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10552 No. 10552
So, two thousand dollars, what's the best PC I can get?
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>> No. 10553
File 139562138723.png - (108.40KB , 348x485 , tumblr_n2r0mbheU51tq01kfo2_r1_400.png )
I'm just looking for something I can get 5-7 years of gaming in on.

Thus far I've been told Alienware Aurora and I've got a couple months to figure this out provided my baby stays with me.
>> No. 10555
Not sure, but for a while I've been putting off getting parts for a computer, and in fact would have ordered them today if I didn't let myself get distracted. Figure I'd use logical Increments to see what kind of price to expect for each part, then PC Part Picker to see what else costs around that much and see what I'd like more. Going for around $800, but I don't usually go for particularly grpahics-intense games anyway. Would probably stick with the graphics card I have too, if its vram wasn't sub-gigabyte. In summary: >buying prebuilt

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