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10432 No. 10432
>shitposter: "lol WRYYY chargin mah blunder Blu-Ray is deader than teh Rei" *YTMND soundtrack plays in the background*

>Gawker: "I don't even think next gen consoles will have disk drives. They're just so redundant in our fast paced modern world." *uploads text on 2MB/s internet connection*

>Blu-Ray is on every next-gen console.
>4K movies will be on Blu-Ray.
>48/60FPS movies will be on Blu-Ray.
>shitposter: "I-i-it's not like... like... like physical media is a thing or anything... :("
>> No. 10433
I'm still trying to convince my family that Blu-Ray is here to stay, at least for awhile, and we should invest in a player.

They have the impression that Blu-Rays are not expensive, but that a player is still way too overpriced.
>> No. 10434
tbh the PS3 really sold at at launch because it was about ~$400 less than most every other Blu Ray player on the market. Not sure if that advantage is still true now.
>> No. 10435
They're still waiting for the PS3 to be <$200 before even considering getting one.
>> No. 10436
TBH I don't know if Blu-ray will become a "skipped technology" like betamax, but I think it may become the defacto for CD tech.

With the advent of streaming services like netflix, there's a real question whether physical media is wholly necessary. Look to the next gen of gaming consoles; consoles are in a weird sense, always on the cutting edge of consumer electronics, and the lack of physical media detection specified on most of them has weird interesting implications for the future of media distribution. Blu-ray I could still see as being the defacto technology, both because it is supported currently by the major american movie distribution companies and because it's really hard to dick with that 48 gb upper data limit. While impressive, it is more space than any modern game or movie has yet needed (MSG4 installed to the hard drive likely purely for speed reasons, loading those cutscenes from disc would be slower).
>> No. 10437
I like the idea of always having some form of physical media for a couple of reasons:

* The feeling you get from holding that thing you've been waiting to buy in your hand
* Limited HD space
* Possibility of getting the thing you like signed
>> No. 10455
> there's a real question whether physical media is wholly necessary.
Maybe in the US, but a lot of places in the world don't have the same internet speeds or the same internet services, like Netflix.
>> No. 10457
A lot of places in the USA have pretty shitty internet connections, actually. Especially in the south only major cities tend to have even a choice between internet providers unless you go with terrible data plan satellite options.
>> No. 10458
This is why I think it will become the de facto standard for physical media. Even in places with low bandwidth, if you just leave the download alone long enough then there's no worry. But that will mean shoving blu-ray players and burners out to everyone for the physical discs

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