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42460 No. 42460
When you're commenting on someone's artwork, do not tell them "how dare you draw that, I drew something similar already".

There are so many artists out there that have drawn similar ideas, but that doesn't make them bad. Just look at how many Renaissance artists painted The Virgin Mary seated with angels around her, holding the newborn baby Jesus-- you could practically make a drinking game out of it. But everyone who draws something brings something different to it. Don't be discouraged if you see a similar idea "done better" than you think you could draw, either.
>> No. 42462
Who even does that?
>> No. 42463
Equip a weapon like the Killing Edge to a unit like the Swordmaster, or the Berserker. Try to max out the units skill stat, since this is the stat used in calculating crit %. High speed is also good, since it gives a unit more chances to crit, but skill is more important, so focus on that.
Using Nils with Thor's Ire is a good method if you are missing any of the above.
>> No. 42466
I drew an Adventure Time crossover fanart and put it on dA, and immediately a ton of comments were "I DID THAT ALREADY" or "I WAS GONNA DO THAT". But then again, it's dA.

I see what you did there, and I approve.
>> No. 42489
I see what you did there, but I didn't catch ONE reference. Not one.

I could suggest a Vorpal Keen scimitar+ Improved Critical, though. There are other combos to add, but I'm a bit rusty.
>> No. 42500
In all seriousness, though, there's a right and wrong way to critique.

There's art that people still try to point out anatomical problems on that I drew way back prior to even Freshman year of college in '09, and I'm a Senior now. I know the anatomy is bad on that drawing, that's why I've long since stopped drawing like that.
>> No. 42504
It's all Fire Emblem stuff.
>> No. 42511
Ah I see, thanks.
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