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File 13201883362.jpg - (49.34KB , 341x470 , photoprintkiosk.jpg )
40779 No. 40779
Anyone used one of those photo print kiosks to make prints of their own (non-photo) artwork?

Got a comic convention coming up, and I'm thinking of maybe running some pictures off on one of those machines, as a little extra something to sell/give away. Good idea/bad idea? Have you seen anyone else doing this? Would you buy artwork presented this way? Do they look good, or does it seem a bit cheap and tacky?

I'm all about the selling of Comics at a Comic Convention, but it seems most people are running sidelines in badges/prints/handicrafts/etc.
>> No. 40780
I've used such a device before to do just that, made some post cards out of a few pieces of mine. They will sometimes skew proportion a smidge, though. Not all photo kiosks are priced the same, either. Prices tend to ramp up quickly the larger the print is, as well.
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