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File 128568821857.png - (2.02MB , 1000x4826 , Fellas_TFutorial_by_alexds1.png )
36285 No. 36285
I just decide to created a tutorial thread. If the tutorial is too big to fit hear, just post a link to wear we kind find the tutorial. Happy posting!
Expand all images
>> No. 36286
File 128568854659.png - (2.03MB , 1000x4826 , Ladies_Tutorial_by_alexds1.png )
Another tutorial. Enjoy!
>> No. 36443
File 128658924198.jpg - (1.14MB , 2214x1591 , Tutorial__Proportionate_Arms_by_fyuvix.jpg )
>> No. 36444
Too huge to actually post here: http://sugarsugarhyperlolly.deviantart.com/art/Super-Sugar-Clothing-Tutorial-54742341
>> No. 36445
File 12865896659.jpg - (667.56KB , 850x3934 , Mon_4__Foreshortening_Basics_by_genekelly.jpg )
>> No. 36466
File 128660661850.jpg - (1.30MB , 700x5000 , 1274579344652.jpg )
>> No. 36467
File 128660666925.jpg - (1.00MB , 700x4000 , 1274580045093.jpg )
>> No. 36468
File 128660669243.jpg - (498.13KB , 1600x1215 , 1274579962795.jpg )
>> No. 36546
File 128674148465.jpg - (1.61MB , 5000x1500 , 128432951397.jpg )
>foreshortening tutorial

Ahhhh yes I need this!

Okay let me look through what I have saved
>> No. 36547
File 128674153487.jpg - (744.50KB , 2000x3040 , 1236907346305.jpg )
I need to look at this one more.
>> No. 36549
File 128674156360.jpg - (790.07KB , 2000x3100 , 1236907452538.jpg )
>> No. 36557
File 128674261567.jpg - (222.91KB , 700x1000 , cs1.jpg )
More Squid
>> No. 36558
File 12867426318.jpg - (263.42KB , 700x1000 , cs2.jpg )
>> No. 36559
Anyone found something like this for a hand-painted watercolor-like effect?
>> No. 36560
File 128674281481.jpg - (260.26KB , 700x1000 , CS4.jpg )

Seconding this request if it is found. When it comes to digital painting I don't know what the fuck so all help is good help!
>> No. 36561
File 128674284124.jpg - (652.79KB , 1603x2713 , guide.jpg )
>> No. 36697
ooh grazie, these will be so helpful

maybe one day I will be an awesome artist like all the folks on here!
>> No. 36710
where can you get those brushes?
>> No. 36818
File 12874156775.jpg - (191.17KB , 833x1024 , disney-tutorial.jpg )
This was on the old board. Is it from a book or something?
>> No. 36821

>> No. 36824
File 128746037920.jpg - (911.07KB , 700x2028 , __VA_a_little_chat___by_porkbun.jpg )
Thank you.

I don't know if this counts as a proper tutorial but it was a little helpful to me.
>> No. 36859
File 12876690389.jpg - (130.51KB , 816x1648 , 3_Easy_Steps_to_Draw_a_Wing.jpg )
I distinctly remember trying to make this thread and hoping it became a sticky on the old board, glad to see someone managed to get it to happen.

ANYWHOOOOOOOO Here's what I've got, hope it Bossa nova for you fellows.
>> No. 36860
File 128766917745.jpg - (1.63MB , 2400x3537 , 1253705570686.jpg )
Must be from the same book
>> No. 36861
File 128766924915.jpg - (2.03MB , 923x3615 , Tutorial__How_to_draw_hair_by_Cataclysm_X.jpg )
>> No. 36862
File 128766927648.jpg - (573.44KB , 595x6076 , tutorial_hair.jpg )
>> No. 36863
File 128766935242.jpg - (317.65KB , 1856x1534 , 1254994474740.jpg )
>> No. 36864
File 128766938362.jpg - (231.95KB , 1400x461 , 1254995248190.jpg )
>> No. 36865
File 128766944933.gif - (115.36KB , 623x823 , 1275339033054.gif )
>> No. 36866
File 12876694935.jpg - (255.23KB , 992x1517 , 125789107945.jpg )
>> No. 36867
File 128766957354.jpg - (468.64KB , 626x2786 , CJ_s_Clouds_Tutorial_by_transfuse.jpg )
>> No. 36868
File 128766958593.jpg - (771.71KB , 600x3128 , Color_the_Alexds1_way_by_alexds1.jpg )
>> No. 36869
File 128766987146.jpg - (101.17KB , 800x683 , Eiffel__s_Messy_Zap_Tutorial_by_EiffelArt.jpg )
>> No. 36870
File 128766988168.jpg - (280.51KB , 461x2768 , Eiffel__s_Sucky_Fire_Tutorial_by_EiffelArt.jpg )
>> No. 36871
File 128766996653.jpg - (0.99MB , 683x3500 , Lineless_Tutorial_by_B1nd1.jpg )
>> No. 36872
File 128766998884.jpg - (178.92KB , 558x600 , Teaching_something--yeah_by_kamicheetah.jpg )
>> No. 36873
File 128767005881.jpg - (211.95KB , 644x3675 , horse_tutorial_by_makani.jpg )
I dunno about you guys, but I've always had problems drawing animals.

... and cars for some reason.
>> No. 36920
This is way above my head, but maybe someone here could take something from it.
>> No. 36923
File 128789674992.jpg - (374.16KB , 1000x1500 , 125739489366.jpg )

any chance you got the rest of that?
>> No. 37045
File 128838215558.png - (483.00KB , 1200x3600 , construction_notes_0173381.png )
This one's probably not as helpful as the others (it seems to focus on a personal style), but I thought it was interesting this artist used straight lines/boxes even when drawing round faces.

No idea why the text is blurred out.
>> No. 37054
Wish it wasn't blurred out, I really kinda like that style. Huh.
>> No. 37072
It looks like Simon's work.
>> No. 37077

It is. There was another one that's only about drawing Frankie Foster's face. I can post it if you want. The writing's still blurred, though.
>> No. 37088
please do
>> No. 37090
File 12884971212.png - (338.14KB , 1200x2700 , frankie_faces_179446.png )

Here you go.

Looking at this makes me wish Foster's Home was animated traditionally.
>> No. 37092
Thanks! it is a shame the text is blurred. be sure to share anymore you find ok?
>> No. 37166
File 128871545041.jpg - (186.52KB , 600x918 , WIZARD_Basic_Training_1_by_AdamWarren.jpg )
>> No. 37167
File 12887155031.jpg - (189.34KB , 600x890 , WIZARD_Basic_Training_2_by_AdamWarren.jpg )
>> No. 37168
File 128871551896.jpg - (190.02KB , 600x867 , WIZARD_Basic_Training_3_by_AdamWarren.jpg )
>> No. 37169
File 128871553532.jpg - (202.83KB , 600x879 , WIZARD_Basic_Training_4_by_AdamWarren.jpg )
>> No. 37170
File 128871555554.jpg - (193.22KB , 600x879 , WIZARD_Basic_Training_5_by_AdamWarren.jpg )
I'm helping!
>> No. 37249

I wish the font wasn't so goddamn small. Thanks anyways.
>> No. 37291
File 128935899542.jpg - (1.67MB , 970x4122 , tutorial_part_one_by_pseudoerotichandbag-d2yc5e7.jpg )
>> No. 37293
You've probably all seen this already but if not, here it is.

>> No. 37306
best tutorial ever... thankyou i needed that.
>> No. 37310
Here's loads of tutorials too.

>> No. 37327
Got problem with dem hands? Here's some great resources for training:
>> No. 37571
File 12907839596.jpg - (242.24KB , 800x1267 , jojos-bizarre-adventure-steel-ball-run-1537110.jpg )
I think this is one of the best tutorials on speedlines and pre-paneling(showing how many panels before taking an action so the reader can anticipate and crystal clearly see what is going to happen, and gives the reader a belief that the oponent can see the action aswell and do a counterattack or take any other action)
That said, adding that using to many lines can also be a problem, though he might state so in the text, its to small to read. Anothe interesting thing is that you can hide some of the speedlines in the background.
>> No. 37572
File 129078411991.jpg - (233.20KB , 800x1262 , jojos-bizarre-adventure-steel-ball-run-1537112.jpg )
Another example of hiding speedlines BEHIND and not letting the speedlines OBSCURE THE CHARACTERS.

Warren got another interesting point, I would love to debate him on various things which one looks best, you can probably do a survey to check which one is the most aesthethics pleasing. Its a bit sad he does not have much fighting in my opinion in the empowered books, does he have fighting in his other books that we can LEARN from?
>> No. 37821
File 129173540113.jpg - (10.01KB , 286x176 , heresma2cents.jpg )
A note on tutorials:
While they serve as a general guideline, it all depends on your own personal style. If you're into "fine arts", these tutorials are worthless and you're better off with a book on human anatomy. On the other hand, if you're going for a stylized, animated, streamlined style like Bruce Timm, Steven E. Gordon or Shane Glines, thoroughly examining something like the transversus thoracis will be of little use. Likewise, if you intend to (as I conclude from the posts in this thread) draw T&A or the gay, learning to draw eleborate backgrounds will be equally of little use.
>> No. 37841
>learning to draw eleborate backgrounds will be equally of little use.
This is wrong. Nothing makes good T&A or good the gay look more amateurish and mood-breaking than a blank or cop-out background. When what you're working on is about invoking a particular mood, a good setting is vital.

It's even more vital if you're doing T&A or the gay comics.
>> No. 37845
Since we're in a lull I thought I'd just ask here: what's a good practice regimen? Draw X pages a day is really vague.
>> No. 37852
The best practice regimen is to have drawing be pretty much your only leisure activity. You can take breaks from time to time, but basically if you're at home and don't have anything else scheduled, you should be drawing.
>> No. 37858
What the hell is t&a and the gay?
>> No. 37860
T&A = "Tits and Ass." In other words, cheesecake. "The Gay" is....well observe: >>/op/13472
>> No. 37966
How do you avoid burning out?
>> No. 37972
By sticking to this training regimen because you enjoy it, rather than because you're forcing yourself. Then you can take a break whenever you feel like it, because you're going to want to come back from that break as soon as possible.
>> No. 37994
I guess I don't want this enough.
>> No. 38136
File 129369986067.jpg - (655.37KB , 800x1840 , __tutorial__blending_colors___by_LeniR.jpg )
>> No. 38137
File 12937001691.jpg - (738.45KB , 1000x3491 , _basics_painting_and_blending_by_dypsomaniart.jpg )
>> No. 38138
File 129370032347.jpg - (232.51KB , 759x1024 , 1260698843891.jpg )
>> No. 38191

Gotta say that's really defeatist.

Thing is, not everybody can *really* get into the training regiment and find it enjoyable right off the bat, it's just not something everybody can do.

My best advice? Set aside time specifically for drawing. Around 15 minutes a day to start. Set an alarm for it, if you have to. Put off other stuff like video games or surfing the web 'till after. Think of it as a reward for what you did. Eventually, you'll start drawing longer just out of habit, or getting lost in what you're doing. Even if you don't, specifically setting time aside will be more productive than just drawing when you feel like it, which may be never if you allow yourself to get stuck F5-ing plus4chan or something.

Trust me, it's something I do to myself and I get nothing done.

I think that works better than just saying "Draw! You're tired of drawing? Draw more, and like it!" when asking what you do when you get in a slump. It makes you work when you're up for it and when you're less productive.
>> No. 38197
Psh, yes you do. You just got scared by people talking with seemingly objective statements and nobody disagreeing with them at all, leaving you to believe it's YOU CAN DRAW AND ONLY DRAW THAT'S IT.
Do what the poster above me said, and yes, you can still enjoy other things in life besides drawing.
(i didn't want to leave my precious vidya either)

Hopefully you haven't given up and joined the football team or something!
>> No. 38198
Oops, too late.

Nah, it's not that, mostly. I can't look at this like I'm not competing against others. Every time I see someone else's work it's like I have to imagine what they put into it and how far ahead they are. It's like why bother? But yeah, that's just rolling in self pity.
>> No. 38216
Turn that attitude around. See things as a challenge for self-improvement.

Take that "they're better than me!" and change it to "how can I be as good as them?"

Since I'm still derping around in Photoshop, I'm always interested whenever I see a particular brush or texture or effect has been used - it makes me want to find out how they did that. In fact, I really ought to start asking "what brush did you use?" more often.

Would anyone be interested in discussing their techniques?
>> No. 38263
If you are top of the drawing world, you cant really rule over another person as the skills and proffesion of the entire world spends alot more then drawing. It also clear to say that its irellevant since its not an online or real life contest someone portrayed nor do you need to prove yourself to anyone with your art, that would be insane.

Try the tutorials for 8 months, and if you fail, then you fail and try again.

Remember, they started aswell, and not everyone had the same amount of time to learn it.


Because they are humans. and humans arent build the exact same way in right and left brain, and their LEARNING ability in learning different skills is different. a talented artist is good at learning fast quickly through their brain but not good cooking food ,even though its creative aswell in some parts.

They still become chefs, because while they are talented, they arent interested in it,so they still become illustrators.
>> No. 38273
File 129501677597.jpg - (2.40MB , 940x7198 , IFX___Strike_A_Pose.jpg )
>> No. 38316
File 129536595432.jpg - (1.71MB , 1200x4870 , 1295341707.jpg )
>> No. 38341
File 129554506594.jpg - (163.51KB , 850x1169 , 1277872553206.jpg )
so how about more?
>> No. 38421
Estoe... estoe...

>> No. 38511
File 129604309767.jpg - (34.17KB , 406x267 , 1287009763394.jpg )
Here's a pretty cool guide.
>> No. 38689
are there any good oil paint tutorials?
>> No. 38698

How can someone draw so well and still get it so wrong? It almost seems like the example comic, even if it's exaggerated to be able to show everything in one example is kind of racist, like manga is some sort of super goofy bullshit with unnecessary crap all around and makes no sense whatsoever.

OR maybe it's because he's making cartoon noses. Could really go both ways.
>> No. 38701
I need a good guide on how to construct poses without references.
>> No. 38704
Then a good browse through some of these pics'll help.
>> No. 38854
You construct poses by imagining what the character is doing, instead of trying to imagine how the pose itself is constructed.

However, if you are unable to draw the human figure from many different angles, it will be tricky to create poses from imagination. You should copy other drawings as outlined here, to get better at figure drawing:

Here is a website with a bunch of photos you can study. It's like Posemaniacs but with photos of real people. (Disclaimer: this is my own website)
>> No. 38859
I'm digging this site, LC. I had actually put together a "Drawing Fundamentals" deck in Anki to try and accomplish something similar, but finding pictures was irritating.
>> No. 38893
File 129947923563.jpg - (612.24KB , 1620x1000 , 12274355.jpg )
>> No. 38935
Does anybody have any good references or tutorials on drawing kids?

I don't care if it's for reference, Google-searching "6 year old girl" makes me feel like a creep.
>> No. 38943
Go on stock photo sites and embrace the creep. You're not using the pictures for nefarious purposes, and finding pictures of clothed children is not illegal. Art often means having to do things that non-artists would either not want to do or might not like you doing.

If you know of any television shows with children of the correct age on them, you can also look for streams or screenshots of those instead.
>> No. 38944

Yeah, I ended up having to and found a few decent pictures from Google and DeviantArt, but I still ran into problems with drawing them, and the occasional uncomfortable image from when somebody made headlines for molesting a kid.

And that one time an art magazine in Australia features a nude six year old in a photo and it caused a huge fuss.
>> No. 39019

I'm sure you could find some paediatric textbooks somewhere. But what I've always done is just draw them similar to an adult except proportioned differently. This came out of nothing but experimentation measuring pictures and frank laziness. I don't draw very often and I don't care that much about precision beyond a couple years apparant age either way.

Really, there SHOULD be a tutorial somewhere on proportions of the human body throughout life. I wouldn't know where to find it, though someone's probably made one.
>> No. 39025
It's not a tutorial exactly, but I think Loomis has a chart of proportions at different ages in one of his books.
>> No. 39033
File 13013425533.jpg - (178.67KB , 746x814 , proportions by age.jpg )
Stumbled on this while browsing through /co/.
>> No. 39069

Yeah, I have the PDF of that one. It doesn't have one for girls/women, though. Luckily, I have charts for both in "The Atlas of Human Anatomy" by Gregory Rogers Peck.
>> No. 39071
Is that a PDF, too? If so, could you export/copy the charts and post them?
>> No. 39078
Actually, scratch that. Found this on the Blogosphere. Whole blog is actually pretty keen, but this is the entry that's apropos:
>> No. 39082
For six year olds? There isn't really a difference if it's he or she. Identifiable gender characteristics come later.
>> No. 39096

Why are the teenagers shorter than the adults in these? Most I've seen have been taller than their parents. Or is it just because it's the "ideal"?
>> No. 39103
16 year old girls are probably just about as tall as they're ever going to be, but some men continue growing until about 20 years old. But yeah, despite how they appear in fiction (even live action fiction, since casting directors prefer to cast shorter twentysomethings as teenagers over taller real teenagers), most older teenagers should be as tall or taller than their parents.

Obviously everything's going to vary a little from individual to individual.
>> No. 39109
This is the dumbest comment I've ever seen

It's the same person but at a younger age. Ask yourself this. Were you taller than yourself as a teenager? Or maybe you assume adults shrink to a height shorter than teenagers.

Either way you are an idiot.
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