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File 128568821857.png - (2.02MB , 1000x4826 , Fellas_TFutorial_by_alexds1.png )
36285 No. 36285
I just decide to created a tutorial thread. If the tutorial is too big to fit hear, just post a link to wear we kind find the tutorial. Happy posting!
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>> No. 42882
File 13641829935.png - (16.09KB , 507x525 , i dont believe it.png )
The blur tool is fucking awful. Do not use the blur tool. Why would you do that. Why would you think that it is a good idea, like, at all.

Many professional artists use aliased lines for their linework, or scan inked drawings in B&W because it makes it easy to fill in areas and colour them. However there is no "trick" to getting smooth anti-alias lines from binary and no work involved. You just have to work big and size it down. Photoshop will automatically do this for you. You have to actively select another type of resampling in the Image Size menu for it to keep the hard edges.
>> No. 43145
File 136755157493.jpg - (450.71KB , 1280x586 , 135461740515.jpg )
>> No. 43146
File 136755161855.jpg - (707.85KB , 1280x586 , 135461746681.jpg )
i forget about this board sometimes
>> No. 43147
File 13675516677.jpg - (644.20KB , 1280x586 , 135461750224.jpg )
>> No. 43148
File 136755169347.jpg - (778.05KB , 1125x750 , 13546175661.jpg )
>> No. 43149
File 136755179060.jpg - (638.34KB , 1125x750 , 135461760854.jpg )
>> No. 43150
File 136755186712.jpg - (723.67KB , 1125x750 , 135461767434.jpg )
>> No. 43151
File 136755195323.jpg - (601.54KB , 1125x750 , 135461772373.jpg )
>> No. 43152
File 13675520908.jpg - (226.34KB , 587x800 , Anime Eyes.jpg )
>> No. 43153
File 136755238072.jpg - (302.30KB , 1016x1280 , 1356056564444.jpg )
>> No. 43154
File 136755301894.png - (361.83KB , 934x1278 , over_the_shoulder_tutorial_by_dersketchie-d5vos03.png )
>> No. 43195
do you by any chance have a source on this one?
>> No. 43210

Google says this: http://characterdesignnotes.blogspot.com/2011/02/hand-reference-part-four.html
>> No. 43235
File 136997249371.jpg - (1.17MB , 1220x2785 , 1369691206121.jpg )
>> No. 43248
>draw a line
>draw the joconda over that line
>You can now draw! it's true because look at all my good shit!
>> No. 43250
wtf is a jaconda?
>> No. 43265
La Joconde is the French name for the Mona Lisa.
>> No. 43267

That makes anon come off as a total ass, then, because it wasn't about a step-by-step "this is how you make a masterpiece" it's just some stuff about pose dynamics. I think the tutorial does what it's after.
>> No. 43268

Ooooh Neat.
>> No. 43273
Much like the "Gioconda" in Italian.
Its just a francosized version of such.
>> No. 43338
Looking for guides on how to do character design.

I always thought relatable, sorta normal-looking characters were the best. One of my teachers loved my designs, but another hated them and said I could never design anything interesting. I don't know if it's subjective, or if there's something I'm doing wrong.
>> No. 43341
File 137500584184.jpg - (376.44KB , 1440x900 , russell_dug_carl_fredricksen_in_pixars_up-wide.jpg )
some things i remember seeing:

A lot of it is subjective. That guy might just hate your style more than the designs themselves so nothing you do would make him think otherwise. Or he might be right, but I think that's something you should really talk to him about. It's good to know specifics about what critics dislike rather than just accepting that haters are gonna hate so that you can work on getting better at those weak points, even if you think the actual advice they give you is junk. "Boring" is a pretty harsh thing to say re: art I think, like, even if they violently hated it it means they had a reaction, but if they're just bored they're not feeling anything towards it at all and that's bad.

You might be picking a fairly narrow range of facial features and body types for your characters that they all kind of blend together after a while. You might be giving them the same kind of silhouette and body language and expressions. You might be giving them the same type of nondescript clothing that doesn't say much about who they are as a person, only that they are Average McEverydude; fashion is an important but often overlooked part of character design, which isn't to say all characters ought to be fashionable, just that people wear clothes to send a message about who they are to the rest of the world even if their tastes are bad, out of date or overly, horribly generic. Or you might just have a bad habit of doing low contrast values or uninteresting lines/blocks of colour that don't lead the eye to focal points. Straight vertical and horizontal lines are usually bad--if you are doing something like a pinstripe suit it is usually recommended that you curve the lines with the cut of the pants/jacket even though they are technically straight lines. On that note, you might not be using patterns and textures to their fullest, which can really make or break a character design, so know your fabrics.

Of course I don't know what your work looks like (you could post some examples I guess, but idk maybe you should make a thread if you are going to do that) but those are some common errors that tend to make for boring designs. I don't really know what you mean by "normal" and "relatable" though and you seem to think of them as the same sort of thing, so like, I think that might be the issue here, your definition of what's normal and all the stuff that falls short despite being normal in real life. These characters in UP for instance, they're very stylised designs, but they're highly relatable because you've seen real people who look like this in every day life, and that in itself makes them interesting. (They would also continue to be just as interesting if they were drawn realistically.) At the same time fictional characters who look like them are anything but common because, for whatever reason, they aren't coded as "normal." You are missing out on a big chunk of neat designs if you stick to what you consider to be normal.

P.S. the other thing is that makes these good character designs is their clothing, they're a good example of why fashion is important. You know exactly what kind of a kid Russel is by the things he carries with him and how he wears his uniform. None of the characters' costumes in the movie are out of the ordinary, but they still seem unique and interesting because of the detail work and personalization.

hope this helps
>> No. 43342
Thank you. I trust Valve and Pixar more than anything as inspirations on iconic design, so I'll keep all of that in mind.

My art thread is right below that one (I namefagged all of my drawings with 'medacris'), so if you'd like to take a look, feel free to do so.
>> No. 43345
Not sure if this is reference but...

Does anyone have a link to a website that basically is for speed sketching practice. I remember one that had a black background with a picture of a model in a pose and it showed a timer at the bottom for like 30 seconds. You would have 30 seconds to draw as much as the model as you could until it went to the next picture.

It was a fantastic way for me to get the hang of drawing people and gestures and I lost the link....Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
>> No. 43346
Further up the thread there's lovecastle's site, but it seems to be down.

This is the only other one I know of, so if anyone knows any others, that'd be great.
>> No. 43468
File 137929732961.jpg - (129.65KB , 611x842 , 1294520138_fisk_jn-rest01_u18chan.jpg )
>> No. 43469
File 137929793524.jpg - (173.74KB , 613x842 , 1294520172_fisk_jn-rest02_u18chan.jpg )
>> No. 43470
File 137929799586.jpg - (182.75KB , 613x842 , 1294520215_fisk_jn-rest03_u18chan.jpg )
>> No. 43471
File 13792980879.jpg - (190.00KB , 613x842 , 1294520254_fisk_jn-rest04_u18chan.jpg )
>> No. 43472
File 137929815666.jpg - (187.47KB , 613x842 , 1294520306_fisk_jn-rest05_u18chan.jpg )
>> No. 43473
File 137929817919.jpg - (192.69KB , 613x842 , 1294520357_fisk_jn-rest06_u18chan.jpg )
>> No. 43474
File 137929856143.jpg - (191.14KB , 613x842 , 1294520404_fisk_jn-rest07_u18chan.jpg )
>> No. 43626
>"it's a self-reference not a tutorial"
>blurred text
>posted it online anyway
I can feel the smug sense of superiority from here.
>> No. 43709
File 139000187731.jpg - (76.07KB , 801x632 , howto1.jpg )
>> No. 43710
File 139000192561.jpg - (44.70KB , 585x408 , howto2.jpg )
>> No. 43711
this guy has no idea how to draw boobs
>> No. 43714
>> No. 43747
File 139084643484.jpg - (68.34KB , 476x560 , tumblr_mora8f4rMv1r26fkoo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 43748
File 139084654360.jpg - (44.31KB , 476x560 , tumblr_mora8f4rMv1r26fkoo2_500.jpg )
>> No. 43749
File 139084660850.jpg - (65.84KB , 476x560 , tumblr_mora8f4rMv1r26fkoo3_500.jpg )
>> No. 43750
File 139084668469.jpg - (47.66KB , 476x560 , tumblr_mora8f4rMv1r26fkoo4_500.jpg )
>> No. 43751
File 139084675135.jpg - (42.54KB , 476x560 , tumblr_mora8f4rMv1r26fkoo5_500.jpg )
>> No. 43752
File 139084684220.jpg - (49.81KB , 476x560 , tumblr_mora8f4rMv1r26fkoo6_500.jpg )
>> No. 43753
File 139084689565.jpg - (44.66KB , 476x560 , tumblr_mora8f4rMv1r26fkoo7_500.jpg )
>> No. 43754
File 139084695672.jpg - (42.00KB , 476x560 , tumblr_mora8f4rMv1r26fkoo8_500.jpg )
>> No. 43783
File 139259702669.jpg - (205.53KB , 968x1280 , 1281062790_ebonyleopard_ericadraw.jpg )
>> No. 43784
File 139259716591.jpg - (177.93KB , 950x1280 , 1281107608_ebonyleopard_articadraw.jpg )
>> No. 43785
File 139259739371.jpg - (107.55KB , 600x800 , 1242906009_ebonyleopard_htdf_page_11.jpg )
>> No. 43786
File 139259756386.jpg - (99.43KB , 928x1200 , 1281068263_ebonyleopard_feline_head_studies.jpg )
>> No. 43847
This isn't the right thread for this, but it's hopefully the first thing everyone sees so everyone needs to go the /baw/, follow the link, and test something out. Especially if they can draw.
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