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File 133383519519.jpg - (156.69KB , 780x610 , hero license.jpg )
73544 No. 73544
Let's keep talking about Dragon Ball.
Heroes, having run out of Z Material, has gone GT!
Dragon Ball Heroes...GT?!youtube thumb
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>> No. 73545
File 133383561085.jpg - (299.13KB , 780x780 , SS3 GT Trunks.jpg )
Which of course means.
>> No. 73564
File 133384432376.jpg - (29.61KB , 400x327 , GTGoten.jpg )
So now everyone can go Super Saiyan 3!!

The question is, when GT Goten does it, will the really-long hair flop forward over his face? Because that would be hilarious.
>> No. 73567
Seriously, I love Toriyama's art, but that's just a terrible design. Then again, most of the designs in GT are terrible. >>73564 I'm looking at you, Goten.
>> No. 73568
Man fuck this shit.
At least the future trunks SSJ3 looked... kinda cool, even if it was uninspired and made no kind of sense.

"Make everyone a super saiyan 3!" really is the dumbest and most unexciting route they could go for 'original game characters'...the only way it would be worse is if they started making SSJ5 designs.
>> No. 73569
File 133385560415.jpg - (35.67KB , 480x392 , Angry Gotenks.jpg )
>>Then again, GT is terrible

Talking of goten and Trunks specifically, it was such bullshit they never showed us a grown-up Gotenks.
>> No. 73572
SSj3 is so lame looking anyway.
>> No. 73577
It was cool before it became so mainstream
>> No. 73578
File 133387527999.png - (143.48KB , 300x225 , snapshot_dvd_07-12_2011-12-17_15-56-29.png )
But then we wouldn't have time for the wacky misadventures of a whiny 9-year-old girl.
>> No. 73580
New SD!
With a twist ending even though I think they to to Pilaf's castle after this anyways.
>> No. 73582
Chi-Chi was an adorable kid. What happened?
>> No. 73584
File 133389297666.jpg - (337.01KB , 882x1300 , e46210d61fd9cfbceff5998e4adff6a0.jpg )
She turned into a stereotypical Japanese mother.

Also, I find it amusing how they didn't show any actual nudity. Guess they can't get away with it like they could thirty years ago.
>> No. 73585
She had to deal with Goku, who wasn't exactly responsible.
>> No. 73586
Ummm, no?

>> No. 73587
You are entitled to your opinion Tiki but a lack of eyebrows isn't a flaw in everyones eyes.

Personally it looked cool when Goku first revealed it, as the 'ultimate' form of super saiyan the longer haired prehistoric-look suited it.
May have helped as well that in watching the dub the way the voice actor changed Goku's voice, that serious tone made an impression.
>> No. 73594

ChiChi doesn't have to worry about Goku being a NEET. Oh sure, he's never employed or educated... but he's ALWAYS training!
>> No. 73596
File 133391391699.jpg - (34.10KB , 512x400 , 051.jpg )
It makes them more ape-like in appearance.
>> No. 73597
I thought maybe it's the BROW MUSCLES that got too PUMPED and hid the eyebrow below them!

Well this I guess, except for the dub part. My country's got another dub. I think it didn't change that much.
>> No. 73626
File 133393135792.jpg - (57.00KB , 720x540 , snapshot20110513210036.jpg )
I mean you can't say they aren't the same kind of eyebrows.
I think that's why they decided that SS4 would literally fuse with the ape.
>> No. 73634
It's better than 4. 4 is just... ugh.

Huh. I never really picked up on that. That' actually pretty neat.

To be fair, she was the one who pursued Goku. He thought she was offering food and when she finally came after him to make good on the promise, he had already forgotten. Besides, he actually did a pretty good job of settling down and only started being so absent because he was too busy being dead. Twice.
>> No. 73644
Apparently Toriyama went as far as considering having SS3 grow the tail back.
The anime version even includes ape imagery.
Goku Turns Into Super Saiyan 3youtube thumb
>> No. 73663
File 13340394167.jpg - (114.80KB , 291x684 , Pan_Super_Saiyan_II_by_NeDan89.jpg )
And now you're just reminding me what bullshit it was that they never showed Pan go supersaiyan!
>> No. 73664
It's not bullshit when it looks awful and Toriyama didn't know how to make it look not awful
>> No. 73665
How does it looks worse than any other SSJ transformation?
>> No. 73671
Now I have Dragon Boxes 1, 5, 6 and 7.
>> No. 73681
You're talking about the Ocean Group dub, right? That thing was pretty poorly produced, so I wouldn't use it as a reference.
>> No. 73683
This is true.
I heard they only bothered to do one take and just went with it.
Then again, I hear Toriyama did the same thing when writing the manga.
I think he makes it work though.
>> No. 73686

Technically...Toriyama didn't do much with GT...right? I'm under the impression that he wasn't really involved.

Also, supposedly Pan never experienced huge loss or the rush of rage/emotion that she would have needed to break the Super Saiyan barrier. I haven't seen much of GT, any cred to that theory?
>> No. 73689
Toriyama not being able to draw something is a weakness of his repetitive style and not something you should leap to the defense of.

A number of fan's have drawn decent looking super females, and there's nothing wrong with the ones we see in stuff like the online game or that card-machine game.
>> No. 73694
I never liked how super saiyans look dudes I'm sorry

I dont even know why i made that comment i dont even like pan

that drawing looks bad because it doesnt look like her at all, but then i realized that yeah thats because of toriyama's style, it just looks like videl to me

what was the surge of rage/emotion that goten and trunks experienced, though
>> No. 73712
Ah no, it's another language, that's why different dub.
>> No. 73717
He did character designs and a few pieces of concept art that the first batch of stories were based off of.

When did he say that's the reason he never drew a female super saiyan? I just figured he never drew one because the only female Saiyan we saw was Pan and he only wrote her for 3-4 chapters.

>there's nothing wrong with the ones we see in stuff like the online game or that card-machine game.
Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if Toriyama designed those himself. Character designs for vidya isn't that uncommon from him. Actually, can female characters go Super Saiyan in DBO, because he was involved in a good deal of that.
>> No. 73718
File 133418552099.png - (476.28KB , 540x573 , Renders_Dragon_ball_online_by_forbidden_time.png )
There's no Saiyans left in the time period that DBO takes place in, but humans can use the dragon balls to wish for the ability to go SSJ, both genders.

Other races have changed in the future too, Namekkians look different, and there's an entire Majin (buu) race.
>> No. 73720
Yeah, I've head/read the entire time-line for DBO. The origin of the Majin race is one of my favorite things ever. That kind of ridiculousness is what I love about Toriyama.
>> No. 73727
>> No. 73734
File 133423842736.jpg - (116.74KB , 600x480 , News7424.jpg )
>> No. 73750
File 133425898399.jpg - (95.98KB , 430x720 , Robo.jpg )
>Dem vehicles
Hnnnnng. I love when Toriyama draws any type of vehicle or machine. He's just so good at it. Even his buildings are all really cool looking.
>> No. 73808
File 133444041599.jpg - (501.07KB , 1134x726 , Zlease.jpg )
I was going to make an infographic but I got lazy.

So, Season Sets ("Orange Bricks")
+ Widely available
+ Relatively cheap
- Somewhat controversial "remastering" that includes cropping the video to make it widescreen

Dragon Box
+ Very high quality
- Short print, very hard to find at this point

Z Kai
+ High quality
+ Most filler cut out, making it a good intro to the series.
+ English dub features a more accurate script than the original
- Only goes up to the Cell Saga

Level 1.1-1.2
+ While obviously the same masters as the Orange Bricks, it's also obvious that they actually did a good job with the remastering.
- Cancelled, so that's all there is.
>> No. 73937
File 133477236510.jpg - (383.91KB , 902x1300 , d43f9b8b7f36f34dacf715e9838ee1d1.jpg )
Another new SD!
In a "manor" of speaking
>> No. 73964
Wow, so Ooishi is just straight up remaking Dragon Ball at this point...
>> No. 73965

Yeah, basically.

Why they don't just reprint the old Dragonball chapters is beyond me, it's pretty much the exact same shit.
>> No. 73967
File 133483445720.jpg - (29.98KB , 449x362 , 1332262965822.jpg )
It's also like "Hey wasn't Kai such a great and wonderful thing!"

Censoring shit that wasn't censored 30 years ago pisses me of to no end, I am so fucking sick of whiny cry babies trying to protect their precious fucking virgin eyes.

Life has boobies and peens and vaginas and people have blood inside them, get used to it any move on.
>> No. 73971
As far as I'm concerned, the biggest reason Kai sucks is because it's not complete. They really screwed the pooch there.

As far as the censoring goes, I'm not surprised. Back in the day an anime could make all it's money in Japan and anything it made overseas was just gravy. Today it depends at least somewhat on good international reception, at least when it comes to mass-marketable shows aimed at children. So there's no doubt Toei was sensitive to their concerns and wanted to make things easier on them. Plus Japan itself is no longer tolerant of that kind of stuff on kids shows.

Hell, I'm surprised SD allowed Yamcha to see a naked Bulma AND Chi-Chi. That would never fly on TV.
>> No. 73989
File 133487352939.gif - (878.75KB , 173x96 , Kai.gif )
But they can do it more naturally than a dub group would be able to.
>> No. 73994
>As far as I'm concerned, the biggest reason Kai sucks is because it's not complete. They really screwed the pooch there.

By not complete you mean "doesn't include the arc that is basically Toriyama shouting 'DON'T YOU SEE YOU DUMB FUCKS, IT'S OVER! IT'S FUCKING OVER! STOP DRAGGING ME BACK I WANT TO MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE!' at both readers and editor through the page"?

Because I would consider that a good thing.
>> No. 73998

You didn't like the Buu saga. Cry me a fucking river.
>> No. 74004

More relevantly, Toriyama clearly didn't enjoy it either.
>> No. 74005
I will say this about Buu:

Goten is such a pointless character I don't know why he was ever created.
>> No. 74006
He's a later-born herald of how divorced from the creator's interests or intention the franchise had gotten after Cell. Besides the fact that he was a miniature clone of young Goku trapped outside of Dragon Ball, he had nothing to do but be Trunks' friend. Apparently he was made to actually replace his dad in the show but fans, of course being what they are, don't like change in the product and thus he just fizzed in the midground.
>> No. 74009
File 133491446838.jpg - (45.00KB , 500x399 , dragon_ball_z_manga_final_page_goku_uub_kintoun.jpg )
That really annoys me, everyone who was meant to be the 'new defender of Earth', passing the torch and all that, was horribly jobbed just so Goku could be the one to save the day again.

Goten & Trunks, Gohan...Uub managed to escape this in Z since he was an epilogue character but then got hit with it in GT, which took the whole concept of Goku Time and RAN with it,
they all got it even worse there with stuff such as Gohan being inexplicably depowered or the two not even allowed to show off thier fusion because they are told it would be completly useless even as a freakin distraction.
>> No. 74012
The funny thing is that it's been happening all the way back to Z, remember when it was supposed to be Tien who was going to replace Master Roshi?

Kinda tempts me to try and think of way a way death could mean something in that universe, just so characters could become what they were meant to be.
>> No. 74030

If there's anything that best characterizes plotlines in Dragonball, it's repetition, repetition, repetition!

Look at all the characters who got redemption-by-being-defeated and changed from being a rival/antagonist to a good guy and friend of Goku? Krillin. Yamcha. Tien/Chiaotzu. Yajirobe. Piccolo. Vegeta. Android 17 and 18. (And if the anime fillers are to be taken seriously, Dabura, lol.) So basically everyone who is male and isn't Goku...

Then of course there's the issue where every single character (who isn't a Saiyan or halfling) becomes increasingly more useless as the series goes on. Roshi's usefulness didn't escape Dragonball. Yajirobe's last effort was cutting off Vegeta's tail (which was even more of a shock because he should have been irrelevent by then). Yamcha was proven useless by being killed by a freaking Saibaman. Tien, Chiaotzu, and Krillin practically didn't exist by the Buu saga, and Piccolo was demoted to babysitter and drill sergeant.

Oh, and you can add Pan to the list of potential-sucessors-who-didn't-succeed over the course of franchise. Also, the fact that there was never a teenage/adult Gotenks is one of the great injustices of the Dragonball world.
>> No. 74035
>Yamcha was proven useless by being killed by a freaking Saibaman
Yamcha was always useless.
>> No. 74036
That's not true, he saved Bulma once from getting hit by a car.

Outside of that, yeah, useless.
>> No. 74037
Was also the time he helped Goku beat that Gangster Bunny who could turn people into carrots and rescue Bulma.

It's a bit much to single out Yamcha, he was hardly the most useless of the Z-fighters (I believe Chiaotzu is the one that applies to. Its a shame cuz he's also kinda neat, if he'd been a useful later on they could have focused on his psychic powers in battle to differantiate him from other fights, and his 'floaty' hand-to-hand style.)
>> No. 74040
File 133495610252.png - (690.31KB , 1024x768 , Tien&Chiaotzu&YamchaWins.png )
These guys all had way more interesting fighting styles and special techniques than the main characters, Piccolo and Krillin as well, compared to different coloured energy beams or larger energy beams which was all you saw from Goku and Vegeta once they go further and further into SSJ.

The grunts had ki attacks which actually mixed it up a tad-
Like Krillen's multi-targeting Scattering Bullet and cutting Destructo Disk
Yamcha's controllable and multi-hitting Spirit Ball/Super Spirit Ball
Tien's multi-form technique and 4-way ki-blast cannon, his lifeforce-powered Tri-Beam was cool too I guess which is why it sucked by Z he had to spam it just to delay an enemy in Z without doing any damage...
Piccolo had the Hellzone Grenade, and even the SBC was neat, more like a drill than an enveloping energy blast, too bad it only got used once in canon and was never refined
Chiaotzu never had much in the way of ki attacks, dodon ray and blowing himself up, but his telekinesis was something when he was using it to stop peoples movment's and attack thier internal organs...but then along comes Nappa and now his enemies are too strong for it to work anymore...
>> No. 74041
Problem with Chaotzu is he was obviously just made in the spot to be Krillin's rival, other than that there was nothing else to be done with him.
>> No. 74042
File 133495667730.png - (195.85KB , 576x432 , KrillinVsPiccoloWMAT.png )
Something else that was missing when the series became all about hair boners and ki splooge?Hand-to-hand special techniques.
So stuff like Tien's Four Witches Technique (Growing extra arms) and Machine-Gun Punch, Yamcha's Wolf-Fang-Fist and even Piccolo's Namekkian-warrior limb stretching which never really got used to the extent it could have.
Even Future Trunks showing up and using a sword was a change.

I guess alot of this boils down to basically saying the fight scenes could have been alot more varied and creative, and the non saiyans could have been utilised a HELL of a lot better.
>> No. 74043
File 133495729773.jpg - (113.50KB , 480x512 , 133450023988.jpg )
>>Future Trunks showing up and using a sword

Can't forget the power pole. That shit was Boss.

Too close to the original? Maybe. Was still awesome. It's cool when Z-Goku uses it in one or two of the movies.
>> No. 74044
File 13349581612.jpg - (841.19KB , 1196x1038 , 1263404020746.jpg )
Yeah, it is kind of weird that after his defining characteristics being the tail and the stick he was all no tail no stick.
Oh well.
Weapons in DBZ were never really a big thing.
>> No. 74045
Toriyama's coreography is so good it really doesn't matter. I mean like alot of things about Dragon Ball we can all point out how it would have been better if ____ but whatever, I saw these flaws when I was a child and I'm tired of picking it apart instead of celebrating the things it does so well.
>> No. 74047
File 133496139737.jpg - (53.24KB , 499x277 , Gotenks_Ghosts.jpg )

Due to being an American and growing up in the late 90's, I was one of (presumably) many who actually saw Z and GT long before Dragonball (partially because Cartoon Network almost never aired it...). It wasn't until a couple years ago that I was actually able to find a quality sub version online. I was utterly amazed at how freaking awesome it was that they were actually using techniques that could be considered martial arts, with a great variety and interest. At first, I thought I would be bored because I was so used to the transformations and Beam-O-Wars of Z, but it was the opposite. I had gotten complacent about Goku getting the crap beaten out of him, and not worrying because he hadn't even turned Super Saiyan yet. All of a sudden I have to remind myself, "Oh wait, he can't!" which makes the entire battle a lot more tense and unpredictable. It was a lot of fun seeing back when some of the other characters were quite powerful compared to Goku.

Yet another reason there should have been an adult Gotenks. He always came up with the most WTF-inducing techniques, a couple of which were frighteningly effective. It would have been nice to see something other than increasingly-larger Kamehamehas and increasingly-larger Spirit Bombs.
>> No. 74055
I dunno. I feel like the Buu arc was Toriyama getting back to basics. He'd spent so long out of his element and creating material that was outside of his comfort zone. The Buu arc was silly and fun. He was putting gags back into the book and just having fun. Sure the action picks up eventually, but the entire time he's got a silly edge to it all. Buu turns people into candy, Goku promises the Old Kai that he can grope Bulma in exchange for Gohan's training, and on top of all of that FUCKING GOTENKS.

Well, Power Poll/Nyoi Bo/Whatever was what Goku used to climb up to Kami's palace from Karin Tower. I'd imagine that by the time he was done training he figured that he really didn't need his old weapon anymore and just left it there or maybe he just plum forgot. He was training there for three years and it is Goku.

See, that's part of what I love about the time-line for Dragon Ball Online. Tenshinhan and Kurirrin end up reviving the crane and turtle schools. So while they never really could keep up with Goku, neither outright stopped their training. Goten and Trunks even manage to develop their own school around Sword Techniques. Honestly, if Ooishi wasn't the most likely candidate to write it, I'd love to see a manga based around that time-line.
>> No. 74058
I'm still not entirely sure what Cell's goal was after achieving perfect form. Just be a show-off with his newly acquired power and perfection for the rest of eternity?
>> No. 74061
It's kinda funny that Yajirobe was pretty badass when he first showed up, cutting down one of Demon King Piccollo's children with one strike then eating the bugger.
>> No. 74063
That's his deal.
He was about as strong as Goku was when they first met, and he's too lazy to get any stronger than that.
>> No. 74064
Was awesome when he managed to cut Vegeta down to size, and lived to tell the tale.

- - -

Dude needs to have his own story mode in one of the fighting games where he fights alongside everyone else against the Saiyans, goes to Namek to get the dragonballs and fights the enemies there, then defeats Freiza.
Everyone else on Namek finds him just after the battle, eating over a campfire, and are amazed he managed to defeat Freiza and save Namek...then they wonder what he's eating....
>> No. 74067

Cell actually said that he didn't really have a goal. He was programmed to kill Goku by Dr. Gero, but that did not interest him; and he was programmed to seek his perfect form, which was his chief obsession. After getting there, however, he freely admitted that he had no real purpose and so held the Cell Games to rid himself of boredom.
>> No. 74081
File 133504368717.gif - (2.04MB , 317x185 , he makes julienne fries.gif )
Was that a pun?
>> No. 74093
I think he would just be content to go on destroying things and looking for that next challenge for his to toy around with.

Yeah, I'd imagine that if he had defeated Gohan, he'd proceed to destroy the earth itself and then go find something else to occupy his time. Maybe if he was bored enough, he'd actually teleport to the afterlife and look for some powerful opponents there.
>> No. 74105
Yajirobe should have powered up over time not by training but by eating wierd stuff/creautres the heroes encountered, from space and shit.

Maybe he could get an awesome magical katana as well.
>> No. 74113
He's very open to mutation by eating alien tissues and substances, like a even scarier version of Majin Buu.
>> No. 74131
Fan Fiction Dragon Ball Z Dorkly Videoyoutube thumb
>> No. 74132
Pikkon had cool tecniques as well.
Don't know thier names but he had a different theme to his moves than most fighters. Instead of an energy blast his finisher involved a massive piller of flame fired at an enemy and he had that kaioken-like power-up or attack he used on cell where he covers himself in flame and then rushed him, also that move he used on Goku that trapped him in a Tornado that started slicing him while he was stuck inside it.
Those were all pretty nifty.
>> No. 74147
File 133528100977.jpg - (328.97KB , 780x720 , fusions.jpg )
For some reason I had it in my head that Gogeta was the more Goku one, but he's looking pretty Vegeta here.
>> No. 74190
Oh and this is a thing
Dragonball Z for Kinect Gamepl…youtube thumb
The took the game that plays itself and ported it to Kinect.
>> No. 74199
Ahahahaha, that's is silly as fuck.
>> No. 74206
They were important enough that Goten and Trunks opened up thier own sword school.

>> No. 74249
And now for something completely different:

I believe we have a winner for…youtube thumb
>> No. 74250

Foreign dubs are always amazingly entertaining...
Here I come Kuralla!youtube thumb
>> No. 74255
>> No. 74697
[slowpoke]Oh they gave the game originals new looks in the GT version, thats kind of cool.[/slowpoke]
>> No. 74731
File 133679202983.jpg - (109.43KB , 780x390 , galaxy heroes.jpg )
They unlocked the secrets of the tail belt.
>> No. 74766
Got any pictures of the rest of them?
>> No. 75007
File 133786746627.png - (1.78MB , 1280x720 , 128941566425.png )
>> No. 75096
File 133813742364.png - (1.32MB , 1170x488 , GM1DBHAvatars.png )
>> No. 75178
File 133841589878.jpg - (323.14KB , 1296x968 , Img_1181.jpg )
I saw a Dragon Box 3 at a con at a very good price and picked it up without thinking.
Unfortunately, I think 2 and 4 are the rarest ones of the set.
>> No. 75242
So Dragon Soul part 7 is a mix of previous singers.
ds7(fixed)youtube thumb
That's odd, that sounds like the kind of thing you'd do for part 8.
>> No. 75668
File 133944236773.jpg - (85.82KB , 780x763 , Singles Doubles Triples Quads.jpg )
>> No. 75672
File 13394571982.jpg - (277.80KB , 968x1296 , Img_1196.jpg )
I found copies of part 8 on DVD last week, but no Blu-Ray.
I'm hoping to find a copy tomorrow.
Dragonball Z Kai: Music Reviva…youtube thumb
>> No. 75732
File 133963574938.jpg - (79.73KB , 720x540 , snapshot20120613215728.jpg )
This was always a good part.
It wasn't even in the manga, but it feels like it should have been.
>> No. 75736
Yeah, it was a pretty good scene. Then again, the anime added a lot to DBZ that works pretty well. Hell, Bardock was an anime-only thing until Toriyama liked the special enough to add it into the anime.
>> No. 75745
I don't know, it sort of made them seem even more useless and pathetic, even altogether unleashing all they had they couldn't even knock Cell off-balance while he was occupied with Gohan, and all he had to do was fart out a bit of his Aura to knock them all away.
>> No. 75759
File 133972138525.jpg - (89.82KB , 720x540 , snapshot20120613220054.jpg )
That was already apparent and they all admit to it, too.
Its the fact that they keep getting back up and keep going at it, determined to not just sit there and watch Gohan die the way they just watched Goku die that makes it a powerful scene.
>> No. 75781
File 133979873575.jpg - (65.54KB , 720x540 , snapshot20120614222650.jpg )
Plus it nicely sets up the thing that actually does happen in the manga.
>> No. 75904
File 134012265723.png - (452.89KB , 768x1024 , IMG_0017.png )
I know it happens to work out anyways, but they don't know cutting his tail off will change him back, why remove the one thing you know you can control him with?
>> No. 75912
Oh wow, man. I didn't even remember the little shapeshifting guy. Guess maybe Toriyama didn't either by the end of the series...
>> No. 75913
File 134014696050.jpg - (148.44KB , 900x675 , Dragon_Ball_Online_003.jpg )
Yeah, after the Namek arc he kind of forgot that his universe was populated with animal people.
That gets a bit of a shout out in Dragon Ball Online, with the Red Pants Army.
Their motivation is that they're angry about that.
>> No. 75915
It's a shame we never got an animal-earthling as a primary fighter in the Z-fighters. He could have had special abilities releating to his different physical form that could have set him apart in battle.
Still I guess even if we had the dude would have just become useless like all the other Earthlings.
>> No. 75917
Well, there is Neko Majin. He counts, right?
>> No. 75924
File 134015293193.jpg - (19.36KB , 400x294 , 1047440463_grytVegeta.jpg )
>>What!? Even cats are going supersaiyan! Has the ultimate legacy of the saiyan race really become so common?
>> No. 75930
Haha that's pretty cool at least
>> No. 75938
So is there no way in hell DB Online is ever seeing the west, is there?
>> No. 76046
File 134033541176.jpg - (234.29KB , 780x572 , Gogeta 3.jpg )
Really, the most surprising thing is that this hasn't happened sooner.
>> No. 76047
File 134033555344.jpg - (220.36KB , 780x500 , SS3 Gogeta.jpg )
Also comes in already fused form.
>> No. 76251
File 134081871689.jpg - (5.26MB , 1680x8100 , Piccolo Dies.jpg )
Today I bring you Ultimate Tenkaichi cutscene comparisons.
Some of the scenes are much closer than they were in the anime.
And conspicuously, they seem to have forgotten or disregarded what time of day it's supposed to be.
>> No. 76257
File 134082229356.jpg - (5.70MB , 1680x9720 , Vegetas Metamorphosis.jpg )
(Should I be resizing these down?)
The cutscenes are all done in what you would call the "modern" DBZ style.
So you'll notice, especially around the eyes, things are more angular where in early DBZ they were a bit rounder.
>> No. 76258
Man the modern stuff looks... boring, in comparison.
>> No. 76259
I agree.
>> No. 76261
Why did they replace skin with extremely shiny plastic in the new version? and blood with scuff marks? and those backgrounds, holy shit are they lazy as fuck.

Seriously, look at Picolo's antenna, the new version is ridged and boring as shit.
>> No. 76262
To be fair, they're video game cutscenes. Not exactly a remastering we're seeing here, video game cutscenes USUALLY have these problems.
>> No. 76266
File 134083232447.jpg - (3.78MB , 1680x7020 , Yajirobes Moment of Truth.jpg )
It was probably easier to anime these sequences than it would have been to try and render them in-game.
>> No. 76271
File 134083967346.jpg - (91.37KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20100622054856.jpg )
You'll note that Kai also did the glowing eyes thing.
>> No. 76408
File 134112256368.jpg - (195.10KB , 1440x540 , Some nice mirror imagery there.jpg )
I need Dragon Box 2 to to the next cutscenes. I'll probably just skip ahead, so expect that later.
I always thought it would have been cool if Gohan transformed while Vegeta was still transformed and the two got in a massive fight.
>> No. 76424
File 134118549021.jpg - (4.98MB , 1680x8640 , Stop it youre Krillin me.jpg )
Obligatory scene!
Even the Super Saiyan looked pretty different when it first appeared to how it would look later in the series.
Like before they use the modern style.
>> No. 76429
File 134118892583.jpg - (4.64MB , 1680x7560 , Fight for the world 16 loved.jpg )
Also an obvious choice.
>> No. 76451
File 134127928710.jpg - (4.37MB , 1674x6480 , hes gonna blow.jpg )
Gonna have to split this one.
>> No. 76452
File 134127946879.jpg - (5.58MB , 1680x8640 , Bai Bai Minna.jpg )
>> No. 76472
The new animation just looks like a lifeless imitation.
>> No. 76473
Again, video game cutscenes. They ARE lifeless imitations.
>> No. 76518
Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD colle…youtube thumb
I'm actually pretty excited for this. Budokai 3 was one of my favourite DBZ fighting games.
>> No. 76534
Nice. Though I don't get why they'd bother including the original Budokai instead of just porting the PSP game(s) to the consoles. Didn't they have original stories and the refined gameplay of Budokai 3?
>> No. 76538
There's absolutly no reason to but this if you played the originals, especially if you actually still own them.
>> No. 76540
My PS2 went kaput.
>> No. 76550
Huh. And I guess that's the slightly cheaper alternative?
>> No. 76688
File 134204638711.jpg - (159.05KB , 800x588 , new_db_movie_promo.jpg )
A new DBZ Anime movie coming next year!
Toriyama is said to be having much more involvement with this than any other Dragon Ball Movie.
>> No. 76692
Yeah, I saw that on Twitter yesterday. This is pretty awesome news.
>> No. 76705
For a minute I thought that was Yamcha behind Goku.
>> No. 76708
File 13420699421.jpg - (42.54KB , 300x282 , 128879858023.jpg )
Eh...I can't really get excited about this, the Tarble TV special was kind of cool because it was just a little bit of fun, and it even showed of all the minor characters getting to do thier thing which is always nice, but an actual movie....
>> No. 76709
File 134207016127.jpg - (30.53KB , 600x775 , 128832967537.jpg )
I guess the Bardock anime special was neat too, not truly amazing but ALOT better than the boring manga version.
>> No. 76711
Hmm...I wonder what it is thats made Toriyama so active at doing stuff for DBZ again, wasn't he deeply involed in the online game too?
>> No. 76731
It's been pointed out that since they also took the Yamamoto music out of Raging Blast 2 when the Kai debacle hit they'll probably do the same for the Budokai collection.
Which is a shame because I really liked those tracks.
Especially DragonBallZ: Warrior from an Unknown Landyoutube thumb
Even if it is just Stratovarius - Infinityyoutube thumb
>> No. 76734
Hey are they still doing the What If?/Alternate Universe stories or did I imagine them? I have a stupid idea that could work if done properly if anyone wants to hear it.
>> No. 76763
Speaking of which, the anime will be included in the Kinect game and the game will have Super Saiyan Bardock in it.
Dragon Ball Z for Kinect - X36…youtube thumb
>> No. 76821
Speaking of video game's Akira Toriyama has been deeply involved in, has anyone here played Blue Dragon?

I just completed it so it's on my mind, I heard there was a Trpg sequal for the DS?
>> No. 76822
I've played it. It's alright, a fun game. It never really reaches anywhere close to its potential, though.
>> No. 76823
How was the anime?
>> No. 76824
Please don't talk about the anime
>> No. 76825
File 134254637739.jpg - (59.41KB , 495x640 , 569469.jpg )
Who could imagine walking snakes made of poo could be so adorable. Best mascot mook ever.
>> No. 76864
File 134265625940.jpg - (98.70KB , 704x400 , snapshot20120718210147.jpg )
Do you have any hopes for the new movie?
I want the big fight at the end to not just be Goku.
>> No. 76967
File 134310709646.jpg - (247.29KB , 780x618 , VJump Trunks3.jpg )
Good Trunks, you look kinda cool.
I mean seriously, I think you've got like twice as much hair as you should.
Even for SS3 standards.
>> No. 76968
So he's a SSJ6 then?
>> No. 76969

That picture makes me wish that the fight at the end has all the turtle hermit's students (and maybe Master Roshi?) getting together to finish off the big bad with a joint Kah-me-ha-me-ha. Of course, this would require Yamcha being useful, and I don't think Toriyoma wants that... ;3;
>> No. 76973
Yamcha ALWAYS loses.
It is written in the very laws of physics. Like gravity.
>> No. 76974
Would you people stop regurgitating this like its oh so funny and relevant? It's not funny and it's not like he's the only one.
>> No. 76991
File 134319499885.jpg - (48.88KB , 720x540 , snapshot20120725024053.jpg )
Re-watching Goku vs Vegeta.
It's amazing how much punishment Vegeta takes.
>> No. 76994
pummeled alot, hit with the spirit bomb, eye damaged, tail sliced off, crushed under a giant monkey that was slowly turning into a naked child....
>> No. 76996
File 134319564874.jpg - (228.52KB , 875x1000 , 18thPrinceVegeta.jpg )
>> No. 77011
File 134322857663.png - (2.56MB , 1600x2076 , vegeta_by_dbzartist94-d519jjt.png )
Yeah, good times.
I never did get Dragon Box 2.
No one has it anymore and I don't really feel like spending the hundreds of dollars its worth now.
>> No. 77012
File 13432293274.png - (205.96KB , 643x482 , 643px-VegetaMoustache.png )
This picture is incomplete.

It has every version of Vegeta including SS4, but it lacks THIS!
>> No. 77075
めざましテレビ ドラ…youtube thumb
Teaser is teasery.
>> No. 77090
Yeah, but Yamcha did it the longest. Even in Dragon Ball, when Tenshinhan and Kurririn were winning matches on a fairly regular basis, Yamcha was busy losing to EVERYTHING (save a Vampire and Invisible Man, but he only won that second one because of Bulma's breasts!) The only character with a worse track record is Chiaotzu.
>> No. 77091
File 134349227882.jpg - (153.30KB , 785x1017 , viltrumites_by_pawcioky-d3caeno_png.jpg )
It occours to me that if Vegeta had been born Viltrumite instread of Saiyan that >>77012 would be him.
Apart from the mustache and no tail he wouldn't really be much different, since the Viltrumite are basically what you'd get if you fused Kryptonions with Saiyans.
>> No. 77092
a whole lotta nothin
>> No. 77093
File 134349310923.jpg - (177.30KB , 466x700 , 2006ny29.jpg )
>> No. 77094
Has a teaser ever been substantial?
>> No. 77439
【DBH】究極覚醒ユニットyoutube thumb
>> No. 77467
File 134546948570.jpg - (832.00KB , 964x1484 , heroes_3ds_announce_vjump.jpg )
This game must be doing very well for itself if they're making a home version.
>> No. 77610
File 134611519335.jpg - (336.28KB , 840x1200 , 65f40f8680d6068303b8b74fdde6d525.jpg )
SD Monkey!
This is basically exactly the same as the original except for one joke that you might be expecting if you know the scene.
>> No. 77611
File 134611559714.png - (513.74KB , 640x960 , IMG_1504.png )
There's also something a bit off to me about how Ape Goku is drawn in the whole thing.
I guess that's just the SD.
>> No. 77612
Deon, no one cares about it, stop bringing up that awful SD DB Rubbish
>> No. 77614
I blame the overall lack of line variation.

All one width. I get the same general feeling from Seth MacFarlane's works
>> No. 77621
So Ooishi isn't even fucking trying at this point, is she? Whatever; if people are reading it, good on her. She can just regurgitate it all at them and make some money.

It's because she's just aping what Toriyama. She just added in a few panels here or there to make it a little more obvious for people.
>> No. 78032
File 134748359587.jpg - (252.51KB , 500x667 , baby_janenba.jpg )
A new kind of new for Heroes.
>> No. 78033
Janemba appears but instead of the mass of pure evil posessing a random afterlife Ogre it posesses Baby?
>> No. 78038
File 134749185576.jpg - (42.13KB , 304x350 , HURRDURR.jpg )
Well at least it's not another SS3... or Baby Broly. Still kinda meh.
>> No. 78039
Perhaps Baby possesses Janemba.
>> No. 78040
That would be stupid
>> No. 78041

The reason Janenba appeared that way is because the "evil" had possessed an oni, and was thus just an extrapolation from HIS body. That is, it didn't have a physical form of "its" own by which to have a default appearance. If it possessed Baby, it would just look like a more evil version of Baby, and wouldn't have any resemblance to the Janenba from the movie. So, logically, it was the evil-infused-oni Janenba who was possessed by Baby, not the other way around, and therefore both the evil essence AND Baby both co-possessing the one, rather unlucky oni.

Of course, what the fuck am I doing trying to use logic in Dragonball?? I doubt the artist really thought through how possessors being re-possessed by a possessor would even freaking work.
>> No. 78042
File 13474928325.jpg - (63.71KB , 712x395 , FatJanemba.jpg )
Wouldn't Baby fall out the second Janny used his cube-port?

Janemba might have been something of a Buu retread but at least his forms were different and he had some neat skills, like being able to warp space to teleport around and manipulate objects to create weapons,
So either way FUCK GT!
>> No. 78207
File 134803963672.jpg - (188.44KB , 780x600 , Baby Janemba.jpg )
Promo version.
>> No. 78218
Man, I really have to go rewatch the last two DBZ movies again. It's crazy how good they are compared to some of middle movies.
>> No. 78255
I hope the new movie is going to be awesome.
It's feature length, too, so it'll probably be longer than any of the others.
>> No. 78256
Yeah, I'm really, really hoping it doesn't suck. Still, we'll at least get some delicious Kageyama songs. That's always welcomed.
>> No. 78281
File 134837146461.png - (61.06KB , 400x1115 , 1348329762979.png )
>> No. 78313
Sadly enough, this could have been a better movie than Evolution.
>> No. 78314
It almost certainly WOULD have been a better movie. And honestly probably closer to the original.
>> No. 78316
Thanks for reminding me I gotta watch that old chinese movie. Downloaded it ages ago but haven't got to it.
>> No. 78351
Even the assiest of the Dragon Ball movies (Lord Slug, I'm looking at you) are better than Evolution.
>> No. 78353
The worst DBZ movie is Wrath of the Dragon.
>> No. 78354
Wrath of the Dragon is pretty good up until "Goku is the main character so he has to save the day with a never seen before technique, even though he isn't the strongest guy there"

It was something different compared to "A strong guy and his minions show up"
>> No. 78370
At least it's better than Tree of Might's "Hey, you want to see the whole gang be cool? Too bad they all get defeated right away and Goku has to do everything himself."
>> No. 78371
Yeah, that movie was actually really good up until that ending (and even then, at least the attack is kinda cool. It isn't just "Goku uses the Genki Dama for the umpteenth time"). We got to see a side of Trunks that really didn't get shown off too much. Hell, even Gohan and Videl a little bit of spot light as Saiyaman and Saiyaman II. Also, it's one of the few (maybe the only, actually) that doesn't get stuck on mirroring what the show was going on in the show at the time of it's release.

Yeah, I remember loving that movie as a kid, but going back and rewatching the older films again, it's easily the worst of those first three movies. Hell, the Bojack movie does the same thing, but at least the characters get some time to shine at the very beginning. Still, most of the movies really suffer from "let's mirror the major conflict going on in the show right now!"
>> No. 78386

This is the main reason why I like Movie 11 (Bio Brolly) so much. Realize that EVERY SINGLE VILLAIN of any sort of significance (main villain of the arc/movie) was defeated either directly by Goku or with Goku's help in some significant way? This is the only exception; Goku spent the entire movie dead and useless, and were it not for the ten-second scene right before the credits, didn't even make an appearance at all!

And also I really like Trunks and Goten (and not just 'cause I'm a Shotacon) and feel they're totally unappreciated characters that were made entire useless as soon as the concept of fusion was invented. Now, any further plot or movie focuses on them getting their asses handed to them, and then they become Gotenks, sort of how Goku never did anything as a non-Super-Saiyan as soon as he became able to do it. But in that case, at least it's STILL HIM. Trunks and Goten have, in effect, become nothing more than a portal to bring Gotenks into existance so HE can do the work. Pisses me off because their real potential was never looked into (and then of course EVERYONE became totally useless in GT).

So it's nice to see a point where they can really go all-out against a bad guy with their own abilities being the only thing between victory and defeat.

And saltwater, because yeah...
>> No. 78387

This is the main reason why I like Movie 11 (Bio Brolly) so much. Realize that EVERY SINGLE VILLAIN of any sort of significance (main villain of the arc/movie) was defeated either directly by Goku or with Goku's help in some significant way? This is the only exception; Goku spent the entire movie dead and useless, and were it not for the ten-second scene right before the credits, didn't even make an appearance at all!

And also I really like Trunks and Goten (and not just 'cause I'm a Shotacon) and feel they're totally unappreciated characters that were made entire useless as soon as the concept of fusion was invented. Now, any further plot or movie focuses on them getting their asses handed to them, and then they become Gotenks, sort of how Goku never did anything as a non-Super-Saiyan as soon as he became able to do it. But in that case, at least it's STILL HIM. Trunks and Goten have, in effect, become nothing more than a portal to bring Gotenks into existance so HE can do the work. Pisses me off because their real potential was never looked into (and then of course EVERYONE became totally useless in GT).

So it's nice to see a point where they can really go all-out against a bad guy with their own abilities being the only thing between victory and defeat.

And saltwater, because yeah...
>> No. 78392
Really, that's the one DBZ movie I still need to see; my complete disinterest in seeing Brolly coming back for a third time always kept me from sitting down with it. It was a bit annoying that they pulled that kind of thing with Cooler, and the first two Brolly movies are really boring, so I just couldn't get myself to go through with watching the third one.
>> No. 78404
File 134878806716.jpg - (171.48KB , 780x440 , galaxy mission 4.jpg )
Incidentally, they added giant ape Goku and Gohan to the game
ドラゴンボールヒーロ…youtube thumb
Since you know, it's just the same model re-coloured, why not do both?
>> No. 78415
I suppose that means we can expect Super Saiyan 4 Goku in the next update.
Once we're into super saiyan 4 content, do you think they'll be giving that to everyone, too?
Especially since it has built in mechanics for cheating your way into it. Calling it 4 seems like kind of a misnomer if all you need to so is turn super saiyan and monkey at the same time.
Is the world ready for Legendary Super Saiyan 4 Broli
>> No. 78417

I wonder how long it takes before the game/card producers cave and start producing levels of Super Saiyan beyond 4, like from Dragonball AF or whatever. Because otherwise, not even every other Saiyan in existence, together, all as SSJ4, will be able to beat Legendary Super Saiyan 4 Brolly.

Also, are we ever going to get more fusions? I mean really screwy ones...? Like Bulma invents some machine that can temporarily fuse more than two people. Fuse together Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Piccolo and see what the heck you get. (Also, Teen/Adult Gotenks! Have a side-gag where all his attacks are no longer based on sweets, but on porn, and all end up with censor blurs. Ultra Horse Dildo Surprise. Bukkake Blitz. Super Ghost Gangbang Attack. A male version of Naruto's Sexy Jutsu, because maybe they'll finally have a female villain. I'd die laughing.)
>> No. 78420
ドラゴンボールヒーローズGM4弾youtube thumb
Animated trailer, too.
I didn't notice they skipped over Tree of Might.
Now they can do this double monkey action.
>> No. 78627
File 134965445533.gif - (2.90MB , 176x120 , budokai_3_opening.gif )
I'd wonder if the movie was heroes related, but there's not much plot to that besides boy plays video game, becomes a saiyan and interacts with important battles in the timeline.
Unless of course this is the Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta vs Super Saiyan 3 Broly movie.
>> No. 78628
Deon, if that actually is what the movie is about I will have to shoot you for putting such an idea out into the cosmic consciousness.
I will be holding you directly responsible.
>> No. 78639
This. If this movie is nothing more than a big, expensive commercial for a stupid card arcade thing that I'm never going to play, I'm hunting you down, too.
>> No. 78640
I meant more the 'broly vs gogeta' concept.

Broly is waaaay too overhyped to begin with and the Legendary Super Saiyan 3 Broly form he got from thew games is so stupid it hurts, also it looks pretty awful with his long green hair.
>> No. 78652
Ah, okay. My point still stands. I'd like to see something new in this movie. Not some slighty tweaked rehash. I'd rather have the Jump Super Anime Tour Special than Kai.
>> No. 78779
Suddenly, these things.
>> No. 78781

Actually pretty funny (it's basically the same as Dragonball, yes, but every once in a while there's some decent gags) this time around. Love the "Freezer" on the freezer.

But how the heck is that hardgay dude (isn't he the same guy that flirted with Trunks in like the last episode of Z at the tournament? he didn't age a DAY in like 50 years!) purehearted enough to ride Kinto'un?? That boggles the freaking mind.
>> No. 78782
File 135017895848.jpg - (42.48KB , 314x424 , spartans.jpg )
Man-love is the purest

Hetero pig-disgusting
>> No. 78784
There is nothing pure about anal.
>> No. 78795

Who said anything about anal?

Back then, gay sex was all about the equality and purity of delicious frottage. Not nearly as FUN as anal, but still quite nice to do.
>> No. 78863
File 135052164953.jpg - (36.45KB , 640x480 , DBGTep34pic55.jpg )
【DBH】ZEROイ…youtube thumb
Balance returns!
>> No. 78866
>Back then, gay sex was all about the equality and purity of delicious frottage.

Actually, givers were always more respected than takers.
>> No. 79312
File 135237479179.jpg - (134.34KB , 780x400 , img_news_08.jpg )
More boss summon cards
The next expansion comes out this month.
I wonder if that will have something new, too.
>> No. 79313
ドラゴンボールヒーロ…youtube thumb
Here we go.
Isn't new animation fun?
>> No. 79362

Buu's coming back after all.
>> No. 79368
File 135248902837.png - (1.08MB , 1024x581 , Chibi New.png )

My life has meaning once again.
>> No. 79377
It seems a bit unexpected, but at the same time kind of reasonable.
I hear Kai was doing pretty well over here; moreso than it was doing in Japan.
>> No. 79379
File 13525039961.jpg - (43.90KB , 654x446 , TV2012110919253300.jpg )
I don't remember enough of Budokai 1 to be able to tell which version they used for HD collection.
Wasn't the Gamecube version supposed to have different graphics from the PS2 or something?
DBZ Budokai 3 - Goku vs Yamchayoutube thumb
I'm still not sure why 1 and 3 but not 2.
>> No. 79391
File 135258103037.jpg - (1.79MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
The cover is reversible. The other side is much cooler.
>> No. 79401
File 135260777594.jpg - (149.80KB , 600x804 , dbz battle of gods.jpg )
Not sure if legit...
>> No. 79402
Yeah, seems pretty fake?

And man, post-Buu Saga SSJ-Gohan annoys me something fierce, it was one of the most nonsensical changes they made in GT, even if they didn't want to interrupt GokuTime with a Gohan who was too powerful why did they feel the need to have him go supersaiyan, instead of just being weaker than Goku anyway?
>> No. 79412
>Battle of Gods

Yes, this is when they reveal that there is YET ANOTHER level of deities in the Dragonball Universe.

Above the Kamis, who rule a world.
Above the Kais, who rule a quadrant.
Above the Grand Kai, who oversees them.
Above the Supreme Kais, who rule the universe.
Above the Grand Supreme Kai, who manages them all...

There are the Egyptian Kais, who evidently rule the multiverse.

Because, well... everyone loves furries, right? Every tenth background character in Dragonball is an anthro, anyway; and there were several such minor characters, too.

The poster and name/description is on several websites, including wikipedia and the dedicated Dragonball wiki; so it's either legit or it's fooled a LOT of people. It also says Toriyama was heavily involved in the production process, however. Despite his being famously forgetful, I can't really see him deciding to make Gohan a Super Saiyan again and tossing the Mystic power-up out the window just because GT did it. I don't know. It's not like movie poster art ever is copies of actual scenes in the movie. They might have done it just because it would look weird with every Saiyan on the cover having gold hair, except him.
>> No. 79417
>Goku wearing Namek arc gi
>Post Buu
Looks fake to me. It's a shame, too. That guy looks kinda neat.

I dunno, it seems totally par for the course for Toriyama to forget that kinda stuff. I mean, if he can forget a character who was pretty much a Kame-house staple for the better part of 13 volumes AS HE WAS WRITING THE SERIES, then I don't think it's too hard to imagine him forgetting an a power-up he probably made up on the spot almost 20 years afterwards.
>> No. 79418
File 135267169470.jpg - (103.97KB , 500x277 , F7sdG.jpg )
It's what he was wearing on the teaser.
>> No. 79423
The last DBZ movie with the giant monster had Gohan at his full-power 'mystic' state, even if it had him job below both Goku and Gotenks (and then gotenks jobbed so Goku could be the one to save the day)

Hell I hadn't even thought of that, if they are gods they will need to be alot better than East Kaioshin to fight against supersaiyans since the series made him so insanely underpowered
(Still...apparently power levels varied alot between them, the big one was able to fight Kid Buu toe-to-toe to the point where he resorted to absorbing him, and that would mean their fat boss {who was no doubt more powerful as is the way of things in this series} might have even been stronger than Goku was)
>> No. 79426
DBZ Budokai 3 - Kid Goku vs Piccoloyoutube thumb
Yeah, they used the greatest hits version.
>> No. 79448
Wait, what? Wow. That feels out of nowhere. Kinda neat that they're bringing that one back.
>> No. 79451

Yes, it all makes sense now! In order to make sure that Goku is (once again) the one who has to save the day, the only protagonist characters stronger than him must be somehow eliminated.

Goku: OMG, the Earth is under attack. Someone must stop them!
Buu: Buu swear. Never fight again.
Gohan: I forgot how to do Mystic.
Trunks/Goten: We forgot how to do fusion.
Vegeta: Damn you brats! Don't you ever train?!
Goku: Alright, it's up to us. Got SSJ3 down yet...? Vegeta?
Vegeta: ...fuck you Kakarott.
>> No. 79517
>> No. 79520
File 135294540677.gif - (514.26KB , 500x281 , broli_budokai3_edited1.gif )
>> No. 79529
Aw man, really? That's lame.
>> No. 79556
Been wondering this for awhile.

I have fond memories of the original Budokai. I always credited it as the game that sort of shaped the style for many other anime games since (although I could be wrong). But were the alternate costumes in that one ever in the anime or manga? I remember Goku had a brown bomber jacket and Vegeta had a sort of black greaser jacket, and both were wearing jeans.
>> No. 79561
The brown bomber jacket is from official art of Goku not the series itself, while the black outfit for Vegeta sounds like his GT clothes
>> No. 79604
Yeah, that Goku outfit was probably from a piece of art work used for one of the chapter or book covers. Toriyama always had cool cover art.
>> No. 79669
I think I remember those were from some of the filler episodes during the Android Saga or something. Budokai 3 is still the best DBZ game.

I wish the Nicktoons edited Kai episodes were on DVD. I want to do an edit to re-insert Frieza's death scene on Namek with the one on Nicktoons because I like that one a lot better.
>> No. 79670
The football jacket he wore in the cell saga anime filler (while they have minor adventures waiting for the games to begin) looks different from the brown bomber jacket he wore in cover art.
>> No. 79693
So with all this talk about Kai continuing, are they going to get a new guy to compose the music or just use Kikuchi's score again? Hopefully if it's the latter they'll do a better editing job, but if they do that, I at least want a re-edit of the earlier sagas, because you can tell they only had a few days to do it and the editor had no idea where the music originally went.

And why stop at Z? Why not do a complete do-over for ye olde Dragon Ball too?
>> No. 79697
>Why not do a complete do-over for ye olde Dragon Ball too?

It was made with more time between itself and the manga, so there's not nearly as much padding.
>> No. 79734
Although it is contradictory.
>> No. 79875
Am I the only one who thinks DBZ Abridged was never funny?
>> No. 79890
Probably, yeah. It's pretty much the most well-regarded abridged series out there.
>> No. 79892
It's gotten better over time, think there's a decent consensus on that. But yeah, I know I've seen it as gold since Namek.
>> No. 79953
File 135449142986.jpg - (647.02KB , 891x1300 , f6ffe72e71351fa069da5c7ad955f402.jpg )
Incidentally, there have been more SDs
Moving the plot along at a decent pace.
>> No. 80074
めざましNews ド…youtube thumb
>> No. 80076

>Goku's japanese voice

oh dear god
>> No. 80078
>>Supersaiyan Gohan

What the fuck man.
Toriyama's involved in this movie? Did he have one of his forgetful spells?
Movie thirteen remembered his status even if it had him job like a midcarder so Goku could save the day, was it really too difficult to keep it for this movie?

Hah, and I sorta wonder who these gods are now, seeing as this appears to be after the Buu saga and escalation is a standard in DBZ are these going to be some "SUPER evil GODS stronger than anything else seen before who had been sealed away until now and never mentioned"
>> No. 80148
Is there a single movie that doesn't conflict with canon?
>> No. 80149
>> No. 80165
Well, Bojack happens during a timeskip, so there's nothing to contradict with.
>> No. 80173
I don't think Dead Zone conflicts with canon.
>> No. 80174
Krillin would know who Gohan is already if this movie was canon but he does not until Goku shows up on Roshi's island in the series, just before Raditz kidnaps him.
>> No. 80198
Slightly more trailer.
New Dragon Ball Z Battle of Go…youtube thumb
>> No. 80223

Twenty-two seconds in... oh, hey, there's Goku fighting with that God WAY above Earth. That's an old Bardock trick. Apparently, along with super strength (for low-class Saiyans) being of that family gives you the ability to breathe in a planet's goddamn exosphere.

Anyone know Japanese enough to translate what the heck is going on? I only caught Krillin whining about the end of the world and Mr. Satan hilariously calling one of the gods a "stupid cat".

(The music box of Tapion could not contain my excitement for this movie right now.)
>> No. 80228
That looks pretty co-
>20th Century Fox
Wait, what?!
>> No. 80230
Is it a fair thing to say I've gotten really sick of Goku?
>> No. 80239
I don't blame you.
>> No. 80241
I think they're teaming up to bring the localization into theatres.
>> No. 80469
File 135697354612.jpg - (414.14KB , 863x1300 , 2248c9774e3df37b3a15f7df51539b34.jpg )
Mooore SD.
It's doing a good job of getting kids into Dragon Ball, so that's something.
>> No. 80548
Well this proabley the best place to put this.
TINTIN VS DRAGON BALL [Live Action Trailer]youtube thumb
>> No. 80710
File 135794823342.jpg - (557.49KB , 774x650 , Transform cards.jpg )
DragonBall Heroes Galaxy Mission 6 Traileryoutube thumb
An interesting break from GT content to focus on a Saiyans vs Freeza campaign.
With the obvious next step up from summonable giants; playable giants.
And a movie tie-in!?
>> No. 81000
File 13589848124.jpg - (30.87KB , 600x450 , SS Bardock transform.jpg )
>The secret rare card in this set is a Super Saiyan Bardock that turns into a normal monkey.
I don't know what the math is here, but either way, shouldn't he turn into a Super Saiyan Monkey?
ドラゴンボールヒーロ…youtube thumb
I really want this game to come out in English. It'd be our best chance to see what the arcade game is like.
But I doubt that'll happen. Curse you region locked 3DS.
>> No. 81111
File 135942427973.png - (551.98KB , 470x700 , us_wsj_color_manga.png )
Hey how about that, they aren't just picking that up, they're picking it up in sync with Japan.
>> No. 81211
File 135964599735.jpg - (75.08KB , 800x450 , 1359635673169.jpg )
These guys seem pretty lame

Also "STRONGEST ENEMY WE'VE EVER FACED lol" is just so fucking overplayed

DBZ Movie Battle of Gods ENGLISH Dubbingyoutube thumb
>> No. 81215
I'm still not sure which one is the god of chaos.
I guess it must be the cat.
>> No. 81216
Its the cat, he's the god of destruction, stronger than Freiza, Cell and Buu combined.
Apparently challenges Goku to a little fight who accepts happily, whoops him. Then goes to Earth and beats everyone else together so fast they might as well have not bothered powering up, including 'Super Saiyan' Gohan. Then Goku fights him again.
>> No. 81310
File 136000374184.jpg - (562.18KB , 1064x756 , Colour Z.jpg )
I had heard Viz had a weird localization for Piccolo.
But hey, it's Z in colour.
>> No. 81342
File 136006386729.jpg - (496.85KB , 1118x804 , Z 1.jpg )
Wanna compare?
>> No. 81350
File 136010649576.jpg - (10.98KB , 400x171 , yoda-dying.jpg )
>> No. 81354

Fucking weird font.

Also IIRC the translation drops all that after a while.
>> No. 81373
This seems like an ass-backwards attempt at having Pickles speak with a 'royal' speech pattern?
>> No. 81583
File 136344991543.png - (1.33MB , 1500x1185 , 3ds_ll_case_bills.png )
Man, we lost a lot of time we could have spent talking about what the Super Saiyan God is.
Newest Battle of Gods Traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 81585
File 136345274764.jpg?spoiler - (576.53KB , 1600x1174 , Super-Saiyan-God1.jpg?spoiler )
(It might be this)
>> No. 81586
Oh hey +four's back
I've read the spoilers for this, if they are accurate the movie sounds pretty awful. Also seems like its just an attempt to make more sequel movies or hell with the stuff about alternate dimensions they could make a whole new GT.
>> No. 81594
File 136353172490.jpg - (32.83KB , 172x251 , HG7-57.jpg )
Incidentally, the latest heroes expansion is (as expected) a Battle of Gods campaign.
>> No. 81595
This movie looks terrible. At least in The Tarble animated special everyone got to show off their moves instead of getting chumped.
At this point I've gotten kind of sick of Goku (and Vegeta).

And Goku's new transformation is meant to be really boring. It is surprising that Goku doesn't even manage to beat Bills even with it, instead in losing he just made Bills use up too much energy so he doesn't have enough left to destroy Earth (which seems odd with how easily it would be for someone of his over the top powerlevel), then Bills fighting sensei thats been hanging about and who turns out TO BE EVEN MORE POWERFUL THAN HE IS OMG OMG knocks him out and the movie is apparently over
>> No. 81596
File 136353829170.jpg - (412.41KB , 777x503 , SuperS.jpg )
Oh, and I guess we don't have to worry about Ultimate Gohan anymore.
He was only super saiyan because it looked cooler for them to all have gold hair.
He stays ultimate in the actual movie.
>> No. 81626
>> No. 81650
Hee, I'm glad Toriyama pushed for the movie to have more gags.
>> No. 81916
File 136519262476.jpg - (288.15KB , 780x640 , ss god.jpg )
【DBH】ヒーロー降臨ユニットyoutube thumb
The Super Saiyan God!
>> No. 81917
>> No. 81918
Christ its so lazy.

And themovie sounds so lame.
>> No. 82070
File 136571888782.jpg - (185.45KB , 866x488 , Eradicate.jpg )
So I just got Raging Blast 2.
I forgot that they didn't have time to dub the little short it came with.
Wouldn't it be neat if when Battle of Gods came out on DVD it had English dubs of Episode of Bardock and Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans as extras.
>> No. 82071
>Wouldn't it be neat if when Battle of Gods came out on DVD it had English dubs of Episode of Bardock and Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans as extras?
>> No. 82073
Also I forgot that Episode of Bardock is an extra on DBZ Kinect and I think it does have an English dub.
my bad.
>> No. 82075
I mean none of it is cool. Everything you just mentioned is fucking lame.
>> No. 82087
The Bardock anime special was pretty neat.
Interesting is the fact it actually convinced Toriyama to make Bardock canon.
>> No. 82095
Ah, shoot, I forgot that part of the Yamamoto debacle involved silently replacing the score in Raging Blast 2.
How can I even enjoy raging mode if it's not going to be accompanied by the sounds of Hironobu Kageyama?
Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 Opening HDyoutube thumb
>> No. 82138
File 136597051334.jpg - (557.25KB , 1100x788 , Goku Dies.jpg )
Man, Goku's death is really blunt in the manga.
>> No. 82575
File 136759591018.jpg - (124.94KB , 780x440 , img_news_03.jpg )
The next Heroes update is all movies, starring Garlic Jr.
I always forget that their coverage of movies was a little spotty.
>> No. 83041
AZ 2013 "DBZ East Meets West" Panelyoutube thumb
>> No. 83519
File 137186510811.jpg - (346.78KB , 1280x720 , DBZ_BOZ_073.jpg )
Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z - PS…youtube thumb
The new DBZ game is a team game.
>> No. 83520
...Wow this actually looks awesome, this is the DBZ fighting game everyone been wanting, like Raging Blast 2 but with multiple fighters on each side.

You've finally posted something thats got me extremely interested Deon. I can even overlook the lameass "Super Saiyan God Goku" (Even SS4 was far more interesting than that crap and to make me defend GT that is saying something)

I'd totally be maining the Human Z-fighters, or hell Bardock's crew even if enough of them are in the game.
>> No. 83521
So I started watching the DVDs of Dragonball from the beginning.

Dear God, so much of what Oolong says and does is just plain creepy. I can understand why what is mostly an uncensored version of the dub still tones it down.
>> No. 83556
Curious how large the cast will be.
>> No. 83779
File 137305941123.jpg - (303.38KB , 762x478 , Android Heroes.jpg )
That Heroes just keeps trucking along.
Now with Android Heroes.
>> No. 83780
...the pale one is a chick, right?

I sort of like the bio-android.

Don't care for the Android 17 chibi, the saiyans already have a saiyan-17
>> No. 83824
New Battle of Z Imagesyoutube thumb

NEW Dragon ball z Battle OF Z …youtube thumb
>> No. 83940
But they'd be bros.
Elite Saiyan, Hero Android.
They fight crime.
【DBH】超ユニット…youtube thumb
Holy 30 second loadtime on that finisher, Batman!
>> No. 83997
File 137406598313.jpg - (529.80KB , 848x672 , SD.jpg )
I keep forgetting about SD
You see, it's funny because it's a serious battle being played straight, and yet he's not wearing any clothes.
It'll be interesting if she does anything with Dr. Gero in the Red Ribbon arc.
>> No. 83999
You're obviously the only one that cares about the SD retread Deon, since you're the only one who ever posts it
>> No. 84000
She might just keep going until she's redone the entire series!
>> No. 84001

I honestly don't understand why they don't just reprint the original chapters instead of paying someone to produce this piecemeal shot-by-shot reproduction in SD mode.
>> No. 84003
File 137407906199.jpg - (692.52KB , 1078x834 , Yamcha.jpg )
That's because it's more appealing to the kiddies.
colourized Z-era is the remake for the older fans.
>> No. 84078
File 137451780552.jpg - (165.71KB , 532x517 , Jaco stuff.jpg )
>Chapter 1/10-1 was DB-11
>Chapter 2/10-1 is DB-10
So what do you think if this Jaco thing does actually turn out to be a Dragon Ball Prequel?
>> No. 84213
Is there any more info on this?
>> No. 84597
File 137749450246.jpg - (400.02KB , 774x600 , Gotenks.jpg )
>> No. 84599

The fact this never happened in GT is just another of the reasons it was so bloody stupid.
>> No. 84825
File 137929283566.jpg - (69.65KB , 268x400 , dbz-boz.jpg )
I guess the latest Battle of Z news is that it's not coming out until next year (which makes this a year without a DBZ game? Scandalous!)
Also just like how Naruto has a Goku outfit in that one Naruto game, Goku has a Naruto outfit in this.
>> No. 84866
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z - TGS 2013 Traileryoutube thumb
What, have you even announced an English dub for Battle of Gods yet?
>> No. 84901
File 137998688397.jpg - (198.49KB , 900x900 , 1379986663158.jpg )
>> No. 84935
File 138025805040.gif - (1.19MB , 400x225 , 1380255997330.gif )
I like it.
I'm glad Toriyama was there to give it that light-hearted tone to it.
>> No. 84965
File 138060245469.jpg?spoiler - (604.46KB , 1121x834 , db-1.jpg?spoiler )
Well, they actually made it explicit Jaco was related to Dragonball quite some time ago, but now Ch. 10+1 DB-1 is actually out.
What a wild ride it's been.
>> No. 84966

Surprising absolutely nobody.
>> No. 84967
I do like the cute little hand-wavey explanation he gives about how Saiyans age.
>> No. 84968
Its pretty clear by this point Deon that there is nothing about the franchise that you don't like.
>> No. 84976
Well, Toriyama's work is a breath of fresh air.
The simple, yet detailed and clean, easy to follow artwork is leagues above Bleach which is devoid of life or Naruto which I have a hard time following what's actually going on.

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