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File 134541290724.jpg - (372.08KB , 1256x806 , Korrastickprogress1.jpg )
42359 No. 42359
Thought it'd be fun to post the progress of my Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3/Legend of Korra arcade stick.

For a long time I'd been rocking my Monster Buster Club stick:

I figured I was due for an upgrade, so I bought an Xbox 360 Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade Fightstick V.S. and a ChImpSMD mod to use it on the PS3/PC:

So anyway, I've currently been working on the artwork for the top of the stick, but at some point I'd like to do all sides, including the back. Big project, so I thought I'd post the progress as time goes by.

As far as the subjects, Korra is in a modified M.O.D.O.K costume, Lin Beifong is dressed as Magneto, and Asami is going to be held by or driving a Sentinel that is made to look more like a Sato type of robot.

I originally wanted to do Korra, Mako and Bolin, but these three fit the roles much better.

Oh well.
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>> No. 42364
Fascinating, although I must admit that really wouldn't have gotten the Korra as MODOK thing if you hadn't said so. I guess it's a matter of the character's gear not being all that recognizable. Still looks very cool so far regardless.
>> No. 42383
File 134637032451.jpg - (347.11KB , 1256x806 , Korrastickprogress3.jpg )
Slow going, but I'm about 2/3 of the way done with the inks. Now all that's left is the saddest Sentinel ever, and I can move onto coloring, shades and highlights.

Also, I think when the piece is colored, Korra's costume will be a lot more recognizable, especially since M.O.D.O.K. has a very distinguishable color scheme.
>> No. 42384
I like the drawings, but I think there are some odd occurrences with the hole placement that might through off the appeal of the drawing, namely screw hole in groin and button hole on boob and stomach. It might be hard to adjust, but I think an overlap like those could look a bit odd on the final product.
>> No. 42385
Some of the screw holes are possible to remove, namely the middle ones. On my last stick I removed both of the middle screws with no problems.

As far as the buttons, they'll be translucent, and they allow you to place the artwork inside.

In the end, very little artwork will go unseen.
>> No. 42386
Great! Obviously I did not realize that.
>> No. 42521
File 135261589031.jpg - (1.03MB , 1658x1064 , KStickFullC.jpg )
>> No. 42529

Damn, man, I always enjoy your stuff.
>> No. 42539
It's very good work.
Out of curiosity is there some significance to the kinds of drinks here that I'm too dumb to get, or are they just brands that you personally like?
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