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File 134732260375.jpg - (244.79KB , 653x1730 , Boylan-Birch-Beer.jpg )
10258 No. 10258
Image related, in a Black Cow.*

Where was this nectar throughout my life?

*Root or birch beer in vanilla ice cream.
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>> No. 10265
File 134764255568.jpg - (19.54KB , 250x250 , boylans_red_birch_beer.jpg )
Try the Creamy Red version. It's like a party in you mouth and all the cool people are invited.
>> No. 10268
So like, Beer Thread?
>> No. 10298
Wait, is birch beer alcoholic where you people live?
>> No. 10301
Not where I am.
Speaking of such sodas, I recently had the root beer pictured and also a glass of their birch beer, at one of the restaurants they have. Looking forward to a glass of their ginger beer, I actually had a sauce made of that on some fish.
>> No. 10302
File 134940420612.jpg - (15.86KB , 108x150 , rootbeer.jpg )
berp a derp, here's the image
>> No. 10306
I had some root beer liquor the other day. Pretty tasty.

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