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File 131901673410.jpg - (50.49KB , 744x1023 , girlandcat (1).jpg )
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Hey /draw/, new kid here.

Pencil drawings for a comic idea I'm working out, further bulletins as events warrant I guess.
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>> No. 40798
File 132033025368.jpg - (69.29KB , 568x1100 , Image (6).jpg )
somethin quick
>> No. 40855

Future sailors,
We're future sailors
>> No. 40857
Dude/dudette, these are great. Nice quirky steampunk thing you've got going on. I'd like to see more, actually.

File 132059627227.png - (217.58KB , 900x700 , FusionChallenge.png )
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New week. New Challenge.

This Week: FU! SION! HA!

We'll be using this table for the challenge:

Step 1: Pick any two tertiary feelings
Step 2: Draw two characters (Real people, fictional people, animals, robots, etc.), each emoting your selections.
Step 3: Fuse them together and draw the resulting character and emotion

Happy Drawing!
>> No. 40808
Is frusterror the emotion you get when you play Amnesia?
>> No. 40809

Actually, yes. I was thinking of the feeling you get the first time you go through a quick time event in Resident Evil 4. Just that OH SHIT GOD DAMN IT THIS IS HARD kind of feel.
>> No. 40856
File 13214743257.png - (87.40KB , 1000x500 , 20111116_emotions.png )

File 132097597619.png - (363.08KB , 800x600 , MuchBetter.png )
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Why the Fuck Did I Draw This? is a tumblr devoted to those doodles you end up with after doodling at 3 AM while watching a movie. It's for those unsure of the origins of their doodles, new or old. I figured I should post it here in case anyone's interested in submitting some brain fart pictures! We could also just have a thread based on the subject too I suppose.

pic related
>> No. 40837
So it's basically regular Tumblr art then HIYOOOO
>> No. 40842
I like it!

File 129182560889.jpg - (1.78MB , 2550x3509 , img010.jpg )
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>> No. 40777
>> No. 40838
File 132129664596.jpg - (711.78KB , 1100x1574 , I'm crushing your head.jpg )
>> No. 40839
File 132130221676.jpg - (335.15KB , 1066x1676 , well hung.jpg )

File 132071063383.jpg - (1.01MB , 1696x2336 , Imagen.jpg )
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Hi guys. I made this drawing, and there are many things off, but I can't figure how to correct them. Could you give me some critique/advices, please? Thank you!
>> No. 40813
IANADF, but to my untrained eye...

It doesn't look like you constructed the room. A lot of the problems (Moran, LeStrade & the unnamed detective's relative sizes; LeStrade's feet not being attached to the floor; Crown Prince Franz Drago's body not seeming to lie at the correct angle; the corner of the room plainly not being a right angle; the mantle being far too small to fit the description of the story) stem from this.

Look at some references of men in suits to get an idea of what a suit actually looks like on a man.

Work on your anatomy. Learn to draw nekkid men before you try to draw them with clothes on. You don't have to spend a lo of time on the junk if you don't want to.
>> No. 40814
The room does look a bit odd and the feet of the two men look rather odd in relation to how the floor looks, but otherwise it looks fine
>> No. 40815
I see. I actually tried drawing them naked, and then putting the suits, but I guess it didn't work. I'll try making it again.

I'll work on perspective, then.

Thanks for the advice!

File 131993029385.png - (211.13KB , 900x560 , DrawChallenge.png )
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Sorry about the lapse in threads folks. School caught up to me in a big way. Anyways, that's not what's important.


This week's thrilling challenge is titled "Costume Inception." Happy drawing, boils and ghouls.
>> No. 40778
File 132017678143.png - (169.01KB , 1500x500 , 20111101_costumeinception.png )
Welcome back.
>> No. 40801
File 132045060236.jpg - (281.29KB , 1202x600 , DrawJam15_041111.jpg )
>> No. 40803
File 13205169871.png - (37.42KB , 1292x581 , hurp.png )
"Kosh, I think you missed the point of the thread."

"What? No, I..."

"You just really want to pitch a new Blacula movie, don't you."


File 128985234729.jpg - (35.20KB , 400x400 , 20101115_justicefriends.jpg )
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New thread, fresh start - sort of. As yet, there is still no external gallery for all my drawthreadan, so this will serve as an archive to prevent them from disappearing completely into the depths of the Interweb.

Kicking off with the very last request of the old thread: The Justice Friends. Thanks for making me feel welcome, folks.

Some stuff is over in the Halloween Thread: >>37069

Original thread: https://plus4chan.org/boards/draw/res/29297.html
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>> No. 41003
File 132422901921.png - (131.84KB , 600x600 , 20111217_roll_thelastwho.png )
12 Girls of Christmas Roll Thread.

Cindy Lou Who and Olive
>> No. 41004
File 132422908692.jpg - (104.20KB , 600x600 , 20111217_roll_carolers.jpg )
12 Girls of Christmas Roll Thread.

Sophianna, Debbie and Karen
>> No. 41005
File 132422921116.jpg - (82.89KB , 600x600 , 20111218_roll_elisaclaus.jpg )
12 Girls of Christmas Roll Thread.

Elisa and Mrs Claus.

And that's all twelve. Best wishes o' the season to ye, /draw/.

File 13201883362.jpg - (49.34KB , 341x470 , photoprintkiosk.jpg )
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Anyone used one of those photo print kiosks to make prints of their own (non-photo) artwork?

Got a comic convention coming up, and I'm thinking of maybe running some pictures off on one of those machines, as a little extra something to sell/give away. Good idea/bad idea? Have you seen anyone else doing this? Would you buy artwork presented this way? Do they look good, or does it seem a bit cheap and tacky?

I'm all about the selling of Comics at a Comic Convention, but it seems most people are running sidelines in badges/prints/handicrafts/etc.
>> No. 40780
I've used such a device before to do just that, made some post cards out of a few pieces of mine. They will sometimes skew proportion a smidge, though. Not all photo kiosks are priced the same, either. Prices tend to ramp up quickly the larger the print is, as well.

File 131766195475.png - (31.93KB , 900x700 , Item Challenge 2 Part 1.png )
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This week: Recycling with a twist! Make a scene using these items and backgrounds. I'm not telling you what the time limit is because I like reverse psychologying you.
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>> No. 40695
File 131837575592.jpg - (360.37KB , 1299x900 , spacebear.jpg )
>> No. 40701
File 131848930879.png - (33.61KB , 833x466 , Ninja Banana coming to save santa from darth ham.png )
>> No. 40707
File 131865520654.png - (33.47KB , 589x665 , entendre.png )
Finally my controbution that I started and finished an hour ago.

A savage bikini-clad warrior babe in the desert eating a fresh kill of ham.

File 131813405540.png - (12.72KB , 700x300 , Lennon and Dylan.png )
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Guys guys these boards are full of COMPLETE SHIT. (Or, as the kids are calling fecal matter nowadays, dookie, god slang is getting stupider by the year.) Time to show you how a PIZZA DELIVERY MAN DOES IT, or at least the non-porno type of pizza delivery guy, this thread is completely dick proof.

Speaking of dicks, there is a corner store across the street from my high school called Dixie's dairies, and whenever I think of the name, I want to vomit, because it sounds like a sexual term, although I might just be a giant pervert with an even bigger gutter to lay my mind in.

Don't get me wrong, the store is pretty cool, the prices are cheap, the owner is nice and the pizzeria attached to it serves delicious pizza, and as was previously mentioned, it is dirt cheap. Unfortunately, they don't serve spinach pizza, which is my favourite type of pizza, but then again, I shouldn't really expect them to have anything besides pepperoni, cheese or potentially Hawaiian, which it seems make up the only flavours which small pizza places serve. But hey, at least they have some bacon in there somewhere, which is basically the best breakfast food ever, nothing like a plate of bacon and eggs in the morning man!

What is your favourite type of pizza guys? Mine is, as previously mentioned spinach, which is a somewhat hard to find flavour, but tasty as shit.

Oh yeah also there is a comic here or something I guess.
>> No. 40682
File 131813423843.png - (31.63KB , 800x500 , lennon and dylan 002.png )
Steve is totally not Trogdor covered with a quickly drawn rainbow guys.

Totally. :v
>> No. 40687
Dear Potted Fritos,
It is always nice to see a new comic, but you need to work on this one more. They veer too steeply into the "LOLRANDOM" side of the humor spectrum, and you don't seem to care much about aesthetics.
Perhaps the long, non sequitur laden rant in your first image offers some perspective into your problem, and more importantly offers a solution. The very nature of the text has led me to believe that you know that your comics aren't very good, and so you try to make up for your short-comings with an increase in the quantity of nonsense you put out. In other words, your message is an excuse. You are saying, "hey guys, I can write a lot of stuff, so the short comic I have included (or something I guess, lol!) is obviously so poorly thought out and executed because of some conscious decision on my part, not because I can't ramble on about pizza for a few paragraphs.
The solution to this lack of quality is to put the energy spent writing silly excuses towards more admirable goals, like improving the jokes in your comics, improving the art in your comics (after all, this is the Drawfaggotry board, where, contrary to one of your statements, most things actually aren't "COMPLETE SHIT.") Do at least one of these things.
A few more words of advice.
1. Don't fall prey to the temptations of hyperbole; your comics are far from the best.
2. Don't insult your audience, even if you are joking; you don't know us that well, try to make a good first impression.
3. Don't mention that you're in high school. It's irrelevant, and everybody has probably figured it out already.
4. Dixie's Dairies is small time. I live within driving distance of a Cream King.
5. Don't steal Trogdor. That's just tacky.
Thank you.

File 131649692548.png - (28.32KB , 600x540 , Pallet Birthday.png )
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Seasons Changing Challenge:

Pick the color pallet which relates to the season in which you were born. Draw a picture with it! It doesn't matter what kind. It could be a person, a stick, a race car. As long as you only use the chosen pallet, you're doing it right!
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>> No. 40663
File 131761711269.png - (25.86KB , 603x751 , 13081862011.png )
Does this count?
>> No. 40664
File 131762399352.png - (22.25KB , 710x594 , 4pallette.png )
>> No. 40667
I'm glad I waited the extra week on this one. New thread soon.

File 131589017834.png - (202.56KB , 700x630 , Monstahs.png )
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You guys are the best! Well done!

This Week: Monster Cops etc. Draw a character which falls in the parameters set in the picture!

New thread SHOULD be up on Sunday. Might be Monday though.
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>> No. 40493
File 131647992360.png - (35.67KB , 753x633 , maniac cop.png )
>> No. 40494
File 131648047629.gif - (738.74KB , 295x210 , funny-gifs-best-robocop-scene-ever.gif )
Also my suggestion is melting people.
>> No. 40495
File 131648298314.png - (252.58KB , 800x600 , zomattourny.png )
Mr. Zed face when cannot into objection.

File 131510526411.png - (99.19KB , 900x700 , Biz.png )
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Okay. Guys. Come on. I know there's at least... four of you who post on this board. How about we go a little looser with the exercise this week.

In the OP image is an assortment of 6 objects (Speech bubble with an exclamation point, UFO, Bow tie, Tomahawk, Underpants, Scotty dog. As the picture says, pick two or more and incorporate them into a single scene or drawing. No need for copy and pasting. Reasonable facsimiles are fine.

But hey, let's just have fun out there, huh? Next thread on Sunday, the 11th.
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>> No. 40453
File 131574290359.jpg - (72.70KB , 500x500 , 20110911_scottyvsufo.jpg )
The Tomahawk-Scotty is the natural enemy of the UFO. You will never see them together in the same place.
>> No. 40454
File 131576177832.jpg - (187.60KB , 1134x1611 , gagpipes.jpg )
>> No. 40458
Argh, work jumped up on my shit. New Thread tonight.

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