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42334 No. 42334
How do you develop this? I've been drawing for five years now, but I still have no feel for perspective. I know to use references and stuff and do so liberally, but unless I am attempting to do a 1:1 copy (which, given that we are on a 'toon site, is rare as most of the drawings I desire to finish outside of practice are with very stylized cartoon proportions), it all goes out the window.

The only way I know is to lay out vanishing points and plot out lines to line stuff up, but the result is always stiff, forced, and only slightly useful if the drawing isn't some boring symmetrical pose. It seems like the only solution is just to "wing it" in each drawing, but... how? If I just freehand it and then go back and lay in VPs, I always find that my drawing was wrong.
>> No. 42339
It all starts with a horizon.
>> No. 42340

Also, Google Sketchup is a free, simple 3D construction package. You can build a scene and change the viewing angles to give you a better idea of where everything goes.
>> No. 42352
Thanks. Maybe I will draw some shapes from sketchup in various angles to get a better sense.
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