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Old Thread: >>39759

Party All The Time (now with a Gigantic Canvas Option, click the link at the bottom) http://www.takamin.com/oekakichat/user/oekakichat3.php?userid=405116
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Well, the room is still being used every night, it's just that a year ago psudonym made a dropbox for me to shove all the doodlechat pictures I collect into and now I don't have to go through the incredibly tedious process of uploading them here.
>> No. 43888
Aight, I'm looking for alternatives for a /draw/chat. It doesn't necessarily need to be me at the helm of wherever the new /draw/ chat thing is, but eh.. why not. Been the hammer flinger of Party All the Time, may as well maintain it.
Takamin appears to be off the table for the time being because I don't know why. What're some alternatives to it?
>> No. 43889
False alarm, working now.

File 139884324644.jpg - (157.52KB , 800x592 , 50%.jpg )
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MOST IMPORTANTLY Anyone have any unfinished work that they need some ideas on?

if not:
Magical Environments
Clever Techie Environments
Abstract Patterns with a recognizable geometric theme.
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this board is dead as fuck. get back to me

File 139698700194.png - (98.26KB , 1029x768 , Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 6_14_26 PM.png )
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Just like the title of the thread says. Try to guess the episodes of the other posts, too.

File 136333607019.png - (638.39KB , 756x993 , DREDD-CliffRobinson.png )
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I'll post the shit I color here.
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File 138674972788.png - (501.81KB , 984x1000 , Iron-Man-Tests.png )
Using Adi Granov art to learnificate me some painting.
>> No. 43656
File 138715634513.png - (37.15KB , 168x168 , Iron-Man-Tests_Head.png )
>> No. 43657
File 138715640271.png - (590.82KB , 880x1000 , Iron-Man-Tests.png )

File 137382677425.jpg - (1.13MB , 4331x2627 , giant_anteater_skull_by_kotbaum-d4qd5z4.jpg )
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Where in the world should I go to get help whit porn drawings?
this board seems very safe 2 me for posting porn, but I really could use some help and criticism, it does not matter if its heavy because I need help THAT bad. (pic unrelated)
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The main reason I like cartoons is because of the profound hate I have for humanity, I gave up on drawing, I cant stand the image of people.
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File 139580509838.jpg - (25.95KB , 320x240 , dbz22-23.jpg )
Watch out everyone, we got an edgy badass here.
>> No. 43825
I am not edgy or badass, you cant choose what you hate, you just hate it, If I was edgy I woukd have to actually do so ething, is like if I forced you to like big african dick.

File 139601789332.jpg - (52.47KB , 500x546 , tumblr_mv3lbfaKCe1qinh1vo1_500.jpg )
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Hello everybody, I want to ask something, I have never rewlly been good at drawing but, I havent drawn in a lot of time almost 2 years by now. Mostly because of work as a wage slave and not being able to be alone for much time, does one really gets worse after not drawing for a lot of time? If so then I guess I am quitting, I was bad before but now I cant even pick a pencil, I have no energy or motivation and cant even figure anything in my head.

File 136675543312.jpg - (16.90KB , 225x220 , 1312143249291.jpg )
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What is /draw/'s opinion on the people who thinks japanese artists are better than western artists?

Today I saw a weeb feeling bad for himself because he is western and he will never be good as those superior artists from glorious nihon.
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>> No. 43293
You can say that for Western style artists, too, though.
>> No. 43476
They can get very annoying yes, I agree, but they are spoiled by the amount of Japanese art available to them. Western art rarely gets the same amount of time in the limelight, it's quite depressing.
>> No. 43809
Wow, I have been in Pixiv and i see a lot of artist who draw like us, in fact a shitload, but there is also, the ones who are more popular over all, that do some shit, I mean the linework they do is so tiny, like hair thin tiny and the linework color mixes and blends whit the over all color making it look more "alive" i dont know what kind of tootls are using or if they use mini pencils whit their micro hands, I bet ehats why they dont play FPS on PC.

File 138946497268.png - (22.98KB , 750x598 , kosh.png )
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I just got through Season 2 of Babylon 5.

Why doesn't our Kosh reference the bit out of the encounter suit? Or is it because of the tentacles he's pretending to be the fake one from season 2?
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>> No. 43774
And /draw/ cannot be revived why?
>> No. 43775
That can be said about Plus4Chan in a whole. /draw/ was one of the least posted in boards in the first place, and now that most people are either gone or lurking, I don't see it making a comeback.

We've tried.
>> No. 43776
Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one who posts outside of the Grieve-tan and wakfu threads on the /coc/ board.

I come back to /draw/ sometimes to see if there's any new doodle dump threads.

File 138704644093.jpg - (343.75KB , 700x1016 , 1385531484427.jpg )
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Hey, I'd like to post a Wonder Woman comic I wrote and drew. Take a look, and tell me what you think!
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File 13911982637.jpg - (714.89KB , 1016x1564 , 138554690168.jpg )
Someone linked this to me on tumblr.

It's obviously no trace, but you might wanna be more upfront w/ how heavily you're reffing some things?
>> No. 43772
>anti-life is death

dude what's the point in writing about these characters if you don't know anything about them?
>> No. 43773
It's a fair criticism that the anti life explanation is bullshit -- the equation in te comics IS a form of mind control, however. To answer your question though, the point of writing a story with these characters is to create pornography with familiar faces.

File 139112247050.png - (328.42KB , 800x411 , tumblr_mzhmmripio1so2thvo1_r1_1280.png )
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Hey nerdlords, I got permission to post this here, and since it's a pretty okay-paying gig and I feel like maybe a good number of you like monster-people, it's worth advertising.

The first Monster Anthology was all about goo-people, and this one is all about DEMONS. Succubi, Oni, SATAN HIMSELF, you name it! And, unlike last volume, we have a SFW edition alongside the NSFW book, so if you aren't really comf drawing porn, there's still room for you.

There's hella cool artists already on-board, idk how I even keep getting in, but the fact that I'm a part of it should give y'all a glimmer of hope for getting in yourselves. I can say straight up that comics>illustrations, so if you like doing comics, you've already got a leg up.

You can find more info plus how to submit here: http://monsteranthology.tumblr.com/post/74231665038/the-basics-of-volume-2-demon-edition

Good luck! Note: obvi i am not in charge of this thing but if you have questions about how everything is run I might be able to help answer some.
>> No. 43763
Oh yeah FYI for those thinking about applying n stuff, there are limitations on what we can do for the NSFW book, in place because we're gonna be funding through Offbeatr:

-No Rape
-No Incest
-No Bestiality
-No Drunk/Sleeping/Drugged/Hypnotized

Shit's gotta be 100% consent. If that's what you were planning on doing if you got in, you might wanna think of something else. I'm still waiting on word for if corruption is okay, and how much religious imagery is too much. I'll post when I've received word.
>> No. 43771
Hey sweet. Thanks for the heads-up Junk! Def interested.

>-No Incest
Aheh. I can still work with that!

File 138939807443.gif - (859.98KB , 600x313 , 1389163521222.gif )
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How do most hentai artists make money these days aside from commissions? it'd be cool to make money off this weird habit.
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>> No. 43700
Do some comics and sell them?
>> No. 43702
Comics do them and sell some?

Seriously though.
Maybe do a paysite. Either as a contributor or a creator.
Or have a website and sell ad space, too! Thaaaats a good one.
Just, either use a good service (google pays WAAAY less than the norm) or sell the space yourself and/or with a marketing manager.
>> No. 43707
Comics, art packs, books. Paysites cost a lot to start up, and getting into one can be a little hard. Yeah adspace too. Just network a ton I guess.

File 138940326659.png - (98.12KB , 456x400 , rushed.png )
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Use this thread to ask for art critique, or anything similar, like decision making or suggestions. Basically, post stuff you haven't finished and want to make better. GO GO GO!
>> No. 43698
File 138940570659.png - (43.71KB , 879x1655 , designsside1.png )
I'll start.

I am going to create a comic based on TAWoG, and it will have to include side-shots of Nicole. I have quickly made up the proposed designs (pic related). As you can see, they differ a lot from the S1 in-show model. I want to know which one you think is the best and why, and how I can make them better. (feel free to mix and match)

(Note: these are very basic: I haven't added ears, eyebrows, nose-detail, etc. and the eyes are rushed hard; I am mainly focusing on head shape and whisker placement)

File 128659770387.jpg - (86.09KB , 252x505 , LUCTUS.jpg )
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So, I'm starting my search for co-op placement and one of the places I'm applying to wants work samples. So, among the usual magazine layouts and whatnot I've also decided to include a collage of some of my sketches (Illustration and sketching ability were among the skills listed in the job description) so that means I've scanned a bunch of stuff...
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>> No. 43660
File 138715994041.jpg - (163.70KB , 544x800 , tilda.jpg )
And this is Tilda. She's a friend of Felix and Lucy's who also works as a treasure hunter for the same company. While she seems really eloquent and composed upon first meeting she's actually highly neurotic and prone to paranoia about her job. She also turns into a stammering wreck whenever things start going wrong.
>> No. 43677
File 138742588615.png - (160.64KB , 700x800 , marlboroslim.png )
Lucy and Felix's unnerving nemesis: Marlboro Slim
>> No. 43693
File 138897096637.jpg - (112.04KB , 622x600 , klefizzyjackets3.jpg )
Klef and Izzy, showing off their winter digs.

File 138728674944.png - (1.49MB , 1000x965 , nestor.png )
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Oh wow, i forgot this place existed ;_;

Allow me to share with you the fruits of my labors
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>> No. 43673
File 138728899641.png - (152.90KB , 700x443 , Engineer Lady.png )
>> No. 43674
File 13872890796.png - (668.82KB , 662x1151 , ifirit.png )
>> No. 43675
Think that is all for now, feel free to drop a request or two. It's how I keep myself from sitting on my ass doing nothing during lack of inspiration.

File 138427611567.jpg?spoiler - (55.58KB , 800x452 , image.jpg?spoiler )
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Whitney stane love you
>> No. 43616
File 138440829733.png - (28.78KB , 828x938 , BlueBeetle_ICANSEEFOREVER.png )

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