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10249 No. 10249
Thread for spicy foods and such.

I tried the stuff recently, and have been putting it on anything I usually like to spice-up. One of those things I wish I'd tried years ago.
>> No. 10250
the only very spicy thing i like is jalepeno. i don't really like the taste of chili powder/sriracha/etc but i put jalepenos in everything.
>> No. 10297
Jalapenos are always a good choice.

I tried ghost pepper. It wasn't as hot as I expected (I think past a certain point my tongue's pain receptors just turn off or something, cause my roommate's bf was crying when he tried it) but it tasted AWFUL.

I love curry. Especially Japanese curry. CoCo curry house curry at level 7? So fine.
>> No. 10314
Peperoncinis are the top tier pepper, all day every day. Great with pasta, and great alone.

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