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File 131813405540.png - (12.72KB , 700x300 , Lennon and Dylan.png )
40681 No. 40681
Guys guys these boards are full of COMPLETE SHIT. (Or, as the kids are calling fecal matter nowadays, dookie, god slang is getting stupider by the year.) Time to show you how a PIZZA DELIVERY MAN DOES IT, or at least the non-porno type of pizza delivery guy, this thread is completely dick proof.

Speaking of dicks, there is a corner store across the street from my high school called Dixie's dairies, and whenever I think of the name, I want to vomit, because it sounds like a sexual term, although I might just be a giant pervert with an even bigger gutter to lay my mind in.

Don't get me wrong, the store is pretty cool, the prices are cheap, the owner is nice and the pizzeria attached to it serves delicious pizza, and as was previously mentioned, it is dirt cheap. Unfortunately, they don't serve spinach pizza, which is my favourite type of pizza, but then again, I shouldn't really expect them to have anything besides pepperoni, cheese or potentially Hawaiian, which it seems make up the only flavours which small pizza places serve. But hey, at least they have some bacon in there somewhere, which is basically the best breakfast food ever, nothing like a plate of bacon and eggs in the morning man!

What is your favourite type of pizza guys? Mine is, as previously mentioned spinach, which is a somewhat hard to find flavour, but tasty as shit.

Oh yeah also there is a comic here or something I guess.
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>> No. 40682
File 131813423843.png - (31.63KB , 800x500 , lennon and dylan 002.png )
Steve is totally not Trogdor covered with a quickly drawn rainbow guys.

Totally. :v
>> No. 40687
Dear Potted Fritos,
It is always nice to see a new comic, but you need to work on this one more. They veer too steeply into the "LOLRANDOM" side of the humor spectrum, and you don't seem to care much about aesthetics.
Perhaps the long, non sequitur laden rant in your first image offers some perspective into your problem, and more importantly offers a solution. The very nature of the text has led me to believe that you know that your comics aren't very good, and so you try to make up for your short-comings with an increase in the quantity of nonsense you put out. In other words, your message is an excuse. You are saying, "hey guys, I can write a lot of stuff, so the short comic I have included (or something I guess, lol!) is obviously so poorly thought out and executed because of some conscious decision on my part, not because I can't ramble on about pizza for a few paragraphs.
The solution to this lack of quality is to put the energy spent writing silly excuses towards more admirable goals, like improving the jokes in your comics, improving the art in your comics (after all, this is the Drawfaggotry board, where, contrary to one of your statements, most things actually aren't "COMPLETE SHIT.") Do at least one of these things.
A few more words of advice.
1. Don't fall prey to the temptations of hyperbole; your comics are far from the best.
2. Don't insult your audience, even if you are joking; you don't know us that well, try to make a good first impression.
3. Don't mention that you're in high school. It's irrelevant, and everybody has probably figured it out already.
4. Dixie's Dairies is small time. I live within driving distance of a Cream King.
5. Don't steal Trogdor. That's just tacky.
Thank you.
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