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File 131336200287.png - (951.05KB , 1037x584 , redlinegun.png )
64805 No. 64805
So I just got finished watching it and I was wondering if any of you knew exactly who is responsible for the art style.

My guess is it's Takeshi Koike but Trava and World Record always reminded me of Afro Samurai but apparently there's no one who worked on all three.

Oh also WHOLE LEE SHEET this movie. Only wish it had a bit more in the way of ending but other than that it had everything I could of asked for and more

seriously, super heroes, transformers and kaiju??
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>> No. 64833
REDLINE trailer - Special VERSIONyoutube thumb
Welp, time to watch this.
>> No. 64834
>> No. 64845
if we're posting links to torrents can someone post a link to watching it online.
>> No. 64848
File 131348688251.png - (355.36KB , 640x480 , trava-fist-planet.png )
When Shinkai and Trava showed up I geeked the fuck out

You should watch this if you havent

TRAVA #1-1youtube thumb
>> No. 64850
No it's best not to rape such a nice movie.
>> No. 64852
And somehow posting torrents is better? Piss off.
>> No. 64853
File 131350735811.png - (174.36KB , 1200x1200 , Streamfags are stupid.png )
>> No. 64854
yes the quality is a million times better

but it you really can't be assed to download here something I found after a second long google search
>> No. 64855
>I'm an enormous asshole
>> No. 64864
I'm not going to lie. I hate being "that" anime fan, but I do think it's sort of retarded to stream shit when you can torrent it. It's completely irrational, but when people ask "lol can have stream" the first thought that pops into my head is "what the fuck, just go torrent it, you plebe."

what have i become ;A;
>> No. 64865
There's a number of reasons why you might want to watch it online instead of torrenting it, don't be so stupid
>> No. 64873
File 131354028157.png - (1.68MB , 1435x797 , redlinemachinehead.png )
I agree but having been in the situation with a shitty machine and no money you gotta take what you can get. If people want to stream the most you should do is say 'if you can torrent this its really worth it' and leave it at that


Its obviously an homage to 70s stuff like Jack Kirby and Whacky Racers. And shit the art style itself seems reminiscent of old comic book inking
>> No. 64881
So by that logic I should throw out my netflix subscription...?

Wait is this a movie or tv show? Or both?
>> No. 64884
In my experience these arguments are rarely about things like netflix or Hulu, since those places generally make sure to offer HQ video are are legal avenues besides, but rather are about stupid anime streaming sites or youtube uploads, things like that.

For my part, I prefer to watch things on MPC because I can make screecaps and load things up at anytime, but I think the whole streaming vs downloading WAR is kinda silly.
>> No. 64886
You sound like those assholes who tell other people they're liking wine wrong when you post things like this.
>> No. 64908
It's a movie. And a visually stunning one at that. It's simply the best looking anime I've seeen.

Also dat ending
>> No. 64909
I saw it at the Leeds Film Festival last year.

It blew me a-way,
It was a red-line day,
Buyin' the blu-ray,
Will be a red-line day...
>> No. 64925
Only wish it had a bit more in the way of ending
If only Redline had Mind Games' ending.
it would be glorious.
>> No. 64929
Jesus christ everything about that movie was gorgeous. It took a long goddamn time but an animated film finally looks better than Akira.

And yeah the ending could have used a little more.
>> No. 64930
Just to be clear I loved the ending. It was silly, fun and completely awesome just like the rest of the movie.
>> No. 64932
I didn't like the whole military thing, I think the movie could have done without it, and therefore focus on all the other characters.

But it's a minor complaint really, I did greatly enjoy it.
>> No. 64933
I didn't really like it.

Then again I went in expecting something in between Oban and the Speed Racer film, instead I got TTGL + Wacky Racers.
>> No. 64939
>TTGL + Wacky Racers

Oh yeessss, I'm in.
>> No. 64941
> I went in expecting something in between Oban and the Speed Racer film, instead I got TTGL + Wacky Racers.
BRB, downloading like Fist of the North Star.
>> No. 64944
Looking at this it kind of reminds me of Dead Leaves.
So what I'm wondering is if the English dub will be better than the Jap sub just like with Dead Leaves.
>> No. 64950
>> No. 64987
File 131381492249.jpg - (78.73KB , 1008x358 , 1306796751006.jpg )
Good thing that's exactly what I wanted.
>> No. 65002
When the credits started to roll I felt like I had just done some physical exercise.
>> No. 65003
Also, I want an entire spin-off series about the adventures of Lynchman and Johnny Boya.
>> No. 65012
File 131388448310.png - (1.35MB , 1440x900 , Screen shot 2011-08-20 at 6_54_07 PM.png )
I'm still amazed any one in Japan even saw Whacky Racers. Cause this guy definitely did
They even had a villain! He was in the first race.
>> No. 65124
File 131412805631.jpg - (208.99KB , 1864x1048 , REDLINE_mkv_snapshot_00_04_35_[2011_08_23_15_32_36.jpg )
Any idea if this is gonna get a DVD release stateside? I would love to give these guys my money.
>> No. 65126
>> No. 65170
Oh goddammit they pushed it back.
Also I never thought about it getting a theatrical release stateside. This movie is gonna be hellanasty on the big screen!
>> No. 65187
I have a hard time accepting the fact that Wacky Races could have influenced this, but when the narrator is presenting the pilots during the first race... damn, that's straight from Wacky Racers.
>> No. 65204
I'm about half way through the movie (had to take a break, got distracted) but should I not pay too much attention to the plot? Yes, it is a GORGEOUS movie and the creativity of the characters and environments is awesome. But so far I don't care at all for the story, probably because I've watched it before. (Macross Plus comes to mind in a big way.)

Also I have a sad because the video and sound on the bluray rip I downloaded get off sync and fucked up occasionally. Very annoying, I have to close VLC and re-open to fix.
>> No. 65213
The plot's not especially amazing, don't worry about it. The racers get a lot more interesting when you actually see them race.
>> No. 65217

Well my advice to you would be to stop watching it right now. It's obvious you're not investing yourself in it at all and there's really no point in watching any movie if you're not AT LEAST doing that, because then you'll never enjoy it as much as you can/are supposed to- not to mention you're watching a rip with dodgy sound.

So yes, stop, and maybe pick it up again later when you get a better copy. And actually sit through it all in one shot.
>> No. 65481
File 131488898783.jpg - (294.12KB , 448x450 , RatFink-crap.jpg )
Now, if they could just make a Rat Fink movie I'll die happy.

This was so close, just needs to be about the Finks.

The Weirdos and the voice of M…youtube thumb
>> No. 65723
File 131528172843.gif - (534.10KB , 905x1358 , fistplanet.gif )
I was not ready for this.
Also, this two guys are awesome.
>> No. 65741
Yeah, I wasn't ready for the size of those hips either.
>> No. 65744
I don't remember this scene.
>> No. 65745
That scene is from the shorts like the one >>64848 posted.
>> No. 65746
>> No. 65809
REDLINE Pilotyoutube thumb
Redline could have been an awesome miniseries/OVA.

>> No. 65813
That game looks unspeakably dull.
>> No. 65907
Oh cool a Redline vidy--

> Ipod crap

Oh boy, perhaps it won't be that b--

> watch the gameplay

>> No. 65924
its an OVA that was a predecessor to REDLINE. Instead of a race it seemed like it was just gonna be a big mech battle thingy.
also holy shit that pilot is awesome. I can't wait for what other stuff this guy does.
>> No. 65938
It's a pity, specially since it's supposed to be a ridiculous crazy race. Not just a very passive race.
>> No. 66011
File 131588164447.png - (696.15KB , 1280x720 , [Redline][Movie][BDRip][720P][X264_AAC][22-38-33].png )
I don't know how I didn't realize it would do this before it did.

I thought I wanted a video game adaptation, but then it hit me that it would be something like this.
>> No. 71102

This is what happens when pretentious idiots watch good movies. Also y'all got your blurays yet?
>> No. 71104
Something Awful... that's a troll review, right? No one can be that blind or dumb.
>> No. 71105
Oh no, he meant it, he actually defended himself in Cinema Discussion, and there were a few people going "yeah this is why I don't watch anime way to go Clumsy." Mostly however, even the CD thread basically told him to go fuck himself, and the ADTRW thread is 100% positive about the film aside of a few minor passing complaints.

CD thread:
>> No. 71110
I didn't like this movie much.
>> No. 71115

Oh wow, Zorak took him to fucking pieces.
>> No. 71117
The funny thing is that Zorak is normally one of the first to jump in and start screaming about things being creepy and anti-woman and blah de blah de blah before he starts handing out bans, and is the main reason why most threads in ADTRW seem a tad... stifled. And even HE is telling Clumsy to fuck right off with this.
>> No. 71128
It's obvious someone has terrible issues.
Also, I need to order my dvd version. I don't have a blu-ray player.

Although I'm not that familiar with ADTRW.
Though I used to lurk for gifs, avatars and stuff back in 2008.
>> No. 71492
My BD came in the mail friday, watched it with my dad. God I love this movie.

I do have to say though that Superboins, while the first time round I found them funny, are EXTREMELY annoying on repeat viewings. Without the shock value they're just as bad as the idols they're supposed to parody. I do like the rest of the Supergrass stuff though, that's all still pretty funny.
>> No. 71507
>Superboins, while the first time round I found them funny, are EXTREMELY annoying on repeat viewings
good to know someone agrees
someone needs to put a fucking muzzle on them and their ear-piercing "Iyaaa~"s
>> No. 81389
File 136017841798.png - (767.70KB , 833x1200 , Redline Ghost Rider.png )
A present from /co/.

JP as a Ghost Rider being momentarily worried that the supernatural flames will destroy his hairdo.
>> No. 81391
Bless them.
>> No. 81659
>> No. 81851
File 136502297520.jpg - (124.42KB , 550x411 , redline-bd-banner.jpg )
I wouldn't mind a Redline racing videogame that wasn't a terrible phone-game.
>> No. 81894
Try out F-Zero GX.
>> No. 83982
>> No. 86285

Because Redline deserves all the attention possible no matter the circumstances
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