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File 134567119055.jpg - (89.19KB , 530x363 , B2550173-Irradiated_and_normal_strawberries-SPL.jpg )
10241 No. 10241
The berries we get form the store keep going bad very quickly in the fridge, growing mold within days if they don't turn out to have been rotting on the bottom when we get them home. I would like to start buying irradiated strawberries since they last longer, but where do I go to look for them? I don't think the supermarkets I go to carry them. I try to look them up, but all I find are news articles on the subject, most either about selling them or what people think of irradiation. I don't see anywhere about how to find a place to buy actual irradiated food. A /diy/ food irradiator sounds dangerous and impractical, but in kind of a cool way.
>> No. 10245
Buy canned or frozen fruits.
>> No. 10257
Pretty sure iradiated food doesn't last spectacularly better when kept in a place that have lots of external agents that would be able to spoil it, like a fridge. I mean, I don't think mold's spore will make a difference as long as there's moisture and temperature.
>> No. 10259
I figured the mold was mostly picked up at the store, due to all the other food and people moving around it, since it's sometimes rotten as soon as we get home. So once it's treated, it'd just need to be in a sealed container until it reaches the house. Canned or frozen might be good for most things, though. I'll look into that, and also try getting berries at the farmer's market.
>> No. 10312
Canned food is usually the only type exposed to radiation. If the item is exposed to air, irradiation is useless.
>> No. 10313
Pick the berries yourself. CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN.
>> No. 10339
In fact, I have tried growing strawberries a few times, with limited success. I'd like to try again with more of a raised bed sometime, to protect it from rabbits and such. For now I'm just growing my own rhubarb.

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