
>> No. 79062
Guys playing doctor and other exploratory games as a child is totally normal. I don't remember the percentages but it's almost as common as masturbation. It's driven by curiosity, not precocious sexuality.
>> No. 79064
But its awkward. I can tell you one thing, this manga never gave me the impression that it would have a loli. Let alone go as far as to have Urara want to read porn and then try to experiment due to curiosity. And why the hell is Keima letting her dominate him? He should be able to throw her off. She's not Yui. She's just a scrawny brat.
>> No. 79066

He's having trouble computing because although it's innocent curiosity on her part, HE's a teenager and the situation is very much sexual to him.
>> No. 79067
So why doesn't Keima tell her the truth to shake her mind off engaging in sexual behavior. Her body is underdeveloped. And the prime purpose of sex is to have offspring. He can use whatever kid oriented language he wants, but she'll get the point that her body is worthless at the moment.

And if she insists on doing it anyways, Keima should just slap her (he already hit her once when they first met). That should end things quick enough.
>> No. 79070
Because he's panicking right now, and that interferes with one's ability to see obvious solutions.
>> No. 79108
>I still think that TWGOK should have ended after the 6 goddesses were reunited and Vintage's invasion plan was stopped. Obviously altered a bit from how it was so that there was closure and no loose-ends, but at this point I feel like the story is really starting to drag.

Agreed. Not to mention this arc is seemingly more.....fetishistic than any previous ones. In this lone Jupiter Arc we've had incestual straight shota bait (Keima's mom bathing with her son nude claiming she won't grab his dick "this time"), Urara is obvious loli bait, and Dokuro's Age Regression shtick. It just doesn't sit right with me to see all this at once.

>Either that, or it should never have diverted from, or just should have gone back to, being a dating sim parody about Keima making girls fall for him.

Frankly there is no more excuse. With all the goddesses collected the story should have ended. All the goddesses have the power to get rid of the remaining loose souls. But them simply not getting to it reeks of bad writing. There's just no good reason to not end this manga on a high note outside of Wakaki being a hack who doesn't want his meal ticket to end.

I swear if Keima ends up being made a TRUE human incarnation of god itself which explains his powers over women or some shit ala Naruto then the manga shat itself on what made it great. Usually harem comedy protagonists are spineless losers who undeservedly get women under BS reasons. Keima is the complete anti-thesis of that archetype and I get the feeling Wakaki might just drop the ball.

If not that, then ruin the manga in another manner which he's kind of doing with this Urara loli fetish segment.
>> No. 79109
We already knew that simply beating Vintage wouldn't be the end because that wouldn't tie up all that teasing about Ceres and Maijima's past.

As for the Urarara stuff, it's got a couple decent jokes and I doubt it's going to go further than this. Really, ya'll are acting like this is going to turn into Kodomo no Jikan.
>> No. 79110
I honestly do not care about the past of Majira and Demeter. Just don't.

As for Urara, its just a shock to see a SHOUNEN (this manga is not a Seinen) go as far as it has gone in terms of sexual themes with a loli.
>> No. 79176
Just to be sure, there is no chapter this week right?
>> No. 79364
Anyone else really hate Keima's recent habit of "conveniently every development is a Just As Planned twist"? It makes Keima seem more and more of a Mary Sue like Light Yagami or worse Near.Sure they show us when he plans sometimes, but AFTER the fact. This whole "I planned this sexual scandal" is just as annoying as "I planned that Urara would take two steps to the whatever so she sees me kissing Dokuro"

Yo Wakaki knock it off. No one likes Mary Sues.
>> No. 79365
>recent habit
>> No. 79366
It didn't really start becoming overtly blatant til the Chihiro reconquering arc where Keima was just full of bullshit know-it-all-ism. Its frankly making him more unlikable as a protagonist.
>> No. 79378
I didn't think it was bad during that arc. Random stuff kept popping up that Keima wasn't prepared for, and he seemed like he was really pushed to the limit trying to juggle Ayumi and Chihiro at once. That's another reason I thought the manga was going to end after the goddess arc, because it felt like we were seeing the full extent of Keima's abilities.

I felt it was his skills were kinda BS near the very end though, when he was getting Ayumi to fall back in love with him. A lot of that felt like it shouldn't have been able to be planned.

I haven't bothered to read the last few chapters, honestly. I wanted to keep reading just to see how this manga ends, but if this ends up being one of those stories that just goes on and on, then I don't really want to bother. The thing that has put me off the most though, is that TWGOK doesn't seem as funny as it used to. There are still bits of comedy, but not as much as there used to be. TWGOK started as a romcom, and sort of a romcom parody at the same time. Now I don't know what genre it is.

Sorry, I don't mean to be that guy who is always shitting up the thread with complaints. I'm just kind of frustrated with how this story turned out, I guess.
>> No. 79382
I don't blame you. How the story is going with the belivability of Keima's deduction skills bordering on pure reading the future psychic babble is really hurting the manga. All that's missing to make the manga jump the shark is Keima truly for real being a human reincarnation of a godlike deity which explains his freakish ability to predict everything so that everything ends up being a convenient "Just as planned" moment.

And yeah I also agree, manga should have ended after all the goddesses were freed and they got rid of Vintage. This Jupiter business is just obvious padding since its Wakaki's meal ticket.

Let's not fool ourselves, Wakaki is kind of a hack. He created Tenri to do the generic uninspired "Childhood Friend End" in case the manga didn't sell. Its obvious a guy of that caliber wasn't going to go far and really try anything refreshing.

At this point the manga is being dragged out and has become what it parodied in the harem genre. Sad state of affairs.
>> No. 79386
I think you're being a bit hasty in consigning this thing to oblivion.
>> No. 80543

Since when could Wakaki draw action scenes?
>> No. 80701
>Title drop

Oh... this is definitely the last arc...
>> No. 80712
The sooner the series ends the better, this arc is boring ass shit.
>> No. 80713
I... agree. Why did this manga stop being about the girls? No one wanted this whole Vintage conspiracy stuff.
>> No. 80761
Not only does Vintage suck, but this random Dokuro being a potential supreme bonus goddess that may be even higher in power than the others crap is also very annoying. I always hate it when there's "a set number of something" and suddenly there's a random bonus one. A good example is the Elemental Dragons in Chrono Cross, turns out there's a random one under the "element" of shadow which was Harlequin while ignoring the Dark Dragon's elemental domain.
>> No. 80790
File 13582016602.png - (541.20KB , 763x564 , Yammy_Riyalgo_Mugshot_Ep268.png )
>a set number of something and suddenly there's a random bonus one
>> No. 80791
I want to know why people presume Dokuro is a goddess rather than, I dunno, a demon.
>> No. 80937
New chapter is PRETTY GOOD
>> No. 80939
I haven't read it. Truth be told I think I'm beginning to lose interest in this manga. I may just drop it because the goddess retrieval arc was a long ass dragged out mess and this arc is just all kinds of meh. Nothing about the concept for this arc pulls me in.

I've grown quite bored with this manga.
>> No. 80941
>these recent chapters have been kind of boring, wish they'd make a good chapter
>The new chapter's good
>> No. 82122

I'm 99% certain this ENTIRE ARC was just for those last lines.
>> No. 83883
File 137347552290.gif - (1.90MB , 236x132 , 132711012429.gif )
>Season 3 skips a whole bunch of arcs, including Yui, for more Kanon.
>> No. 83884
>Everything from the Tsukiyo arc (chapter 43) through the Akari arc (chapter 113).
>So about 70 chapters. There are a few bits that were done in OVAs, so its a little less than that.
>> No. 84470
>latest chapter
>> No. 85613
File 138453532234.png - (363.23KB , 838x1200 , img000017.png )
Oh shiiiiit! DAT TWEEEEEST!
>> No. 86138
Suddenly, Elsie backstory:
>> No. 86139
Nooooo! I don't want her die. ;_;
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