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File 128558835370.png - (93.00KB , 400x384 , TEETHANDfunallowed.png )
36266 No. 36266
Don't know if/when Anonex or any of the other mods will make a official drawfag sticky. So I'll make this drawfag thread until they do.

These two things go here:
- /co/ drawfag art
- drawfag requests

Remember to check out the Archived /draw/ Board to see about past requests and art.
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>> No. 41539
Oleg and Kinzie from Saint's Row The Third, drawn as a Heavy and a female Medic, respectively.
>> No. 41762
File 133542471051.png - (33.24KB , 764x891 , FUCK YOU DAVID.png )
You ruined Christmas and SHIT on Bob Sagat. Good day.
>> No. 41895
File 133627979476.jpg - (17.48KB , 250x191 , Streetsharks.jpg )
Genderswapped version of the Street Sharks!!!
>> No. 41932
File 133661976868.jpg - (358.30KB , 500x625 , tumblr_m3rwtoT4EZ1qc6zhvo1_500.jpg )
Can I get some Rule34 of these two? They're a meme OTP off of tumblr, Other girl and Normal girl.
>> No. 41933
Hello drawfags I would like to request a picture of a ginger cow carrying some chocolate milk. It should be implied that the milk and cow are friendly.

It is for personal reasons and would be much appreciated.
>> No. 42089
A furry version of Dr. Who bro fisting a furry version of Naruto please.
>> No. 42124
File 134094526461.png - (288.39KB , 445x585 , special.png )
Just a warm up practise in msp but here you go.
>> No. 42202
File 134114528426.jpg - (41.21KB , 640x480 , alladin_Mirage-Torso01.jpg )
could someone consider drawing Mirage with a snake themed strapon?

preferably gold so it'd fit to her other "jewelry".
>> No. 42209
Any artwork of the characters of hero: 108.
you'll find what you need in the Subcategories.
>> No. 42281
File 134363557114.png - (2.06MB , 1000x1600 , Collage.png )
A rule 34 of this character would be awesome. So little of her exists and it's a bit frustrating. Thanks.
>> No. 42282
File 13436647646.jpg - (28.41KB , 600x458 , 03.jpg )
I have a bit of an unorthodox request.

Could I get a dragon head based on this mask?
>> No. 42310
File 134429593130.jpg - (71.13KB , 502x757 , Brocolette.jpg )
A request from /co/ of /Co/lette not wanting to eat broccoli.
>> No. 42341
File 134505028329.jpg - (46.47KB , 320x346 , 158.jpg )
Hey guys!
I want to show you some stuff people did for me
>> No. 42342
File 134505038831.png - (791.56KB , 1152x1024 , 1344894822960.png )
This was from a guy that I don't remember but he fucked up the color pretty bad, hahaha
>> No. 42343
File 134505044197.png - (68.17KB , 543x474 , 1345040129184.png )
This one was from a guy who tried his best!
Nice coloring too!
>> No. 42344
File 134505050187.png - (141.49KB , 576x768 , 1345042039911.png )
This one was from a really cool guy!
He was nice and did this one, some one pointed out that it looked like some comic that I forgot.
>> No. 42345
File 134505055079.png - (20.04KB , 541x504 , 1345049627749.png )
And this is the most recent one, really cute!
>> No. 42346
File 134505058891.jpg - (53.63KB , 300x368 , 414.jpg )
That's it!
I hope you guys liked it.
>> No. 42354
drawfag here! doing a couple quick sexy requests maybe
>> No. 42363

Could you?
>> No. 42393
File 134659977989.jpg - (114.81KB , 496x758 , cover.jpg )
With the new Black Dynamite cartoon, I'd like to see Black Dynamite face off against his most diabolical challenge yet, The Hypno Hustler.
>> No. 42439
George Clinton from Parliament-Funkadelic?
>> No. 42443
Mavis from "Hotel Transylvania" and Marceline the Vampire Queen doing something together. Being buddies, doing something cute, go wild with it.
>> No. 42458
File 134985295419.jpg - (397.19KB , 1944x1184 , rperfweef.jpg )
>> No. 42459
Geers has no flaws.
>> No. 42479
File 135071359248.png - (430.42KB , 761x427 , demo and tina.png )
I humbly request Demoman and Tiny Tina sharing a pot of tea.
They seem like they'd have a lot to talk about.
>> No. 42481
I could take a stab at this one. Might take awhile, though, with classes and everything. That okay?

Demo really needs more love, and I've been meaning to get to Borderlands for awhile.
>> No. 42484
File 135102195178.jpg - (425.06KB , 1538x1022 , triforce.jpg )
I have a morbid request.

Requesting a "Game Over" screen for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, with that game's character designs.

In it, Ganondorf is sitting on a throne, looking at the "camera", triumphantly (on the back of his right hand the Triforce is visible, fully glowing). On either side of the throne then, are the severed heads of Link and Zelda, mounted on spikes. "Game Over" written along the bottom of the picture.

Maybe this is too much, I don't know. But there's the request.
>> No. 42495
>Might take awhile, though, with classes and everything. That okay?

Of course! Real life stuff comes first.
>> No. 42506
File 135164215631.jpg - (93.57KB , 620x797 , rock buttowski copy.jpg )
>> No. 42748
File 135729887127.png - (588.04KB , 2400x1800 , tiny tina looks like one of those creepy kids from.png )
Remember the creepy kids from Akira? That is what Tina ended up looking like.
>> No. 42781
Hehe, nice! Thankee. :)
>> No. 42870
Would anybody be interested in doing a picture of Black Dynamite ponified?
The image popped into my head a month ago and I've been chuckling about it since.
>> No. 42871
I think I've seen that floating around already.
>> No. 42927
File 13648234099.jpg - (31.56KB , 576x432 , dresss.jpg )
someone will get this message
>> No. 43032
File 13652194772.jpg - (11.53KB , 480x360 , americanbear.jpg )
If it's at all possible, I would like a picture of 'Happy Merchant' fucking American Bear's ass on a pile of burgers. American Bear is clapping and says '5/5 BRETTY GOOD FUG :DDDD'.
>> No. 43110
File 136668450811.jpg?spoiler - (272.40KB , 850x725 , 01.jpg?spoiler )
Watch out, we got a Rule 34 request here.

Gravity Falls Rule 34, that is. I'm looking for someone who can draw Mabel, Candy, and Pacifica from GF, in basically the style of this picture. That, is, from behind, asses in view, all of them looking back at the viewer.

Because I really didn't know where else to post this and I probably shouldn't be posting this here.
>> No. 43171

Try /pco/

>> No. 43308
I'd like it if someone draw Ed, Edd, and Eddy tauntingly wiggling their underwear-clad butts at the screen.
>> No. 43343
File 137505176153.png - (267.62KB , 1600x1200 , ses ironman.png )
I haven't drawn anything for a few years but I thoguth I'd give >>32832 a whack
>> No. 43370
I request Super Saiyan Fat Albert.

"HEY HEY HEY! I'm tha the Prince of allllllll Saiyans!"
>> No. 43812
File 139481694190.png - (14.03KB , 408x409 , Greenebug.png )
Hey guys, just finished up a big rpg, with a friend of mine, using this married superhero couple. One is a superspy adorned in a green attire, he usually wields a gun, and shock batons, like Nightwing, and the other girl is half girl, half cockroach, who can die, and come back immune to that for a week. her arsenal includes stun guns, and shock gloves. Personality wise, the green guy is more stoic, and emotionally withholding, while the bug girl is naive, bubbly, and fun.
>> No. 43817
can i request a 20 something wizard with short black hair please?
>> No. 43852
File 139780631367.png - (373.39KB , 1150x800 , 654.png )
Quick thing I drew last night. I had to draw it as soon as I got the idea.

Kudos if you get it.
>> No. 43869
File 139854740673.jpg - (212.02KB , 479x650 , Ryu MGE.jpg )
Can I get a Ryu wearing a high school uniform?
Japanese, or whatever, is all fine.
>> No. 43901
File 140133562671.jpg - (283.97KB , 572x800 , miragestraponsketch003.jpg )
Not sure if nsfw stuff can go here, so she's got a shirt on. Will ink if you like it (but you'll have to find someone else to give it colors). :)
>> No. 43904

you are completing request i made 2 years ago , amazing, plus4chan is not that strict but you can draw a tit version and post ir in the /pco/ request thread , ink away!
>> No. 43906
I like Mirage, what can I say? Finished inks are in the cat thread in /co/. :)
>> No. 43907

i can't find it... which /co/ ? 4chan /co/ plus4chan /co/ , new plus4chan /co/ ? seriously...
>> No. 43908
Ack, sorry, got my boards confused. It's in /pco/ Promotions here on plus4chan in the cat girls thread.
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