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File 131901673410.jpg - (50.49KB , 744x1023 , girlandcat (1).jpg )
40712 No. 40712
Hey /draw/, new kid here.

Pencil drawings for a comic idea I'm working out, further bulletins as events warrant I guess.
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>> No. 40725
They look like quite the adventuring duo.
>> No. 40726
My OCD goes off when I see the tail...
Something about spine alignment but eh.
Nicely done.
>> No. 40727
File 131908832613.jpg - (57.09KB , 1024x843 , ImageMnerisse.jpg )
Story time: Cecille is a part of a powerful magic-using race called the Mnerisse, humans who've been given the witch's blessing by an elder Mnerisse and gain incredible powers that over time that will rival those of gods. Their form is basically human with the exception of ram-like horns that grow from the temples, this makes it difficult to fit in among the overall populace undetected. As the Mnerisse mature so do their horns which don't appear until typically 5 years after their blessing, in addition they start to lose their eyesight within the first year (hence the eyepatch), once blind they are able to truly gain ultimate sight, their sensory surpasses that of any human. The power of each Mnerisse varies, their talents are not attributed to any certain schools of magic like humans, each individual has their strengths and weakness and some can be as powerful as to be unkilled by any mortal. Mnerisse share a common ground in having the ablility to bestow magic power to another , they can even give animals the ability to reason thus making them their familiars, cats are a very common but excellent choice.
>> No. 40730
File 131914002462.jpg - (76.96KB , 900x739 , Image (3).jpg )
bored at volunteer work today
>> No. 40798
File 132033025368.jpg - (69.29KB , 568x1100 , Image (6).jpg )
somethin quick
>> No. 40855

Future sailors,
We're future sailors
>> No. 40857
Dude/dudette, these are great. Nice quirky steampunk thing you've got going on. I'd like to see more, actually.
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