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10469 No. 10469
Hi /diy/.
How many of you into basic Arithmetic? Algebra? Calculus?
>> No. 10470
I'm borderline dyslexic when it comes to math, so I don't enjoy doing it, but I respect it and its place in the world.
>> No. 10483
I need to get right on my discrete. Useful for programming:
>> No. 10485

Me personally, I think math is just an abstraction to how humans perceive natural rules, laws, sums and interactions. So.. numbers and sums and dimensions and things exist, cells and biology are programmed to recognize these things without realizing it, but for all intents and purposes mathematics is just a human game of semantics and symbols to more easily understand and interact with things so they can calculate them.

Humans didn't invent dogs, but we invented the word dog, the human interpretation of what a 'dog' is, and assigned it common characteristics. The dog didn't need our label, our characteristics or our observation in order to exist.

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