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10279 No. 10279
So, I'm gonna get a cellphone, I need something BEYOND DURABLE and nothing too fancy, just a camera and maybe something that can go online but that's not essential.

How are smartphones in this regard? Also money is no object...within reason.
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>> No. 10280
I'd honestly consider a flip phone. They are still being made now, with updated technology, and are much much, much cheaper than smart phones while also being heinously more durable. There are certain smartphones designed to handle extremely hazardous conditions, but they routinely place in the "if you can afford this you can afford something snazzier unless you specifically spend most of your time in hazardous conditions" category. Internet capability, while based on internal gear to the phone, can actually be much more affected by the cellular network around you, so you have to consider how much of an absolute necessity it is. If it is an absolute necessity but you still want to angle for lower tech durability, I'd go for a flip phone and try binu, which is an over-the-wire service that can run java apps on your dumb phone like a smart phone.


Otherwise I'd just go to a cellphone store, say "show me your heavy duty models" and see what they have.
>> No. 10282
That make hella good flip phones now that have apps and are really durable. Internet would use more minutes or just be really limited depending on your provider but its stop available.
>> No. 10291
File 134897134372.jpg - (75.85KB , 400x600 , 400px-Yu_Nan_picture.jpg )
I ended up with a Samsung Galaxy Rugby.

Thanks for the advice guys.
>> No. 10294
File 134909582773.jpg - (322.79KB , 1280x1920 , yu nan.jpg )
Have a higher res version, just cause it bugs me when I see people have saved a low-res version of a picture I have.
Sage because Yu Nan isn't phones.
>> No. 10295
and I didn't even sage
A+, gold star, pat on the head

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