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40812 No. 40812
Hi guys. I made this drawing, and there are many things off, but I can't figure how to correct them. Could you give me some critique/advices, please? Thank you!
>> No. 40813
IANADF, but to my untrained eye...

It doesn't look like you constructed the room. A lot of the problems (Moran, LeStrade & the unnamed detective's relative sizes; LeStrade's feet not being attached to the floor; Crown Prince Franz Drago's body not seeming to lie at the correct angle; the corner of the room plainly not being a right angle; the mantle being far too small to fit the description of the story) stem from this.

Look at some references of men in suits to get an idea of what a suit actually looks like on a man.

Work on your anatomy. Learn to draw nekkid men before you try to draw them with clothes on. You don't have to spend a lo of time on the junk if you don't want to.
>> No. 40814
The room does look a bit odd and the feet of the two men look rather odd in relation to how the floor looks, but otherwise it looks fine
>> No. 40815
I see. I actually tried drawing them naked, and then putting the suits, but I guess it didn't work. I'll try making it again.

I'll work on perspective, then.

Thanks for the advice!
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