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42547 No. 42547
Manga Studio EX 4 is down to $29.99 for Black Friday only:

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>> No. 42548
How is this software? Anybody use it regularly? I've done probably 99% of my work in GIMP with the occasional pencil and paper, but I find that the freehand line quality in GIMP seems relatively poor, just never switched to anything else because it is what I'm most used to.

Similarly, how does Poser work relative to free stuff like DAZ? I'd like to use Pose Studio since I'm mostly looking for a 3D version of a wooden artist doll instead of using it to make finished works or as a tracing tool, but it seems that Pose Studio is only available for Japanese users.
>> No. 42549
File 135370663397.png - (260.91KB , 707x1471 , grigori.png )
I bought it about a month ago, for something like $100, and so far it's really great. I can do penciling, inking, toning, paneling, and just about anything else all on one program. The only thing missing is that, since the program is geared towards black and white art, the coloring capabilities are a bit lacking. The system is pretty extensive, and not exactly the most intuitive program, so the learning curve is a bit steep, but the can be covered fairly quickly as long as you don't mind reading the manual (which is over 600 pages as a PDF.)
Anyway, I mostly use it for editing and toning my comics, but I've gotten good use out of it as an all-in-one kind of program.
>> No. 42550
I should add, that the EX version has a huge selection of tones to choose from, not just your typical grayscale or dot tones, so there's a lot of neat effects you can go for if you're willing to take the time to get familiar with what's available and to read up on toning techniques.
>> No. 42552
Thanks! Guess I will give it a shot.
>> No. 42553
Also, Coelasquid uses it for her artwork, I got this link off her Tumblr.
>> No. 42554
Been using it for a couple of years now, and it's probably the best program I've found for digital inking. Coloring is an ordeal, and I would still recommend using Paint Tool SAI over Manga Studio at least for the coloring portion of a drawing if you're going all digital, but for black and white drawings, or even just for doing the lineart for a piece you color in Sai, Manga Studio is definitely my preferred way to go. The line quality I get out of Manga Studio is the best I've ever gotten out of a computer by a long shot, and the different special rulers like the Perspective Rulers, Parallel Lines rulers and Radial Curve rulers are a godsend when working on backgrounds and stuff.

Keep in mind that this is all assuming you use a tablet to draw with. I have no idea what people who draw with a mouse or who use vectors need out of their programs, so I won't presume to comment on that.
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