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10415 No. 10415
[OP image by Dust-Bite.]

Got a project you're working on, or want to see funded? Post it here!

http://www.indiegogo.com/veer-nyc I like this project quite a bit-- it's a plan for two women to make a store for more androgynous clothing for women that isn't just "menswear, but refitted for women". They're only asking for $10k, and they have $3k right now.
>> No. 10426
Haven't funded any, but I'll list some I like anyway.

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1727465155/spider-stories-an-animated-film Might be cool, I don't see anyone else trying to crowdfund an action cartoon.

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/openrov/openrov-the-open-source-underwater-robo Funded already, but I was interested in this project, and I figure since they seem to have actually delivered it'd be nice to mention them as an example of a funded project pulling through.
>> No. 10443
One thing that confuses me is that the Kickstarter for a comic book called "The Call" has been on here for a while. I think I might have seen it after I linked Spider Stories, so maybe the person behind it was thinking people would like other stories about Africa. That reasoning itself makes sense, but that particular Kickstarter has run out of time over a year ago, and the comic apparently exists as a webcomic with its own site, so I don't know why whoever is paying for the ad wouldn't be linking directly to that.
>> No. 10466

here's a thing
>> No. 10467
>> No. 10488

This should interest some of you who may be looking for a Skullgirls equivalent for /tg/. High-quality all-female squad units for your tabletop needs, in American, Magical Russian, and Space Nazi varieties.
>> No. 10495
Looks to be an nice little robot kit. Moves around, has some grippers, doesn't seem to cost much even considering that a lot of electronics it's designed to take advantage of aren't included.

I could see a component like this being useful for various things.

There's other AI and speech recognition things out there, but I like when people make such things. One day, I will have my room full of talky appliances just chattering at each other due to perceiving each other's responses as commands from humans.
>> No. 10499
>> No. 10526
Not much time left
>> No. 10538
If you're interested in Reactos, a legal reverse-engineering of Windows, you might want to look into this. Just so you know, last time I checked it seemed to focus is more on running simple applications useful to business than on home use. Also pretty unstable, since the developers quite sensibly put getting things done right before getting a large audience for an alpha product.
Main ReactOS website: http://reactos.com/
>> No. 10550
Looks like it could be a good series of science toys.

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