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File 131627634842.gif - (29.83KB , 508x711 , 1267244802131.gif )
66223 No. 66223
Just two weeks until the one hour premiere! With the inevitable tragedy of Emiya Kiritsugu and the 4th Holy Grail War just around the bend (along with all the inevitable fighting GIFs and wallpapers, if the Kara no Kyoukai movies are any indication on UFOtable's part), it's high time for a dedicated thread I think.

Those of you curious about Fate Zero should go play the original Fate Stay Night, since Fate Zero assumes you've played all three routes and spoils the shit out of them, especially Heaven's Feel. For those of us who already know all this shit, Extras is scanning the manga, so here's the first chapter of that.
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>> No. 66235
Manga art seems super rough.
>> No. 66239
File 131629623494.jpg - (217.41KB , 900x630 , 1293286595313.jpg )
At last we will know who is truly the King of Racing Kings: Alexander the Great or King Arthur.
>> No. 66420
>> No. 66493
Wait hold up. We get the composer from Madoka?!

This can only be amazing.
>> No. 66499
She also did the music and theme songs for Kara no Kyoukai. Even if the movies are a bunch of overrated trash you can't deny the music is amazing.
>> No. 66500
File 131680351681.jpg - (220.06KB , 500x515 , 1316424825771.jpg )
I wouldn't call KNK "trash" per se, but Nasu himself derides the novels as a product of his inexperience and the movies couldn't possibly work as films without cutting shitloads of the dialogue, and KNK is so damn esoteric that without EVERY line of dialogue it doesn't really make much sense, so you end up with what is basically just a bunch of fight scenes and pretty music.

Oh well, it was a fuck of a lot better than the UBW movie at least. Fate Zero should be easy to do by comparison to either one though, because it's from a series of good old fashioned novels rather than branched visual novels (thus solving the UBW issue) and isn't 90% technobabble about Akasha and shit (thus solving the KNK problem).

Though on the other hand, it's a TV series so I doubt there's a anything comparable to the budget of KNK, but you never know I suppose.

The art is extremely rough yes, but I think it sort of suits the mood of FZ. On the other hand, the faces just get plain old off model a lot. I'm waiting for more chapters to make a judgment call personally.
>> No. 66559
They made Diarmuid ugly and Gilgamesh isn't that imposing anymore.
>> No. 66560
>Servants going berserk
>> No. 66574
Full ED:
Aoi Eir - Memoria (Fate/Zero) Full Version HDyoutube thumb
>> No. 66583
Just a cool video:
【MAD】fate/zero・fat…youtube thumb

Also Urobuchi has confirmed that he is in fact just outright scripting the show, as well as adding in some anime exclusive content. Perhaps a scene in which Maiya actually does something useful?
>> No. 66586
>>66583 here
Also I hope that Kaijura preserves some of the Return to Zero music because seriously listen to this shit
The Berserker - Fate/Zero OISTyoutube thumb

There's probably no reason to worry since her music was what made the amazingly mediocre Madoka worth the watch, but still.
>> No. 66643
Wow, it sucks. A lot.
>> No. 66654
Yeah it's not really something I'd listen to by itself. Maybe it'll seem better once it's got the ED animation tied to it (also I've no idea what the lyrics mean so there's that).
>> No. 66655
Also here's some preview screens from EP1
>> No. 66659
>Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Phantom - The Animation, Blassreiter) stated on his Twitter account on Sunday that he is not writing the scripts for the upcoming Fate/Zero television anime series. Although Urobuchi wrote the prequel novel to Type-Moon's Fate/stay night visual novel software, he is supervising the script rather than writing for the anime adaptation. Urobuchi noted he approves the final manuscript for every episode of the fantasy series as well as offering input at recording sessions.
>> No. 66818

You’ll need a nico nico account (it’s easy to get, just go the English site) but it’s legal, subbed in 8 languages, and available for a full week until the next episode.
>> No. 66822
File 131748919881.png - (702.62KB , 909x549 , Promotions.png )
>Dat everything
I am so redownloading once the 720p rips hit the net.
>> No. 66827
I actually don't mind WORDSWORDSWORDS but first ep could've done away with a lot of the zoomed out showing-the-back-only views and put in more camera pans. Last few minutes were great though.
>> No. 66829
Well they need to set up all the pieces. Putting all of that in the first episodes means that we'll probably get to Kirtisugu preparing to hunt mages with his Walther WA2000 by ep 3.

Ep2 is probably going to be The Misadventure of Waver and Rider and the intro to Ryuunosuke and Caster.
>> No. 66832
>Those of you curious about Fate Zero should go play the original Fate Stay Night, since Fate Zero assumes you've played all three routes and spoils the shit out of them

Oh. Damn. Dunno if I should do that GIFan-spree then.

Downloading anyway.
>> No. 66833
Well as far as that goes I have to confess that while that IS true, I played Fate Stay Night after having literally EVERY TWIST spoiled for me (which is way more than Zero reveals) and I still rank it as a favorite game which made me tear up on two occasions.

But if you are going to play it before Fate Zero, make sure to get the Realta Nua patch, because it makes a number of scenes even better by adding shit from the PS2 remake.
>> No. 66837
Make sure you have the voices from Realta Nua, they make everything awesome.
>> No. 66884
It's just the first ep and already I want the OST like burning for the summoning scene song.
>> No. 66892
Guys I have nothing bad to say about this show except for the walking in circles scene

And I can't put that into words.

>> No. 66893
>Guys I have nothing bad to say about this show except for the walking in circles scene
What was wrong with it?
>> No. 66897
Different anon but it looked ridiculous to the point of making me laugh when it was supposed to be a serious scene, plus it was a poor directing choice because it was a lazy way to avoid Tokiomi and Risei sitting on chairs the whole time.
>> No. 66904
I seem to recall the whole circling thing being something they were actually doing in the novels but I could be wrong, and it does look goofy in motion.

If I had any complaints it'd be that I do miss the looks inside Kiritsugu and Kirei's heads but we don't have time for that kind of internal dialogue and it still works so whatever. What they COULD have fixed was not having a JPOP OP and ED because it really does not fit at all. Come on guys, you've got fucking Kaijura on staff, use orchestra stuff for once, or even remix This Illusion.
>> No. 66907
The same for me. I was literally laughing out loud, and can't remember what they were actually saying, it's that distracting.
>> No. 66940
Carnival Phantasm CMyoutube thumb

At least Dark Saber seems to indicate more villains showing up, that's what I was hoping for to begin with.
>> No. 66947
No, they were just sitting down and talking. They could've spiced stuff up though by showing the characters being talked about doing things. For example when Kotomine mentions Kiritsugu being a Mage Killer the anime could've shown some scenes of Kiritsugu walking through battlefields, sniping, etc. as Kotomine narrates. And vice versa. Would make things look more lively as well as give TM newbies some shorthand to catch up.
>> No. 66948
Just double checked and yeah you're right. Well mostly likely they're trying to save up budget for... well we've both read the books.
>> No. 66985
File 131784491255.jpg - (369.60KB , 851x1200 , 1317810419009.jpg )
Wow, that was fast.
>> No. 66991
Nasu may be trying to scrub you out with these weird armored teeth things, but we fans will always remember you, crazy dick worm design ;_;
>> No. 67002
File 13178847358.jpg - (143.10KB , 800x600 , 20110930134856c2c.jpg )
>> No. 67005
File 131791210479.png - (964.29KB , 804x605 , JapaneseAbortionDebate.png )

>The November issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Newtype magazine is reporting this Saturday that the Blu-ray Disc box release of the Fate/Zero anime series will have the “original edition” of episodes with scenes cut from the television broadcast. The Blu-ray Disc box release will be split between the two scheduled seasons of the anime; the first 13-episode season will air from October to December, and the second will start from episode #14 next April. The end of the Holy Grail War will be depicted in the anime in June.
>Producer Atsuhiro Iwakami explained that the staff decided on the two-season split to maintain quality across the entire anime.
>> No. 67006
File 131791270018.jpg - (57.15KB , 493x353 , 1316062264808.jpg )

What's with this obsession with filling mages with dicks anyway?
>> No. 67012
File 131792881241.gif - (427.22KB , 256x192 , batrage.gif )

also that spinny scene with Kotomine was on purpose
>> No. 67015
In interest of not having two type moon threads cluttering up the front page I'm just going to post what little general stuff that'll be cropping up here. One such item:
So apparently the FHA translation is posted at 64% now and they're holding a poll on how punctuation should be handled and how to distinguish between spoken and quoted dialogue. Spoken dialogue is currently in giantass square brackets while quoted stuff is in, well, quotation marks.

Also I preordered Fate Extra today because I finally got my paycheck, so yay for that.
>> No. 67049
File 131800031130.jpg - (45.16KB , 577x577 , don-quixote_m.jpg )
How powerful would Don Quixote be if he was summoned as a Servant? He did after all, end up embodying something completely different from what his creator intended, becoming a symbol of a sophisticated, noble, if somewhat mad, dreamer, a folk hero, and some would say a prototype superhero.
>> No. 67054

We have a solid foundation for a movepool at least, assuming that his strengths and powers would be illusion/reality-related.
>> No. 67055
Hmmm, wouldn't he fit better as Lancer or Rider? (Lancre, Ridre, whatever) After all the most famous part of his legend had him mounted on horseback.... or donkeyback.... I don't remember.
>> No. 67056
File 131801340698.jpg - (163.18KB , 851x600 , 1318003186857[1].jpg )
So now we know what that other page anon posted actually is about. TAPES

Also please don't do that "what if X was a servant" thing that's always terrible (though on the other hand this doujin might be worse so maybe I shouldn't say anything).
>> No. 67058
File 131801378739.jpg - (228.16KB , 1277x600 , 1318010931971[1].jpg )
also third part

apparently Kariya is the most popular character over on 2chan.
>> No. 67069
File 131802805635.jpg - (63.59KB , 640x480 , 22240209.jpg )
That's great, he's my favorite Master next to Waver. Actually seeing all the horrible shit that happened to him in the books makes it even more painful.

Though the masochistic side of me is looking forward to all the inevitable crazy dickworm rape doujins.
>> No. 67097
File 131810546465.jpg - (333.91KB , 1480x2340 , 1246663970177.jpg )

I was in class all morning so I actually had to wait to watch. WORTH THE WAIT. Also the ED, unlike the shit OP, is actually really good.
>> No. 67098
Everybody go home.
Rider is the best character.
>> No. 67101
File 131810818424.jpg - (313.73KB , 1440x1215 , 1318093032539.jpg )
Still hate the ED song though the sequence made it a lot more bearable. OP isn't that bad to me, just really generic. The song grew on me a bit after listening to it a few times. Seeing Rider's bros, Gil with lion, and Grainne made me d'aww.
>> No. 67104
So glad they didn't censor the Caster and Uryuu stuff this episode. Shit was pretty gruesome, especially that kid's screams. Not sure if it'll stick for the loli organ scene though.
>> No. 67105
I eagerly awake Hide and Seek.

The sequence is what does it for me. Dem heroes man.
>> No. 67107
Diarmuid's waifu is really cute. But where the fuck are Hephaestion and Enkidu?
>> No. 67108
File 13181139518.jpg - (33.28KB , 432x324 , fate-stay-night-fate-route-4[1].jpg )
Well we don't know what Hephaestion looks like so he could easily be one of those soldiers in the picture.

As for Enkidu, I think they might have just given Gil a lion instead because it's a funny parallel to Saber.
>> No. 67135
SO, people who haven't read the novels and didn't know what was coming, what'd you think of Uryuu and Caster?

Actually what do you think of the show so far in general, but about those two and Team Rider in particular, is it everything Rodyle and the rest of us hyped it up to be? if not, wait until the fighting starts
>> No. 67138
File 131819680146.jpg - (72.64KB , 800x450 , COOL worms.jpg )
>> No. 67139
File 131819858360.jpg - (196.06KB , 1441x811 , 1318159037524.jpg )
Oh hey about those ED pictures
http://yaraon.blog109.fc(REMOVE THIS BECAUSE AUTOBAN) 2.com/blog-entry-4499.html

I love this show.
>> No. 67166
File 131829237428.jpg - (137.16KB , 600x566 , 1318272058428.jpg )
Mai new waifu.
>> No. 67167
File 131830700214.png - (24.19KB , 616x346 , MMFRP_S5WV.png )
>> No. 67168
>Uryuu and Caster
AAAAAGHHH. I was not ready for that at all. Even being vaguely familiar with some of the characters from FZ, I didn't know Caster was so fucked.
Iksander was great though. I found the speech he made about the differences between what makes a thief and what makes a king interesting. I'm just really looking forward to him dicking around with Waver.
As for the series as a whole, it seems off to a good start. Even though the first episode was mostly exposition with some bad choices from a directorial standpoint (the dead camera angles as >>66827 pointed out), it still held my interest. The second episode was definitely more entertaining though.
>> No. 67171
File 131834036917.jpg - (97.71KB , 300x362 , diarmuid-and-grainne[1].jpg )
Gráinne is very cute yeah.

Neither Caster nor Rider have begun to blow your mind yet.
>> No. 67172
File 131834195314.jpg - (136.45KB , 1280x1024 , 1318340017533[1].jpg )
>> No. 67183
File 131837442831.jpg - (415.60KB , 872x988 , 22219154.jpg )
Can't believe it's only been the second episode and Pixiv's already cranking out the Waver smut. The Kariya stuff I could see coming at least from a /d/ perspective.
>> No. 67184
File 131837491455.jpg - (96.30KB , 849x600 , waver surrounded by cocks.jpg )
Waver is the most moe character and paired with the best character, who is also well known to be historically gay. It was kind of inevitable.

My favorite one is the one of him dressed as Madoka.
>> No. 67245
If it's any consolation, they were making Waver smut even before F/Z aired.
>> No. 67269
So is this show a mahou oyaji series?
>> No. 67287
I fucking love this show

Rider's sword is pretty much period-accurate, Caster has the Innsmouth look and reads from the Necronomicon, and the sequences with the little boy and Assassin doing his thing were overall just... fucking perfect... It's been too damn long since an anime made me go "FUCK YEAH" so often so early on

How do I marry an anime
>> No. 67290
By reading the light novels of Baka Tsuki, and by playing the original Fate Stay Night (with English and Realta Nua patches).
>> No. 67291
By the way, it's not the Necronomicon, it's a copy of the R'lyeh Text made by François Prelati.
>> No. 67292
Speaking of which, hoo boy:
>> No. 67303
>By reading the light novels
I'll get on that... probably....

>and by playing the original Fate Stay Night (with English and Realta Nua patches).
Way ahead of you bro. Actually the remark about Rider's sword was partly because (as it turns out) the Type-Moon artists don't actually know stuff about swords, and the anachronistic/nonsensical designs in the VN kind of bothered me. But that's a non-issue compared to the awfulness of the F/sn anime... Really glad this one turned out better.
>> No. 67305
File 13187038996.jpg - (438.18KB , 1968x2925 , 1318122805874.jpg )

Gilgamesh wears full plate, King Arthur is a woman, and Alexander the Great is a hairy giant. It's best not to worry too much about the character designs, none of them actually LOOK bad except maybe Caster The Crazy Eyes, which I let pass for comedy reasons.
>> No. 67306
Nah, see, I still really enjoyed it, and all the other anachronisms and crazy changes were wacky and fun. It just surprised me that they made this huge long story about a guy who Knows Stuff About Swords™, and did a bunch of legitimate research to be able to describe all the weapons that showed up, yet their actual visual designs were a total grab bag. Kind of weird. I half expected Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi to wind up depicted as a katana.

Anyway it's no big deal.
>> No. 67315
Goddammit Waver, stop being such a crybaby.
>> No. 67321
File 131874625085.gif - (371.40KB , 480x270 , Velvet Goldmine.gif )
Don't worry, Broskander mans him up a lot towards the end.
>> No. 67363
To completely unbelievable degrees. Fuck yes, El Melloi the 2nd

Also god damn am I glad we're finally through the setup. I like the setup mind you, but now we can finally see UFOtable go nuts with the fights.
>> No. 67377
File 131880837176.jpg - (101.20KB , 600x600 , 22311025_p2.jpg )
... I'm not sure how to react to the fact that there's already going to be a Rider/Waver doujin only three episodes into the show.
>> No. 67378
Well the novels have always been there...
>> No. 67440
File 131899494159.png - (153.05KB , 272x750 , 22384924_p1.png )
>next Comiket
>Waver porn, Waver porn everywhere
>> No. 67448
Is he described in the novels as having a lewd and meaty butt? I feel like Urobuchi could get away with this
>> No. 67459
Say... Couldn't Jack the Ripper be summoned as an Assassin? It has to be someone whose identity was unknown, right?
>> No. 67466
Good question!

There have been two proposed version of Jack in the Nasuverse. The first is from Fate/Strange Fake, a goofy ass "official" fanfic Ryougo Narita of Baccano fame and Durarara infamy wrote as an April Fools Joke and later ended up in the official TM fan. It was written as a prologue to a VN that didn't actually exist and... well just read this.
Jack himself was a Berserker that could take any proposed form of Jack The Ripper since the real one was never discovered. Since he was a bloodthirsty maniac in real life, Mad Enhancement made him completely sane.

The other, far shittier version of Jack was one of a number of good reasons that the MMO Fate/Apocrypha got canned.
This one is actually an Assassin.

Having said that the RULE for the canon Nasuverse (even if Apocrypha were made it'd be a different universe like Extra) is that only the 19 Hassan-i Sabbāh, leaders of the Hashshashins who passed the name between them. This is because thanks to the original nature of the war precluding the summoning of evil spirits combined with the fact that a "famous" assassin is generally not a good one leaves only them as an option (note for Zero: Kirei's Hassan, the Hundred Faced Hassan who fractured his personality to sort out all his different skillsets, gets a body per personality. The downside is that he's the only Hassan that couldn't use the line's trademark Zabaniya NP, since it required modifying the body.). As for the samurai Assassin from Fate and Unlimited Blade Works in the original Fate Stay Night, he's a nameless farmer, a wraith summoned into the role of Sasaki Kojirou, who's an exception since he was summoned by another servant and thus a glitch in the system.
>> No. 67469
File 131905812288.jpg - (57.42KB , 500x600 , 22439318.jpg )
>> No. 67472
>>This one is actually an Assassin.

I'm going to be sick.
>> No. 67473
Frankenstein's Loli and Trap-chan Astolfo are also pretty retarded.
>> No. 67474
I'm actually kind of okay with Astolfo's actual design but once you add the character to it it becomes terrible.

But yes Extra and ESPECIALLY Apocrypha are serious mixed bags designwise. The worst of the Apocrypha lot in my opinion are Spartacus, Jack the Ripper, and Siegfried. On the other hand, Shakespeare and Apocrypha Vlad look fucking awesome and I wish the latter was the Vlad in Extra instead of the lame killer we get in that.
>> No. 67491
File 131907536085.jpg - (502.49KB , 711x802 , 1319074909000[1].jpg )
You'd think we'd be seeing more of Irisviel or Saber. Maybe even Maya.

But no, just... more Waver.
>> No. 67492
File 131907553957.jpg - (689.58KB , 858x1200 , 1319074595158[1].jpg )
By the way, the sequence at the end of episode 2 come from this fanart. Which in turn comes from a really terrible romance series 2chan loves to make fun of.

Yes. Really.
>> No. 67513
File 131912126577.jpg - (62.80KB , 600x457 , Ab1dTsfCEAIVCwZ_jpg large.jpg )
And by a fairly famous doujinka too.
>> No. 67588
File 131924319530.png - (789.43KB , 1180x600 , kiss.png )
Silly anon, don't you know Fate/Zero is a fujoshi animu?
>> No. 67589

suck a dick
>> No. 67612
File 131930547465.jpg - (115.05KB , 503x700 , 1286224762064.jpg )
>> No. 67614
File 131931133135.jpg - (203.12KB , 978x1400 , 1319310335663.jpg )
And just when Lancer and Saber were really getting down to business too.
>> No. 67625
Also an interview with Urobuchi
>> No. 67632
>14 episodes
wait, what?
>> No. 67634
F/Z is done in two seasons. Fall 2011, they take a break for Winter and start the second season in Spring 2012.
>> No. 67635
Spring! But how will we find out how it ends?! I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG
>> No. 67644
I'm actually reasonably certain this is a typo on ANN's part, as only "12" or "24" make sense there, since it's a 24 episode series divided into 2 seasons.

Read the novels on Baka Tsuki.
>> No. 67653
"Here is an intricate and well-thought out exposition as to how the mechanics of this world and it's unusual powers work!"


Seriously Nasu? Why are you building up all of these fictional stipulations and rules if you're literally just gonna have a character show up and prove to be the one exception almost 99% of the time? Why don't you establish the laws AND THEN have the characters duke it out within them? Fuck I wouldn't even mind if someone could pull a clever trick and temporarily bend the rules with a clever power like with Araki but half the time it's just "I HAVE _____ POWER ERGO THIS RULE DOES NOT APPLY TO ME!"
>> No. 67656
This would be very relevant if FZ were written by Nasu and not Urobuchi. But it is, in fact, written by Urobuchi.

Also it'd be more easy to have a discussion if you gave specific examples instead of just making a blanket statement.
>> No. 67658
In F/sn it seemed more like none of the characters were really clear on what the rules actually were, and since you heard everything from them, your information left out important stuff about dangerous loopholes.

I don't remember stuff like this happening in Tsukihime and I don't know any of Nasu's other work... Examples please!
>> No. 67946
File 131990404254.jpg - (57.95KB , 600x600 , 1254433014694.jpg )

Also I'm not sure if I've said this already, but Unlimited Translation Works does the 720p and 1080p releases, they're usually out within a day of the episode's release, so you can check their site if you want to hop in alongside those of us that have been watching the casts (or just want to see things in higher quality).
>> No. 67978
Wayyy better ep than the last one. All of the characters got to shine, pacing was great, and pretty much all the cards are on the table.
>> No. 67981
By the way, Episode 5 also brings us to the end of Book 1: "The Untold Story of the Fourth Holy Grail War." This means that you can now read some POSTFACES.

By Gen Urobuchi:

By Kinoko Nasu
>> No. 67982
Nasu is so moe~
>> No. 67985
Ishkabnder is confermed for BROtastic. Lancer is also a bro, and Kayneth is a douche.
And Gilgamesh was cool I guess.
>> No. 68007
You can really see a lot of stuff that central to Madoka in Gen's postface.
>> No. 68017
File 132002554631.png - (118.34KB , 614x643 , 22741345.png )
Kariya must be a master at riding cock by now.
>> No. 68026
You spelled Waver wrong.
>> No. 68040
File 132008740314.jpg - (841.54KB , 1024x1280 , 22763869.jpg )
I like how there's literally ten times more porn of Waver than there is of Irisviel.
>> No. 68044
this shit takes place in high school right? fool me once...
>> No. 68051
No dude that's Fate/stay night. This is Fate/zero. Everyone's in like their 30s and 40s for the most part

This show is like thirty times more awesome than the FSN anime at its best
>> No. 68057
File 132011592675.png - (0.99MB , 1081x608 , Waver getting penetrated from behind.png )
Also the youngest major character is 19 and in Wizard College.
>> No. 68058
>Waver is 19
Bullshit he's like 12

He's... he's gotta be

For my fanfics
>> No. 68080
File 13201783652.jpg - (210.23KB , 679x413 , ohmy.jpg )
>that character is a guy

Dang. I thought he was just a really flat girl who wore suits.

Have I fallen for a trap that wasn't even intentionally planted?
>> No. 68082
Are you for real

That's hilarious dude

Go watch the first episode
>> No. 68103
File 132021380548.jpg - (199.21KB , 687x800 , 22622415_p0.jpg )
If it helps, Type Moon did a little April Fools Densha Otoko parody thing where he really was a little girl named Elmelloi-tan.
>> No. 68239
They really censored the fuck out of this episode.
>> No. 68244
File 13205659877.jpg - (89.82KB , 512x344 , wishtobezh5.jpg )
>> No. 68247
That wine scene was uber-homoerotic.
>> No. 68278
Yeah some definite BluRay material goin on.
>> No. 68279
File 132065000460.jpg - (79.50KB , 1280x720 , 1320615713630.jpg )
Tell me about it.
>> No. 68307
It just had to be riiiight were KK's wang is.
>> No. 68310
What is Fate [Fate/Zero]youtube thumb
>> No. 68346
File 132087849547.jpg - (157.31KB , 565x800 , 1320861409954.jpg )
Nooooooooooooooooooooooo... ;_;
>> No. 68386
File 132096314091.jpg - (150.50KB , 720x405 , c20111109_fatezero_02_cs1w1_720x405.jpg )
http:// news(.)dengeki(.)com/ elem/ 000/ 000/ 424/ 424492/
>> No. 68389
>> No. 68392
Screencaps for next ep including the pantsless Rider scene.
>> No. 68447
That is literally the first thing I thought of in that scene.
>> No. 68448
File 132114687231.png - (172.09KB , 500x375 , 1267158508511.png )
>> No. 68481
File 132121828286.jpg - (104.42KB , 325x700 , 23053439_p4.jpg )
Fuck yeah Lancer showing up like a true bro.
>> No. 68483
Lancer was totally
>Laaaaaaadies *tip hat*
in this episode. I wonder why Kayneth thought splitting off from his Servant was a good idea though, isn't he supposed to be some kind of super magi of the classical mold? Shouldn't he be the type who always sticks close to the summon?
>> No. 68495
File 132125138189.jpg - (20.46KB , 440x218 , rapetime.jpg )
Is there any male character in this show who hasn't gotten any gay action yet?
>> No. 68498
>> No. 68509
So Kiritsugu is the bone of his clock huh guys
>> No. 68510
File 132129705671.jpg - (77.34KB , 773x566 , 1318946383757.jpg )
I wouldn't be so sure.
yes this is what Zouken actually used to look like
>> No. 68511
File 132130063477.jpg - (604.75KB , 1200x1000 , 22682245.jpg )
With kindness comes naïveté. Courage becomes foolhardiness. And dedication has no reward. If you can't accept any of that, you are not fit to be a Magus Killer.
>> No. 68512
File 132130100021.png - (199.87KB , 430x757 , 22352417.png )
Actually, Zouken's probably the only guy who's canonically gotten any buttpoon on the show, considering given that the worms are an extension of his body, and... well...
>> No. 68585
Liking both the fights so far, but did Kiritsugu have any reason to announce his presence before shooting? Unless Kayneth's mercury ball thing could react to the sound of him pulling the trigger before the bullet even fired, it seems like there's was no way he could have blocked a surprise attack from a gun.
>> No. 68589
The ball reacts automatically, that's how it blocked the claymores. Other than that it'll make sense next week.
>> No. 68642
File 13215180595.gif - (314.72KB , 200x99 , gayver.gif )
Personally I'm wondering how they're going to deal with the whole Irisviel having Avalon inside her bit considering they skipped the part where they showed her putting it in.

Also hopefully they'll show Lancer's backstory next week, including Grainne and Finn McCool.
>> No. 68704
File 132171721279.png - (116.25KB , 600x650 , 1321531857579.png )
>> No. 68729
Well, I stand corrected.
>> No. 68738
File 132183007287.jpg - (635.10KB , 638x1441 , 1321828440728.jpg )
>> No. 68762
File 132192086779.jpg - (45.54KB , 1280x720 , 1321766136686.jpg )
Yeah what the hell were they thinking with that?
>> No. 68763
OP says there will be spoilers for all three F/sn routes, but how can it possibly spoil UBW?
>> No. 68767
Well I guess it explains why Lancer set the Einzbern mansion on fire with his runes since Kotomine's heart is made out of the grail's mud and therefore he can't be killed by normal means.
>> No. 68769
Well it'd be the least spoiled of the routes but technically it's the only route where we find out exactly what happen to Rin's dad.
>> No. 68852
How can there be more porn of Kirei fucking Kiritsugu, than of Kiritsugu fucking Iri? HOW?

Hell I think there's actually more porn of Iri fucking Saber, though that's considerably less surprising.
>> No. 68860
Because all the fanartists are secretly Homestuck fans and want Kirei to be Kiritsugu's kismesis
>> No. 68876
Not Homestuck fan (thank god), what exactly does that mean?
>> No. 68877
File 132219488551.jpg - (547.13KB , 1006x1200 , 22819372_p1.jpg )
For that matter why is there so much fanart of Tokiomi taking it up the ass? He barely even does anything the whole series besides die. But there's shittons of him prancing around dressed as a maid, cheerleader, schoolgirl, bikini, or whatever. Is this some sort of perverse metaphor?
>> No. 68880
Kismesis (♠) is pretty much hatesex, or something like that.
>> No. 68884
File 132220793282.jpg - (231.60KB , 498x747 , 23206151.jpg )
Considering Kotomine pretty much thinks about Kiritsugu all day, literally has dreams of himself eating out with Kiritsugu together, and the whole reason he's after him is because he thinks Kiritsugu is the one who can fill the emptiness inside him and end his feelings of loneliness...
>> No. 68906
A kismesis is a bitter rival or enemy who you hate enough to have passionate sex with. It's part of a really weird running gag based on the symbols for suits of cards (♥ ♦ ♠ ♣) and the fact that one of these happens to represent romantic love.
>> No. 68907
I knew the Kirei/Kiritsugu stuff was inevitable long before the show aired, and all that Waver stuff wasn't surprising either given how he is and who his Servant is.

Kariya I wasn't expecting but can see where it'd be coming from what with him being such a sadsack punching bag. I've got NOTHING to explain Tokiomi though, I don't get that shit at all.
>> No. 68909
But Kotomine doesn't hate Kiritsugu? He thinks he's a kindred spirit, and doesn't go nuts on him until after he finds out he's actually a normalfag and that he really is foreveralone.jpg.
>> No. 68912
File 13222824101.png - (132.72KB , 304x598 , rinmine2.png )
>he thinks Kiritsugu is the one who can fill the emptiness inside him
I think I've seen a porno along that premise.
>> No. 68921
Hate as we know it isn't necessary. Just a strong sense of competitiveness.
>> No. 68922
File 132229533736.gif - (46.70KB , 368x597 , 1321646435054.gif )
You can thank me for this later.
>> No. 68931
File 13223585448.jpg - (270.79KB , 700x700 , 1322317944102.jpg )

In this episode: Crippleneth vs the Whore and Waver Velvet: Ace Detective
>> No. 68932
File 132235869540.jpg - (692.83KB , 641x1200 , 1322041208436.jpg )
Seriously though at the rate pixiv is churning stuff out now we might end up seeing the amount of Fate Zero art overtaking FSN stuff, though that'll take time.
>> No. 68933
>> No. 68953
File 132244078686.jpg - (111.38KB , 400x533 , 23334552.jpg )
So did the king backstab Diarmuid or what? Also Waver looked ultra-manly this time around.
>> No. 68954
He's a famous Irish hero of the Fenian cycle, research it.
>> No. 69082
File 132293142024.jpg - (161.71KB , 850x850 , 1322024028619.jpg )

This is our first major change from the novels. In the books, Rin just goes out, stares into an alley where a load of magic power is coming from, realizes that Aoi was right when she told her "forget this missing friend," then passes out from fright. Kariya turns out to have been what she was sensing and takes her off. No Uryu encounter, no saved children, just misery.
>> No. 69088
When does the OST come out by the way?
>> No. 69105
By "no saved children" did you mean her schoolmates just died in the book, or did those characters never existed?
>> No. 69106
That sound just then came from the depth of the alleyway by the house she was hiding next to, and it’s probably a stray cat sifting through the rubbish and knocked over some cans. But it’s hard to determine if someone was there.

Rin drew a sharp breath when she looked down on the magecraft compass in her hands.

Unmoving, as if frozen in place, the needle pointed straight towards the direction of the sound.

Something was there; something that emanated unnatural prana was there.


Isn’t this the result you're waiting anxiously for?

You've already gotten some response from your investigation. Isn't that a sign of a good start? Rin planned to go through all suspicious spots in Shinto and check Kotone’s presence one by one. Here, the first place she checked, already has something.

Come now, let's step into the inside of the alley and check what's there.


Maybe there are some clues about Kotone right there. Or maybe, Kotone herself is there.

“Absolutely not!”

There's no reason to hesitate. If not, there would be no meaning coming this far. You are not a coward. You would not do things such as abandoning your friend as well. That's because you are one of the Tōsaka with a long and distinguished history. So you have to prove that you're brave and can become your great father's successor.

“No no no absolutely not no no no no noooooo…!”

A wet sound could be heard. Splash, splash, Something lurking at the deep inside the alley was breathing, as if sneering her, creeping towards her.

Rin finally realized that this journey of exploration, aimed to recover her best friend, was definitely not as easy to complete as she thought.

Kotone’s figure wasn’t in the depth of the darkness.

Even if she was in there, she wouldn’t be the same Kotone as before.

If she was thinking of finding Kotone in the darkness of Shinto, from the start, Rin should have aimed to find Kotone's ▉▉▉▉ ▉▉▉▉ instead.


In fact, Tōsaka Rin possessed excellent aptitude to be a magus.

She had never seen a demon, nor had she been touched by one, but from mere instinct she could tell she was in a very dangerous situation right now.

To study magecraft, the first thing one need to do is to learn to accept and know death – this is the first lesson of every apprentice magus.

That inescapable, incomprehensible, purely despairing feel of ‘death’.

On that day, little Rin felt the essence of magecraft from that experience.

She couldn’t move; she couldn’t even yell. A terror unbearable to ordinary humans was more than enough to crush such a young girl.

Strange buzzing sounds started by her ears, and Rin thought it was triggered by the icy cold despair pressing down on her heart.

Her thoughts were probably starting to destroy her five senses’ perception.

A humming started, monotonous yet maniacal, as if a swamp of giant wasps were raiding towards her…

The buzzing became steadily louder. It was approaching her.

In the blink of an eye, the stuff on top of Rin’s head rushed inward like a cover of black fog.

That thing quickly passed above Rin like a turbid current, striking the depth of the darkness in a split second.

And then those bloodcurdling screams sounded without end, screams that sounded like boiling a cat alive in a pot of hot water – but it was definitely not the sound of a cat.

This was already the limit of Rin’s endurance.

Her sight dimmed, and her footsteps faltered. The moment before she was about to fall, someone took her in his hands.

In front of her eyes was a monster with only the left side of his face visible.

That face, ugly beyond description, was embedded with a dim and lightless eyeball.

But his right eye eluded a deep loneliness and melancholy.

I think I have seen this expression somewhere before...

Rin thought so before she lost consciousness.

>> No. 69127
So did she find it and it was eaten by the shoggoth or was it more just she didn't have any hope of finding her and ended up bumping into a shoggoth instead?
>> No. 69132
She realized there was no hope.
It's Kariya. There's no Caster familiars or anything in the book. She just thinks he's a monster because he lives in an alley, is swollen in weird places, and has a shitload of magical power (or rather the invisible Berserker with him does).
>> No. 69170
File 132314627498.jpg - (114.78KB , 1440x810 , 1322925736831.jpg )
So yeah about that loli Rin.
>> No. 69406
File 132353230191.png - (66.71KB , 722x392 , 1322930429798.png )

This marks the end of Book 2, Mad Feast of Kings. I guess we're getting one episode of Book 3 before the end of the season.
>> No. 69407
File 132353313934.jpg - (142.51KB , 1440x810 , 1323533012571[1].jpg )
And yes, there was quite a lot of suffering this episode. Hopefully this means that the next episode will look goddamn amazing.
>> No. 69408
File 132353356597.jpg - (100.43KB , 450x577 , 1323186332797.jpg )
Also I never noticed this when looking in the novel artwork but, that soldier with long black hair is totally Waver in his El Melloi the 2nd form. Or at least it looks like him. Seeing as we know that servant summoning ignores the laws of time and space because well, 5th War Archer, I'm going to go ahead and say that Ionian Hetaroi calls Iskander's soldiers from the future too.

Just another neat touch, like the Fleur de Lis on Caster's hideout door in the last episode, although since the guy in the spoiler WAS in the novel artwork we can't give UFOtable credit for this one.
>> No. 69413
File 132355645710.jpg - (159.51KB , 1440x810 , 1323530378494.jpg )
Two, one dealing with Team Saber moving to the Emiya household and another where Caster transforms.

The hairstyle is a little different and the head seems a bit too narrow for Lord El-Melloi, although honestly I'm not sure if that's just due to QUALITY or not. Could be Hephaestion though, and if it is I'm sure a billion crazy theories could come out of that.
>> No. 69414
Well I don't think it's really him in all honesty, but it's a cool idea so I'd like to think so.
>> No. 69457
Other people are saying it's Eumenes since he came from a tribe where men had long black hair.
>> No. 69473
So are all the Assassins dead, or just a lot of them?
>> No. 69480
Yeah, you'll see why it happened the way it did at the start of next episode.
>> No. 69504
Oh yeah and since we're done with book 2 now, here's the postface, by that faggot Higashide for some reason.
>> No. 69517
File 132385284521.png - (3.73MB , 1732x907 , IH.png )
Wait, so who is who here?
>> No. 69530
All I know is that this franchise needs more Achilles
>> No. 69531
He'd be kind of a shit Servant actually. The whole heel thing would be crippling in this setting.

We don't really know.
>> No. 69535

New Type Moon Ace is out, so we get a lot of new info.
-Fate Apocrypha: the first act is indeed about goddamn Mecha Musume Jack, but the good news is they've confirmed 14 servants so only one got left out, my guess being Vlad since we already had the one in Extra with a different design.
- Mahoyo has a release date now, April 12th.
-Previews of the new Fate Zero figs for those that care.
There's other stuff, but those are the headline topics as far as I can tell.

Oh and this isn't from Ace, but Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code (HOW TO TITLE VIDEO GAMES) demo was delayed.
>> No. 69564
>Loli the Ripper

Also it sucks that they're keeping all but one of the original designs, because most of them are mediocre or outright terrible. Only good ones are Jeanne, Siegfried, Karna, and Shakespeare. Vlad and David are OK. All the rest suck or have something that ruins them (kawaii catgirl Atalanta, duckfooted George).
>> No. 69565
File 132397762872.jpg - (29.26KB , 241x374 , 241px-Seigfried[1].jpg )
I'd rather have Atlanta and George than this fucking thing. It looks even worse than Tron Lancer in FE did. I'm also not a huge fan of Karna.

We can at least agree that Spartacus is the worst design though, surely?
>> No. 69566
File 132397999124.jpg - (114.47KB , 900x1050 , kratos-bd.jpg )
What, no Kratos?
>> No. 69587
I'm happy if only for Shakespeare.
>> No. 69609


Cool wallpapers though.
>> No. 69636
File 132414226697.png - (615.05KB , 617x686 , 1323813639283.png )

Lots of Gilgamesh this episode.
>> No. 69649
File 132419034310.jpg - (67.97KB , 1280x720 , fabulous.jpg )
Wow Kotomine, wow.
>> No. 69652
Proof that people diagnosed with sociopathy are not to be trusted, nor should they be allowed to live.

Seriously, the Ice King is the only sympathetic sociopath ever.
>> No. 69655
File 132424227980.jpg - (107.73KB , 1440x810 , 1324134527166.jpg )
Jojomine is my favorite character in Emiya's Bizarre Adventures.
>> No. 69664
Dude, might wanna phrase that so that you're not commenting on a serious and morally complex real-world issue.
>> No. 69669
File 132426666684.jpg - (48.21KB , 750x422 , 1324180352363.jpg )
With words alone Gil was able to drive Kotomine to do what even Sola-Ui didn't dare. We have a real master of NTR here.
>> No. 69674
That's what characters like him are telling me. These guys can't be trusted, they're antisocial, misfit nutjobs and can't exist without freaking out or harming people, they're scary. I don't see anything complex, they lack empathy and scruples due to some kind of chemical imbalance.

Kotomine was born a cold, evil mofo, and he died as one. Hell, you could even make the argument that he never really 'lived', and his death was just a really, really late abortion.

A Hollow, violent man who died hollow and violently and made a lot of people suffer because no one had the good sense to off him while the offing was good.

Those who are mentally ill because of biological rather than psychological issues are a lost cause, and should be locked away or disposed of as soon as possible. It's not like they're capable of minding, only the normal people dumb enough to care about them would.
>> No. 69679
Oh Jesus Christ, this is another 'issue' isn't it?
>> No. 69680
This is a forum for anime and manga, not your neuroses.
>> No. 69683
lol im so edgy xD
>> No. 69684
File 132430603285.jpg - (347.01KB , 698x1000 , 1321824035345.jpg )
All of you shut up and laugh at this image.
>> No. 69685
You know what would really help him in this situation. A sexy, cyclopean, if somewhat ill wife. Shame he doesn't have one of those.
>> No. 69687
File 132432337177.jpg - (168.34KB , 570x900 , 23706612_p0.jpg )
Wait, Kotomine was married to the Demoman?
>> No. 69688
File 132432701632.png - (69.18KB , 180x327 , 180px-Kotominewife[1].png )
Joking aside, this is the only official illustration of Kotomine's wife. Pretty cute actually.
>> No. 69690
File 132433557128.png - (42.45KB , 300x300 , Class of Promised Victory.png )
I'd read that fanfiction.
>> No. 69707
Exactly. But nope, kinda sorta drove her to suicide.
>> No. 69836
File 132492389294.jpg - (80.32KB , 800x498 , 119b7b0217dft.jpg )

Delayed because of Christmas, but anyway, now that Season 1 is over, I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on it. I did spend quite a bit of time early on trying to get a load of you to watch this after all. What characters/scenes did you like/dislike, why or why not, what lore questions you have, all that good stuff.
>> No. 69850
I don't particularly like most of the CG they use for this show, but I think that... thing... managed to look pretty good.

>what lore questions you have
I kind of forget how Magic Circuits work. Are Kiritsugu bullets as effective against Servants as they are against mages?
>> No. 69852
Kiritsugu's bullets don't do anything against servants, not even the magic ones. That's why he didn't shoot Kayneth way back at the standoff in the warehouse district, because Assassin was perched somewhat nearby and even the weakest Servant can't be hurt by low level attacks like that.

As for the exact mechanics of circuits, that varies way too heavily based on the mage and the magic, so there aren't any hard and fast rules. Generally speaking though, the further down a line of mages you go, the more circuits each new generation has (and of higher quality too), plus they're supplemented by the accumulated knowledge and power of the family crest. Kiritsugu cripples Kayneth because circuits are connected to a mage's nervous system, and disrupting one screws over the other.
>> No. 69880
My reaction is

>> No. 70446
File 132581823978.jpg - (29.69KB , 640x360 , zYeE0l[1].jpg )
The restored version of FZ 11 is pretty great, fixes a lot of the face and puts back all that cut Gil and Rider dialogue during the feast.
>> No. 71573
File 132864980294.jpg - (129.41KB , 1000x655 , 1328644473194[1].jpg )
Higher quality, 40 extra minutes of content, and DAT SOUNDTRACK.

>> No. 71645
Angry Saber is best Saber.
>> No. 72053
File 132980657844.png - (312.36KB , 1115x1600 , 1329798049024[1].png )
Hiroyuki descended form on high to C81 and delivered unto us some FZ. I thought it was pretty funny.
>> No. 72054
Gogi Power Hiroyuki is one of my favorite people on the entire planet.
>> No. 72221
File 133006086754.jpg - (860.59KB , 800x978 , 1330058523086[1].jpg )
Stop it boner, you know this is wrong.
>> No. 72223
So is Gil still responsible for HIS BEST FRIEND DYING FOR NOTHING like he was in the original myth?
>> No. 72234
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...thanks for spoiling the end of the Epic of Gilgamesh for me, jerk face! Aaaaaaaaagggggghhhh! Use spoilers! Geez!
>> No. 72235
I'm not really familiar with the original epic, but in Nasu history at least, Gil turned down the Goddess of Fertility because he knew she was crazy, so she goes whining to her dad, who unleashes the Bull of Heaven on Uruk. It causes 7 years of plague, famine, etc before Gil and Enkidu managed to bind and put it down. Since they killed the beast of the gods one of them had to die, and since Enkidu was made by the gods in the first place, it was him.
>> No. 72264
File 133022791641.jpg - (125.80KB , 390x800 , 24015761.jpg )
Fate/Zero OP2 - To the Beginni…youtube thumb
Second OP. Kind of meh.

Also holy hell this show's Pixiv tag is a fangirl goldmine.
>> No. 72284
Needs animation of people sobbing and dying.
>> No. 72556
File 133107840790.jpg - (116.76KB , 736x751 , 1310275195069.jpg )
OST is out: http://www.mediafire.com/?bjq252770mt8r48
>mfw Point Zero, Let the Stars Fall Down, The Battle is to the Strong, and Rule the Battlefield
>> No. 72833
File 133169419674.jpg - (346.08KB , 1500x3029 , 0XuGF[1].jpg )
Sexy, sexy BD updates.


I'll be making a new thread then, so make use of this one before I kill it with an image dump I guess.
>> No. 72838
To be honest, the BD edits seem forced and in some cases make the scenes worse.
>> No. 72850
Did they fix episode 11's QUALITY? Or episode 6's stubby arms and bodies?
>> No. 72851
The hell do you mean "forced?" And how do they make any episodes worse?

>> No. 73052
File 133233890693.jpg - (208.07KB , 650x460 , tenyears[1].jpg )

Fate Zero director Aoki Ei regarding S2:

Nasu, Takeuchi, and Urobuchi about Type Moon in general
>> No. 73084
File 133236009977.jpg - (762.29KB , 1273x900 , 25962557.jpg )
>Ah I see. It seems Fate/Zero as become popular not only among TYPE-MOON fans or anime fans, but a much larger audience.
*snerk* I for one welcome our new fujoshi overlords.
>> No. 73085
ALSO UTW had started doing the Bluray stuff now. No torrents until they've got the complete batch ready, but they've got direct downloads up. They're even going to try and setup a fanart slideshow to go along with a translation of the drama CD depicting Irisviel and Kiritsugu's first meeting.

So far they've done a few BD episodes and the first Einzbern Consultation Room.

This'll be really helpful background info to those of you who haven't actually played Fate Stay Night yet even though (or because) I've repeatedly pestered you all to. It's also nice if you just like Iri's voice actress.
>> No. 73321

This guy covers all the BD changes. They added quite a decent number of scenes, for those of you that haven't read the novels.
>> No. 84083
File 137453139128.jpg - (27.54KB , 480x283 , fairies.jpg )
Did any other anime outdo Fate/Zero?
>> No. 84084
What do you mean? Plenty have on a critical and financial scale, considering FZ isn't perfect in either the adaptation or the source material.
>> No. 84085
Why do people keep bumping these old TM threads?
>> No. 84091
Thread locked, most recent thread is: >>77641
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