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10418 No. 10418
Been doing tech support for Apple products since the iPhone 4 launched, got good amount of experience as senior iOS & senior CPU expert. Also got an ungodly knowledge of every last detail about iTunes.

Feel free to lob questions my way- tech support or just general apple things you'd like a bit more insight on. Won't leak anything confidential, obviously, but I have so little hard inside knowledge of things that I can freely offer speculation on nearly anything.
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>> No. 10419
Quick general tips:
-Anything you buy off the iTunes Store & App Store will always always remember the Apple ID used to purchase it. There is absolutely no way to transfer ownership or merge two Apple IDs, though if you know both account's passwords it's not much hassle.
-Lot of great free university course lectures on iTunes U.

For iPhones/iPads/iTouches:
-If you have wi-fi at home, turn on iCloud backups. It'll happen overnight and save increments so you can go back a bit further than the last backup. If the 5 GB isn't enough space, you need to import your Camera Roll or omit a few apps from the backup.
-Get a file sharing app, I use USB Disk Pro. They're the best way to load data from a computer without doing a sync. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4094 has info.
>> No. 10423
File 136048722270.jpg - (358.14KB , 1500x315 , Steam_mac_alyx_1984.jpg )
I am a little disheartened that when people say "Apple", they usually now mean "everything Apple makes except the actual Mac". Which is sort of sad for me. I like my MacBook Pro, my iPod, and my iPhone. I haven't found a reason to buy any kind of tablet yet, I'm waiting for it to do something my laptop can't in order to justify buying one.

The App Store is great on mobile, but utter shit on computers. At least add a darn wishlist button, jeez.

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