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40279 No. 40279
So how many people here are going to take a media course this year (Animation, painting, drawing, digital, ect.)?
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>> No. 40283
I finished my major last semester, so this is my first semester going without any courses. I wish my campus had more modern media classes, like animation or a more in depth digital arts class.
>> No. 40285
File 131469201386.jpg - (16.57KB , 470x314 , Putinthemintheirplace.jpg )
I just got enrolled in a 5 year plan at a local art school, 2 semester years.
Will hopefully have some sort of degree or at least some qualification by the end.

That's saying IF I get through Intro without murdering all the teachers.
An entire semester talking about art instead of doing it.
Just sit me in the corner, geez.

Your school rural or just not interested in Arts?
>> No. 40298
Haven´t seen you around here, thats a sweet style you have there OP.
>> No. 40308
I was taking classes until the school decided that they didn't want to accept my FAFSA and then they kicked me out.
AI is the worst school. Ever.
>> No. 40309
No... I have my masters already and never once took any art courses. I wish I had, but I'm too old now and don't have the time. Plus I suck at drawing in general, despite my best efforts...

>> No. 40313

I'm just assuming "not interested in arts." My city's growing pretty quick, but it's still not all that much of an art scene at all. We have some pretty good exposure on occasion, we had an artist from Sweden named John Rasimus come and have a show here just as a highlight I can think of, but all in all, it's not very competitive.

I'm planning on enrolling in a special grad-school program for architecture once I graduate this Summer, but the idea of the thing only appeals to me drawing buildings for comics. I have no clue what an architect does or if I'll be able to make time for art I wanna do on the side or not. Kinda scary, really.
>> No. 40350
Shit, that sucks, bro.
Pretty sure ArchT is basically the planning stage from Shop turned into a class.
Not sure.

My initials plans were to go to Portland for art classes, is it actually as good as it's made out to be?
>> No. 40462
>:U That's TheBrian's art. You stole TheBrian's art! You jerk!
>> No. 40465
I hear that Portland is great to live in as an artist, except that finding a job, (not just a job as an artist, any job) is next to impossible because so many artists are there having to work day jobs as baristas and stuff.
>> No. 40481
AI is a scam-school. Ive never known anyone who attended it and didnt have a miserable time that left them in crushing debt.
>> No. 42576
File 135399252343.jpg - (70.00KB , 500x733 , tumblr_mcr6npb3AA1rjgs2wo1_500.jpg )

This. Also:
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