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File 130249362765.jpg - (78.47KB , 632x474 , shikihime.jpg )
60566 No. 60566
People don't actually die when they are killed.
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>> No. 68221
File 132050493365.jpg - (476.98KB , 960x1280 , bh0uxk[1].jpg )
This came in the mail yesterday. I haven't played much of it, but Nero Saber is as smug as you might have heard.
>> No. 68222
Is that version in english? I've been wanting to play it, but i have no knowledge of moonspeak.
>> No. 68225
Yeah it's translated, with the original Japanese audio. I heard the gameplay and plot aren't really all that good though.
>> No. 68324
Man what! That was a rip off! Shinji didnt get stabbed in the dick AT ALL!
>> No. 68388
File 132096338477.jpg - (119.98KB , 1280x720 , [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_07_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][E.jpg )
Good news guys, Ouran got a 2nd season!
>> No. 68593
File 132145760765.jpg - (103.53KB , 1280x720 , [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_08_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][F.jpg )
Carnival Phantasm 8: Saber Conquers The Service Industry

Yeah Season 2 was WAAAAY better than season 1. Hercules The Legendary Journeys and An Adult Love Story in particular were pure gold. On the other hand, there was an episode that combined JDramas and Sakura, a match truly made in the deepest pits of hell.
>> No. 69002
File 132263411751.gif - (2.35MB , 320x180 , kara no kyoukai.gif )
Wow, this... actually... this is really nice. I like this.
>> No. 69004
Kara no Kyoukai is, if nothing else, an absolutely gorgeous series.
>> No. 69770
>> No. 69773
Good now watch Fate Zero and play Fate Stay Night damn it.
>> No. 69939
File 132519853347.jpg - (228.67KB , 850x1211 , sample-0bebef57590a0400740af65de1412ffe.jpg )

So they're bundling a 12 minutes OVA called Fate Prototype with Carnival Phantasm 3. It's based on the original premise of Fate Stay Night, way back when it was a girl (who later got repackaged into the real game in the form of Rin) who teamed up with "Saver," a properly male King Arthur.

Takeuchi says they're not planning on making it a full VN or tv series. I say "yeah we'll see how long that lasts after Girl's Work is done."
>> No. 69953
File 132522626284.jpg - (83.51KB , 805x1161 , Character Material_13.jpg )
>implying Girl's Work will ever be done
Not sure if I like Saver's armor redesign though. I thought the old one was a lot cooler.
>> No. 69965
Well production is mostly in UFOtable and Meteor's hands, not TM's directly, as I understand it. So you never know.

Also I finally got around to wrapping up Fate Extra (Female/Saber route). What a weird fucking game and a really bizarre ending. Better than I thought it would be though.
>> No. 69967
>Also I finally got around to wrapping up Fate Extra (Female/Saber route)

There's a complete translation? Post link plox
>> No. 69971
Its actually available for retail.
Yes as in stores.
>> No. 69973

Well I got money!... and do you mean an English translation? Cause if so then link plox.
>> No. 69975
Yes it's officially licensed. And actually pretty decent!


Available in regular, Limited Edition, and downloadable PSN version.
>> No. 70064
File 132531253217.jpg - (229.98KB , 440x2263 , 1325305718795.jpg )
Oh shit, KnK and F/Z characters showing up. Shame all the cameos in the world can't save CP from being horribly unfunny 90% of the time though.
>> No. 70068
I thought Season 2 was mostly alright myself aside of that horrendous JDRAMA episode with Sakura. I particularly liked Heracles The Incredible Journeys and the Ilya's Castle Special.

EX was also good but I'm still not sure when that came out exactly, I'm pretty sure it wasn't actually part of Season 2.

Season 1 was fucking awful though.
>> No. 70138
Personally I find the FSN material a lot better than the Tsuki/MB stuff. Lazy as a lot of the FSN jokes are, once you sieve out the haremshit humor and Sakura there's some good stuff in there like the Berserker episode, whereas I think I only laughed at the THverse scenes once or twice ever. Even worse since since Phantasmoon and AAA belong to the latter.
>> No. 70150
Even with Sakura there's still a degree of humor because the CP writers clearly think as little of her as much of the fanbase does.

One of my favorite bits of the Ilya's Castle episode was the end when they're running away, Sakura goes "oh why must things be so tragic," and is immediately run over by Rin and Archer.
>> No. 70156
The Sakura episode would have paid of if Shinji had been stabbed in the dick like in the original
>> No. 70158
File 132545703016.jpg - (226.72KB , 800x600 , 5649013.jpg )
So Fate/Prototype is out if people haven't seen it yet. Thoughts? Ayaka reminds me too much of Eva Shinji for me to like her at this point.
>> No. 70159
Only English sub I can find is Fast Sub, which is so impossible to read it might as well not be English at all. UTW says they're doing it after the actual CP episodes. So I'm out of luck at the moment.
>> No. 70751
Oh hey Carnival Phantasm 9

>> No. 70839
CP 10 is out for those who give a shit

Also Forest is fully translated for those that want an idea of Meteor's style before Girl's Work comes out WHICH IT TOTALLY WILL AT SOME POINT

Patch here:
>> No. 71013
Well that's it for Carnival Phantasm. Overall I'd have to say I ended up liking it WAY more than the first season, which was utterly awful, led me to think. My favorite main skit by far was Berserker's Day Out, although FINAL DEAD LANCER and some other ones were great too. The sub-skits were mostly pretty bad aside of the Necos and Tiger Dojo, although Grail-kun was sufficiently weird that its brief appearances didn't bother me like the driven into the ground magical girl bits and the UTTERLY AWFUL manzai trio bullshit. Overall I'd call it a reasonable success. I'd be up for more of it, maybe focusing on KnK and DDD, or even just expanding to include Fate Zero and Fate Extra. Also more villains. Seriously why the fuck did we never get Wallachia?

I still haven't watched Prototype yet but I'll be sure to sperg out over that as soon as possible.
>> No. 71126
It turns out that apparently Fuyuki=Kobe.

Which means that Taiga's grandpa is... uh...
>> No. 71314

>> No. 71320
Wow that looks really nice.

Like so nice I had some lag even...
>> No. 71451
This is my first time with a visual novel, and I liked it.
Also, Aoko seemed very familiar to me. I've seen her before...
>> No. 71452
Aoko is in the prologue and epilogue of Tsukihime as well as being a major character in the Melty Blood games. She's in the amazing manga and shitty anime too, though not as much. Or at all, in the case of the MB and RE:ACT mangas, since she's not in the original MB and Re:Act doesn't actually cover Re:Act but the other side of the original MB's storyline.

She's also a major universe character in general, being as she's the 5th Sorcerer, though she's less important than the 2nd Sorcerer Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg is.
>> No. 71508
Someone made a comprehensive copypasta for all the Type Works, what order to watch in, installation instruction, the works.

>> No. 71514
>megaupload links
Those might need some replacin'
>> No. 71535
File 132858488571.png - (343.06KB , 562x800 , 4_fantomas_by_DAHR.png )
Had an idea for an Assassin that isn't one of the Old Men in the Mountain and I want to know what you think of it.

Assassin: Fantomas

A man whose crimes were so legendary and grotesque that upon his death at a ripe old age any record of him was expunged, banishing the memory of him into fiction, for a man this vile and unpunished could only exist in nightmares.

Master of Disguise: His features and voice are his to mold! You may be safer all alone!

Collection of Crime: The tools of the cruel! The world is sabotaged, a giant trap which you can never escape! Plague-infested rats, Acid Sprays, Poisoned Food, Giant Snakes, Rooms that fill with sand, Booby Trapped Clothes!

Maestros of Demise: His popularity as a fictional icon has only made him stronger and has allowed him to bypass that pesky barrier preventing his ilk from infiltrating! A wretched version of Zabaniya, bringing forth his equally powerful and repugnant successors to enter the fray! Satanik! Diabolik! Sadik! Kriminal! Demoniak! Mister X! Zakimort!

Dark Saint: Fantomas escapes death! Fantomas escapes justice! Fantomas escapes, endures, and eventually prevails. Such is the power of fame and notoriety.

Pray you never meet him, or worse, corner him, think you've won, because he will say in the language of his choice:
"Fantomas never fails."

What terrible fate has befallen Hassan? We can pray it was a quick one.
>> No. 71547
File 132859393198.png - (140.04KB , 299x443 , 1328593729771[1].png )
>> No. 72745
File 133148215950.png - (274.33KB , 853x1200 , 1331478311353[1].png )

Oh joy.
>> No. 72752
>> No. 72768
I didnt even know it was popular enough to warrant that...
>> No. 72772
>> No. 72773
It's OK I guess, but I don't like it enough to be that excited about it. Oh well.
>> No. 72774
It's almost entirely uninteresting. The fight scenes are decent, it's cool too see all the Alter designs, and Prisma Irisviel is fucking hilarious, but overall it's just the same shit as every other magical girl series.
>> No. 72777
I just really enjoy Kuro's antics. I don't pretend it's a good series by any stretch, but at least i don't have to feel as much shame for enjoying it as, say K-ON.
>> No. 73939
File 13347769895.jpg - (49.25KB , 600x810 , 1334756513236.jpg )

>> No. 74051
First game was shit, not going to bother unless they totally rehaul the combat system.
>> No. 74052
File 133496842370.jpg - (158.43KB , 1440x810 , 1334768896165.jpg )
I liked the idea of it, i.e. it really was all about gathering information and studying enemy patterns, but the statbuilding was completely broken and the boss fights could easily come down to sheer guesswork. Also playing as Caster was fucking torturous until you some levels to your name. I did enjoy playing as Archer and Saber even if it turned into Phantasm Spam at the end (but that's just RPGs in general). I did like the writing, bar the ending, which was atrocious. CCC I'll probably get just because GOD DAMN IT NASU LEARN YOU HAVE AN AUDIENCE IN ENGLISH AND GIVE US THE REAL STUFF ALREADY.
>> No. 83918
ufotable has greenlit a Fate/stay night remake!


and apparently Heaven's Feel focused.
>> No. 83921
>Heaven's Feel by not-DEEN
Ufotable's directing is kind of mediocre IMO but their being pretty good at everything including animation/choreography and voice direction makes it damn worth it.
>> No. 83925
Wait, don't we have another thread here >>77641?
I'm thinking we should lock this thread and move to that one since it's more recent and the only reason this one is still even here is spam.
>> No. 84092
Thread locked, most recent thread is: >>77641
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