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File 134938469975.jpg - (29.59KB , 393x480 , 1348279528187.jpg )
42448 No. 42448
hello Drawfags can i get some help i have a character and i want some advise on how to develop him/it more
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>> No. 42468
File 135023771620.jpg - (37.77KB , 900x600 , introduction.jpg )
First time posting, or even being in this jungle of creativity.

I normally post on /b/ in draw threads and someone recommended coming over here. Please excuse the bad style, I draw with a mouse.
>> No. 42469
whoa dude what's with the quality of that image? what program are you using?

also what do you mean develop a character--make a better character design, flesh out the story, what?
>> No. 42471
OP here i need help with the look of my character and i dont have any story for it
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