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File 131466541210.png - (58.64KB , 500x500 , ggggggggggg.png )
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So how many people here are going to take a media course this year (Animation, painting, drawing, digital, ect.)?
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>> No. 40465
I hear that Portland is great to live in as an artist, except that finding a job, (not just a job as an artist, any job) is next to impossible because so many artists are there having to work day jobs as baristas and stuff.
>> No. 40481
AI is a scam-school. Ive never known anyone who attended it and didnt have a miserable time that left them in crushing debt.
>> No. 42576
File 135399252343.jpg - (70.00KB , 500x733 , tumblr_mcr6npb3AA1rjgs2wo1_500.jpg )

This. Also:

File 129164868250.jpg - (180.71KB , 800x500 , rosh 1.jpg )
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ITT: Post some of the wierdest stuff you've been commission to do. All anonymous of course.
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>> No. 42423
i own a physical copy of the book that artist wrote
its turrible
>> No. 42474
its horrifying how good the art is, if only it was a better subject
>> No. 42575
This thread needs life.

File 135369708559.jpg - (40.85KB , 605x192 , MangaGreenHeader_20121123_05.jpg )
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Manga Studio EX 4 is down to $29.99 for Black Friday only:

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>> No. 42552
Thanks! Guess I will give it a shot.
>> No. 42553
Also, Coelasquid uses it for her artwork, I got this link off her Tumblr.
>> No. 42554
Been using it for a couple of years now, and it's probably the best program I've found for digital inking. Coloring is an ordeal, and I would still recommend using Paint Tool SAI over Manga Studio at least for the coloring portion of a drawing if you're going all digital, but for black and white drawings, or even just for doing the lineart for a piece you color in Sai, Manga Studio is definitely my preferred way to go. The line quality I get out of Manga Studio is the best I've ever gotten out of a computer by a long shot, and the different special rulers like the Perspective Rulers, Parallel Lines rulers and Radial Curve rulers are a godsend when working on backgrounds and stuff.

Keep in mind that this is all assuming you use a tablet to draw with. I have no idea what people who draw with a mouse or who use vectors need out of their programs, so I won't presume to comment on that.

File 133744123825.png - (20.91KB , 822x765 , Coolwizard.png )
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The coolest wizard in the world miscast a spell and he lost the rest of the picture! What did the rest of it look like?
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>> No. 41995
File 133746080055.png - (60.74KB , 989x1540 , weallsawthiscoming.png )

>> No. 41998
File 133748977965.png - (241.04KB , 1000x1000 , Cool Wizzzard.png )
>> No. 42545
File 135360662649.png - (205.51KB , 600x1200 , oldmenn.png )
Wizard bump from beyond the dead.

File 134541290724.jpg - (372.08KB , 1256x806 , Korrastickprogress1.jpg )
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Thought it'd be fun to post the progress of my Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3/Legend of Korra arcade stick.

For a long time I'd been rocking my Monster Buster Club stick:

I figured I was due for an upgrade, so I bought an Xbox 360 Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade Fightstick V.S. and a ChImpSMD mod to use it on the PS3/PC:

So anyway, I've currently been working on the artwork for the top of the stick, but at some point I'd like to do all sides, including the back. Big project, so I thought I'd post the progress as time goes by.

As far as the subjects, Korra is in a modified M.O.D.O.K costume, Lin Beifong is dressed as Magneto, and Asami is going to be held by or driving a Sentinel that is made to look more like a Sato type of robot.

I originally wanted to do Korra, Mako and Bolin, but these three fit the roles much better.

Oh well.
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>> No. 42521
File 135261589031.jpg - (1.03MB , 1658x1064 , KStickFullC.jpg )
>> No. 42529

Damn, man, I always enjoy your stuff.
>> No. 42539
It's very good work.
Out of curiosity is there some significance to the kinds of drinks here that I'm too dumb to get, or are they just brands that you personally like?

File 135001136986.jpg - (24.36KB , 500x333 , davegrohlnicecupofstfu.jpg )
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When you're commenting on someone's artwork, do not tell them "how dare you draw that, I drew something similar already".

There are so many artists out there that have drawn similar ideas, but that doesn't make them bad. Just look at how many Renaissance artists painted The Virgin Mary seated with angels around her, holding the newborn baby Jesus-- you could practically make a drinking game out of it. But everyone who draws something brings something different to it. Don't be discouraged if you see a similar idea "done better" than you think you could draw, either.
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>> No. 42500
In all seriousness, though, there's a right and wrong way to critique.

There's art that people still try to point out anatomical problems on that I drew way back prior to even Freshman year of college in '09, and I'm a Senior now. I know the anatomy is bad on that drawing, that's why I've long since stopped drawing like that.
>> No. 42504
It's all Fire Emblem stuff.
>> No. 42511
Ah I see, thanks.

File 128728503853.png - (72.22KB , 222x466 , sword.png )
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Thought I'd start up my 3D thread again.
Here's a low poly sword.
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>> No. 42274
File 134329603589.jpg - (116.75KB , 743x1225 , behind.jpg )
Today's theme:
>> No. 42470
File 13502890083.png - (42.83KB , 374x566 , i c.png )
Hanging around /ic/
Slowly loosing my mind.
>> No. 42473
Loosing your mind is a good thing, losing your mind, not so much.

File 134938469975.jpg - (29.59KB , 393x480 , 1348279528187.jpg )
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hello Drawfags can i get some help i have a character and i want some advise on how to develop him/it more
Pic unrelated
>> No. 42468
File 135023771620.jpg - (37.77KB , 900x600 , introduction.jpg )
First time posting, or even being in this jungle of creativity.

I normally post on /b/ in draw threads and someone recommended coming over here. Please excuse the bad style, I draw with a mouse.
>> No. 42469
whoa dude what's with the quality of that image? what program are you using?

also what do you mean develop a character--make a better character design, flesh out the story, what?
>> No. 42471
OP here i need help with the look of my character and i dont have any story for it

File 134417544477.jpg - (121.28KB , 720x720 , ABLOOBLOOBLOO.jpg )
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>> No. 42328
File 134450374426.png - (49.20KB , 786x1034 , hurp.png )

"Wow. This escalated quickly."
>> No. 42329
File 134450467375.png - (42.00KB , 685x1034 , hurp.png )

"...Oh, hey, Unca Pym!"
>> No. 42421
File 134764027418.png - (104.97KB , 600x600 , batcoffee.png )
Escalation can be fun stuff!
Here's coffee.

Also found this in the archives...
To think I have utterly missed this pearl of ham!

File 134465327340.jpg - (66.62KB , 600x400 , p-dr42-600x400.jpg )
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How do you develop this? I've been drawing for five years now, but I still have no feel for perspective. I know to use references and stuff and do so liberally, but unless I am attempting to do a 1:1 copy (which, given that we are on a 'toon site, is rare as most of the drawings I desire to finish outside of practice are with very stylized cartoon proportions), it all goes out the window.

The only way I know is to lay out vanishing points and plot out lines to line stuff up, but the result is always stiff, forced, and only slightly useful if the drawing isn't some boring symmetrical pose. It seems like the only solution is just to "wing it" in each drawing, but... how? If I just freehand it and then go back and lay in VPs, I always find that my drawing was wrong.
>> No. 42339
It all starts with a horizon.
>> No. 42340

Also, Google Sketchup is a free, simple 3D construction package. You can build a scene and change the viewing angles to give you a better idea of where everything goes.
>> No. 42352
Thanks. Maybe I will draw some shapes from sketchup in various angles to get a better sense.

File 132274843139.png - (182.50KB , 500x372 , can i just die dot pee en gee.png )
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/draw/ i'm going to tell you my life's story
i'm a shithead who can't draw but the only thing i ever do is draw and i like doing it a lot BUT lately it's been hard. you know 'em bad art blogs and threads and whatnot. i've been on them and it hurt me more than i thought it would because i am a big stupid baby
that happened back in like june or something and i haven't been able to draw since then because my confidence has gone away completely and i'm afraid it's going to happen again even though i don't really post my art anywhere??

so how do you guys cope with a drawing rut, not be a big stupid baby (like me) about things, and what are some bad things y'all have drawn in the past
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>> No. 41585
File 133273813832.png - (88.25KB , 500x388 , tumblr_m1fsdwY8K81r1qr1zo1_500.png )
i may not get to work on this for a while since i may or may not be in the hospital soon hmmmm
does anyone have tips on fixing the neck i'm dumb
>> No. 42313
File 134436808071.png - (68.54KB , 512x512 , celsey.png )
That happens to me all the time, I recommend looking at other people art for inspiration, I usually look up shit-tons of tutorials and read heavily into detail on them, but that's just me.
>> No. 42315

Oh well that looks pretty good so far, the perspective on the nose is a little off: it should be at more of a 3/4 angle than the head on view you have going thus far but overall I think it's looking good. I think your next step should be to add a little more definition to the eye-sockets and bridge of the nose but overall I th-

>>i may or may not be in the hospital soon hmmmm

Wait, what? Is this a major hospitalization? Are you going to be okay?

File 134292382512.jpg - (216.38KB , 1024x739 , 1299984357184.jpg )
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Perhaps you would be interested in the stuff I've drawn? All of these have been made for a /co/ roll or drawthread.

I can't draw very well with the tablet, I'm trying to get some practice. I used to be better, I guess, but then I stopped drawing for months and now I have to relearn. I'm still trying to find a style too.

If you have requests, I'll do them. Just be warned: I'm slow, specially if I have to color. I may not do all of them either but I'll try.

Pic: First request I drew for /co/.
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>> No. 42288
Looking back on McKay's art, you really see some Buckley shite on the face...
Which is frustrating, cos it shows he actually knows the fundamentals body-wise.
Hell, its the only case I know of where the person knows anatomy really well first, THEN goes into drawing.

Yeah, I do remember hearing that.
>> No. 42290
I find his lack of fan service despite all of the sexy poses he drew more frustrating. He is not even against the existing rule 34 of his characters.
>> No. 42291
is 11 still here?

File 134273597889.png - (366.37KB , 1300x464 , Goon Squad.png )
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Havn't posted here in forever. So I might aswel show some of my latest stuff.
>> No. 42247
File 134273620987.png - (385.65KB , 1300x2600 , SCPD.png )

File 13426660112.png - (74.67KB , 2000x1500 , Murder Train.png )
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File 131452052579.jpg - (108.72KB , 597x677 , dominodelivery.jpg )
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Hey, so I draw-fag'd around /co/ for a while, and some people requested I make a thread here. So here goes I guess.

I'll dump a few of what I drew in /co/ Feel free to request more. I wont do them all, but I'll draw whatever request I feel like in my spare warmup time.
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>> No. 40920
Yeah, this would be cool. I think I'd like to commish something, as well.
>> No. 42025
>> No. 42066
Every time I heard "The Queen's Jubilee" as of late, I thought of the X-Men character. Could you draw her smiling with a crown and a huge diamond ring on? Nothing sexual, unless you're in the mood to do so.

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