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File 12882372857.png - (55.99KB , 450x507 , beep.png )
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>> No. 41208
still unexceptably sexy.
>> No. 41219
>> No. 41221
Oh, Pizzaday!

File 132590854933.jpg - (1.40MB , 2000x1542 , Jelly.jpg )
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asimov/carnyhands... Y U NO BF3???
>> No. 41254
File 132755496538.png - (64.08KB , 736x745 , HAMS.png )
yes good

File 132590016495.jpg - (211.23KB , 400x400 , workingprogress.jpg )
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Not sure if this might be the exact board to post it on, but can we have a fanart thread?
Stuff you've done would be appreciated.
>> No. 41215
File 132616935759.png - (1.78MB , 1527x2047 , Massy Collab.png )
Well for the sake of contribution and self-promotion, here's a sketch of Wagner's Massy that he was so impressed with he colored. [True story bro.]

File 132499789976.jpg - (1.24MB , 2416x4288 , DSCF6793.jpg )
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>> No. 41193

File 128807938015.png - (52.60KB , 1058x848 , GOLLY GEE DO I EVER FUCKING SUCK AT THIS.png )
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Sup Faggots, let's have a mother fucking draw thread. If you remember the rules last time, more power to you because I can't remember jack except key points.

A: It should stay in theme.
B: Don't forget to write down what you want as NEXT WEEKS theme.
C: I'll judge based on faggotry, and the winner will have their theme as next weeks draw thread.


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>> No. 41102
File 132513783458.png - (43.39KB , 949x642 , Yes she is wearing a strapon no i didn't fee.png )

Because I wouldn't to capture:

A. How British you were while wearing the Crown.
B. Your cynicism, paranoia, and need for orderly things.

The jetpack has nothing to do with anything, I was just trying to fill the gigantic hole in your design.


Interested and aroused.

You know, if I were to suddenly drop dead, I will die knowing that my family and friends will be utterly confused by the contents of my art folder. And the contents of my computer in general.
>> No. 41105
File 132515098340.png - (482.78KB , 1000x1000 , Einstein Bagel Bros MAX OTP.png )
I can't draw but BTDUBS none of that is semen.
>> No. 41107

Is it creamcheese?

File 132486564530.png - (60.48KB , 800x500 , Christmas2011 - 1.png )
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HAR HAR HAR! On Basher, on Cancer, on Murder, on Nixon!

(Who is this mysterious man flying around on Christmas Night?)
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>> No. 41066
File 132487349319.png - (99.80KB , 800x500 , Christmas2011 - 3.png )
(The fiend entered some humble /draw/fag's home on a whim! He attacked his Christmas setup!)

HAR HAR HAR! This Batman toy tastes like sadness! Delicious!

>> No. 41067
silly nonecks. Batmen are for children
>> No. 41086
File 132505298541.png - (55.21KB , 949x642 , Gonna stuff your stocking.png )
Santa's gonna stuff your stocking, little boy!

I'm twenty-sev--


File 132423480645.png - (1.48MB , 1103x1103 , rollboard_12GirlsOfXmas.png )
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Seasons greetings!

Here's another Roll Board. You know how it works; Randomly generate a number from 00 to 99 to determine your subject, then draw them.

Make a list and check it twice
Odd equals Naughty, Even is Nice
(If your result is an odd number, make it a 'naughty' picture. If it's even, make it a 'nice' one.)

Challenge: Draw all twelve characters. You don't have to roll for all of them.
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>> No. 41027
File 132424141826.png - (146.46KB , 467x600 , fts_Karen.png )
Karen, Frosty The Snowman.
>> No. 41028
File 132424147941.png - (211.19KB , 415x598 , PnL_Holly.png )
Miss Holly, Prep & Landing.
>> No. 41029
File 132424151757.png - (181.70KB , 600x600 , PnL_Magee.png )
Magee, Prep & Landing.

File 132097521778.jpg - (1.60MB , 2392x2892 , 001 (2).jpg )
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Why are hands so hard?
The eternal question.
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>> No. 40964
I didn't know we even had image size restrictions.
>> No. 40966
File 132349615551.png - (100.54KB , 204x290 , dkbndfkb.png )
Apparently you do.
Or at least you do now.
>> No. 40971
draw sausage-fingers using Lucky Star as a reference.
i still fail at that, maybe you wont.

File 132331209790.png - (2.82MB , 2142x3151 , Shanty and station.png )
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So. I kinda forgot about this place. Figured i could post some stuff
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>> No. 40950
File 132331333254.png - (2.78MB , 2480x3508 , burned pi thumbs.png )
>> No. 40951
File 132331340566.png - (644.82KB , 1200x1600 , Fem!Howe.png )
>> No. 40952
File 132331364916.png - (313.91KB , 900x896 , arlessa_libenhower_by_anarchy_1_0_1-d3bvae3.png )

File 132297996580.jpg - (312.56KB , 1300x1236 , charactersps.jpg )
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Just found this place. It's pretty awesome.

Might as well drawfag around.

These are characters I drew up for some game I'm working on with a buddy called "Puzzle Man"
>> No. 40918
File 132298009589.jpg - (176.53KB , 1660x827 , headmodel.jpg )
I don't model much so hopefully this is going to turn out good.

File 132131246473.png - (94.17KB , 350x394 , True media.png )
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Drawing is SATANIC and must be avoided at all costs, its SIN

You shall only do it if you edify Christianity, yet is still a bad medium
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>> No. 40889

what if we DRAW Jesus?
>> No. 40894
Not as bad as drawing Muhammed, but much worse than drawing, say, Buddha.
>> No. 40904
It's only a problem if you worship it.

File 12891693465.gif - (74.59KB , 550x400 , eva.gif )
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Here's something I've been playing with recently
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>> No. 40708
That's why you should ALWAYS printscreen before posting.
>> No. 40884
>> No. 40885

File 132136865215.jpg - (1.30MB , 3216x4288 , 00000bsng1.jpg )
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>> No. 40852
File 132137419076.gif - (188.66KB , 320x240 , clapping.gif )
Well done, sir.
Art project or personal?
>> No. 40864
File 132159297952.jpg - (157.80KB , 1208x1809 , g hnly1.jpg )
thanx, there just overlays ,but i am learning from them.
>> No. 40870
just doing them in my spare time

File 132087275748.jpg - (52.62KB , 411x500 , Hentaifoundry.jpg )
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So, not really sure if this is the best place to post this, but I figure there are enough artists here maybe somebody can help.

How strict is HF with their submission guidelines? I've been thinking about submitting to HF, but I'm afraid of wasting my time (and hurting even the meager amount of pride I have in my work) since it seems they have pretty stringent submission guidelines. However, at the same time, a quick browsing of some artists reveals art that, well, doesn't seem like it would live up to the standards they talk about... I'd post examples, but I don't want to hurt any feelings.

So, what is the deal, do these artists have something worked out with the owners? Anybody here have experience with submitting there and getting rejected?
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>> No. 40836
just mush up to the sysops and admins and youll be fine
>> No. 40854
File 132140457037.png - (21.23KB , 230x180 , 2.png )
protip: all of the REALLY BAD stuff is uploaded by mods
they sidestep the approval committee and upload their garbage
>> No. 40867
I think the best chance you'll have is to just submit something and see if they accept it. Because the mod's standards on "quality" is a fucking gamble at best.

File 132149230415.jpg - (88.77KB , 679x657 , 1320198447895.jpg )
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>pirate photoshop, put in keygen code, still doesnt work, expires in a couple of days
>bought shitty ink
>tablet doesnt come in for the next couple of months
>cannot into 3d modelling, all I can do is make a box
>work and school schedule constantly getting in the way of arts

Artist woes thread
>> No. 40861
File 132149630247.jpg - (213.33KB , 640x480 , Blud.jpg )
>Go to use scanner
>EPSON has stopped working/Close program, Report
>Mon visage
>> No. 40866
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
>This line doesn't look right I will do it over
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